Earl Thomas: Refs need to stay out of it and let us dominate

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The Seahawks had several special teams breakdowns against the Rams on Sunday, their offense was a non-factor until they were already down 18 points and their defense let the Rams go 80 yards in four minutes in the fourth quarter to slow down Seattle’s comeback attempt.

Despite all of that, safety Earl Thomas thinks something else is to blame for the team’s second straight loss. Thomas looked in the direction of the officials, who ruled that the Rams should retain possession after a late fumble by Rams running back Tre Mason on a play that the Seahawks felt was judged incorrectly. The ruling on the field was that the Rams recovered and NFL officiating head Dean Blandino explained that all angles were reviewed and there was no clear visual evidence of who came up with the ball.

“Player coming out of pile w/loose ball is not a clear recovery. Need video evidence of him gaining possession. Play was reviewed in NY,” Blandino wrote on Twitter.

Thomas saw something more nefarious at play, however, and said that the team is “battling the officials” in addition to the opposing team right now.

“Yeah. At least give us a shot. But you know what? I’m not surprised with the referees this season. If you really look at some plays, we’re playing more than our opponents. We’re playing the referees too. I don’t care what anybody is saying. Something is wrong. That needs to be brought up,” Thomas said, via the Seattle Times. “It’s kind of crazy how football is turning out now. You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game. Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate.”

If the Seahawks were truly dominating the Rams on Sunday, there wouldn’t have been a place for the officials to impact the outcome of the game. For the second straight week, though, the Seahawks struggled for stretches in all areas of the game and that explains the 28-26 loss a lot more easily than the ruling on a disputed fumble recovery or anything else.

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  1. Hahahahaha in other words they need to stop watching us taking drugs and holding receivers!!


  2. The problem with the Seahawks is that if the refs called all the penalties they should’ve last year the Seahawks wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    They were counting on the refs not calling that 10th or 11th penalty in the 4th quarter when the Seahawks needed to really cheat to win the game.

    “They look at it and say, ‘We may get called for one but not 10,’” FOX’s Mike Pereira, a former V.P. of officiating, told Clark and Clegg.

  3. “It’s kind of crazy how football is turning out now. You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game. Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate.”

    Wow this is a stupid quote, thought Sherman corned the market on those in Seattle. Who cares about the rules of the game, just let us dominate! I’m guessing the bandwagon is a bit lighter today after that loss to the powerhouse Rams.

  4. Um, yea, okay Earl. Seattle just lost half their fan base. Sore winners, and sore losers. Classless team from The coach, to the players. Blaming the refs for losing to the rams is comical.

  5. Dominate? pffffftttt Since the NFL has gotten strict on the Defensive Holding/Illegal Contact the Chicks have gone down hill….amazing what happens when you have to follow the rules. And does this guy even think the Refs don’t hear this kinda talk? It’s only going to get worse from here LMAO

  6. “It’s kind of crazy how football is turning out now. You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game.”

    Ah, yeah Earl…that’s generally how it works…and as hard as this may be for you to believe, all the other games in the NFL are played under the “authority” of guys in “white and black shirt(s)”too…but of course they’re only interested in screwing the Seahawks, aka the team that was the beneficiary of the single worst call in NFL history.

  7. Waehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, crybaby, all hot air, gas bag, I’m glad they won the SB, since it’ll make the fall that much harder. I’m ready to enjoy it sans Marshawn Lynch, the only player I like on that team.

  8. Really? Welcome to our world. MANY feel that if the officials didn’t get in the way, the Niners and not the ‘Hags would have been in the SB last year.

    BTW, I’m not believing in ANY rationale for penalties, for or against ANY team in this NFL. It’s gotten that bad.

  9. “Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us keep mugging offenses like we did last year.”
    There, I fixed their misquote of you Earl. No one likes being taken out of context, right.

  10. Might be tough sledding going forward for these guys if they are already blaming the officials for a loss in a game in which the entire team/coaching staff were unprepared. At this rate, this organization has no chance of becoming a dynast if they don’t learn to act and prepare like professionals. My pats may not be able to get it done in the big moments in the post-season anymore…and they sure as hell make their share of mistakes, but I can’t remember one time in 14 years where they started blaming officials for losses. I only mention it because I keep hearing about how this team can become a dynasty. I think they caught lightening in a bottle with a college coach who knows how to fire up young talent but isn’t good at instilling the discipline needed to sustain excellence.

  11. Everybodys gunna comment on this and say stop crying and whineing but meanwhile hes right. And im not talking about the refs are making bad calls against the seahawks. They are making terrible calles throughout the league. Andre williams , the runningback for the giants , got absolutely crushed yesterday and clearly lost the ball at the point of impact and the ref blew the whistle and called forward progress and said its not reviewable. Complete BS

  12. Awwwww, I like Earl. He was always the quiet one whoo would go about his business on the field. Guess losing is beginning to show some true colors.

    Moving forward, I’ll refer to him as Earl Sherman III

  13. While I don’t think the refs are tilting the games against the Seahawks, I do think he has a point about the refs this year.There are too many tick-tak calls on the defense. How many times have we heard announcers say, hey that’s a good, no call. Think about it? Good, no call. In other words, these refs are killing the game. I know it’s the league doing this and they have to re-think this emphasis. The defensive holding calls are too numerous and it seems like the refs have taken over. Actually, I’m watching less nfl games and that’s a good thing. The last 2 weeks I’ve discovered it’s pretty good having this free time. Never thought that would happen.

