Report: Seahawks also spoke to Browns, Buccaneers about Harvin

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The Seahawks apparently didn’t put Percy Harvin on the trading block, by declaring that they have “no intent” to trade him or otherwise.  But the Seahawks reportedly talked to more teams than the Jets about a deal for the highly talented but apparently even more troubled receiver.

According to Peter King of, the Seahawks also spoke to the Browns and the Buccaneers about a trade for Harvin.  Per King, the Jets ultimately offered the most for Harvin.

If the band of teams had been much broader than those three, someone would have blabbed before a deal in principle had been completed with the Jets.  And it’s likely that the Seahawks were selective because they didn’t want to worry about seeing Harvin again on the other side of the field, especially during the postseason.

It seems odd that Tampa would have had interest, given the presence of Leslie Frazier as defensive coordinator of the Bucs.  Frazier had a front-row seat for all of the Harvin-induced dysfunction in Minnesota.

Harvin would have been an intriguing addition to the Browns, who eventually will get back Josh Gordon.  Those two players combined with the team the Browns already have put together could have resulted in a reunion with the Seahawks in February, at the Super Bowl.

But Harvin could have torn apart the locker room in the process.  In the end, that’s a risk only the Jets were sufficiently desperate to assume.

31 responses to “Report: Seahawks also spoke to Browns, Buccaneers about Harvin

  1. Haha! The Browns are one player away from the Super Bowl? Wow. I remember my first beer. I also remember them falling apart every season and going 4-12.

  2. Thank God Cleveland didn’t get him. The Browns have a good thing going right now. Great locker room chemistry. Last thing they need is an overpaid underachiever with an attitude problem.

  3. Idk if I’d say Browns would have made it to the Superbowl, but with the way their offense is running without Gordon who knows. Seems as tho it made too much sense for Cleveland to do it.

  4. Ha! Browns n Bucs said ‘no thanks’. The BROWNS and the BUCS! Nice. And that’s right after a (sort of) 3 TD game against the ‘Skins 2 weeks ago. This guy must really be something else. smh

  5. The Browns likely called Urban and asked him about Percy and were met with lots of laughter

  6. With the egos that Kyle Shanahan has dealt with over the years, and the train wrecks that have developed as a result, I can’t blame him for staying far away from Harvin.

  7. If the Buccaneers passed when they are having a completely disastrous season — boy, does that tell you a lot about Harvin! Or that they have decided to go all-in to secure the top spot in next years’ draft.

  8. lkasten says:

    Thank God Cleveland didn’t get him. . . . . Last thing they need is an overpaid underachiever with an attitude problem.

    Don’t you mean another underachiever with an attitude problem?

  9. The funniest thing is the fact that the browns will most likely make it to the superbowl before the Bengals, Ravens, Steelers. Will be fun to see who gets the last laugh amongst knucklehead commenters on here.

  10. I predict Harvin will be playing for the vet minimum next year….that’s if any team is stupid enough to even offer him a roster spot.

    Cancer kills from the inside out and this boy is on hospice care.

  11. Everyone seems to feel they have a locker next to Harvin. Give the guy a chance to be in the locker room with his teammates and get on the field. For as much as Idzik has failed the Jets fans this year he might have found a diamond in the rough. The team has nothing to lose by taking on Harvin.

  12. This guy’s problem is not just the qb throwing him the ball or making plays but he’s got problems with every body, even his teammates and coaches. He doesn’t get along with any body period. Oh wait, perhaps Randy Moss bc they like smoking weeds and that’s what will make both feel better like lovers.

  13. Did somebody say something about the Browns could be going to the Superbowl this year if they got Percy Harvin? That’s a little much, don’t ya think?

  14. BROWNS? SUPERBOWL? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Up is down, orange is periwinkle, and left is what’s for dinner! Seriously that’s about how much sense THAT comment makes. They are ok, they squeaked out a few impressive victories, but if you see them beating New England, San Diego, or Indianapolis, you’re either high or you should be!

  15. Such a shame… a highly gifted athlete whom couldn’t get past his own gargantuan ego. History won’t remember his kick-off return to start the 2nd half of a superbowl. He will be remembered as a frail diva… with lightening speed…whom never learned the most important and basic attribute of football, is that it is a Team sport. I’ll more fondly remember the small little kid Rudy Ruttiger who gave 125% to suit up for one game for Notre Dame than I will Percy…and I’m not even Catholic. The ghost of Vince Lombardi is shaking his head dude….Good Luck…

    GO HAWKS…………….STILL….

  16. Can you tell there’s a different marshall in town? GM Ray Farmer knows what he’s doing, unlike the ring-leaders we’ve had in the past. No, these are the new-new Browns.

  17. Seahawks fan here. Browns fans, be thankful you avoided our fate, and turned down Harvin.

    Big props on your blowout on the Steelers, and Seahawk fans will never forget the moral support we got from you guys after Ken Behring tried to move our team in 1996, after Modell moved your team to Baltimore. We’ll never forget the love and support from Browns fans.

  18. I’m a Bucs fan, and I can say without a doubt that the Bucs don’t need Harvin. They have plenty of talent at WR. What they don’t have is an offensive or defensive line. Adding a skill player, isn’t going to give an inexperienced QB any more time to throw. And, it isn’t going to open a hole for Martin to run through.

    But, before we praise the Bucs and Browns for “passing” on Harvin, or eluding to how far Harvin has fallen because the Bucs and Browns passed on him; as many posters have done. Let’s be clear, the article said the Jets offered the most. It didn’t say that the Bucs and Browns didn’t offer anything.

  19. I can tell you how this went down. The jets ended up offering more for him. The browns and bucs offered something next to nothing. If the browns got him and he ended up being a locker room cancer, they could easily say “Bye,bye” and not feel bad about what they gave up for the trade. If it ended up working out they looked like geniuses for what they got him for. The last thing we need is a locker room cancer. This team plays with more heart than any other team
    I’ve seen in a long time and not just from the browns history.

  20. What’s important to realize isn’t that these teams passed on Harvin – just that the Jets offered more. Now realize what the Jets offered.

    So that’s 2 clubs who have a VERY low – lower than a 6th to 4th round pick opinion of Percy.

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