Seahawks admit lack of fit with Harvin, move on


The Vikings knew they couldn’t coexist with the highly talented, but at time high maintenance, Percy Harvin.  They bought high (2009 first-round pick) and somehow sold even higher (2013 first-round pick, plus more), getting real value from a guy they so badly wanted to trade that G.M. Rick Spielman declared publicly and loudly that the Vikings had “no intent” to trade him.

In Seattle, it never got to the point where anyone knew there was even a problem.  Last year, there was a hint of the old Harvin as the deadline approached for moving Harvin, who had surprise hip surgery at the outset of training camp, from the PUP list to the active roster.  Rumors circulated that Harvin would soon be put on injured reserve, which were aimed at getting him to work harder to get himself ready to contribute at some point in the eventual run to the Super Bowl.

Harvin looked pretty good against the Saints in the divisional round before exiting with an injury.  In the Super Bowl, Harvin provided a glimpse of the field-tilting presence he could be in 2014, via a jet sweep that the Broncos couldn’t stop.  But for a dominant performance from the Seattle defense, Harvin easily could have been the Super Bowl MVP.

This year, Harvin had only 225 yards from scrimmage in five games.  Against the Cowboys, he had six total touches for minus-one yards.

While the truth may never fully emerge, initial indications suggest that there was stress between Harvin and quarterback Russell Wilson, with Wilson feeling too much pressure to get the ball to Harvin.  That pressure surely came from only one person — Percy.

And so instead of keeping around a guy who really didn’t contribute much to the run to the Super Bowl and who potentially would undermine the attempt to get back to the Super Bowl and win it again, the Seahawks cut the cord on Harvin.

It’s a lesson to all the other teams that would keep a guy around to justify a mistake.  Instead of making a second mistake, the Seahawks admitted the first mistake and moved on.

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  1. I think it’s a combo of a money move for the future, as well as a locker room thing. No one is bigger than the team, if this doesn’t work as a motivational tool then nothing will.

  2. If “lack of fit” is the real reason and not the enormous headache he brings.. Seattle needs a new offensive coordinator who knows how to design an offense around his players talent.

  3. Seahawks: Current NFL rank of 31 of 32 in passing yards, offense.

    Take one Percy Harvin away and you’re going to improve?

    There is more to the story. The last chapter of this story will be the Seahawks missing the playoffs. The end of the mighty dynasty of the Seahawks. Just enough Superbowl wins to fuel their fans rhetoric for the next 25 years.

  4. If this dude couldn’t get his act right, and talents straight on a championship team – going to the lowly Jets at this point, isn’t gonna make anything better. I love Harvin and think his talent is amazing, the Seahawks know more than we do. Must be an attitude problem…

    Am I the only who sees this happening to Cordarelle next? Just saying….

    Jets now need an offensive play caller. Asap

  5. This trade looks to be a mistake to me……Sure; he didn’t get the team to the SB and sure; he may not be the answer to keep them in the SB mix;………Okay; maybe this is the right move…….but one that I don’t like..

  6. This all points to one person who is the common denominator in both situations. BEVELL. Seahawks should’ve got rid of him and not Harvin.

  7. This is why the shehawks are a joke and the Vikings are superior.We screwed them like Kim kardashian with that trade.LOL at the shehawks let the decline continue.SKOL

  8. They dumped him for nothing. Glazer was just on the radio with Francesa and hinted there were some major issues. More to come on this but we have nothing other than a mid round pick to lose. Also he is a perfect fit for Morhinweg. Unfortunately Geno is still throwing to him. Thnks for throwing Idzik a bone Pete

  9. Percy Harvin is a matchup nightmare. While trading him now might end up being a good thing, opposing defenses will now spend more time game-planning on stopping the run and containing Wilson than on making sure Harvin doesn’t get by them.

  10. So he can deal with all the pressure of being named the next great one and the super bowl with all the class in the world but he can’t handle a whiney WR. I don’t by that and I don’t think it’s fair to throw Wilson under the bus for a not so good front office decision.

  11. Get serious. There is more to this than the Seattle Osprey suddenly becoming “exhausted” with Harvin bugging Wilson for the ball.

    Conditional pick sez there’s a league issue coming with Harvin.., PED or conduct that will be followed by a suspension.

    Wait for it…3…2..1

  12. Spielman a genius…hardly but did well to get what he did.
    Schneider? Gave up considerably for Harvin….not wise but may have redeemed himself by fleecing the Jets (who seem to never learn from previous mistakes).

  13. What were the “initial indications”? I remember a post-game field interview after the Packers game where Wilson ended his mic time with “Lord have mercy, we got Percy”.

