Report: Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to the Jets


Well, here’s your Friday afternoon news dump, which is actually more of a cannonball into the deep end.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX, the Jets have acquired wide receiver Percy Harvin in trade from the Seahawks in exchange for a draft pick.

Such a huge deal happening midseason is practically unheard of, and comes at a strange time for both teams.

If the Jets were going to do something like this, a better time would have been before they started 1-6.

And for the Seahawks, the defense of their title just got more complicated without a dymanic playmaker.

After giving up first-, third- and seventh-round picks to get him, then paying him, they got 10 games from Harvin.

Obviously, we’ll have more on this throughout the night.

202 responses to “Report: Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to the Jets

  1. Wow. That’s definitely a mid-season trade no one saw coming… but the Jets need it.

  2. Unless they got a 1 for him that might be an all time blunder on the part of Seattle. What’d he play 7 games for them?

  3. Why couldn’t we have done that in the off season and kept tate? Thanks for the ring, looks like we can extend Wright and lynch now.

  4. Glad he is out of Seattle but no idea why the JETS would want him at this point, you would think would be a better fit for a team like Cincinnati

  5. Once again, this likely has much to do with behind the scenes stuff we will never learn about. Long time Vikings insiders have said they have never worked with a more difficult player. Said it before, and I’ll say it again — Percy is like that real hot crazy girlfriend — the ride is fun until all heck breaks loose.

  6. “Seahawks want to expand Percy Harvin’s role”

    Translation “Seahawks want to expand Percy Harvin’s Jet Wings”

  7. Hardest phonecall his agent probably ever had to make. I’d have done a shot of whiskey first.

  8. Wow…. Can’t say I understand this one. Didn’t they give up a ton of picks for him and now they trade him away for one pick?I was thinking they just needed to start using him as a traditional receiver and less as a gadget player. Not trade him away. Now they literally have no receivers lol. Opponents are gonna be stacking the box from now on.

  9. What Jon Ritchie said about Harvin’s migraines coming back once he leaves Seattle (Washington) is spot on.

  10. Yeah they got 10 games, including the Super Bowl win.

    Carroll has been saying all week he wanted to get Paul Richardson and 4th round pick Norwood on the field more. I guess they found a way.

    As to the 49ers, give me a break. We beat you guys all day with last years receivers.

  11. What do you think of Rick Spielman now? Harvin is a pain in the neck no matter where he is. Why else would Seattle trade him? I’m guessing they didn’t get a first, a third, and a seventh for him.

  12. lol now we can say the Vikings did win in that trade. have fun in new York Percy. if you thought the Vikings were horrible I can’t wait to see how this works out.

  13. Gotta sign Russell and although he is an awesome guy, he’ll want Arab money. Sherman is next out the door. Everyone saw this coming. Seahacks can’t pay everyone on the roster 12 Million a year. LOL.

  14. rexgrossman8 says:
    Seattle couldn’t pay everybody big money.
    Yes they could. Easily. They’ve got $40 million under the cap WITH Harvin.

  15. Are you kidding me??????? Is this for real??????? I’m actually a little stunned —- one of the fastest guys in the league…. On the other hand, maybe they we’re depending on him too much… They did just fine without him last year… Richardson will step up… Bank on it… It’s still shocking to me though ugh … GO HAWKS?!

  16. Did not see that one coming. I guess the Seahawks either don’t have any more use for Harvin or maybe Harvin did something wrong. Either way strange trade.

  17. The draft picks they gave for him add up to the number of points needed to move from 25 to pick 18 in the draft. Basically nothing. And the DID get an MVP Super Bowl performance out of it.

  18. At the beginning of the year the since 2012th man couldn’t stop beating their chest about how unstoppable they would be with Harvin. Not even mid way through the season he’s on another roster! LOL sorry since 2012s, no repeat this year!

  19. Seahawk fans will predictably say 1 of 2 things about this:

    1. “He sucks anyways. Next man up!”
    2. “We fleeced the Jets in this trade!”

  20. Any further proof needed that the Jets GM is a moron?…the he could hav got them to include Russell Wilson it would make more sense 🙂

  21. @ “Thanks for handing the NFC West to us”



    – right, because it was just yours for the taking last year when we effectively didn’t have him…oh, wait…

  22. Harvin had character issues at UF. Minnesota trades him and now Seattle. This guy is burning bridges and will never get the pay day he wants because of his attitude. But then again the Jets gave Santonio big money.