  14. Can the Seahawks ever lose without blaming the officials? Why didn’t they credit the referees for last season, when the refs barely ever called defensive holding or pass interference on them?

  15. Get over yourself, Earl Thomas. There have been numerous calls that have gone the Seahawks way in the past. Grow up and accept that it happens to every team.

  16. He’s right. Just because a guy is wearing a black and white shirt and has a whistle and a penalty flag doesn’t mean he has any authority during the game.

    They should change their name to the ExcuseHawks. Nothing is ever their fault.

  17. Ego gets you every time. Coach, players etc.

    I still think they have a good team and can win the SB but not acting like this.

  18. Oh, how the rest of the NL fanbase is loving the Seahawks demise! They rode an awesome (but unsustainable) defensive effort to a championship and thought they were greatest thing in the history of sports. Now, they’re acting like spoiled children which makes them laughing stock. Love it!

  19. What did the Seahawks think would happen?

    The 2013 defensive mindset was “If our defensive backs hold on every play, they can’t possibly penalize us every time.”

    In 2014, the refs are calling defensive holding. Obviously the team who forced the increase emphasis might see the biggest impact.

  20. Dont get me wrong. Im jealous that we dont have Earl Thomas, and we have Brandon Graham instead…but shut the heck up.

    Your secondary only “dominated” because the referees only called a small percentage of the penalties your corners committed.

    “Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate.”

    Thats just dumb. Are they supposed to not officiate your teams penalties? Are they just supposed to give your team the ball because you think they should? Dont complain. Just dont give the refs a reason to “lose the game for you”.

  21. Unfortunately you can no longer take peds or just wrap your arms around people and the line. The very short relevance of the Seahawks is already over.

  22. Grow up, kid. You like to talk smack after winning? Fine. You wanted to get paid after performing? Fine. When things don’t go you way start with the mirror. Leave blaming the refs for losers. #GoHawks

  23. Better yet, don’t get totally schooled on a high school level punt return play. Don’t give up a first down on a fourth down pass on a fake punt, make a stop when it counts instead of the total failure by the D two weeks in a row. Stop whining about a call that never should have impacted the game and look at the men in the mirror as the true problem.

  24. I seem to recall the Seahawks getting a call or two in years past……..
    Seattle needs to man up. The road is rough having to avoid all those “long time” Seahawks fans jumping off the bandwagon.

  25. Funny, I don’t remember Earl Thomas complaining last year when officials were letting them get away with tackling WR’s 5 yards after the LOS without the ball.

  26. I seemed to remember a call similar last year with Green Bay where the call was brilliant, but the replay showed differently. Its good when it goes your way and everybody elses fault when you lose.

  27. Good lord.

    Or maybe you (Seattle) just have a target on your back. I mean they did win the Super Bowl last year so I assume that would mean that other teams are going prep/get hyped just a little bit more to play them. Officiating has been abysmal for years now, especially with all the rule changes that happen every year. Deal with it and move on like the other 31 teams do.

    I’d say ‘act like you’ve been there before’ but most of these guys haven’t and the way they moan and whine instead of trying to fix the on the field stuff, they may never get a chance to.

  28. I thought Earl Thomas was more reasonable. Until Seattle realize they need to get better and blame only themselves they will continue to struggle. It’s not like they haven’t received favourable calls before. Bad calls go both ways.

    Right now Arizona is pretty primed to make a run at the playoffs and the second place team in the division is no longer guaranteed a playoff spot as the WC could go to the NFC North and NFC East. Seattle better wake up.

  29. Didn’t hear him complaining a couple years ago when an interception was called a touchdown. Quit your crying. Your team is getting exposed. It’s one thing to lose to Dallas. But to lose to st louis? No excuse for that.

  30. If you don’t want the refs to decide the game, don’t be in a position that you NEED a call to go your way. You should have been stomping the Rams heads in, Earl… Sour grapes make fine whine.

  31. Yeah. They need to stop calling us for all the holding and PI penaltys that we clearly commit.


  32. Accountability check in Seattle.
    I know people think the Rams aren’t tough, but they are. They were dark horses for the playoffs before the Bradford injury.
    That being said, I watched that play and couldn’t figure out how the Rams kept the ball. Strange play? sure. Even if you would have got that call Earl, your team would have needed a furious charge late to beat STL, and your team was not dominating.

  33. Is he serious?

    The Seahawks get away with mauling receivers because they do it ad nauseum…

    The refs reach a point of flag apathy…

    He really needs to shut his pie hole and go about his business…

    As the article says, if they were dominating, it wouldn’t have come down to the refs…

    He’s just miffed because a division rival has ’em figured out…

  34. Mr Thomas:

    Would you like some cheese with that? Nobody really wants to hear your excuses…they just want you to play better. You want the referees to get out of the way “so you can dominate”? Let me get this straight….you want the ability to CHEAT…..so that you can win.

    Your teams bumbling of special teams and the offenses inability to score early lost this game….it was not taken from you.

    If you want us to believe that had this single possession would have led you to “dominate”…then you sir are ridiculous.

    Equally ridiculous is the thought that refs could have helped you last week against the Cowboys. THAT sir, was a domination.

    There’s no crying in football, so buck up son.

  35. “Not proof of a clear recovery” What a crock. How many times have you seen refs digging people out of the scrum, and the last guy up gets possession? In the video you see a ref emerge out of the pile with the ball and immediately take it back to the point of the fumble. WTH? They booted the call. Period.

