Reports: Harvin fought teammates, took himself out on Sunday


As the shocking trade of Percy Harvin to the Jets continues to dominate the NFL news cycle, reports from Seattle indicate that the Seahawks simply decided they couldn’t tolerate Harvin’s misbehavior, which included multiple fights with teammates and a refusal to play late in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.

One fight took place the week before the Super Bowl and left then-Seahawks receiver Golden Tate with a black eye, according to Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston. Another fight took place in the preseason this year and left receiver Doug Baldwin with a cut on his chin, according to the Seattle Times.

Harvin also reportedly took himself out of Sunday’s game and wouldn’t go back in when coaches asked him to play. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked why Harvin didn’t play much late in the game and answered with a vague reference to “readiness,” but it now appears that the real problem was “willingness,” or lack thereof, of Harvin to get on the field.

Combining the reports out of Seattle with the widespread reports from two years ago that Harvin was a cancer in the Vikings’ locker room, it looks like the Jets just landed themselves a malcontent. They’d better have a plan for how to deal with Harvin’s inevitable unhappiness.

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  1. New York media is a perfect match for a player like this. Much as I don’t like about the Seahawks at times, they handle adversity with class. They covered for this guy.

  2. So are the Comment Clowns gonna question Russell Wilson’s leadership now like they did Cam Newton when the Panthers traded Steve Smith…situations seem similar.

  3. This guy sounds like everything you don’t want as a teammate. It’s sickening that someone with this much talent has this attitude when a lot of us would give almost anything to play on Sundays.

  4. Poor Jets….they could have gotten less headaches and more production by bringing back Tebow. After the Harvin debacle in NY ends (badly) the NY fans will be longing for the Tebow Era. The Jets GM should know by now that no amount of distraction will cover that rotten stench of 1-6.

  5. Now the NY media will have something new to ponder for the next few months. Why on earth would you want a guy thats such an obvious problem off the field? (And on the field too apparently) Its true what they say about NY. “If you can make it there you can make it anywhere” especially with Gino at QB. Good luck on getting your touches Percy!

  6. The Seahawks handling of Harvin is exactly how the Eagles should’ve handled Desean Jackson. Seattle kept all of the issues quiet and then trade him seemingly out of nowhere so they could get some sort of return for him.

  7. The ultimate gadget piece in the most uncreative offense in the league…if he was a malcontent while winning in seattle…..

    This is gonna be good.

  8. Go read about Harvin’s act in high school. Urban takes him in and coddles him by calling failed drug test “injuries” and lets him run wild with the rest of the gator trash and now this. He’s a cancer who’s always been a cancer.

    Players like Percy will always be around becasue of coaches like Urban Meyer.

  9. Wow. I just figured this guy was the typical diva receiver. I wouldn’t have guessed he was prone to violent outbursts. I’m amazed the Seahawks didn’t send him packing after the second time he basically attacked a teammate. This trade is looking more and more like a desperate attempt by John Idzik to save his job.

  10. riekki says:
    Oct 18, 2014 8:08 AM
    So are the Comment Clowns gonna question Russell Wilson’s leadership now like they did Cam Newton when the Panthers traded Steve Smith…situations seem similar.
    Steve Smith >>>>>>> Percy Harvin. No comparison.

  11. Why do you think he was pissed?

    Offense is tired a predictable.

    Russell Wilson is not having a good game running the ball he can’t throw the ball.

    Seahawks are one and done with superbowls.

  12. As much as I hate the Jets, I also hate seeing talent go to waste, and there is no denying Harvins talent. Hope he figures his life out before it’s to late.

  13. Jets management have no reason not to trade future picks. They won’t be around to spend them anyway…

  14. This is why the Hawks will be standing on the podium raising the Lombardi yet again this year. No single player is more than the team. Interesting experiment that didn’t work out so time to move on. #GoHawks

  15. love how quick Seattle fans are so quick to jump off Harvin bandwagon as fast as they jumped on. Seattle fans loved Percy. I guess that’s what happens when a fan base started in 2012.