  23. Jets bragged how they got SB MVP Santonio Holmes in a similar dump of a player with issues for just a late pick….which I think turned into Antonio Brown.

    See if they give Harvin the house. Doubt it.

  24. If Pete cant get through to you and Rex Ryan is your last hope, you’re not spending too many more years in the NFL.

  25. Dropping him from my fantasy team now. Sorry Percy! Good job Jets, just wasted a draft pick. Can’t pay everybody big money, works for the Seahawks in the long run (most likely a 2nd or 1st).

  26. Now Seahawk fans, you might want to stop with the Seattle Vikings crap. How many times can the Vikings fleece you?

    Harvin to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout
    Rice to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout
    TJack-Enough Said
    Williams-Will wear down

    I think it is time to stop crowing about how smart the team is for getting all these great ex-Vikings…

  27. It was a bad trade for the Seahawks, due to the injury issues that kept Harvin off the field.

    I think when it is said and done the Jets will have traded a 4th rounder for him.

  28. Unbelievable!!! I’m shocked to say the least. What was PC and JS thinking? Acting as if we don’t have any problems on offense. I don’t get it. In Pete we trust! Signed, one confused girl

  29. thepftpoet says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:40 PM
    The Minnesota Vikings win again.

    The BEST franchise in sports.

    Now if the Vikes could actually win a football game that would be news.

  30. Wow leave it to the jets they get rid of stephen hill cause he couldnt run routes and they bring in percy harvin who can barely run routes.

  31. I can’t stop laughing. I can’t wait to find out what he did to get traded for a conditional draft pick.

    And to the dumpster fire that is the Jets? It’s revenge served hot for Harvin. This is going to suck! He wears out his welcome pretty darn fast. Get ready for a meltdown in NY, Rex. Idzik just saddled you with a big headache.

  32. I thought Seattle need more talent at receiver, not less.

    I think there will be another shoe dropping, such as a trade for a receiver or cornerback.

  33. The trade, although a surprise, would make sense for the following reasons:
    Financially, they have a lot of players who will be due up for a new contract at the end of the season including but not limited to Russel Wilson, Byron Maxwell
    They have a surplus of WR’s available in addition to Baldwin, Kearse, Lockette, Walters with guys like Richardson and Norwood. Despite winning the super bowl with Percy Harvin, they got there without him.

  34. Either Seattle is smart enough to admit a big mistake and move on
    Or there is somthing really wrong with Harvin. And the jets are just stupid

  35. mackcarrington says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:48 PM
    Geno Smith with Percy Harvin.
    Now the Jets will run the table and finish 10 -6.

    I hope that’s thick sarcasm because I’m sure you know the JETS are nothing more than the east coast Raiders.

  36. I agree with the consensus, too cute from Seattle’s POV IMO (unless they just want to dump salary for Wilson’s upcoming 2nd contract QB deal).

    Not a Seattle fan, but just from a FF perspective. Weird move…it’s not like Seattle has stud WR threats up and down their roster, and I liked him for Bevell’s offense even though he’s had a mediocre stat line (and the 3 TD game that wasn’t) and is injury prone.

    But I guess they got a SB performance (and a win) out of Percy. Last time I checked the Jets are not a threat for the playoffs though so, but he should help their offense with a possible big play spark and re zone TD threat after last night tussle with the Patsies.

    Bet Seattle wishes they kept Golden Tate. I expect a full on Lynch 350 carry season now, could be good or bad.

  37. Harvin wanted out of Minnesota because he didn’t want to play with Christian Ponder. Understandable, but what’s he going to think about playing with Geno Smith? I bet he starts lobbying for Vick to start before his plane lands.

  38. Seahawks are a joke, can’t win when they can’t cheat, now the vikings made them look like fool’s. Wilson is a below average passser and no matter what receivers are there they will all suffer from the poor pass game. Tate leaves and is better with the Lions, z. Miller was good in Oakland before going to the seahawks, rice was a pro bowler before going to Seattle… Problem is harvin now goes from ponder to Wilson to gee-no, he is going to go his whole career playing with Sub par or bad qb’s.

  39. Jets now on the hook for the 41 million over the next 4 years! Enjoy that for the half-season worth of games you get from him each year.

