“Chemistry” concerns caused Seahawks to dump Harvin

Now that the Seahawks shockingly have cut the cord on receiver Percy Harvin, it’s time to figure out why it happened. Multiple versions likely will emerge, but the bottom line is that Harvin’s ongoing presence threatened to disrupt team chemistry.

Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who works for the Seahawks as color analyst for the team’s radio broadcasts, explained the situation to Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Friday night.

“One thing Pete Carroll wants is great chemistry on the field as well as off the field,” Moon said. “And they had a tough time trying to figure out how to fit Percy Harvin and his skill set into what they already do as a philosophy offensively with Marshawn Lynch running the football and their play-action game. And then there was a little bit of a chemistry problem within the locker room at times with Percy, because he’s a different type of guy. So I think the combination of the two made it to where he was expendable. . . .

“One thing . . . Pete is really, really big on is chemistry and everybody feeling comfortable with one another. And I think that’s what this team has been so successful with the last three years. They’ve really had a great camaraderie, and they didn’t want to do anything to disrupt that.”

Of course, if they didn’t want to do anything to disrupt that, they shouldn’t have traded for Harvin in the first place. But Carroll probably assumed — like many coaches do — that he could get through to Harvin. That Carroll could make a connection with Harvin. That Harvin would be different in Seattle than he’d been in Minnesota.

Carroll guessed wrong, and he opted not to compound the error by stubbornly sticking with a guy who simply didn’t fit.

In the coming days, specific details undoubtedly will emerge regarding Harvin’s lack of chemistry in the locker room. As one source explained it to PFT on Friday evening, the Seahawks possibly feared that Harvin had sufficient influence over enough of the locker room to launch a mutiny against quarterback Rusell Wilson, who despite not yet getting a franchise-quarterback contract possibly has become the target of some resentment among players who don’t share his complete devotion to the game, and who regard the third-year quarterback as a player-coach.

Regardless, the Seahawks spotted a problem, and they quickly solved it. Even if it meant giving up a first-round pick, a third-round pick, a seventh-round pick, and more than $19 million for a guy from who they got seven total games and a mid-round pick in exchange.

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  1. Or more precisely, the Seahawks gave up a bust corner, an out of football OL, and a backup running back. That’s all the Vikings got out of the trade.

  2. Some folks you just can’t teach. So, you get what we have here today; which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it.

  3. Russell Wilson’s contract is going to be despised by a few Seahawks players.

    He’s a game manager with a strong running game and a punishing defense. He will never be the type of QB who can elevate average WR’S like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers can.

  4. Now if they just got rid of Bevell & got an OC with some imagination & creativity the Hawks offense might have a chance to be prolific or at least a helluva lot better than they have been lately.

  5. You own up to your mistakes. cut your losses and get on with it–as quickly as you can. And especially if he didn’t get along with the leader of the team, and was affecting the chemistry of the team. Let’s hope this solves a relatively shaky start to the beginning of the season.

  6. “Carroll guessed wrong, and he opted not to compound the error by stubbornly sticking with a guy who simply didn’t fit.”

    Good luck on the lowly Jets Harvin, that team is a friggin’ mess for the next 5-10 years.

  7. Traded for Harvin and the 12’s were loving it. Traded Harvin to the Jets and the 12’s are saying “Good Riddance”.

    Bandwagon fans. Bad trade. Bad cap hit. Overall a big loss for Schneider and Carroll.

  8. Tired of Percy, the problem with him is he doesn’t have a position. He plays the slot but offenses have to manufacture touches for him or get creative with him. He can’t fit into an offense and find his role, so when the team can’t get him his touches, he turns sour. He turned on the QB so he’s out of there. Other teammates either like him or think he’s an alright dude like in Minnesota, but when he starts questioning the QB and leader of the team, the coaches and management get antsy and send him on his way.

  9. I have not commented on a PFT article in probably three years. But, if Percy Harvin was trying to start a mutiny in the locker room against Russell Wilson then getting a 2nd-to-4th round pick was more than worth it. Not sure why any organization would want Percy Harvin on their football team. Desperation is no excuse. I hope Rex gets another opportunity. He is not the problem.

    I am not a Seattle fan (go Gmen!), but in this instance: Go Hawks! If I had a son (and if what PFT is reporting above is true) I would want him to grow up to be like Russell Wilson and nothing like Percy Harvin.

  10. Russell Wilson probably called him out and Percy doesn’t take too well to authority so he probably lashed out at him. Physically, Percy is more talented than Wilson so he probably doesn’t respect a guy of lesser talent callin him out.