  16. 24 hours ago. Percy Harvin is an amazing talent that gives the Seahawks a different dimension that makes if incredibly difficult to defend him, Wilson and Lynch.
    Today, he is an injury prone malcontent that beat up everyone in Seattle from Golden Tate to Kurt Cobain’s kids. A ticking time tomb.

    It’s funny how quickly a narrative can change with the media. If anyone other than the Jets made this trade, it would be met with praise.

  17. I’m so glad the Vikings dumped him. Perhaps a year earlier would have been better, but they did well to foist him off on the Seahawks the way they did. I’m happy with who we ended up with for the picks Seattle gave up for Percy.

  18. Too bad he didn’t end up as a teammate with Steve Smith. The practice fights would be legendary. I’d put $10 on Smith, personally.

  19. When the Seahawks made that trade with the Vikings everyone outside Seattle knew it was a bad trade. I guess the Jets want Santonio Holmes 2.0.

  20. The Jets better hope they get a Brandon Marshall like attitude turn around from this guy or else they just wasted a draft pick and millions of dollars.

    If it was to save this season, the Jets already lost this deal. If it was for next season, time will tell.

  21. Wow guys this is strange. So I thought he was mad cause he didn’t get the ball but yet now we hear he wouldn’t play with the game on the line and refused to go back in? Some people (we all know one) just don’t get it and no matter what you do they never will. Thus you just can’t make them happy. He must be one miserable person. As a Hawks fan the offense has felt weird this year and the team in general just has been off. This now makes sense to me. Not saying this will get them back to the SB but Dallas destroyed us at the line of scrimmage and when that happened it was a shocker. Not saying the Cowboys aren’t good but we just had no fire and seemed out of sorts from the start. Honestly that could have been a 43 to 8 Dallas win so I hope this will help our team get focused. GO HAWKS!

  22. I think Harvin has some sever psychological issues that will never get better. Its amazing that the Seahawks were able to keep the fighting incidents from the media.

  23. Al, I loved ya but I’m glad you are running the Raiders still. You would have sent a full air force of Air Alaska jets to pick this guy up and he would RUIN derek carr.

  24. For everything the Hawks do right, they sure miss the boat when dealing with the Vikings. Harvin, S.Rice, Hutchinson, Burleson, TJoke, K.Williams. I would think Petey and Schneider would screen all calls from the Vikes and refuse to answer from now on. LOL

  25. The Jets must be beyond desperate? You would think the last thing they would need right now is to make a move like this?

  26. Here we go. It’s open season on anyone to write and say anything they ever wanted to say negative about Harvin. Some of it may actually be true, but you can bet much of it is exaggerated.

    It happens all the time and many fall for it every time. There’s not a locker room in America where there aren’t fights. That includes high school and up. Now they become major and all of them were 100% Harvin’s fault.

    Yeah, OK. Maybe he’s just a bad guy, but never forget that news like this happens all the time. Sometimes all of it ain’t true. Like the smut Gettleman put out on Steve Smith. Players don’t get to correct the record and when they try, who believes them. anyway.

  27. If I was Golden Tate or Baldwin, I would not be happy about this report leaking out that they were hurt by Harvin in a fight. Percy is not exactly a large man,

  28. Geno Smith already had problems.. now he’s going to have this “quitter” in his ear threatening him for the ball?

    Sounds like the Jets have added another ring to their circus, thus surpassing Barnum & Bailey’s three.

  29. If these reports are true, then it’s hard to give too much credit to the Seahawks for being willing to make hard decisions when they apparently put up with so much for so long.

  30. I’m sure all the Jets fans are going to blame the Patriots and Belichick for the first fight he gets in with any of his new teamates.

  31. I actually think there’s an opportunity with the Jets for Percy to get his act together.

    He clearly needs to be humbled, and receive mentoring from a veteran who’s had his own fair share of personal troubles. Who’s better fit for that role than Vick?

    Now I’m hoping that Geno gets pulled, so we can see a Vick/Harvin/Ivory/CJ0.5K backfield.

  32. skoobyfl says:Oct 18, 2014 8:58 AM

    How did the Patriots miss this ?