  40. Pete is the master at dealing with unique personalities (Lynch, Sherman, Baldwin) so if they gave Percy away for peanuts it’s a convincing sign Harvin was a greater pain than even his supporters realized.

    Pete: Percy, you need to practice
    Harvin: No, and you can’t make me
    Pete: If you don’t there will be consequences
    Harvin: Pft
    Pete: Percy, you have been traded to the Jets

  41. As a Hawks fan I bow down to all you Viking fans who called it. You were correct and we fd up big time giving away all those picks to get him. I wonder if we get on track on offense now. Last year we were good because we ran the ball hard and RW didn’t make mistakes. It seems we got way to cute trying to use Percy this year and we as Hawks fans must remember we didn’t have Percy last year other than in SB48. In that game other than the KR he didn’t do much. Pete and John made a mistake here in acquiring him that’s for sure.

  42. My first thought is ‘Who’s wife did he sleep with?’. This reminds me of the Saints shipping Roaf to the Chiefs after Joe Horn slept with his wife. Otherwise this makes no sense.

  43. Seattle’s offense is going to collapse next season when Marshawn leaves. Percy was only a diversion this year; used to dupe defenses. But without Marshawn — who it seems “doesn’t fit with what Seattle wants to do” — the offense will not run. My guess is Seattle is preparing the dump truck of money to bring to Russell Wilson’s lawn, and they needed to refill said dump truck before dumping. The way they’re going, they are going to become the Patriots: They’ll have a QB, but no one else. They’ll remain competitive, but Super Bowls will be out of their grasp.

  44. Harvin is laughing all the way to the bank. Guy has done zilch for the Seahawks. Restructured or released by the end of the yr…… I cannot see the pick being a very high one, especially with the pricetag that comes along with it.

  45. The Jets are trying to do the same thing with Geno Smith the Bills tried to do with EJ Manuel, surrounding him with as much offensive talent as possible.

    The Jets can only hope it turns out better for them than it did for the Bills.

  46. I wish I could take my life savings and bet it on Harvin having one giant migraine headache from now until December 29th.

  47. LOL. And the SINCE2012th Man thought all the drama was in Santa Clara!

    You do have to tip your cap to Schneider though for wearing this much egg on his face

  48. He only played about 40% of the time in Minnesota, then got hurt. Was a problem in the locker room so
    they dumped him.
    Seattle wants a player in the Draft, they will need a sub #4 pick… Crazy like a Fox!!
    Percy’s been having Migraines, again and not much good when he does.

  49. There should be a suspension against the Vikings GM Rick Spielman…..he stole a 1st, 3rd, and 7th rounder in place of Harvin,from the Seahawks.

    Seahawks will be going to salary cap purgatory with Wilson becoming the next $20 million per year QB……..well, it was a nice 1 yr. run, hawks fans.

    Slick Rick, Seattle is seeing red!!!!!!

  50. Seattle’s learning what fans in Minnesota already knew: Harvin’s more trouble than he’s worth. Loads of talent, but he’s a head case and he’s injured more than he isn’t. The Jets just got a lot more interesting for the rest of the year. Somehow I just can’t see Percy co-existing well with Geno Smith. Remember how he hated playing with Christian Ponder? This will be fun to watch.

  51. It’ll be interesting to find out what the Jets paid for him – the Seahawks gave up a lot to get him. On the one hand, this smells like the Seahawks trying to get rid of a problem player as quickly as possible for whatever value they could, and on the other hand the Jets GM hasn’t exactly been breaking his back trying to get Rex Ryan any talent to work with.

    The guy who said 4th rounder sounds about right.

  52. Seahawks: Current NFL rank of 31 of 32 in passing yards, offense.

    Take one Percy Harvin away and you’re going to improve?

    There is more to the story. The last chapter will be the Seahawks missing the playoffs. The end of the mighty dynasty of the Seahawks. Just enough Superbowl wins to fuel their fans rhetoric for the next 25 years.

  53. as an nfc fan, thank you. the guys is a beast with the ball in his hands and now the seahawks are just a very good and pretty scary team, not an incredibly scary team. special teams, running game, passing game all take a hit.