  11. Vikings may have gotten the better of that trade, but I will never forget the amount of celebration that Vikings FANS put into the season-long injury of a player.

    So much gloating over Harvin’s injury. So sickening, you worthless basement-dwelling (parents’ and division)… You cheered for injury, we won the Super Bowl.

    Live with it.

  12. So, you traded for a guy that you had no idea how to use. Eventually getting players that don’t fit costs you (remember the Whitehurst trade, and Matt Flynn fiasco). Sounds more like the initial trade was made more to keep Harvin from other teams in the NFC West.

  13. I was one who thought this was a great trade for Seattle, and the problems were because he was with a bad team. Obviously I and many other Seattle Fans were wrong. The think I like about Carroll and Schneider is they are not afraid to fix a mistake. Many Gm and Coaches would hold onto the guy, because it would show they screwed up. These two guys have totally rebuilt this team from the ground up, and have not shied away from getting rid of players who did not fit in. This move also hopefully will get Bevell to use the player we rode to the SB last year. For some reason he has forgotten about Lynch for a few games each year, and the team suffers a bit because of it. Hopefully some team will hire Bevell to be their HC, and we can get another OC that will remember what the team is built to do.

    As for the Viking Fans gloating over winning this trade congrats you won the trade. You have won most of the trades since Hutch signed the poison pill contract. At least you have that to feel good about. You have one of the sleaziest Owners in FB, and have done very little for a very long time. Seattle on the other hand has one of the best Owners, and a young and up coming team. I will take that every day over what you have. Good Luck the rest of the year, we will be playing for a play off spot, and you will be playing to get a top 5 pick again.

  14. Have to give them credit for not wasting time. A lot of GMs would have dragged their feet after what they gave up for him. Although I suppose winning a Super Bowl last year does help make it an easier pill to swallow.

  15. The Seahawks won a Super Bowl and while Harvin missed much of the regular season that year, he still had a positive impact in the biggest game of the season and now Seattle has a ring. At the end of the day it’s a win for Seattle. Look at how many teams have yet to win one Super Bowl let alone appear in the big game.

    The Hawks will also need that money soon to pay Russell Wilson. That second contract will look a whole lot different than the rookie deal did, that’s for sure.

  16. Wow if anything Harvin helped Lynch get more yards because whether a decoy or credible threat opposing D always had to account for PH. Now it is easy either Lynch or RW, no dynamic threat. This was an all Caroll / Schneider move. Read Lynch’s tweet.

  17. Having experienced some good years of Seahawk football – thanks Coaches Knox and Holmgren – but many more LEAN years – thanks Ken Behring and Tim Ruskell! – I’ll put my money on Pete Carroll and John Schneider. They’ve made far fewer mistakes than the gold-strikes they’ve made, but when they make mistakes, they cut their losses and move on. Go Hawks.

  18. Wow what a difference in views on how Carroll handled this right, by cutting the cord before it was too late due to chemistry/ fit/ potential mutiny & how Kelly did it wrong with DJax for the same reasons. Guess when you got the ring everything you do is right.

  19. Tell me, in all honesty, that if your Super Bowl winning team had a player that just wasn’t working out out for the better of the team, that you wouldn’t want them to get rid of them before it ruined any chance to continue winning. To continue to be a contender for a ring for the next few years. I understand what it’s like to absolutely hate another team, and many of you hate the Hawks, but if he’s causing the problems it looks like he is, you’d be stupid to defend him. This team would have beat the Broncos without Harvin, no need to let him ruin a great team because he’s “special”. Next Man up.

  20. One time, I’d like a head coach or front office member to be totally frank about cutting guys/trading guys who are malcontents in the locker room.

    Carroll will give some type of intelligence-insulting explanation that it was ‘a football decision.’ Chip Kelly–whom I’m a big of even though I’m a Steeler fan–did the same thing with Jackson.

    Instead of being candid and saying: ‘Hey, I just couldn’t get this guy to be in lock step with how I run my team, I tried countless times to build a bridge to him in an effort to win him over, but ultimately, the situation was unsustainable’ they’ll continue to offer mindless explanations that are positively comical.

    Why are people so terrified of the truth?

    Singletary may have been exceedingly inept as a head coach but him being totally blunt about Vernon Davis and declaring that he ‘can’t win with guys like that’ was refreshing and also productive.