    Firstly, it’s a conditional pick. Because of the Jets horrible record they will likely only have to give up a sixth round pick, New England would’ve been around a second or third rounder; making the deal a definate no.

    Secondly, the guy is strictly a “gadget-play” specialist, where the Patriots require receivers to be able to run percise routes and to know the soft spots that a defense is showing.. something Harvin just can’t do.

    Third, the guy is trouble plain and simple. Although the lockerroom is very stable in New England, the past history of Hernandez is quite memorable.

  33. He’s fought two guys on the seahawks, causing a black eye and busted lip, then refused to play last week. What if incognito had done that? And why didn’t we hear about this?

  34. And the non stop circus continues. Will this every end. Someday we will get an owner and a GM that know what there doing. Probable not in my lifetime. After 35 years as a season ticket holder it might be time to move on and spend my money on a nice vacation instead. If I want to go to a game I can now buy tickets for half the price for any game at PSL stadium due to the fact there are so many empty seats.

  35. Seahawks want to expand Percy Harvin’s role
    October 17, 2014, 3:59 PM EDT

    Report: Seahawks trade Percy Harvin to the Jets
    October 17, 2014, 5:34 PM EDT

    Seahawks admit lack of fit with Harvin, move on
    October 17, 2014, 6:15 PM EDT</i<

    What a difference just a few hours make! Seattle sure expanded Harvin's role……expanded it all the way to the east coast!

    The Vikings were smart to get rid of him when they did!

  36. Now we know why Steve Smith added “Sr” to his name…because Steve Smith Jr here was waiting in the wings

  37. This just in…. A re-thinking by Jet’s management on Percy taking his physical…” Son, you’ve passed everything so far…now if you can just jump over the Statue of Liberty…we’ll sign ya…”

    People are so hypnotized by speed. It’s like throwing something shiny to a chimpanzee….their like…Ooh…Aah…Shiny…Pretty….

    Percy is a very, very fast failure….but still a failure..

    Good Job moving on Hawks…let those young’un WR’s take their shot…. GO HAWKS!!!

  38. i wonder if sea told the jete about his willingness to punch out team mates. knowing who sea’s coach is i bet they didn’t.

  39. He must have been mad at Tate knowing that he will never be the reciever Golden is. Golden tate is currently 6th in yards receiving and 7th in receptions. He is on pace for 108 grabs and 1400 + yards if he keeps this pace. And the offense he is playing in is actually struggling with no running game support and poor protection.

    Compare that to what Percy has done this year. Add in the fact that golden tate costs less and is a good teammate and there is no comparison.

  40. He can go to the Jets and cause more trouble there now. He was in trouble at Florida, then the Seahawks, now wait for it with the Jets. Do they honestly needs anymore drama, I doubt it?

  41. If his main complaint is being targeted this could actually work out in the short term and also free up Decker more given there will be two legit playmakers on the field.

    Now what else needs to happen is for Geno to stop making knucklehead throws and overthrows, for receivers to catch the ball, for the secondary to stop getting burned, for the team to stop making penalties at key points in a drive or in the red zone, for special teams to stop fumbling the ball or letting game winning field goals be blocked and for the coaches to remain competent throughout the course of a game with play selection, time management and personnel packages.

    It should keep me interested until mid season at least where a turnaround here could be quite entertaining but more likely where I’ll have to take up kayaking on Sundays.

  42. Never heard a whisper of the locker room problems. Shows how tight the team is. Seattle has turned a lot of misfits into a good team (there was a time Lynch and Wilson weren’t appreciated). Harvin couldn’t be turned. Any guy who isn’t thrilled sitting out the season to get a highlight reel from the Superbowl is beyond redemption. No need for Tate and Baldwin to be upset the report got out – landing a punch is different than winning the fight, or not engaging in it. Makes you wonder whether Tate would have stayed if this had happened sooner, but given how little Harvin played last year versus his salary the Seahawks probably wouldn’t have gotten anything for him.

  43. Hysterical… when he left the Vikings there was no way he was a malcontent and the Vikings got trade-raped. Now the ‘hawk send him packing… it must be true and they know how to handle personnel. What a joke.