  54. He’s a malcontent and is injured way too often. Never came close to playing a full season for Minny or the Hawks. If Pete Carroll can’t put up with you, that says it all. Carroll had to talk him into playing last year. Harvin was dogging it until then.
    He was the best player on those great Florida teams and still lasted into the 20s of the first round. If he had character, he would have been the No. 1 pick overall. Period. He’s mentally weak and that never stops being a problem in the NFL. A good organization admits they made a mistake and moves on quickly. This is addition by subtraction. Wilson and Lynch are the guys who drive this offense, and will take them as far as they are going to go.
    The Jets would be stupid to give up too much for him. They traded for Tebow… they probably did.

  55. Jets know they need to run the table. But it’s not like the rest of their schedule is full of crème puffs. They still have to travel to Kansas City. They still have to travel to Miami and Buffalo. They still have another game against New England. (Brady will be ready for them next time).

  56. About as overrated as they come. Yes he is a one of a kind athlete, but that’s what he feels he can get by on. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

    Not many players get to go on to show how enormous of a bust they with multiple teams

  57. BAHAHAHAHAHA! They traded 3 picks to the Vikings for him. They paid him $18M. He gave them 8 games, and the Jets gave them a mid round pick back for him.

    Yeah, like all the Seahawks fans were saying last year…They fleeced the Vikings.

    In all seriousness, everybody was warned, Percy Harvin can’t get along with anybody. I’m positive that’ll be the real reason why the Hawks wanted him gone so badly.

  58. Woody Johnson does NOT want to fire Rex. They’re preparing the case that Rex wasn’t given enough talent to work with, so they can bring him back for another 8-8 season.

  59. If this was done do to something Harvin did…WOW…what a way to send a message to the rest of the team basically no one is bigger than the team and if you think you are we will trade you to a train wreck bottom feeder team. Nothing but respect for such a move. The Seahawks will prob play mistake free football for the rest of the year out of fear.
    Cudos to Seahawks management for standing up for the concept of team!

  60. Wow…enjoy 11 in the box–all the time. Love Russell Wilson but now he really has no one. I don’t want to hear Seahawk fans say he wasn’t a factor for them. He’s the only legit wr they have on the team. 3rd place division finish is going to hurt but not as much as the exodus of players that is coming at season end. Seattle has so many guys that need to be paid including $20 million to qb—ouch. At least some money was freed up with Percy being exiled to the Jets……on the flip side, what are the Jets thinking? At least the new coach will have a guy who is hurt and never practices….wait, that sounds like Eric Decker.

  61. HAHA! Everyone said it was MN that drove him away and blah, blah. This guy is the modern day Steph Marbury. Very talented with a ceiling of potential higher than Snoop Dogg on 4/20 but a tantrum throwing whiner and unwilling to prepare.

  62. Let’s be honest here: all you hawks fans can say you got to the SB without him and that may be but I highly doubt you would have won without Harvin. You traded all those picks to the Vikings for a super bowl basically. 1 good game and a super bowl ring for a first, third, and seventh. I’ll sure it was worth it at the time. However if it wasn’t for the super bowl win you would look like even bigger fools than you already are.

  63. Maybe a wake-up call for the rest of the WR group? Not a bad group overall, just young. Harvin is a freakish talent but hasn’t shown more than flashes of football smarts. After getting over the initial shock I think it makes sense. This guy has only been the possibility of a great player since leaving MN.

    For the Seahawks fan who said they beat the 49ers “All Day” last year, do a little research. When was the last time the Seahawks beat the 49ers at the 49ers? I think it was 2008. Clearly two great teams who are very evenly matched when the deciding factor for all of their games is home field advantage (and the 49er’s home field advantage can’t compare to Seattle’s, so I’m giving the neutral field advantage to the 49ers)

  64. Reasons for this trade. 1)Dumping salary in so they can pay Wilson and possibly retain Marshawn. 2)They may think Paul Richardson is ready to step into the Harvin role in the offense, and clearly his price tag is lower. 3)They may want to remove the temptation to not have the offense centered around Lynch. Honestly, I don’t think this hurts them that much, and may in fact make them better by causing them to reclaim their identity as a run first team.

  65. You expand a man’s role by trading him to a team that doesn’t have wide receivers! Brilliant!

  66. What! How do they from expanding his role to trading him?

    Something must have happened. How do you trade a guy on a Friday before getting on the plane for your game (and after putting in your game plan on Wed)?

