Luke Kuechly ejected as Packers routing Panthers

Getty Images

Barring more injuries, things couldn’t get much worse for the Panthers right now.

Not only are they getting routed 38-3 early in the fourth quarter by the Packers, they’re also without one of their few good defensive players.

Middle linebacker and reigning NFL defensive player of the year Luke Kuechly was just ejected for contact with an official, a call the league may have to admit later wasn’t right.

An official grabbed Kuechly from behind to separate him from Packers linemen after a play. Kuechly couldn’t have known who was on his back, but gave a quick “get off me” swing of the elbow and was tossed.

The Panthers also lost left tackle Byron Bell to an elbow injury. He’s not that good, but the alternative is an undrafted Canadian rookie, David Foucault.

Yeah, it’s that kind of day.