  44. “What? I don’t get it?!??? I thought the Seahawks team is good, with good-natured players like, what’s his name? Oh Richard Shermer…and Sean Lynch, or something like that.. I guess I have to look for a new team to root for!”

    – Seahawks fans

  45. Waiting…..
    For all the trolls who have posted about how the Seahawks always bilk the Vikings out of premier players. Waiting…..

  46. It is predictable that this guy will be out of the league soon, unless he begins to put up big numbers, because then all sorts of excuses will be made. Poetic justice will be when he is put in jail for one of any number of things that a guy like this is likely to do. To Percy, when you are out of the league you will go back to being a nobody, where you belong. Good riddence, (sp) to bad rubish. as they once said.

  47. NFL players are a commodity pure and simple.

    Just like a bottle of milk, a can of soda or a bag of chips.

    Most have no upbringing, no education and a delusional sense of themselves.

    Add a concussion or two and you have this.

  48. I do admire Seattle’s ability to admit when they made a mistake. It’s one thing to be disruptive in the media or off the field. This guy was a cancer internally. He had to go.

    New York will give this guy the rope he needs to hang himself. Welcome to the big time, Percy! You best learn to behave.

  49. As if Rex Ryan doesn’t have enough problems already. At least he’ll only have to deal with it for the remainder of this season. Next year it will be a new coach’s problem.

  50. According to some reports, he wanted to throw down with Wilson when he called him on his crappy attitude. I suspect that was the exact instant the trade clock started ticking.

  51. This story ends with the Jets seeking a new coach and GM. Then they will use their first round pick on a quarterback. Harvin is there for another year since they paid nothing for him but they end up cutting him because the same mantra continues. They take another slumping season until the new QB shines and Geno on the bench is in waiting for few snaps.

  52. “dfwhawkguy says: Oct 18, 2014 8:27 AM

    This is why the Hawks will be standing on the podium raising the Lombardi yet again this year. No single player is more than the team. Interesting experiment that didn’t work out so time to move on. #GoHawks”

    It takes a special kind of fan to try and make the argument that trading away a 1st, a 3rd and a 7th to get a conditional mid round pick in return is a reason you’ll win the super bowl.

    Uh, no, its a sign of a poorly run franchise that stumbled into a few good draft picks and won’t see another Lombardi in decades.

  53. “They’d better have a plan for how to deal with Harvin’s inevitable unhappiness.”

    Yeah! If they don’t have a plan, they may go 1-6!!!

    Oh, wait…

    No risk here for the Jets except the 4th rounder. If Harvin is causing problems for them, you let him walk after the season with no money owed. If he shapes up, you give up a 2nd and have a talented receiver/ST player.

    Their season was over anyway so why not?

  54. Jets already have experience with losers they tried this with Santonio Holmes when the Steelers got rid of him. And that didn’t work out.

    How can the Jets not learn from that?

    Easy, they’re desperate.

  55. Harvin is a bad apple, that is clear, and bad apples are never good for a football team, no matter how talented. Seattle’s offense is tailor-made for a guy with Harvin’s skills, so he must be a pretty serious problem for Carroll to ship him out.

  56. The amount of posts here from weak unathletic failures who have never and will never accomplish anything crying about how jealous of Harvin they are is pretty impressive

    I’m not sure which aspect is sadder, hearing them try to claim he sucks like garbage receivers Tate and Baldwin, or trying to say he’s a scumbag like that Seahawks running back that runs people over and flees the crime scene, who strangely they seem to think is a great human being,

  57. I’ve said it before…take away the uniform and millions and you have a low character, low integrity young man with poor interpersonal skills and an anger management problem…he needs a very strong and stable locker room with a veteran quarterback and tough coaches. Needless to say, the Jets arent a good fit.

  58. What’s more criminal?

    Idzik’s excuse for an NFL roster?

    Percy having to seriously try to catch pass attempts from Christian Ponder AND Geno Smith?

    Or what Lynch does behind the wheel when he gets sauced?