    Davis himself acknowledged that him being publicly censured caused him to look inward and start re-evaluating how he was conducting himself.

    It’s never bad to call things how you see them.

  21. I imagine the players who ” Don’t share his complete devotion to the game ” just got a little “religion”…Addition by Subtraction COULD happen to YOU, regardless of your skills OR salary!

  22. I’ve posted it before and I’ll post it again. I give the Seahawks kudos for moving on from bad decisions unlike most franchises. When most teams pick high draft “busts”, make bad trades and bad FA signings, they feel the need to save face by keeping that player around. IMO, the Seahawks don’t feel the need to do that. They quickly moved on from the Charlie Whitehurst and Matt Flynn pick-ups and now they’re moving on from Percy Harvin. Despite the high draft picks and big contracts to those three players, Seattle did what was in the best interest of the team and “went in a different direction.” We can’t truly know the answer but ask yourself, would Seattle have won the Lombardi last year if they had decided to stick with Matt Flynn?

    On a side note: Geaux Saints!

  23. Pete is the best coach the Seahawks have ever had. When he makes a misjudgment, he owns up to it. Pete did the same thing with clipboard jesus and Flynn. Time to move on and feed the Beast!

  24. “…but the bottom line is that Harvin’s ongoing presence threatened to disrupt team chemistry.”

    Excuses, excuses. Punching Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin, allegedly, didn’t help either. I think when that “unnamed source” gave you the scoop about turmoil in the locker room, I don’t think it was the Niners they were talking about.

  25. Percy Harvin is to Russell Wilson as Steve Smith was to Cam Newton as Jeremy Shockey was to Eli Manning.

  26. Chem´is`try Pronunciation: kĕm´ĭs`trŷ

    Football term for a someone whom the team didn’t want, yet had to pawn him off without knowing the truth.

  27. As a Ram fan I’ll defend Seattle all day on this one. Whatever they gave up was worth it for how Harvin produced in the Super Bowl alone.
    He wants to act like a headache now? Dump him and recoup a draft pick.

    They got their ring. Bottom line.

  28. I love how Jets fans are all like– “So all he is’z just a laucker room cansah? We gots like a dozen arrready! Wat else he do?”

  29. He got traded for being a malcontent plain and simple. He fit quite well in the superbowl, huh. Seattle is blowing smoke and doing the Tampa Cover 2 thing, justify ridding themselves of a player that has fallen out of favor by bad mouthing him. Remember (Josh freeman)

  30. The Steelers do not have chemistry problems. We will form our own league in 2015 and we will suck just as badly as we do now because our defense will still not stop anyone.

    7 rings for San Fran 1st

  31. Anyone who has managed people in any business makes mistakes on hires. Yes its the NFL and the world champs but lets be real, IT HAPPENS. when you hire a person all is well for 90 days to a year then the real person shows up. In most cases thier fine but in a few cases you get a bad one or even worse a primadonna which looks like the case here. As the Vikings fan warned this he came with red flags. As a Hawks fan I have trust in our organization all the way. I have made these mistakes in my business and if you don’t move on from bad apples that’s the real mistake. GO HAWKS!

  32. As a ‘Hawks fan, it’s hard to be mad at the cooks for breaking eggs when the last omelette they made was so damn tasty.

    And yeah, we lost some draft picks, but dumping Harvin’s salary for next year means it’s more likely we can keep Lynch around until the end of his deal.

    If I have to point the finger at someone, it’s Bevell. He was with the Vikings when Harvin was there, and would have had the most detailed knowledge of how he interacted with the team. As an OC looking to become a HC, he had the most to gain by using Percy to showcase his genius for a little while. Probably hoping that Percy’s attitude wouldn’t become a problem until after he was HC somewhere else, but it appears it didn’t work out that way.

    Bring on Richardson and Norwood.

  33. What a difference a season makes. To go from a key and electrifying component that made Tate expendable to a mere commodity easily swapped for a middling pick. So are they going to rotate Sherman to WR for a few snaps?

  34. The effects of trading for Harvin will be felt over the next season or two in Seattle when the players they could have drafted with those picks would start to be contributing as replacements for guys they lose in FA after this season when Wikson gets his contract.

  35. “but I will never forget the amount of celebration that Vikings FANS put into the season-long injury of a player.”

    Gee,maybe Harvin earned their rath by his locker room antics, words,and disrespect for the fans while on the Vikings team,kind of the same reasons the Seahawks dumped him on the Jets.

