Third home loss sparks turmoil in Bears locker room


The good news for the Bears is that they’re 3-1 on the road this year.  The bad news is that they’re now 0-3 at home.

The worst news is that things got a little ugly after Sunday’s 27-13 loss to the Dolphins.

Per multiple reports, there was yelling galore in the Chicago locker room.  Guard Kyle Long ripped fans for booing the team and for not making enough noise on third down.

“Wasn’t just running around blaming the fans,” Long said on Twitter.  “I was asked about it and I said what I said.”

Receiver Brandon Marshall didn’t blame anyone specifically.  Generally, his sentiments were clear.

“We’re 3-4. We need to play better,” Marshall said. “That’s unacceptable. Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Shouldn’t have lost today. Shouldn’t be 3-4. Offense gotta play better. Simple as that . . . We’re 3-4. We’re 3-4. It’s unacceptable. Unacceptable. Want me to say it again? 3-4 is unacceptable.”

Through seven games, we don’t know much about the 2014 Bears. But we definitely know what Brandon Marshall thinks of the team’s won-loss record.

67 responses to “Third home loss sparks turmoil in Bears locker room

  1. I think the Phins style of play makes it tough on teams.

    The Phins had a bad taste in their mouth after getting edged out by GB and took it out on the Bears.

  2. Look at me!!! I’m an “important” professional athlete!!!

    Cheer me!!! Cheer me!!!

    Even when I suck.

    SEE: 21st ranked RUSH Offense in NFL

  3. Oct 19, 2014 5:26 PM

    Both the Long brothers seem like brats

    Iron Sharpens Iron
    And paper covers rock. Ipso facto.

  4. Kyle Long sure sounds like an idiot. Maybe it’d be better if no fans showed up and morons like him didn’t get to make millions of dollars to play a game. See what he thinks then.

  5. I remember following Trestman in his CFL days. I never liked the hire. He seems too soft as a coach and would lead a country club atmosphere. It was funny how people thought they would turn things around after wooping San Fran.

  6. Was it Marshall or someone else on the Bears who said before the season that Jay Cutler could be a MVP this season? How’s that going ? Is he showing some more leadership qualities ?

  7. Brandon should know by now that when he can’t get open, pushing off usually results in a penalty against the offense. Moreover he had several drops. So when Marshall is looking for a more acceptable team record he should look to his own lack of performance.

  8. Mr. Long,
    A lot of hard earned money goes into attending or watching a Bears game, so excuse us Chicago Fans when we say our Bears and Coaches stunk this season at home. This performance is inexcusable and should not be ok. Bmarsh gets it. We wish the Coaches and Management got it when boo’s came rolling in.

    Go Blackhawks! Our only real chance for a Championship in Chicago.

  9. Glad the Packers are playing well and always hope the Bears are beneath them, but Holy Cow, I wish for once this team could put it together and get some balance. Dysfunction is bad, unless it involves minnesota.

    Good luck to you.

  10. Remember when the Lions held the lead last season and then collapsed? Everyone else in the NFL does….

    Relax, Bears fans…this too shall pass.

    Jacksonville won, and Seattle lost…to the Rams.

    Any given Sunday in the NFL.

  11. People were honestly arguing that Brandon was better than Jordy – smh…

    Lay off the madden ratings and watch some actual football games.

  12. The fact that Marshall and it sounds like Gould were the only two that seem to actually get it is pretty darn telling in terms of the lack of leadership and accountability. Long and Houston blaming fans and their booing when watching the team completely stink up the joint just shows where their heads are at. People don’t boo when you play hard and look like you even have a clue as to what you’re doing. Turning the ball over constantly and playing literally the worst defense in the team’s 90+ year history for the past 1 1/2 is getting you boos. Houston and Allen have been pretty worthless as big money signings, the linebackers have been flat out suck, and the safeties are somehow worse them. Against the Dolphins and Packers, the defense forced a total of one punt. They show no heart and seem to think that’s okay. The biggest thing just showed the world is that apparently quite a few Bears don’t really hate losing, and that’s a HUGE problem. They should all be as pissed as Marshall.

  13. I can’t say I am a bears fan. I disliked them more when they got Cutler. He is egotistical and usually only thinks about himself or blames things on other teammates. I wasn’t a Denver fan really that much but when he made comments about being better then Elway and throws harder. Even if he could or can you don’t say things like that. Wow. He is to into himself and not a team leader to me. No I in Team

  14. igotgamenj says:
    Can’t wait to see the Power Rankings for Miami this week
    They might move up a spot if they’re lucky. Still one of the more underrated teams in the NFL. Like I said when last weeks rankings came out… there’s a lot of overrated teams ranked ahead of Miami. Giants, Texans, Steelers, Bears, Browns, and Panthers, to name a few. Bengals and Saints are moving towards overrated as well.

  15. The bears have the same problem they had with Martz:
    They don’t run a balanced offense.
    This offense needs to go through Forte and not Cutler.
    Get Forte a FB and start leaning on the run.