    The Rams made two outstanding plays. They played tough. But a Seattle recovery with a minute left and only down by 2 could have, and arguably should have, led to a game winning FG. Except the refs wouldn’t let it happen.

    For those of you that may not have watched every Hawks game, trust me; they aren’t getting many breaks from the officials. There have been a multitude of questionable calls; even the commentators have noticed it.

    That’s ok. Breaks of the game and all that, I guess. It will just make our division championship all the sweeter.

    Go Hawks!

  36. Ah, the “the refs are against us” excuse. The last refuge of a team in denial about it’s performance.

    Not only that, but to me it show that the Legion of Boom are nothing more than common bullies.

  37. As a Hawks fan of 20 years (yes there were some before 2012) I am probably a little biased but it is not just the Hawks. Does anyone agree that the NFL is almost becoming unwatchable with all the penalties. Specifically with the timing of penalties. I understand if they are egregious but if not let the players play. I cannot count how many times this year even the announcers say ” Well I did not see that call” or ” if that’s a penalty then you can call it every down” Having said this the hawks got beat yesterday and it was not the refs fault. You cant let two of the most gutsy and amazing plays happen like that on Special Teams and expect to win.

  38. Funny how they had no complaints last season when calls went their way…

    That game wasn’t lost because of one questionable call by a ref. Maybe if your special teams had played better and your offense shown up, then you could have won. And honestly– the Rams pulled off those two special teams plays so well that it would have been a shame if they lost.

  39. i guess what he’s saying is that it took the refs not calling all the penalities last year for them to win. buncha losers. waaawaaa

  40. Signature of really great teams. Start blaming the refs at the first sign of trouble. Is Earl, next, going to take his ball and go home?

  41. Following a loss, anything said to dispute a questionable call will be considered whiny.

    Still, Thomas is correct in his premise: The officials blow huge calls and get a pass every week. Close games are determined by these calls and they also allow for a shift in momentum.

  42. Finally! I was getting so tired of the PC interviews. The Hawks are getting hosed every week by the refs. It doesn’t just affect one play either. It affects morale, momentum, and attitude. Why even try if you know that the refs are going to work against you every chance they get?

    Calling the center for a “head bob”? Not calling the opposing team for multiple facemasks and hair pulling? Giving the opponent the ball when it was a clear Seattle recovery? Throwing a flag only AFTER you see the Hawks have been successful on a play? It just plain stinks!

    (Some idiot will bring up the Fail Mary here. Not relevant. It was a bad call, but it happened two years ago and had NO effect on the final outcome of the season.)

  43. Dude, your team was gifted the “Fail Mary” game by the refs. Your DB’s have gotten away with PI and holding for two years, so please forgive me if I don’t shed a tear that a single call didn’t allegedly go your way.

    PS If the “Legion of Boom” could have done their job and stopped him on 3rd down this wouldn’t be an issue would it?

  44. I love how the Seahawks play and respect Thomas as the best safety in the game right now but whining about the officials won’t help but make it worse…I do think the refs are told to watch certain teams and they throw flags to control the physicality of the games.

  45. LOL! The Seahawks are the last team that should complain about questionable officiating costing them a game. See: Fail Mary

  46. When I was a kid, the phrase “We was robbed” was used to counter claims such as this. I think that your comments are on point, but blaming the highly scrutinized and professional officials is a sure sign that the wheeels are coming off the cart. Shouldas, wouldas and couldas are for losers. Even Leo Daroucher said, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you are rained out”.

  47. Seattle’s secondary, I believe, is one of the least – if not THE least – penalized in the NFL. It’s nothing to do with the refs. They lost some talent on D, have some injuries and now they just look human. Still a really good team and I don’t know why Thomas, who is the best S in the game right now, is whining about the refs.

  48. Stay Classy Seattle. what a bunch of crybabies. they make it so easy to root against them.

    Cant hang with teams and get killed, blame the refs.

    what is Earl’s stance on the officials when Sherman is water skiing behind Dez all game and not getting called? no issue there, huh?

    Cant wait for the Hawks to miss the playoffs. that’s all it will take for the team to crumble. I bet you $100 if they miss the playoffs this year there will be empty seats in that stadium next year.

  49. Good old-fashioned sour grapes. He’d likely be praising the officials had the call gone the other way…

  50. seattlesue427 says:
    Oct 20, 2014 8:47 AM
    Finally! I was getting so tired of the PC interviews. The Hawks are getting hosed every week by the refs. It doesn’t just affect one play either. It affects morale, momentum, and attitude. Why even try if you know that the refs are going to work against you every chance they get?

    Calling the center for a “head bob”? Not calling the opposing team for multiple facemasks and hair pulling? Giving the opponent the ball when it was a clear Seattle recovery? Throwing a flag only AFTER you see the Hawks have been successful on a play? It just plain stinks!

    (Some idiot will bring up the Fail Mary here. Not relevant. It was a bad call, but it happened two years ago and had NO effect on the final outcome of the season.)


    its ok, I forgive you Seahawks fan. you have only been watching football for 2 years so you don’t understand how things work.

    Its ok, they will miss the playoffs this year and next year you can move on to the next cool thing to root for in Seattle.

    The good thing about Seattle “fans” is that they don’t really root for the team, they just root for being a fan. I am sure there fans were very loud and dressed like clowns in their homes yesterday, so congrats on that win losers.

