Doug Baldwin: Harvin trade made for an emotional roller coaster


Neither Pete Carroll nor Russell Wilson was willing to talk much about the departure of wide receiver Percy Harvin in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the Rams, but one of the players that Harvin reportedly had problems with during his time in Seattle was more willing to speak his mind.

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin admitted that he did have a physical altercation with Harvin earlier this year and suggested the other reports of backstage drama were correct, although he downplayed the significance of the moment as the byproduct of spending so much time together. Baldwin also said that he thought the timing of the trade threw the team off stride regarding their preparation for Sunday.

“Obviously the shock of the transaction and what took place there made for a bit of an emotional roller coaster. When something that drastic happens, right before we get on the bus [to go to the airport for the trip], there is going to be an emotional impact. I felt we handled it to the best of our ability, but I think it might have been a factor in some way,” Baldwin said, via “There’s obviously a lot of things that went on this week that affected the team in numerous ways. As a competitor, you don’t want to admit those things. But as a human, it is human nature. It took us a little while to get on track. I’m just proud we responded the way we did and fought until the very end.”

The Seahawks outscored the Rams 20-7 in the second half, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the 18-point hole that St. Louis dug for them in the first half. While we can’t be sure, Seattle should avoid the emotional roller coaster this week as they prepare to face the Panthers and halt their losing streak at two games.

11 responses to “Doug Baldwin: Harvin trade made for an emotional roller coaster

  1. Yah right! Make excuses, what was the excuse last week, when Dallas handed you your shorts! Too many Primadonna’s in the locker room reading your press clippings on how great you are! NOT! You are not that good and now everyone knows how to beat you! Even bad teams! You’re done and we can put a fork in the Shehawks!! Real men don’t wear fake hair!!!!

  2. Now that Percy Harvin is gone, seattle is DONE.

    The only good WR seattle has is doug baldwin.

    Yes Wilson is a good QB, Lynch is a good RB, but without more than one legit WR target, Seattle will not go to the SB again, mark my words.

  3. It didn’t seem to affect Russell. Seattle isn’t going to miss Percy and his less than 200 yards through 5 games.

  4. It didn’t seem to affect Russell. Seattle isn’t going to miss Percy and his less than 200 yards through 5 games.


    Wilson is good. But without more than 1 legit WR target that has good experience and talent on the field, the chance of seattle repeating is slimmer than ever.

    You don’t improve (in this instance a NFL roster) by subtraction.

  5. I don’t think Seattle is done in October, Arizona could very well loose the next two games with Philly and Dallas. In two weeks time this division could be very close again.

  6. Well this is a good time to pick up that seahawks jersey at a discounted price!

    Bandwagoneers, retreat!!!

  7. Why are you haters so obsessed with the Seahawks?

    We’re 6 games into the season and the Seahawks are 2 games behind Arizona, half a game behind the 9ers and still play both of those teams twice. It’s not inconceivable that the Seahawks still win the division.

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