    Things just went downhill with Wilson that far, that fast?

  14. Harvin couldn’t make it work with two of the most player friendly coaches in the league. Speaks volumes.

  15. Percy will have one heck of a headache after dealing with the NY media. Good luck with that.

  16. As a Vikings fan all I can say is, wow! Something went incredibly wrong with Russell Wilson and Percy!! Watch Percys reaction after Russell Wilson throws the final Pick against Dallas, that is the same reaction he would give Christian Ponder, Period!

  17. Wow, shocking to see a front office admit abject failure like that. And dumping him to the Jets is perfect for Percy. What do they want him for?

  18. Paul Richardson can probably do some of the things Percy Harvin does without making Russell Wilson worry about which jersey number he’s throwing the ball to. Seahawks are getting down to solid NFC West football – stretch the field, pound the rock. The Rams will help them get their offense sorted out this week.

  19. Everyone makes mistakes, at least the hawks were able to recognize this one and move on. Still have the best coach and front office in football. In Pete we trust.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  20. He still caught deep balls, was their leading receiver, was instrumental in the Superbowl, pulled coverages away from others and even forced some coverages defenses would rather not use because of his speed that can blow the top off the defense.

    ..and was a great returner.

    This is a big loss for them. Especially since what they get in return can’t possibly help them this year (because it’s a draft pick, and of course the pick or picks might not even pan out)

    Definitely a hit for this year. Can they overcome it? We’ll see. But every other contender or pretender should be smiling that their biggest offensive and special teams threat is not there.

  21. One of the reasons the Hawks have been so successful in such a short time with Pete Carroll is because they have never been afraid to move on from a mistake. They let TO go. Hasselbeck, too. Cut the cord with Matt Flynn who they paid a lot of money. And now Harvin.

  22. This all points to one person who is the common denominator in both situations. BEVELL.

    I believe Harvin was also a common denominator. Also, Bevell had already been with Seattle for two years before the trade.

  23. As a Vikings fan, I’d love to gloat, but winning in a trade doesn’t count for much. I will say that I, like most Vikings fans, am tot terribly surprised. It’s always something with Percy. I wonder if it will ever occur to him that he is the problem.

  24. “It’s a lesson to all the other teams that would keep a guy around to justify a mistake. Instead of making a second mistake, the Seahawks admitted the first mistake and moved on.”

    Stated perfectly. Well done.

  25. I love the shechickens bad move. No way are they going back to the super bowl unless they are paying to sit in the stands, hahahaha

  26. As much as I trust this organization to do the right thing, I can’t help but feel for Harvin. Not only is he missing out on winning multiple rings in the near future, but he was also traded to the Jets. It’s lose lose for the guy.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans.
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  27. But but but what about all of the analysts talking about how Harvin is going to give the Seattle offense “another dimension” and should be the missing piece to “put them in the elite offense category”??

    Most Seattle fans probably didn’t even know who Harvin was until they went to the Superbowl =
    Most seattle fans are fresh on the bandwagon

  28. wiskybuck says:
    Oct 17, 2014 6:26 PM
    Ted Thompson could learn from his former assistant Schneider.


    How? Schneider gave up a 1st, 3rd and 7th then traded him for a mid-rounder? Yeah, Teddy sure could learn something…

  29. Jeff Fisher should follow the Seahawks’ lead here with Tavon Austin. Unfortunately, he will never admit this mistake no matter how much egg is on his face.

  30. Seahag fans need to stop saying, “we didn’t have him last year so who cares?”.

    You know who you had last year? A tough, solid player named Golden Tate who you had to let go because you signed Lil’ Percy to a ridiculous deal after making a terrible trade.

    Now you don’t have either one of those guys and your WR core doesn’t scare anybody.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  31. This dude did something really bad. There is no reason to trade him for next to nothing unless he did something bad. They win the Super Bowl because of the threat of Harvin. You don’t just get rid of that because you were unsure of his role. You get rid of him because he most likely threatened somebody or attacked the coaching staff like he did in Minnesota.

  32. The Seattle Seahawks just became a better team — they may have lost some talent, but they are now a better team.

    I’m sure many wished that they had kept Golden Tate instead.

    On the other hand, Percy and Rex — that should be good.

    Wonder how long Percy will last at this stop — ultimately, he goes to New England.

    It’s a wise move to cut bait with this loser…

  33. It’s not that difficult. Pretty obvious there are issues with this player that nobody hears about.
    I will say this. He threw Christian Ponder under the
    bus. Ok, we know Christian was over drafted and may not be an NFL starting quarterback.
    But he is a good man. Don’t see him being tossed
    back and forth because of character.
    And make no mistake, Percy’s athletic ability is the only reason he’s being traded around and not at the
    McDonald’s drive thru window.