  51. I agree with him to a point. The refs screwed up a couple fumbles this weekend. The Dallas/Giants one where the ball was obviously out and in the Dallas defense player’s hands before the RB went down, but it was unreviewable? And the Seahawks one as well. It certainly looked like Sherman was on the ball when he was dog-piled.

    I’ve found myself seeing what I feel is many more bad calls on the field this season. I am agreeing more and more with BB about being able to challenge anything, with the same 2 challenge rule, or maybe add 1 more. Regardless, it feels like there’s a bad call (not just a call, but a wrong call) out there every weekend that definitely helps define the game. When it’s that prevalent, something needs to be done.

    If Dallas had lost by a touchdown or less, that bad call would definitely have played a part. Same with the Seahawks fumble. They lost by 2 points. While it doesn’t preclude the bad game they had until their backs were against the wall, that turnover could have changed the game enough to turn the outcome.

    And so it all comes back to the refs and the NFL rules that don’t allow certain challenges because “Rulebook says so!”. If rulebook is obviously not working right, change it for the betterment of the game. Reduce the obvious bad calls, give the players/coaches more power than the refs to affect the game’s outcome, allow challenges on anything.

    I really don’t understand the NFL’s intransigence on this. It’s not changing the game length, it’s still just 2/3 challenges. It’s just allowing modern technology to ensure the integrity of the game where the speed and power of it is becoming harder for the refs to call correctly 100% of the time.

  52. was there anything better than Pete Carroll complaining about the guy calling fair catch on the other side of the field on that fake punt? “bbbbuttt. bbbbbuttt they confused us, its not fair, call off the play” is what he looked like he said.

    Love the ref, just looks at him and tells him its not against the rules.

    Pete Carroll is such a phony.

  53. Can’t stand when players whine about the refs! Really shows how mentally weak these guys are sometimes.

  54. Keep it in the locker room Earl. Every team gets screwed by questionable calls every now and then but the bottom line is that if one call decides a game then your team didn’t play every well.

  55. All of you people ripping on Thomas now are hypocrites because when your teams’ player ever says the same thing, you guys back him up and agree. Like with Boldin earlier in the year. And it’s not just the Seahawks that are getting hosed. The officiating as a whole has a lot of people scratching their heads this year. It’s looking more and more like there’s multiple Tim Donaghy’s that have their hands in games and it’s ruining the integrity of the game.

    And Thomas isn’t just referring to the fumble that was obviously recovered by Seattle. It goes on the whole game and has a definite effect on the outcome of a game. Like Simon’s “defensive pass interference” when we just got a stop on 3rd down. They play the replay and it shows Simon being pulled around by his facemask by the receiver. Result: 1st down for the Rams and allows their drive to continue and they score. Plays like that on a defensive stand take a toll on momentum and momentum is huge in this game.
    Lynch’s touchdown yesterday. Called back for holding. Show the replay, no hold at all. Even the commentators are confused.

    There’s multiple bogus flags in these games that Thomas is referring to. Sure blaming the refs makes him sound desperate and petty, but for anyone watching these games, it’s clear that he’s not off base.

  56. The Seattle D held so much last year that they had to step up the rules!! Now those backfield muggings can’t happen and your a .500 team. You dump Percy and blame refs… Of course it’s everyone else’s fault… Better pick it up. Cause as it stands it looks like D holding is what won the Super Bowl!!!

  57. What Hines Ward said last night made a lot of since to me. After winning super bowl obviously you get everybody’s best shot. Your still able to get up and play well against the other good teams or rivals but your also getting the bottom feeders best shot and thats where teams get surprised and beat. Also the rams have always played the division tough, they are just not a given win to the top nfc west teams and havnt been for the last few years.

  58. Ufools, instead of watching highlight film, framed as in an argument to support the accused, watch the entire game and the entire season’s games for that matter and get your facts straight. It’s incredibly rediculous how you bandwagon haters pile on, when you haven’t even watched the game. Guarantee that if you do, as an unbiased student of the game, you will see a multitude of biased officiating against the Seahawks all season and it would embarrass you as a fan of the sport, because it is that deliberate and that bad. Maybe we fans should gather all of the evidence and take the NFL to court. Ihave no doubt, we would come out with a holding in our favor.

  59. Funny how they had no complaints last season when calls went their way…

    That game wasn’t lost because of one questionable call by a ref. Maybe if your special teams had played better and your offense shown up, then you could have won. And honestly– the Rams pulled off those two special teams plays so well that it would have been a shame if they lost.
    Agree about the Special Teams but they were called for the most penalties last year so I would not say the calls “went there way”

  60. The only way to clean this up is to take it to court. We need to get together with all of the film and file a lawsuit against the NFL Officiating Establishment. LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT!
    Through the DISCOVERY process, when the NFL is forced to turn over all material, we should find if money, or tampering is playing a part in this obvious bias and from how high up does the order come in the NFL echelon. LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT! LAWSUIT!

  61. When the rest of you see the officiating outwardly manipulating the outcome of games to get a Peyton Manning vs Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl, you’ll refer back to my comments.

  62. Weak read option QB can’t score enough to win a game against a 1 win team. Laughable Lob gets blown up since they can no longer hold on every play and they resort to blaming the officiating. Pathetic.
    Maybe the officials will let you play an extra defender or two so you can “dominate” again. Sad

  63. No amount of name calling will silence our voices! If we must speak the truth, over and over again, until you listen to the truth, then we shall! Your voices of hate and attempted subjugation shall not silence our voices for the truth to be told and heard!