  67. they were hoping to get more production out of him by now. with his health always an issue, they traded him while he still has value. smart. mr. wilson and bobby wagner will need pay days soon.

  68. Ah, the Jets. They trade for a guy who is a dynamic player — especially on returns — but can’t stay healthy and couldn’t find a way to make the defending Super Bowl Champs utilize his talent.
    Now the Jets will pay Harvin all that money and Seattle will settle for a draft choice.
    You can’t help but wonder how happy Harvin will be to go from Seattle, with all those giddy Seahawk fans and a talented roster, to the Jets where the only happy sounds are coming from Rex Ryan when he looks in the mirror, and a roster somewhere between awful and sickening.
    Further, you have to wonder why other teams around the NFL didn’t jump at the chance to obtain him. I would think Tom Brady, for one, might have been happy to have him on the roster. Unless the other teams were smarter than the Jets, that is.
    Maybe there is more than meets the eye with Harvin, or maybe the Seahawks realize that Harvin is just not as valuable as they thought he was.
    And maybe the Jets will finally make one move which works out. After all, you know what they say about a blind squirrel.
    In any case, Rex Ryan can now stand at the podium and announce that the Jets have obtained the greatest player in NFL history and predict — yet again — that no one will want to play the Jets.
    No one except their next opponent the Bills, who’ll probably beat them, too.

  69. someone that calls himself paulland81 sez:

    No Tate, No Harvin…Hello Beast Mode!!

    how about: hello January golf in Seattle?

  70. seahawkboymike says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:44 PM
    rexgrossman8 says:
    Seattle couldn’t pay everybody big money.
    Yes they could. Easily. They’ve got $40 million under the cap WITH Harvin.


    According to , the Seahawks are only $2,913,337 under the cap with Harvin.

  71. Harvin was a pain in MN because he probably couldn’t handle Ponder as his QB and forced his way out. Traded to Seattle and having arguably one of the best coaches in the NFL to handle this modern day ME player with a great leader at QB, and now traded to the Jets. How much of a pain in the butt does he have to be to be traded for a conditional middle round pick. I dont buy that he is not a fit for Seattle, because any team should be able to find a way to fit him into their team because his talent is unquestionable. He has to be a complete pain in the locker room. I predict, he will be traded again or cut during the off season as even the dis-functional Jets wont even be able to handle him. Its actually very sad…Hopefully this will be a wake up call for him.

  72. As a PAC 12 fan I will say that Paul Richardson can ball out for sure. He should get an up tick in deep threat targets and screen/reverse usage for the Seattle O with Percy now gone. But yeah, Lynch for sure will get an uptick in carries for what might be his last season in Seattle.

  73. On Thursday night, the Jets suffered an unprecedented defeat, becoming the first team in history to lose a game despite 40 minutes of possession time, 200 yards rushing and no giveaways, according to the Elias Sports Bureau

  74. I do not see this affecting the Seahawks, they win with that defense and a ball control offense. They will continue to win and will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

  75. sdsmooth says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:59 PM
    Leave it to the Viking trolls to show up now.

    Typical Minnesota fans.


    Says the person that trolls every Vikings story there is.
    Still, in a way this is still a Viking related story.

  76. “As a PAC 12 fan I will say that Paul Richardson can ball out for sure.”


    Oops, my bad Richardson went to Colorado and I confused him with a similar Pac 12 speed receiver in the Saints Brandin Cooks from Oregon State.

  77. Thanks for the impact in the SB and good luck. Dude is lightning but seahawks freed up $, time to get back to before Harin… which got us to the SB

  78. sdsmooth says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:59 PM

    Leave it to the Viking trolls to show up now.

    Typical Minnesota fans.

    Seriously? Has there ever been a Viking story that you don’t comment on?

  79. Wow. They let Tate go and now don’t have Harvin.

    They have Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Ricardo Lockette.

    But still Harvin was their big play receiver (who also drew attention away from their other receivers)…both of that is now gone.

    He was also their leading receiver.

    …and returner extraordinaire.

    Perhaps they feel one of the young guys can step up (and doesn’t need a threat to pull away coverages).

    The guy above me (or at the time I wrote this) states Harvin might have done something to negatively impact the team someway?

    Well he was instrumental in the Superbowl victory, and now he’s gone.