  16. Contrary to what the Bears players and many others seemed to believe, they didn’t lose to a bad untalented team in the Dolphins. An inconsistent one perhaps, but they will continue to get better with that as the season progresses and the new offense continues to gel. The Dolphins defense proved again that their being 2nd in the league in yards allowed isn’t a fluke.

  17. Cutler is good, not great. He DOES have a lot of talent, but he rarely harnesses his talent consistently.

    He’s way too inconsistent and he has been always.

    Long time Bears fan, since mid 70’s (sucks being old).

    Cutler inconsistency week by week.

    Wk 7

    QB rating of 74.4
    1 TD 1 INT
    3 fumbles, 1 lost fumble
    2 turnovers total

    Wk 6

    QB rating of 109.6
    1 TD 0 INT
    0 fumbles
    0 turnovers

    Wk 5

    QB rating of 95.5
    2 TD’s 2 INT’s
    1 fumble, 1 lost fumble
    3 turnovers total

    Wk 4

    QB rating 82.5
    2 TD’s 2 INT’s
    2 fumbles, 0 lost
    2 turnovers total

    Wk 3

    QB rating 94.7
    2 TD’s 0 INT’s
    1 fumble, 1 lost fumble
    1 turnover total

    Wk 2

    QB rating 119.2
    4 TD’s 0 INT’s
    1 fumble, 0 lost fumbles
    0 turnovers total

    Wk 1

    QB rating 86.2
    2 TD’s 2 INT’s
    0 fumbles
    2 turnovers total

    So, inconsistent as I was saying. In order he’s had the following:

    Not Bad

    2 games with 0 turnovers
    1 game with 1 turnover

    The Bad

    3 games with 2 turnovers
    1 game with 3 turnovers

    Way too many fumbles total (lost or not). He’s fumbled 8 times so far this season in 7 games.

    So, he’s gonna fumble each game on average.

    7 INT’s in 7 games this season so he’s gonna throw a pick each game.

    That’s 2 turnovers on average EACH game.

    Can’t win with this and his inconsistency…

  18. all4patriots says:
    looking forward to seeing the Bears in Foxboro next weekend!
    You were also looking forward to going to Miami in week one.

  19. So Kyle Long and Lamar Houston ( bears fans can eat dirt) can use their salaries to pay my season tickets each year. I’d gladly cheer every god awful play this team runs if they do!

  20. Just don’t get it.

    It must be infuriating to be a Bears fan. So much talent and potential and the team just poops itself up and down the field.

  21. Miami is a much better team than most realize. They dominated on Offense and Defense today. They should have beaten Green Bay last week.
    After 6 games, Tannehill is beginning to get the new Offensive system.
    They are flying under the radar.

  22. Maybe if Brandon Marshall wasn’t busy throwing co-ed baby showers (yes, this happened this week) with his former teammates, maybe they could avoid crashing and burning as usual.

  23. “bears fans it could be worse…. you could be a vikings fan???”

    Bears fans have it worse. No one expects the Vikes to be good so there’s no disappointment when they lose. The Bears have a good team that lets the fans down.

  24. Cutler had some pressure on him but that didn’t just come from Miami’s rush. The receivers where not exactly wide open to help him out when he was pressured. Marshall always finds someone to blame other than himself and then it becomes a team disease…Looks like Long has a bit of it now too. When teams lose a game guys like Marshall point fingers. He’s led Chicago to zero titles and now their under .500 again thanks to the Dolphins who Marshall ragged on all week leading up to this game.

  25. First time this year I couldn’t watch the whole game, and didn’t bother with any postgame crap. So here’s my limited take on the game and the locker room turmoil:

    Long and Houston need to shut up about the fans. The Bears played with zero heart today, it seemed like they were just going through the motions.

    Have no idea what Gould said, but apparently he gets it.

    Marshall definitely gets it, so now he and Gould need to impart that to the rest of the team.

    Before the season started, I’d figured the Bears would likely go 5-4 in their first nine, considering that they were playing more road games in that stretch…This is still possible, but highly unlikely now. And figuring 10 wins as a minimum to see the postseason, we’re probably sitting home again.

    I still like the Trestman hire, but he seems to lack fire after losses in much the same way Lovie did. And tabbing Mel Tucker to run the D was a huge mistake.

    In short, I see us finishing 8-8 again this year, with 9-7 a slim possibility.

  26. uglydingo says:
    Oct 19, 2014 7:44 PM

    Miami is a much better team than most realize. They should have beaten Green Bay last week

    What game were you watching? Miami was fortunate to be close at the end.

  27. Read a story about a dead man getting eaten by a bear.
    The I saw in Chicago the Bears were Eaten by Dolphins!

  28. Marshall can’t say they “should” have won. They were OWNED all game. Ill prepared, sloppy and overmatched.

    Wonder if he stabbed himself…

  29. BMARSH is good but yesterday he was good at pointing fingers….where are all the Miami fans that are mad that JI traded him away and thought that with him the fins would have won a SB by now?

  30. Marshall is just a whiny brat. Told you the Fins would get back on track this week. Time to beat Jacksonville up and get to 4-3. FINS UP

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