  64. Does bad reffing explain why their special teams units were completely undressed on national television???

  65. We had to listen to the adderhawks fans last year when they won because of roids, holding every wr and overall cheating and it is their own fault that the NFL decided to start enforcing the rules. The rest of us fans tried to explain last year why they were winning (cheating), Pete Carroll rubbing it into the refs faces (we’ll hold wr’s because the refs are not going to call it everytime”) and now that half the team is off of the HGH/PED’s and the refs are enforcing the rules we come to find that the adderhawks are just an average team at best. Let’s not forget all the veterans that signed elsewhere this year because they wanted to be treated like adults by Petey instead of college kids. The rah rah rah crap is for the kids like sherman and thomas but they too will get tired of it sooner or later………depends if they ever decide to grow up.

  66. Earl was right; it’s just that fans of other teams want to be the ones to profit from the refs making bad calls. That’s all we see here.

  67. Everyone was holding. That was a rule that was already on the books, it just depended on how physical the refs let the games get. These are outright violations of the rules with regards to the officiating. Your argument is comparing apples to oranges and therefor has no relevance, which makes your whole argument moot. You need to come up with new material that is factual and not biased conjecture.

  68. Whatever.

    Try watching a Raiders game if you’d like to see some poor officiating and phantom calls.

    It’s been that way for YEARS and every fan of the 31 other teams know it to be true.

    The NFL is fixed, the outcomes of games have been pre-determined.

    Go Raiders

  69. Watch the game. The argument is not about blown coverages on special teams, or being faked out on special teams, even though the receiving team did signal for a fair catch (need to check the rule book on that one). This was about biased officiating throughout the game, some subtle, some blatant. Fact. You cannot continue to attempt to re-frame the argument with no new material and get a different outcome. Fact is fact. The fact is, The Seattle Seahawks Organization, for whatever reason, is having their game officiated differently than their opponent, contributing to their close losses and that needs to be addressed.

  70. Well the Hawks should never have been in the position to let the refs affect the game. Earl is passionate and probably should have just let it go.

    But like so many other team this year the Hawks got burned by the refs. I saw blatant holding on the Rams first big kick return (held so hard the Hawk players jersey was ripped), a fake fair-catch gesture that was ignored and a critical game-changing fumble not even reviewed.

    Rams did a good job – that was a helluva call going for a punt-fake from your own 15. I guess those calls are easier to make when your 1-4.

  71. Hilarious Earl. I’m going to use that same way of thinking. Peyton should have stayed out of it and let the 49ers dominate last night. It’s an outrage. Amazing punt return btw.

  72. I know Earl, it stinks to have to follow the rules. Just play and shut your mouth. Before I have seen the Seahawks exposed by the refs actually calling infractions against them, I thought Earl Thomas was the best safety in football.

  73. Has there ever been a more detestable champion?

    He might as well have said “I wish all of the teams that are kicking our a**es this year would just get out of our way and let us dominate”.

    Dominate? DOMINATE? I think Mr. Thomas needs to put away the game film from week one and pay attention to what has gone on since then.

  74. Earl I love u and my hawks but dude you have near 28 tackles in 6 games and 2 deflected passes with zero picks. quit pointing fingers and blaming everyone but the boys in green and blue for your shortcomings. the refs had nothing to do with Williams catching that 21 yard reception on 3rd and 20 vs dallas.a stop there Seattle wins. refs had nothing to do with you letting stl march 80 yards for a TD with a 2 point lead in the 4th. I agree there have been a lot of bad calls vs sea, but u guys had plenty of chances to overcome it and u didn’t. as a lifelong loyal hawks fan earl, shut up and play defense already.

  75. The marbles to talk about the refs after the Greenbay, replacement refs screwover????

    Just shows you, you can win it all and still have no class boss!

  76. The Seahawks are just showing they can’t win without cheating. Can’t hold receivers anymore. No more needles in the rear means 2013 * championship was won on PED’s. Most positive test since 2010 when Pete pump them up Carroll was hired. He cheated in college and now the nfl. The team was “chemically” enhanced and without it there as talented as xfl

  77. Where is the mighty 12th man today? The same place they were before the Seachickens got relevant. Nowhere to be found, seen or heard. The weakest of fan bases, the biggest mouths after one championship and now, the shortest lived dynasty. Hey Seahawks fans, why you so quiet?

  78. Yeah, the refs need to stay out of it and let us continue to mug every reciever on the field! After all that’s how we won our Super Bowl. Enjoy playing by the rules boys.

  79. Rams 28, Seahawks 26

    Vikings 34, Rams 6

    Let those two scores sink in, Cheattle fans. Further proof of the Vikings’ unquestionable superiority over the PED-fueled loudmouths from the Pacific Northwest. And that’s not even counting the absolute FLEECING the Vikings did to the artificial crowd noise-generating Texas A&M wannabes with the Percy Harvin trade. The Seahawks, and the fraudulent legend-in-his-own-mind Sherman, are simply mediocre. Their defense relies on mugging receivers – hilarious that Thomas is upset that they’re actually being called for it now.

  80. It’s a cop out to blame the refs for his teams poor play. He should start by looking at his own performance his year before blaming he refs. Last year you could argue earl was in talk for defensive player of the year and the best on their defense. What has he done this year? He’s been invisible. Blaming the refs is a cheap excuse.

  81. His comments are funny. The Seahawks really got punked on that punt return for TD. Of course they were crying that Austin called fair catch but he just did a nice job selling it.

    The Seahawks are discovering that staying on top is much more difficult that getting there. Everyone is giving you their best shot.