    Every other contender or pretender should smile as their job to dethrone the champs just got easier. Unless of course the backup ‘blows up’, but somehow I think that’s unlikely.

    Oh and also, I don’t quite remember the details of Harvin’s contract, but in the NFL, with trades, the signing bonus will count against the Seahawks cap. I’m not sure if it accelerates or they just keep having the prorated portion come off every year, but there will be cap implications with how much they gave him.

    It may free some up for others, but there will be dead space, I’m just not sure how much or for how long.

  80. The Fact Remains That… Jerry Rice, BLINDFOLDED, would be better at the WR position than both David Nelson and Jace Amaro (as a pass catcher), combined. I mean, Geno throws the ball right on-the-numbers, and Amaro, undefended, still drops the ball. That says it all in-a-nutshell. “Gangrene” finishes 2014 a pitiful: 4-12.

  81. You think they traded this guy because of his role? This guy did something that was BAD! I think the Seahawks just fooled the jets. I bet he smoked weed, got caught, and is facing a long suspension.

  82. Overrated and overpaid. Not saying he is a bad player but hard to justify that contract. Also hard to justify what the hawks gave away to get him last year.

  83. Some of you guys must not pay attention to the draft. Percy gone?? So what goto YouTube and introduce yourself to Richardson. Harvin couldn’t get the pass routes down that equals lost cause.

  84. seahawkboymike says:Oct 17, 2014 5:44 PM

    rexgrossman8 says:
    Seattle couldn’t pay everybody big money.
    Yes they could. Easily. They’ve got $40 million under the cap WITH Harvin.

    According to Spotrac, the Seahawks are currently $3,180,706 under the cap.

  85. My memory isn’t perfect about game #1 against Seattle this year (people in Wisconsin have been trying to suppress that memory a little for obvious reasons). However, I think my impression had been that Percy gave Green Bay some problems. My recollection was that Percy did contribute to the win for the Hawks that Thursday night in a meaningful way.

    So …. I haven’t been watching any Seattle football since then. Would someone who has watched all those Hawk games tell us what happened between that decent opening game performance and a negative one yard result against Dallas?

    Holy cow. Based only on Game #1 against us that Thursday night, I NEVER would have guessed that Percy would have been traded out of Seattle.
    What in the world happened???

  86. What do I think of Spielman? I think he’s an idiot who couldn’t build a winning team even with Harvin. The Seahawks got to and won the Super Bowl, and he has one of the classic highlights from that game…and that’s *with* whatever problems that came along with Harvin.

    So Spielman got a bunch of picks and still has a losing team…you want a ribbon for that?

  87. ROFL Percy is going to cost the Hawks more than Stevie is going to cost the Niners NEXT year.

  88. The jets lost one of there best receivers on the team and there punt return specialist, they have no good WR anymore. Somebody tell me who there best WR is now that the seahawks made a stupid move trading harvin? There season is done now. So long super bowl.

  89. Good move by seahawks, dude is made of glass and he was not playing close to what his contract is worth. Seattle has too much talent and wants to pay the guys that are producing(Wilson contract coming) In my opinion, good move. Take the loss and move on.

  90. All hands on deck, the Seahawks have run into the iceberg like the Titanic did. Opens the door for the 49ers and the Cardinals big time.

  91. Harvin was a diva personality, despite his lack of performance stats to qualify as a diva.

    Biggest Seattle Seahawks BUST since Brian ‘The Boz’ Bozworth.

    In every shock trade like this the dirty laundry gets aired. Local Seattle radio reports there were “issues that came to a head during the week.”

    Stay tuned…….

  92. “Harvin to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout
    Rice to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout”

    Harvin, rice and t-jack have a super bowl ring. Your point?

  93. This surprised me. I liked watching Percy. After wondering “why give him up for so little?” I can only think that the front office wanted to send a message… “You think your tough- cause locker room problems? This is what you’re worth to us, 4th round draft pick”. Next man up. It also makes sense to send him to a team that is not a threat so he can’t hurt us… Bold move. Hope it works!

  94. Now that it’s had time to soak in I think that the Hawks made the right move. We’ll hear the rest of the story soon I bet. Man – that’s gonna be interesting!!

    I’ve always kind of liked Geno so with this news now I’m a full fledged Jets sympathizer. No matter what you thought of them before their season just got a lot more interesting, aye?

