Favre says playing with Percy Harvin was “great”

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Count Brett Favre among the former Percy Harvin teammates who don’t think he’s a problem in the locker room.

Favre, who spent two years as Harvin’s teammate in Minnesota, said he was shocked the Seahawks shipped Harvin to the Jets and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want Harvin as a teammate.

“I was surprised that that trade happened,” Favre said on NFL Network. “I have no idea why it happened. Percy was a good guy in the locker room. Really quiet. You know, he had a migraine issue, I don’t know where that is. I’m really not at a position to make any comment because I don’t know other than what my dealings were with Percy and they were great. I thought he was an outstanding player.”

Favre said that Harvin “keeps to himself” in the locker room, and Favre acknowledged that he could see a situation in which Harvin might have butted heads with others. But Favre said that — contrary to stories portraying Harvin as angry and even violent with teammates — what he saw was just Harvin being passionate about wanting to win.

“He can be a little combative, but I say that in a good way,” Favre said. “Percy’s all about doing whatever he can to help you win. He’s tough as nails and really that’s all he cares about. So if you start picking him apart, I don’t want to say he can turn against you, but he’s just tough. I really liked him as a player and a person.”

There must be some reason that Harvin wore out his welcome in both Minnesota and Seattle. But it’s also clear that some of the best players Harvin ever played with — including Favre, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch — loved having him as a teammate. Perhaps the Jets will be the team that benefits from all the things that make Harvin great, while figuring out a way to avoid all the things that got Harvin sent packing by two teams in the last two years.

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  1. Yeah, Harvin “had a migraine issue”…
    namely that he seemed to give them to just about everyone he came in contact with…

  2. Toxic people in the workplace are often like that. Great with some people, absolutely horrible with others. Bottom line…they’re divisive. Pot-stirrers. Conflict magnets. I loved watching Harvin play, but there are others on the team who have paid their dues and deserve the opportunity to shine. If he’s the catalyst behind the Seahawks slow start this season, I’m glad to see him gone.

  3. The recent interview with Percy indicates he seems very calm and confident with his new team and surroundings so things sound like they are off to a smooth start.

    Whatever the issues were in the past there is likely a logical explanation for them and if the Jets can do a good job of understanding Percy and his past experiences, then they can forge a healthy and happy mutual relationship and avoid experiencing the drama that unfolded in the past for whatever those reasons were.

    Right now the Jets and Percy seem happy together and focused on football, and that’s all that matters for them.

  4. Favre got him the ball. And he got it to him down the field. Every other QB and OC settles for throwing him all short stuff. Its not complicated to keep Harvin happy. Keep him involved like a normal WR and not some gadget dink and dunk guy and he is fine. He really is a very good downfield weapon just check the 2009 tape.

  5. I’m thinking Percy is a spoiled front runner that’s tolerable when the team is good and winning, but turns into an annoying diva when the going gets tough.

    But he was on the defending Superbowl Champion’s roster… so idk. Dude is goofy.

  6. Great job Favre and tell it like it is,i hate these guys that all has to be politically correct.some guys are recluse and mean,just give those guys space let them do what they do.Some people are not good co workers and some guys are not good team mates if they do there jobs all is good.Some people want to be left alone and i am cool with that.

  7. There’s a really sweet YouTube video of Favre throwing it to Percy in 2009. As he’s running down the field during the play you can see Favre run over and slap Mckinnie and say “He’s good, REAL good!” Referring to Percy.

    Priceless and funny

  8. Farve is a sell out…he LET Strahan get the sack record when Farve took a dive….Farve is better at sending little Brett photo’s out than comment on what is fact in football…then again, he was a Packer !

  9. Not a fan of Baldwin, not a fan of Tate.. maybe they were giving him grief about his injury last year and Percy didn’t like the BS. Why should he respect lesser talented players who were probably jealous of his contract.

  10. I was frustrated with Bevell not having a clue how to use him. I can only imagine how frustrated Harvin felt. That in no way excuses him from quitting on the team by refusing to go into the game last week while Hawks had the ball and a chance to win the game. Makes him the ultimate loser and an intolerable cancer in my book

  11. The problem with Harvin is that he is never on the field. The so called dynamic playmaking comes in short bursts. It’s always “wait until Harvin comes back”. Then when he comes back he doesn’t do much and gets injured again.

  12. A player who refuses to play late in a close game is not “all about doing whatever he can to help you win”. Harvin is a turd.

  13. The guy is a head case and that’s not what the Jets need. Rex will be gone next season and to saddle a new guy with the mess that is Harvin is just stupid since the season is all ready over for the Jets. Harvin reminds me of Revis. He’s a great talent, but a complete failure as a member of a team. Me, Me, Me just like Revis. A really stupid trade for the Jets. I had faith Idzik was doing the right stuff and patience was the key for the fans. I’m not so sure anymore. I’d prefer they not win another game and pick first in the draft. That will be a lot more valuable than adding freaking Harvin.

    I hope I’m wrong abut Harvin

  14. I think a lot of it was at that point, Harvin was a rookie. And Brett had how many years in the league? He also had guys like AP around, Hutch, Kevin Williams, Jared Allen… A bunch of players with how many years in the league. Which either you respected them, and that they have been around longer than you, or they will show you the door.

    In Seattle, there weren’t many guys there that have been around longer than Harvin. So he sort of felt in charge there. Wilson, Sherman, guys that are the “stars” or “leaders” of the team, are actually younger than Harvin. And maybe his attitude couldn’t handle it.

  15. sonofsamadams says:
    Oct 19, 2014 12:42 PM
    Thank God for Favre’s opinion. It would be like having the New Testament without Jesus’ opinion.


    The New Testament doesn’t have Jesus’s opinion. It wasn’t put together until 405 AD, he was dead for over 4 centuries. At best he is quoted, 400 years later

  16. Seattle is steadily turning into a tragedy again… This is really Sarto watch because I have waited 39 years for a team I could be proud of and now… Just sad…

  17. If those 3 yahoo’s liked Harvin it’s understandable why it was time for Seattle to get rid of him. He will be out of the league soon. Maybe the Pats will get him for a year and then he will be done.

  18. Well, if I knew I was the fastest man on the field every time I stepped on the field, I think many of us here would have an attitude.

    It’s got to be a rush to be that fast….I wish him all the best, because I love to see him fly like the wind…sprinter’s mentality and all that…

  19. I still think this came down to salary cap issues with the Seahawks looking to pick up badly needed talent to bolster the offensive and defensive lines, plus they have Wilson to think about next year. No doubt, he will demand top dollar. Harvin is an unfortunate casualty, especially ending up in New York, the black hole of the NFL.

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