  82. I played sports in high school and college. I officiated high school and college BBall. There is one truism I learned … when you start blaming the Officials it is the beginning of the end for your team.

  83. After watching the games this season it’s hard to criticize the players for complaining. The refs have been terrible – worst I’ve ever seen. But I don’t think they’ve favored anyone per se, just incompetent.

  84. Thought the calls weren’t going to affect the game?

    Thought all the fans used the preseason examples of no calls as clear evidence the Hawks had repeated already and that us non 12ers didn’t know anything.

    Guess we now know that the calls have an impact and that these sour grapes will make some horrible wine to go with that whine.

  85. I don’t think he meant “dominate” in the sense that they are destroying the opponent but instead that let the players determine the outcome, not the officials. And I agree. The refs should be the one earning 10 figure salaries since they apparently have so much authority on a how a game will play out. The game is getting outta hand.

  86. This is crazy any other time we win this damn blog is filled with so called Hawks fans ive been one since ’88 and stuck with them thru thick and thin were 3-3 10 games to go I don’t care what any of these lame trolls are on here saying if it was your and these calls happened to you you’d be saying the same damn thing! The Hawks are gonna fine! Oh yeah did y’all see that ass whoopin handed to the whiners and kaeperdick almost looked like the beatin we gave the donkeys lmao SEAHAWKS OR NOTHIN!!!! 12TH MAN STAND TF UP!!!!

  87. Anyone else think Earl may have cost himself a game check?

    There are bad calls in every game, every week.

  88. I understand that every team has bad calls go against them, but that doesn’t mean the fans should dismiss the concerns of a team they don’t like. The Seahawks have every right to feel ripped off because they recovered that fumble. Imagine if the officials made that call in a playoff game or the Super Bowl.

  89. Didn’t see the game, so not commenting on this players reaction, however, I think the overall quality of the game has dropped substantially year over year, directly because of the new emphasis.

  90. Last year Navarro Bowman with the 49ers clearly recovered a fumble near the goal line in the NFCCG. Bowman was then hit very late after he was down on the ground with the ball and a ripped up knee. The Seahawks were incorrectly awarded the ball and not charged with the Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty they so richly deserved for hitting a defenseless player. It’s curious that Earl Thomas didn’t criticize the officals after that travesty.

  91. Navarro Bowman’s knee is getting payback on the seahawks this year….

    Well seeing as how it was his OWN teammate that caused his knee injury, it must be getting payback on the Niners as also. Good job hangin with Denver last night btw. That 30 point blowout made the sting of my Hawks losing a little easier. And gimme a break, Niner fans have complained non-stop about the refs since preseason. Oh but it’s only whining if it’s Seattle right??

  92. The “Legion of Boom” is now officially a mediocre 15th in passing defense this year. What ever happened to them claiming the new rules wouldn’t change anything? [crickets]

  93. I knew it was only a matter of time, they would start with the excuses, I just figured it would be the mouth Sherman that started with them 1st. All you have to do is look at Pete Carroll’s past with USC!! In college you get a few years too cheat, in the Pro’s it’s one & done!! Now that they are being treated like the rest of the teams in the NFL, they will be a 10-6 9-7 team at best this year. What they forget is each team is bringing the A-game & so far Seattle has not been up too the task!!

  94. For my whole youth the Raiders were always the most penalized team in the league. Does that mean the refs had it out for the Silver and Black? No. It means they committed more penalties then their opponents did. The Seahawks can complain but the best path to fewer penalties is to commit fewer penalties.

  95. I love this. Everyone was giving the Seahawks the SB this year and everyone doubted Dallas, man how things can be so different a couple months in. Look it was a bad call on the fumble, but let’s get realistic, you got torched all game till Russell decided to play. You and your elite secondary got burned by a fourth string QB, a second string RB and a bunch of guys I haven’t heard of.

    Say what you will, no one is scared of the LOB or the Seahawks. No one thinks they can’t win against y’all, and no one is just gonna give it to ya for free. That’s why y’all play the game, to see who is better on Sunday, and you we not better on Sunday.

    Stop letting all the homers and talking heads tell you that you have a better squad than the next team, you all play pro ball.

  96. Wow…after getting gifted calls all last season and a few early Christmas presents like Harvin not getting called for clearly stepping out of bounds in his only TD run of the season, Thomas should man up , his Seabirds were totally out-played , out-coached and outed as one trick ponies this year. And watch all those newbie 12 th Man Fair weather Seattle fans start Goodwilling their jerseys. Hahahahaha….back to 6-10 losing seasons again.

  97. Hahahahahahaha. Poor earl complaining about the officiating. Sounds like sour grapes to me. It’s tough to play defense when you can’t hold and interfere like last year right earl? Nothing better than watching whiny sheattle fans blame everyone but their own team. How’s 3-3 sound so far? Mediocre? It does to me especially now that you have to play by the rules.
    Where ya at bluto? You loud mouth piece of crap. Haven’t seen many of your comments lately. I guess you only comment when things are good. Typical fair weather fan.

  98. LEGION OF BUST…your mouth doesn’t win games. Luck and bad calls aren’t going your way this season? Too bad…get in line and play football instead of soap opera blues. Your only chance at a winning season went to Detroit (Tate was your best Punt Returner) and to NY Jets (nobody can keep up with Percy in the open field after a kickoff). Wilson’s getting his butt tore up because Giacomini’s not there to protect him and letting Red Bryannt go was just as stupid. Hawks are playing too many fresh meat rookie chumps and overrated loud mouths like Earl and Sherman. MAN THE HELL UP AND PLAY BETTER HAWKS! Niners aren’t whining about their losses, they know they’re getting beat, but hey, who’s 4-3 and who’s 3-3???