  59. So sick and tired of these selfish prima donnas who think they’re above the game. People like Harvin don’t deserve to be in the NFL making millions. The guy is a scumbag.

  60. It’s the only reason you trade a talent like harvin. He must be a terrible teammate. He is too good to get rid of just because you can’t fit him in the offense. Impossible. Harvin can make an offense. I think in Minnesota he threatened the coaching staff…like a serious threat. He threw dumbells at his Florida coaching staff. Now he gets in a fight with teammates. Harvin could take on the entire team. He is that tough.

    But man for how good he is, he must be equally terrible to have in the lockerroom.

  61. Percy & Rex are a great fit together. Both are ego maniacs and malcontents..,..I can’t wait to see Rex’s new tattoo! Percy, a great foot massage awaits you! Rex, you may now “kiss your WR”

  62. If he’s mad not, just wait to see what happens when (if they have any sense) the Jets decide to cut him next year instead of paying a boatload of money to someone who complains more than making plays. He’ll soon realize that HUGE contract he signed doesn’t give him a license to act like a baby. When the Jets cut him, he may have a hard time finding another roster spot. Then he can go hang out in Gainesville where everyone probably still worships him along with all those other Florida scumbags (AH, Pounceys, Chris Rainey, etc.).

  63. Seadove fans turning this disaste, (loss of Tate, picks, and tons of cash) into a positive is hilarious.

    From beginning to end he was a disaster

    So stop telling me how smart their front office is

    19mil for 8 games?


    Enjoy the mist and bigfoot sightings

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  64. Harvin has been a punk since high school. I remember watching him quit on his team in the state title game in Virginia. He refused to go back in the game because his team was down 14 points in the third quarter. He has always been a me guy. He won’t be in the league in a couple years.

  65. Guess it just wasn’t enough to be world champion. Egos that detract from the team aren’t welcome here. Too bad, the guy can play, but I trust JS/PC.

  66. Refusing to go back in and play is something that should get you tossed out of the league. Why would any team want a player who might quit on them?

  67. lol at ppl grasping for straws. giving their “insight” on why the hawks all of a sudden will crumble. if you were to go based off the comments on here alone, you’d think seattle was 2-3, not 3-2. Forget the fact that Seattle has played THREE one loss teams, and Aaron Rodgers with jeremy lane,tharold Simon, byron maxwell , Zach miller, max unger, kam chancellor, and bobby wagner all banged up at one point, and they lost 2 games in the 4th to 1 loss teams (by 9 and 7). seattle has 4 upcoming games vs the rams, panthers, raiders, and giants. there’s still a lot of football left. seattle was successful without harvin. they’ll go back to the horse that got them there, and bounce back.

  68. I don’t blame Percy for being angry. I’d be upset too if my Mom named me after Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend.

  69. Interesting, though Tate was always a jerk himself so that’s not a surprise.

    Love it how the haters are supposedly scolding Seahawks fans for turning against him, even though the organization also did. The fans of thier teams are probably coddling the teams malcontents rather then dealing with making that tough decision(classily, may I add) quickly.

  70. Wow, if you just wanted a malcontent cancer in your locker room Idzik, you should’ve traded for Desean Jackson. At least you’d have had a guy that’s got talent! Harvin was a problem in college as well. Percy has NO concept of TEAM! It’s ALL about HIM! I think giving up a 4th round for him? The Jets once again got fleeced.

  71. Maybe this overpaid football player should strive to be as good as Jerry Rice. This Percy guy doesn’t have much talent when you compare him with Rice.

  72. This is Damage control by the Seahawks, Percy didn’t start all the fights he has had in his life. There is more to this story. Percy was upset at Russell not throwing him the ball earlier in this game. That’s when Percy got upset and didn’t want to go back into the game. Percy was in there the last drive and was open 4 times out of the last 5 pass attempts and Russell still didn’t throw him the ball when he was open in the middle of the field. They had these problems with Harvin and knew what kind of player they traded for. This isn’t any reason to give Percy away after costing Seattle too much to get Percy. 1st 3rd 7th round picks 25 million guaranteed with a 12 million signing bonus. For Percy to play 8 games and get at best a 4th round pick in return. There is more to the story and the story is between Percy and Russell. I think Russell forced this trade. Its either him or me

  73. brokebackbrees says:
    Oct 18, 2014 8:30 AM
    love how quick Seattle fans are so quick to jump off Harvin bandwagon as fast as they jumped on. Seattle fans loved Percy. I guess that’s what happens when a fan base started in 2012.
    Best comment on this thread…….so true.

