Report: Russell Wilson wanted to help Percy

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At a time when reports have been gurgling that the Seahawks dumped receiver Percy Harvin in part because the organization feared he’d launch a mutiny against quarterback Russell Wilson, Chris Mortensen of ESPN adds a different perspective to the narrative.

Per Mortensen, Wilson “actually wanted to help Percy Harvin with anger & trust issues,” and that the team — not Wilson — gave up on Harvin.

On the surface, it makes sense.  Wilson has admitted on multiple occasions that, as a youth, he had anger issues that caused him to bully, and actually to bite, other kids.  Wilson changed.  Maybe Harvin could, too.

A skeptic would say that Wilson’s camp is merely saying all the right things, which Wilson himself has a habit of doing.  But if it’s true that Wilson didn’t want to give up on Harvin at a time when the team clearly did, that’s proof of a rare disconnect between the organization and Wilson.  While not nearly enough to get Wilson to ditch his “Go Hawks!” enthusiasm (especially with a major payday coming), it’s odd to hear that the franchise and its franchise quarterback weren’t on the same page on this issue.

And it’ll be very interesting to hear what Wilson and all other players have to say about Harvin when the locker room opens after today’s game against the Rams.

37 responses to “Report: Russell Wilson wanted to help Percy

  1. More positive PR from Russel? It honestly makes me want to throw up. It’s one thing if Russel said something. Not his PR cronies spinning everything to make Russel look even better every passing day.

  2. Even if true, this is energy an NFL QB doesn’t need to be putting into a petulant WR

    Harvin sounds like a sociopath – there’s just plain and simply no “cure” for that

  3. It’s not a disconnect. Wilson wanted to help, the Front Office said “he’s not worth your time, spend your energy playing football.” Wilson was hopeful, the Front Office from years experience knew better and acted in the best interest of the team, not the person of Percy Harvin.

  4. Mr. Russell Wilson is more all-American good guy than Wally Cleaver, Richie Cunningham and Gomer Pyle combined

  5. I have seen what Wison has done at NC State, Wisconsin and Seattle. I am pretty sure his character on and off the field is not in question. Now let’s look at Percy’s background… He is a perfect fit for the Jets dysfunctional team. The Seahawks lost their shirt on this guy and will still be better off in my opinion and I am not a Seahawks fan at all. Harvin is the “new Santonio Holmes in NY”.

  6. I wish we had more harvin stories to help paint a clearer picture!

    Anyone else tired of harvin stories?

  7. I don’t think Wilson has changed much from being a bully. Maybe not physically, but he has a tendency to shame people. Actually, not that big of a difference. Before, his insecurity lead him to bully. Now, he has a sense of superiority.

  8. Harvin appears to be a p unk and they generally have no desire to be anything else because they choose not to realize what they are. Wilson pointing out the obvious probably set him off. No room for reality in their world.

  9. if i was a coach with a young quarterback who was trying to figure out how to be a psychologist in addition to winning games, i might decide to remove that distraction from his daily life.

  10. If I was Wilson, i’d wanna kiss Harvins butt too for roughing up the guy that slept with my wife, since i’m to much of a wimp to do it myself!

  11. Mark my words. When it’s all said and done and Harvin is out of the league, he’ll be broke, arrested at some point and will blame everything on “concussions”.

  12. Topcide, you’re simply projecting your own subconscious racism on Wilson. Society has conditioned all of us, including those of us who are black, to think we must talk “black,” to other blacks we meet. Russell speaks like me and how my father spoke. Two of my brothers asked, why are you so corny…you talk like a white guy. My reply, I speak like pops, not like some group of wannabes. I speak like Martin Luther King jr and other blacks, not like glorified pimps and gangsters. Most blacks, like my sisters, mother late oldest brother and late father, speak like any other American in their community. Russell Wilson is no different. Just because he doesn’t speak ebonics, doesn’t mean he’s fake. It means he’s a leader, confident enough to draw his self-esteem from himself and not some wannabe group of outcasts.

  13. Oh the haters – you’ve got to work over time to find fuel to use against Wilson. The man represents himself and the organization with intelligence and dignity. Kind of guy you build a team around.

  14. Sea chickens will miss Harvin more than they will ever admit. Wilson threw to Percy 12/18 behind the line of scrimmage for less than 200 yards. Yet on his own, Percy had close to 400 return yards this season. Wilson didn’t target his best receiver this season because he didn’t want him on “his” team anymore. Sea chickens will be in a world of hurt when Seneca Wallace comes off the bench to take over for a beaten up Wilson from getting sacked and/or tackled while running for his life. The only reason he scrambled for 109 yards yesterday was because he didn’t want to keep getting sacked, knocked down and chased out of the pocket. Leave the soap opera blues in the locker room Wilson, the game’s out in the field.

  15. Oh and funny how Wilson chose not to comment on how he forced management to get rid of a Golden Tate who repeatedly gave them excellent field position after each and every punt return the past 3 seasons. Golden Tate offered to take LESS MONEY in order to stay with the Sea chickens, what pro ball player does that and still gets kicked in the teeth? Birds get what they deserve, Wilson’s whining is behind the scenes folks.

  16. They had to get rid of Harvin because he was pulling the bully trait back up in Wilson and Seahawks management was afraid Wilson might kill Harvin and go to the pen (Seattle did not want him playing prison ball).

  17. The Friday before his last game as a Seahawk, Harvin organized a benefit/charity at a local restaurant. All the Seahawks were there and were waiters/servers for the the patrons of the restaurant and the money went for good. In the big scheme of things that has to count for something.

  18. Gotta admit, even as a Seahawk fan, the Russell Wilson hate is hilarious to read. Unintentional hilarity, perhaps, but hilarity nonetheless. Some of this stuff is just comedic genius.

  19. I hate the seachickens but anyone dumping on Wilson simply doesn’t get him and doesn’t want to.

    He’s a quality kid, smart, respectful, hardworking and tougher than anyone will give him credit for. Plus he is one hell of an NFL QB.

    I am sure he has his warts but who doesn’t? He isn’t perfect but since when is trying to be considered something to denigrate?

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