  99. Why has there been NO mention of Russell Wilson becoming the ONLY player in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards and rush for 100+ yards in a game?

  100. thefox61 says:
    Oct 20, 2014 3:43 PM

    Why has there been NO mention of Russell Wilson becoming the ONLY player in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards and rush for 100+ yards in a game?


    Because they lost to a really bad team.

  101. I understand this guy sounding like a whiner (not to be confused with a fourty whiner) but having watched all the games it is apparent SOMETHING is not right. In the last three games I have seen FOUR touchdowns called back against the Seahawks and each time it seems to be some “holding” call far from the action or in case. one of the best blocks I have seen all year is called unnecessary roughness and the points are removed. Maybe continuing to be a fan of this game is unnecessary as well… Call me back when they bring back leather helmets and Jim Thorpe style thigh pads.

  102. How is it that only the Seahawks are getting screwed by the new rules. I could’ve sworn there were 32 teams playing the same game, I mean even in the cowboys thumping of the seachickens, we had a several suspect calls go against us. But rather than being a baby about it we complete a 3rd and 20 on the tip toes of Terrance Williams.

    Seahawks are losing because of three things, Beast Mode isn’t so Beastly, Golden Tate is a Lion, and the LOB aren’t competing for new contracts. Crazy how big pay days always turn out mediocre players.

  103. Where are all the fans with the hash tags?


    Wait until Wilson gets his 100 million this off season…

  104. Niner fan who thinks the hawks are back to 6-10, do you realize how many times the hawks have made the playoffs in the last ten years? Do you also realize the niners are 38-79, give or take, from 2004-2014?

  105. seansull83

    Thumping of the seachickens? I am assuming you watched the game? It was one of the best games I have seen all year, great performances clutch catches (toe drag) and the best team won that day but I would never use the word “thumping” and I don’t feel that the Cowboys are a better team overall they are simply playing great football and have an amazing run game which Seattle is missing right now. No, I would call what happened last night in Denver a real “thumping”

  106. This reminds me of the Patriots failed attempt to defend its first Super Bowl title. They began the season looking fierce after convincing wins at home against the Steelers and on the road against the Jets (44-7) before barely eking one out against the Chiefs (41-38), prompting the Chiefs to proclaim “we showed the world how to beat them.” The Pats were on a 12 game win streak at the time and the Chiefs referred to using a nifty cut-back runner (Priest Holmes) between the tackles. It worked the following week when LT ran mad and the Chargers beat the Patriots in San Diego 21-14.

    Three consecutive losses followed that defeat: at Miami (26-13), at home against Favre’s Packers, and at home against Denver (24-16).

    At 3-4, the Pats were an afterthought. But what a tough schedule they had. They would fight through the rest of it, which included a comeback from 21-0 at the Bears. But losses at Tennessee (24-7; when Tennessee was good) and at home against the Jets (30-17) sealed their fate. A come-from-behind win at home against Miami would take them to 9-7, but they lost the tiebreaker to the Jets when the Jets defeated the Packers in NY.

    For me, this was the worst season as a Patriots fan. They would begin next season by trading Lawyer Malloy and losing 31-0 to the Bills in Buffalo. But we all know what happened after that.

  107. Well here we go with the whining, complaining and excuses for falling “Way Short” of who they “Thought” they were! Let’s play the oldest card in the deck and blame it on the refs instead of simply coming out and confessing that “We’re Not A Very Good Football Team Right Now!” That’s what people want to hear, and “That’s” what true football fans can respect! Maybe Seattle’s “Overly High Opinion” of themselves is now starting to see the light of day and the reflection staring back at them in the mirror is just too ugly for them to accept. That could be a good thing if they respond by humbling themselves and going back to the drawing board, because so far their formula for success is coming up way short!

  108. Instead of complaining about the calls Thomas, you stop the 4th string QB from making you look silly? And remember, the Hawks use starters for our ST’s and they are the ones who were fooled into the punt. But that does not explain how you, Thomas, allowed a 4th qtr td drive, let alone an opening kick return for a TD.. And OH, nice coverage on that fake punt… And since I have had Hawk season tickets since 79, I am talking about my own team…

  109. All you haters remember the all the crap you’re talking. It’s gonna be a glorious day when we get back to the playoffs and ultimately the SB. I’m quite sure tho most of you clowns will be crying about the same things ET is saying now. I can’t wait for that ironic moment.

  110. Packers fan here. The Seahawks are 3-3, and there are still 10 games left. They still have plenty of time to get it straightened out. Maybe they will. Maybe they will be just another team to miss the playoffs the year after winning the Super Bowl. Only time will tell. One thing that I do know is that Seattle is at a crossroads in their season, and if there’s a time to turn things around, it’s now.

  111. So much hate for the Seahawks here. Or is it jealousy? To breed so much of it, you’ve done something right. Accusations of cheating is the sore loser’s gambit. Makes the butt hurt a little less from the asskicking, right Niner and Bronco fans?

  112. Earl adds: and furthermore, the refs caused us to lose in Super Bowl 40……waaaaaaaaaa it’s all their fault….waaaaaaaa

  113. Ive been thinking about this quote from Thomas since yesterday morning.

    And every time I do, I swear, it has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard from a football player.