  36. Yeah, the Seahawks definitely took a bath on this one, but their willingness to be publicly embarrassed as having completely screwed up this trade, basically giving up two solid draft picks and a seventh rounder for three decent games of a player, is why their organization has been competitive during the Carroll era.

    How many teams would have stuck it out rather than admit defeat? How many teams would have allowed Harvin to make life real difficult for their franchise QB before conceding that they’d made a huge mistake? Just like with their willingness to admit they’d messed up with Flynn, Seattle’s prioritization of winning over appeasing the fanbase has been a key to their success.

    Take my Niners as the counter example. Before Harbaugh came to town the Niners were determined to make Alex Smith work. Every year they’d try to find a way to make him into the franchise QB he was supposed to be (and, with apologies to Kansas City, because I know they’re using him well, will never be). And they were terrible, year in and year out, even with one of the best running backs, and one of the best defensives, because of it. If Harbaugh hadn’t pulled the trigger on Kap, they wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl, or been a play away from beating Seattle to go to the following Super Bowl.

    This might hurt Seattle in the short term, and it certainly hurts the GMs credibility with the fans, but in the long run, this is how you stay competitive.

  37. Remember when they paid Matt Flynn to be the QB? They cut ties. One Super Bowl Championship later, they have traded Harvin. They played to win the game and they. The trade already paid off.

    As for perceived chemistry issues, it all depends on team strategy on the field. Though below average in many spots, RB and Swiss Army knife Harvin, were not at issue. They simple had the wrong mix of strategy and OC to utilize Harvin’s immense talent.

    “Wilson … has become the target of some resentment among players who don’t share his complete devotion to the game, and who regard the third-year quarterback as a player-coach.” Not a bad problem to have except, no one in the NFL can match Wilson’s absolute commitment.

    I sense Baldwin wanted some of Percy’s attention, though he’s not as skilled. In the loss, his 50 yard drop of a perfect pass and later tirade, signaled problems.Now the pressure is of Bevell to call his game. Let’s see if that helps the OL block somebody.

  38. Nobody I know is saying “Good Riddance” because absolutely none of the negative talk of Harvin leaked out there. All we have is speculation about why he was traded.

    If PC/JS felt there was a problem good for them for making a move. But Percy Harvin is still the definition of a game changer- when he was on the field teams roll defenses his way. There are players that need to step up to get this season on track and it starts with the offensive line. But without Percy – Kearse, Richardson, Norwood all need to do their part.

  39. People forget who owns this team. Paul Allen. One of the richest men in the world. Yes, there’s always the cap to think about, but paying Percy $19 mil for eight games is not going to break the Seahawks’ bank. I absolutely LOVED watching Percy play, but no amount of dazzling play justifies disrupting the chemistry of the team.

  40. “One thing Pete Carroll wants is great chemistry on the field as well as off the field,”

    Bottom line right there. Percy wouldn’t take his Adderal.

  41. This is a great little case study to show how and why the Seahawks will be competitive for at least the immediate future.

    Everything written in every article, blog and response is completely irrelevant. Why they got him, what they gave up, what they’re getting in return, how much money it cost, why he didn’t fit, etc…..

    They hired an employee and they found out he did not share the companies vision, so they fired him. Bad organizations (which are most of them), won’t admit a mistake and let the mistake linger until it becomes an untreatable cancer.

    I say, well done.

  42. 2009 Rookie of the Year; Pro Bowler — and Percy is only 26 years-old, so a lot of mileage left in the tank. The Harvin-Decker combo will be something to watch over the Jets’ remaining 9 games.

  43. The only consolation for the Jets is they can’t get any worse. Percy is a tremendous talent which is negated by his attitude and I applaud the Seahawks for admitting this problem.

  44. Harvin will be good for the Jets for awhile. The trade was a win for them.

    As for Seahawk trolls (not fans) that like to call MN their farm team I’m laughing.

    As far as Beastmode, I remember lots of fans saying they didn’t need him before the season started. Turns out he has been a total stud this year.

    The season always plays out in unexpected ways for all teams.

    MN got value out of Harvin’s trade. The Hawks showed they more about the team than Harvin. The Jets just got a sexy new toy for Geno, until Harvin wants to turn on him too.

  45. Fascinating.

    By getting rid of Harvin, it has exposed a little bit of what’s underneath the covers at Seahawks HQ.

    Possible resentment for Wilson?

    We will see how good Wilson when he has to get paid and more guys have to go, as a result. The defense, so far, has shown to be not as good as last year. They will have to win with less soon enough.

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