  74. According to reports in the local Seattle media this Mr. Harvin was constantly complaining about Coach Carroll’s method of always competing.
    He thought the practices were way too hard and the defense went overboard in these weekly matches.
    And, this trade was in the works for weeks.

  75. The jets are about as poorly run as the raiders when it comes to personnel decisions. This guy has locker room poison written all over him. And who signs him? Of course….the Jets Fire the front office!

  76. First explanation that I”ve heard that makes any sense, the fighting isn’t That big deal, (hey, they’re looking for competitive guys), but refusal to go into a game when called upon?……Deal breaker in Seattle.

    Enjoy losing in New York….the Jets are simply terrible.

  77. If this is true then dude needs anger management. I would of NEVER expected that, he seems quiet off the field and a ‘pretty boy’ on. Didn’t think he was like this though.

  78. I can see John Schneider told Idzik that if Idzik takes Harvin and if Idzik gets fired next year, he (Idzik) can always have a job with the Seahawks. But if Harvin works out for the Jets, then Idzik, not only will he get to keep his job, will also become a genius. So it’s a WIN-WIN situation for Idzik, but it might be a losing situation for the Jets.

  79. Randy Moss ruined him when he came back to Minnesota….

    this is a flat out lie, dude was already a nut job

  80. Harvin will be sorry once he realizes he plays for a QB who can’t get the ball to him. With prima donna DeSean wanting the ball, Geno wanting the ball, all hell is going to break loose. He will be out by the end of the season

  81. To me it is odd that 3 Super Bowl highlight making receivers (Santanio Holmes, Percy Harvin and Plaxico Burris) fell out of favor so quickly after being arguably heroes. It’s unfortunate.

  82. Wonder if the “migraine” issues he had while with the Vikings was really a health issue with him or were the “migraines” those of the coaching staff that had to deal with him.

  83. I’m not Seahawks fan. Percy Harvin was not a factor in last years regular season. They were 13-3 and majority of that he was out, if he were Pete Carroll would have kept him. So why waste time and space…especially with someone that is really is a non factor and thinks team is spelled P-E-R-C-Y? If he doesn’t get his way he sits and pouts. Not only that he is a bully. That is someone you do not want on your team.

  84. Harbinger got 12 of his 18 catches BEHIND the line of scrimmage. Of course he’s going to let Wilson know that’s crap. Here’s a guy who return yards were around 409 yards, doing it all on his own. With Tate gone, Wilson won’t get the midfield starting positions Tate and Harvin gave him last season and post season. Hawks sacrificed their season fir Wilson’s bedroom problems….wow…formula for disaster.

  85. My god have we all lost our minds, he isn’t santonio Holmes or Burress part two, this is TO rebooted. All is again right in the football world, soon we will be reading about a fake suicide attempt and then hearing adds for a crappy reality show. Oh even better, TO, OchoCinco, and Percy should all get together and start a comedy trio of could-have-been receivers.

  86. I think the NFL wants to bury this story. If guys are coming out complaining of bullying, what will be the next narrative. That a guy came out and was physically abused by a team mate and the team did nothing. No police report, no official sanctioning of the penalties, no penalties of any kind. Workplace violence is never good and beating someone in the locker room is not an extension of the 100 yard field.

    That racial comment does not bode well for a league that wants to squash the use of the N word. And no, a trade is not a penalty. But it is passing along the problem to someone else. Imagine if he goes bunkers in the Jets locker room and seriously damages someone. How is the NFL going to explain they handled this situation properly.

    If they don’t want Rice and Incognitio in the league, then be consistent and let the Harvins of this world know the league means business with proper behavior.

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