First post-trade Harvin interview includes none of the most important questions


More and more sports leagues and individual teams now have their own media operations.  More often than not, the employees of those league and teams charged with asking questions that could be somewhat uncomfortable given their employment by the entity they cover still ask the uncomfortable questions.

Sometimes, they don’t.

The first interview of Jets receiver Percy Harvin comes from the Jets’ in-house media operation.  (Exclusive!)  And the interview contains not a single question that sheds even a flicker on the circumstances that resulted in the jarring in-season trade of Harvin from the Seahawks to the Jets.

Percy, what happened?

Percy, how shocked were you by Seattle’s decision to trade you?

Percy, did you ask to be traded?

Percy, did you ask to not be traded?

Percy, there are several reports of arguments and fights with teammates.  What do you have to say in response to that?

Percy, did you body slam Golden Tate the night before the Super Bowl?

Percy, who do you think wanted you out?

Percy, aren’t you worth more than a sixth-round draft pick that could become a fourth-round draft pick?

Percy, you’ve had issues everywhere you’ve been from college through two NFL teams — why should Jets fans believe it’ll be any different now?

While the last question could have been pretty aggressive for an in-house media outlet, it’s the biggest question any Jets fan should have.  But none of the questions listed above were asked.

Plenty of obvious — but completely non-controversial questions — were asked.  For example, “Percy, why do you say this is a great fit for you now?”

“I just think they got a lot of the pieces here,” Harvin said.  “You’ve got Geno [Smith] with a great veteran behind him.  You got [Eric] Decker.   You got two great running backs.  They’ve always had a great defense here.   So that’s all exciting stuff to me.  But all I remember is them being a very tough team.  I know they have a few losses in their hands, but they was in every single game with a couple of plays here and there that could have easily switched the game.  So I definitely think this team has all the pieces.  So like I said, that’s what excited me, knowing they already had the pieces here and I could just fit right in, try to make my little plays, and hopefully I can be a little difference.”

Harvin also was asked about his expected role.

“I’m not sure yet,” Harvin said.  “I’m sure it’ll be receiving stuff.  Maybe running back, maybe not.  Definitely I hope I’ll be out there on special teams.”

In fairness to the Jets, Harvin eventually will be exposed fully and completely to the New York media, which will ask all the questions listed above and more.  Still, the first impression of Harvin as a Jet comes from an interview conducted by the Jets, who have a clear and obvious motivation to accentuate the positive and to pretend the wide array of negatives don’t exist.

27 responses to “First post-trade Harvin interview includes none of the most important questions

  1. Questionable signings by the Jets didn’t end with the departure of Mike Tannenbaum. Maybe Woody Johnson is the real problem. He literally owns this season and this trade. Why does he always seem to skate on responsibility for the failings of Jets.

  2. That’s a great set of questions. It’s almost a pipe dream to think that we ever get a truthful answer to them.

    Oh well. As pointed out, he’ll have to face the media sooner or later. I guess it’s better to let him get his bags unpacked and his locker organized.

    What a ship-storm. Good luck to him.

  3. Percy Harvin was such a problem in the locker that all his teammates have expressed outrage.

    Great trade by the Jets, regardless of how the media is trying to spin Percy Harvin into the devil.

  4. I hope he handles the press well and keeps the focus on the positives he can bring. This may be his last chance to make it big in the NFL…….and with his talent, that would be a shame if he doesn’t do extremely well…….Hoping it goes well for him……..

  5. He’s great short term. Then he starts buggin about his role, his touches, etc. He’s on his last straw for a big contract so he’ll be on his best behavior but buyer be ware. Jet’s would be smart to re-do his contract to incentive laden production.

    Go Hawks?

  6. Those quotes by Harvin are complete garbage. We all know he’s going to body slam Eric Decker or punch Geno Smith before the season is over. His temper can’t be controlled and its time for his NFL career to end.

  7. I haven’t seen anyone asking tough questions to Pete. Guess it’s ok for Seattle to have a “spin machine”, but not Percy.

  8. Only a complete and total moron would think that interview was meaningful in any way. That interview served no purpose other than to showcase how full of bull Harvin and the Jets in-house media is.

  9. I was going to say this isn’t going to end well.. but by the time the Jets cut there losses.. they will feel like there in heaven when he’s finally gone. “I definitely want to be on special teams” .. already making demands.

  10. Someone should ask Favre about Harvin. I remember Harvin missing a lot of games and practices due to migraines and I’m sure that affected the Vikings offense.

  11. Interesting.
    Not too many guys relish playing on special teams.
    Some do, but most start there hoping to earn a promotion.

  12. The press didn’t ask tough,important questions? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  13. So this entire time when the media was reporting that the 49ers were the face of disfunction and mutiny. All along it has been the Seahawks.

    There are openly pro harvin players in the locker room which is now divided, players fighting with Wilson, fighting with eachother and then getting traded. Are the Seahawks getting tired of Carroll’s act? Is he losing the team with his catering to Wilson?

    Your best player just tried to quit on the team and not even get on the bus to go to the game. Getting hot in Rainy Seattle.

  14. Harvin is the new T.O. who was a cancer not only in the locker room, but on the field as well. They will all have a job as long as their skills last, but age will erode those and jerks like Terrell Owens and “Ochocinco Jones” are tossed out on their butt when they can no longer produce.

    Compare your thoughts about players like Harvin, Ownes, and Jones to other pro bowlers who retired, and remained revered like Bart Starr, Reggie White, and Emmitt Smith.

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