  34. When are people going to realize that Harvin is an entitiled, lazy primadonna who is damaged goods? He’s a locker room cancer.

    It was hidden at Florida, and now realized by two teams and counting.

  35. As a fan I am shocked we gave up so much to get him to not even have him play one full season. Although, I am glad to know we have a front office who has no problem cutting bait regardless on how much the player makes, was traded for, fan favorite, etc. if in fact that player was a cancer to the team.

  36. Well said Mike. You hit it in my opinion. Seemed weird at first but now it makes sense to me. As a Hawks fan it has felt strange on offense this year and I do believe we are going to be better off. I wish him well and thank him for what he did for us in SB48. That will always be great moment for us here in Seattle.

  37. Kudos to those Vikings fans that said “he is your headache now” you were right, now us hawks fans can pay that forward to Jets fans. Good luck with that guy Jets! Oh, its coming out here in Seattle now from “anonymous locker room sources” that he was stating he didnt want to be here and was causing issues

  38. eport comment
    oreo51 says:
    Oct 17, 2014 6:34 PM
    One of the reasons the Hawks have been so successful in such a short time with Pete Carroll is because they have never been afraid to move on from a mistake. They let TO go. Hasselbeck, too. Cut the cord with Matt Flynn who they paid a lot of money. And now Harvin.

    In short, terrible franchise that makes a lot of roster mistakes. Have fun in your descent. Oh and FYI, this is not how a dynasty franchise behaves. I know the 1/2th man need that explained to them because they clearly have no idea what DYNASTY means. You’re a joke!

  39. There’s gonna be some dirt coming out explaining why the Seahawks wanted him gone ASAP because if it was strictly a matter of them feeling his production wasn’t worth his cap number they could have dealt him away this offseason and still had him around til the end of the year.

    Since the pick they got was nothing special, it’s clear the goal was simply to get rid of him IMMEDIATELY. We shall find out why ….

  40. U how can they teach a lesson if we don’t know if it works out or not? If the Seahawks offense starts to sputter because they no longer have the threat of Harvin and he tears it up for the Jets. Then I doubt anyone will want to follow their example.

    The only lesson they can teach is not to give up so much for a player that another team desperately wants to get rid of.

  41. As a Vikings fan, I can only say: “I TOLD YOU SO”. This guy is not a good teammate. He is an electric athlete and such a rare talent, but not a good guy to have around.

  42. One of the reasons the Hawks have been so successful in such a short time with Pete Carroll is because they have never been afraid to move on from a mistake. They let TO go. Hasselbeck, too. Cut the cord with Matt Flynn who they paid a lot of money. And now Harvin.


    lol. They cut TO in preseason. Hilarious comparison to their leading receiver they just gave up for a bag of chips. Something very damaging must’ve occurred in the past 48 hours.

  43. Great move by the Seahawks. The dude is a cancer. He has MVP level talent but he’s either injured or unhappy most of the time. He would’ve been asking for a bigger contract next season.

  44. Seahawks:

    — Reigning Super Bowl Champs.


    — Empty Trophy Case.

    — Four embarrassing Fails in the Big Game.

    — 2014: 2-4, last place, another lost season.

  45. grantsbuds says:
    Oct 17, 2014 6:27 PM
    Spielman a genius…hardly but did well to get what he did.
    Schneider? Gave up considerably for Harvin….not wise but may have redeemed himself by fleecing the Jets (who seem to never learn from previous mistakes).
    Giving up a 1st, 3rd and 7th for Harvin and then getting a bag of balls (conditional late rd pick) in return is hardly fleecing the jets. Conversely, I would say the Vikings certainly fleeced the PEDhawks (again) and that it is the Pedhawks that haven’t learned from years of mistakes when dealing with the Vikings. (Hutchinson, Sid Rice, Harvin, TJoke, K.Williams, Burleson plus these long ago trades of vikings players who were at the end of their careers and only played a season or two for the hawks, John Randle, Warren Moon and Bob Lurtsema. I think the NFL should pass a rule not allowing the PEDhawks to ever trade with the vikes again.

  46. Vikes got AP on the exempt list and the Seahawks got a Lombardi. Yeah…they won that deal…LOL

  47. Was a diva at UF, Minn, Sea, will be with NYJ, and wherever he winds up next. Great potential, but also – ironically – a migraine for his current team.