    But of course the parties that REALLY got screwed were the poor 12s who dropped $100+ for a Harvin jersey: JETS FANS BEWARE !

  95. Seahawk fans will predictably say 1 of 2 things about this:

    1. “He sucks anyways. Next man up!”
    2. “We fleeced the Jets in this trade!”

    Nope! I say, “In Pete and John we trust!!

    I’m going to surmise that Richardson has shown the same if not better route running and catching ability so the Seahawks got rid of Harvin to bring Richardson and Norwood into the fold at a much better price. Good luck Harvin and thank you for the flashes of brilliance!!

  96. Harvin was electric on the field, but who knows what was going on behind the scenes? If this is the reason the Seahawks have had a slow start, then trading him was the right thing to do. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have proven to be the best tandem in the league when it comes to identifying talent, so I’d never second guess their decisions. Go Hawks!

  97. Harvin: sorry coach but they caught me.
    PED Carroll: What???!?!! I told you that you have to “take” it a few hours before the game.
    Harvin: I know coach but I needed it badly.
    PED Carroll: that’s ok. Hey make sure to answer your phone in a bit.

  98. Wow, the pftpoet is still with us after all. He’s been conspicuous by his absence on Packer and Viking blogs the past few weeks. Wonder why?

  99. What is Harvin’s problem? You get to play for a Super Bowl team while making $11 million a year and still have anger issues. This guy is closing in on the end of his career because of his awful attitude.

  100. Percy Harvin must have the world’s greatest press agent.

    The guy has mountains of talent — but has never delivered consistently throughout his career.

    He’s fragile and can’t be counted on.

    His reputation is way bigger than his performance.

    (Kind of like the Jets and the Vikings before that.)

  101. ROFL 2 wr from the vikes either retired or traded ha-ha thats so funny there both were fun as vikings after that there nothing

  102. Why Re Vikings fans so happy to feel they pulled a fast one on the Seahawks… I would be more disappointed that they drafted an awful teammate.

    The picks they got in the Harvin trade got a ways to go in showing they “out smarted” Seattle

  103. Not sure how this makes any sense for Seattle. Maybe long run he doesn’t fit, but losing him this year hurts very, very badly. Remember, this guy scored 3 TD’s a game or two ago even though all called back on penalties.

  104. Now Seahawk fans, you might want to stop with the Seattle Vikings crap. How many times can the Vikings fleece you?

    Harvin to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout
    Rice to Hawks…Bust with BIG payout
    TJack-Enough Said
    Williams-Will wear down

    I think it is time to stop crowing about how smart the team is for getting all these great ex-Vikings…
    Let’s see . . . who has the Superbowl ring???

  105. Carroll brings Percy into the office;
    “ok percy, you helped us win a superbowl and somebody I respect, but I also respect Jim Harbaugh so thats not saying much”..
    “well, coach, I would love to be in the warm weather so California is great and I would love another shot at winning a superbowl this season”.
    “ok percy I have all the information I need”.

  106. I think it is possible that Rex can get through to this guy and get him to pay hard for the Jets, but I give him no chance of figuring out an offensive scheme that allows him to take advantage of this guy’s unique skill set.

  107. thepftpoet says:
    Oct 17, 2014 5:40 PM
    The Minnesota Vikings win again.

    The BEST franchise in sports.

    Win again? Maybe they should win for the first time.

  108. Let’s be honest here: all you hawks fans can say you got to the SB without him and that may be but I highly doubt you would have won without Harvin.
    Seriously? Go check out a play-by-play game log! Harvin touched the ball on offense 4 times! He was only targeted once or twice more. By the end of the first half, Seattle was up 22-0 and Percy had 3 touches on the ball and none of them were especially critical to a drive. The defense scored 9 points in the half, Marshawn Lynch scored once on a drive that Percy had very little part in–other than just being on the field, and Wilson passed for another to Jermaine Kearse. By the time Harvin returned his kick to start the second half, Seattle was already firmly in control–with little help from Harvin. You can cry “yeah, but he drew coverage away from other players” and all of the other excuses you want, but he really didn’t do that much to contribute to that win–a beautiful kick return and a couple of nice rushing plays. He didn’t play on defense, which completely shut Denver down, and he didn’t magically project his talent into players like Kearse, who came up with beautiful plays throughout the game.

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