  48. I am not getting much detail but it is surprising how many analysts and former GMs are saying that the Seahawks did the right thing if they feel they made a mistake in acquiring Harvin. Must be a whole lot going on behind the scenes

  49. This is why the Seahawks should have just kept their pick and taken Cordarelle Patterson, who makes < $3 million per season, and is 6'2", 215 lbs in addition to being really fast. Did I mention that Patterson is also younger and healthier? And why did they give Harvin so much guaranteed money in the first place? They were only bidding against themselves. As great as Schneider has been in the middle and late rounds, he has also spent 1st round picks on James Carpenter, Bruce Irvin, and Percy Harvin via trade, who was traded after less than two seasons with the signing bonus already in his bank account.

    I don't think they'll miss Harvin much; after all, he's been on the team for 24 games and has only played in 8. This allows them to get Richardson or Norwood playing time instead of being inactive most of the time. The real problem with the offense right now is that the line is playing poorly and Zach Miller isn't there to help out.

  50. Tragedy narrowly avoided. I finally caved and was just about to order his jersey. It would have been a Chinese knockoff, but still, I just saved 20 bones.

  51. Harvin gave Seattle six games this year and 1.5 games last year (includes his three-play revenge game against Minnesota). Vikings made out well in that trade. I don’t blame Seattle for trading him.

  52. It was a dumb trade to begin with but PC thought it was a final piece to a SB win.

    The real issue is the CAP hits that Harvin has for the next 3 years and the dead money involved in cutting him.

    This contract will open up $12mm+ per year over the next 3 that the Hawks couldn’t have gotten out of with Harvin. (dead money)

    Money they will need for Wilson and an OL.

  53. The Seahawks just abandoned their only receiving threat. Good luck trying to pass the ball now.

  54. How did Vikings “win” this trade? They got 3 low picks which amounted to nothing, Seahawks got a Lombardi and Harvin played a huge role in that game. Seahawks rented Harvin for 1 year and got tons of cap space and a 2nd to 4th round pick by unloading him.

    I’ll take it. Happily.

  55. Cant wait to hear the rest of the story, must of been a lot behind the scenes. Makes you wonder whats wrong with Percy, I can see wanting out of Minnesota but Sea game him the money he thought he was worth and they win. What more could you want. Wow….

  56. It rains in Seattle? Percy brought his rain clouds with him.

    Seattle got eight games out of Harvin: Make that 7 and a half. Six listless games this year, one half came in Harvin’s revenge game against the Vikes last year (he appeared for three plays), and the Super Bowl. I’d say the Vikings made out pretty sweet in getting a 1 and 3 for him.

    The Jets may be Percy’s last stop. He has no one to blame but himself.

  57. afce22 says:
    Oct 17, 2014 6:45 PM
    Jets getting WR about 6 games too late


    Minus 8 games due to whatever injuries…so that’s a grand total of 2 games he’ll play as a Jet this season.

  58. ok for the people who keep putting the word Dynasty in the same sentence with the sea hawks
    you need to win more than ONE Superbowl to be designated A Dynasty

    Thank you
    carry on

  59. what a fall, lol. from vikings, to Seattle, now his QB is Geno”i shoulda went 1st round”smith, bwahahaha.

  60. Well, enough with the conjecture. I’m waiting on the facts. We’re like gossiping little girls. I was reading the comments and it was like walking in on my wife watching the view!
    Guys and gals, let’s just wait for the words from the parties involved, then

  61. Dear Paul Allen –

    Thanks so much for the Hawks, and everything else you’ve done for the city. Just hoped you might spare a moment to consider the unfortunate 12s who laid out a lot of their money for Harvin jerseys. It would be really cool if you could help sponsor a jersey-swap, or something.

    always grateful,

    a 12

  62. You get rid of him because he most likely threatened somebody or attacked the coaching staff like he did in Minnesota.
    He attacked a Gators assistant coach as well. This guy has a great deal of talent but he absolutely sucks as a teammate/person. He is always “entitled” and makes demands that are ridiculous. He probably made a dumb demand to Pete and now he is a Jet.

  63. @orcahawk, next time, if you must have a team jersey, get a customized jersey. They can’t cut or trade you…

  64. Now that the side show is over, we can finally get back to hard-nosed Seahawks football. If I were the rest of the league, NOW, is the time I’d be worried. GO HAWKS!!!

  65. OY…Traded from SB winner to the JETS…If THIS doesn’t get Percy’s attention, NOTHING will! Even if Percy DOES get open, will # 7 actually throw him the ball ACCURATELY?! Pete may be a player’s coach, however, he, in conjunction with his GM is NOT afraid to send ANYONE down the road. I remember when he first arrived. He ran a HUGE number of guys in and out until he found the kind of players he wanted, skills AND attitude-wise. This move should shake up the ENTIRE Hawks’ roster, especially malcontents or POTENTIAL malcontents. It’s not hard to believe that there is quite a bit more of the story yet to follow.

  66. Thx FinFan – I’m okay but I have a few friends and family who bought #11.

    Yes – I must have a team jersey, but I’m skating by with just #24 Lynch, #15 Kearse, #31 Chancellor, and #38 Strong.

    No stranger to the painful mistakes though – I also bought a #96 Wistrom just before he helpfully switched to #98. I also bought a #87 Jurevicius after his one (Super Bowl) season with the Hawks just in time to see him head to Cleveland. Having those jerseys is fun now though –

  67. Oct 17, 2014 7:45 PM
    venomsymbiont says:

    Seahawks are a joke


    Current World Champs…that’s some joke. Who want’s to be the next “joke?”

  68. Lost Clemons,Bryant,McDonald on defense. Also lost rice and underrated golden tate as well!!
    Those of you who said Seattle is a dynasty,they will have hard time making the playoffs this season
    Despite an excellent front office they sure made a mistake on golden Tate.

  69. Man, what a BUST! Hate to wonder what 1st and 3rd round picks they missed out on because of rolling the dice on Harvin.

    But, if there’s a cancer you’ve got to cut it out.

  70. Good timing too, coming off the loss to Dallas he is an example to the locker room.

    Shape up or ship out, no matter what we paid for you. Reminds me of what the Eagles did to Jackson, except the Eagles couldn’t even get a 7th for him.

  71. I doubt the pressure was coming from Percy. He’s barely been playing, it’s not like he was captured yelling at his QB or anything like a certain guy with “ANGRY” as his nickname. Just seems like the Seahawks couldn’t figure out how to get him in the gameplan which outside of the Jet sweep has been kind of obvious.

  72. I always thought they should have gone after Reggie Bush that offseason. Anything Harvin can do Reggie Bush could do it better, plus he would have been more economical, wouldn’t have cost then draft picks, and didn’t have the baggage.

    Even championship front offices do dumb things. Oh well, live And learn.

  73. So I was reading the article to see why they traded him and finally it got to the reason – because Percy Harvin wanted the ball more and that put pressure on Wilson. Really?That’s it? He makes big plays, yet is 56th in the nfl in receptions. Yeah I’d say getting him the ball more is pretty reasonable. I don’t know why the reaction to that would be to trade him.

  74. This guy must think he is irreplaceable. Well, he is lucky to be playing professional football making a salary earning him wealthy status. Without football he might be qualified to work for Burger King.

  75. Couple quick notes…Seattle was questioned why they drafted Paul Richardson (4.3 speed) and another receiver Kevin Norwood this year…(both on the 53)…It appears there was trouble dating back to 2013…While Seattle did lose a first and a 4 round (and 7th) pick and money (how many costly first round bombs have we seen around the league…he was a gamble that didn’t work and they cut their losses and admitted their mistake instead of prolonging it…while planning for the future…expect Seattle to continue to move on with their youth…Seattle’s willingness to get rid of Harvin for a conditional pick…speaks volumes for Seattle and Percy…good luck in NY

  76. The Seahawks made a run to the Superbowl last season without Percy Harvin including 2 wins against the 49rs that Percy didn’t play this teams offense had been about Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson the past couple Seasons this season so far it has all been about Percy Harbin and it wasn’t working unfortunately time to get back to their true identity on offense feed the beast .

  77. Hawks lost a lot of talent in this trade but if I were a 12 I wouldn’t be sweating bullets over losing such a huge playmaker. It was more than obvious that Wilson was force feeding Harvin balls in the hopes that he turns at least a few of them into home runs. An offense like that isn’t how Seattle wound up in the Superbowl last year.

    Now that Russel doesn’t have to spend the 1st 3-4 seconds of every play looking for #11 he can settle down and just look for the open man. Having Lynch to carry the heavy load doesn’t hurt either. Some people think you just have to stack the box and shut down Lynch to kill this offense. Well people have been saying that for a few years now and Lynch seems to get his no matter WHAT defenses do. Don’t take Wilson and Lynch lightly.

    Though this affair does make the loss of Golden Tate sting quite a bit more. He was really huge for this team.

  78. Percy Harvin scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl and recently he scored three touchdowns in one game for the Seahawks. Granted all three were called back but that’s not his fault!

    This is going to come back to haunt Seadderall bigtime!

  79. I agree with Florio, props to Seattle for making a bonehead trade and admitting it!… ?

    He must come from Tom Flores school of decision making.

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