    “You give a guy, just because he wears a white and black shirt, he has authority of the game”

    Yeah…just some random guy wearing a shirt. Lets just pull someone off the street every week.

    “Man, they need to stay out of it — that’s my key — and let us dominate.”

    So, again, to reiterate my point from yesterday…yeah, dont call penalties against us. Let us play the game how we want. Disregard all penalties from those random guys in white and black shirts. They arent in charge of this game. We are just here to dominate.

    I picture Earl Thomas saying that in my head, and I cant help but lol. I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work picturing Earl Thomas calling refs “guys in white and black shirts” and saying that they shouldnt control the game…its kind of hysterical. I cant honestly think of a more stupid comment a player could possibly make really.

  114. Every team is getting bogus calls this season with one final goal: Denver vs Dallas in the Super Bowl. Dallas dethroned as “America’s Team” against Denver, the new reigning heart of football. The two most popular teams going head to head. Peyton Manning set to be crowned the King of Football. Should be one of the most profitable Super Bowls EVER. It’s all about the money. The fix is in. The rest of the teams might as well phone it in. The outcome is already decided.

  115. Well I guess we won’t have to listen to anymore Seahags fans crow about breaking the noise record in thier acoustically designed stadium because the bandwagon was last seen leaving the parking lot. #goodluckanymoreselloutcrowds.

  116. The main reason the Seahawks will have a difficult time repeating:


    The officials have been instructed to call penalities this year.

  117. Media hype will always rule the mindset of the masses. Then again this is PFT, home of trolls.

    All-Pro safety who in 5 years has never once said anything like this — even through losing seasons. Cut the guy some slack for being pissed at a few bad calls. You would all be saying the same thing if it happened to your team.

  118. Wow, did he really just say the ref need to start looking the other direction for the Seahawks or is it me? LOL. Everyone knew this team was a bust. No real talent. Just got lucky last year when i guess the refs WERE looking the other way. Wheels are falling off the wagon Seahawk fans. I don’t even see any of you defending those idiotic remarks. Maybe you knew this was a false success as well???? I thought so.

  119. It is so funny to see the posters bring up the “fail mary”.

    That play has been analyzed over and over again ad infinitum…

    Tate controls the ball first, touches the ground first. At that point it is a TD and anything that happens after that doesn’t matter.

    Some people talk about Offensive PI. In 87 “hail mary” calls OPI has never been called.

    So get over it. Ancient history and it was called correctly.

  120. coloradical420 says:
    Oct 21, 2014 8:02 PM
    Wow, did he really just say the ref need to start looking the other direction for the Seahawks or is it me? LOL. Everyone knew this team was a bust. No real talent. Just got lucky last year when i guess the refs WERE looking the other way. Wheels are falling off the wagon Seahawk fans. I don’t even see any of you defending those idiotic remarks. Maybe you knew this was a false success as well???? I thought so.
    Too funny, I see a lot of fans saying the same thing. Just let them play ball, forget the ticky tacky calls.

    I grew up watching the game without all these rules that the receiver can’t be touched…

    Game was much more fun to watch back then. Passing was a challenge, that is a good thing.. .what fun is it watching two players play catch when you have huge penalties for making contact with either of them?

  121. Legion of Boo-Hoo!!!!

    Btw what do you mean by “let us” dominate? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

    Last year’s Seattle defense reminds me of when New England got away with holding the Rams receivers in the Super Bowl. Now that they can’t do it, the uh “domination” seems to have disappeared. So I guess what Earl means is, the refs should make like last year, and look the other way.

  122. dirkdiggler22 says:
    Oct 20, 2014 11:52 PM
    All you haters remember the all the crap you’re talking. It’s gonna be a glorious day when we get back to the playoffs and ultimately the SB. I’m quite sure tho most of you clowns will be crying about the same things ET is saying now. I can’t wait for that ironic moment.

    All of you tools with your “WE” and “US”. Most people don’t even dislike the sea hawk team. there a under 500 club with no history. Its the fans like you and your ilk that people find unbearable. You clearly lack any sort of self esteem and if a “real sea hawk” came to your house and used your dinner plate as a toilet you would probably ask for seconds. Mentally weak emotional midget.

  123. Too the posters mentioning the “fail mary” game. First off, it wasn’t last season, it was two years ago.
    If you can’t say accurately when it happened you likely didn’t see the game.
    Secondly the play has been dissected frame by frame in the game film.
    Tate has possession of the ball first with his hand between the ball and Jennings, both players are in the air right now.
    Next, Tate touches the ground first completing the play.
    Simultaneous possession goes to the offense. Touchdown for the Seahawks called correctly. NFL reviewed the play and said it was called correctly.

  124. As poorly as that was expressed, playing defensive back and covering in space in the NFL is practically impossible. WR, RBs, TEs all push, lean, slap to get open and if the DB makes any kind of contact or doesn’t turn their head it’s a flag. Even if they do call it on the offense its a 10 yard penalty instead of a spot foul which is usually more costly yardage wise.

    As a Pats fan and a football fan, I want to see Revis, Sherman, Talib, Peterson etc. show what they can do and not get penalized for being aggressive.

  125. Wow, what a surprise. A Seahawk complaining the refs are against them. Is it any wonder their fans complain about the refs. The Seahawks just haven’t played very well. And I guess, Ol’ Earl thinks the refs should let the Seahawks hold past the five yard line.

  126. Does he not remember Packers vs. Seahawks in 2012? You win some you lose some, the refs aren’t perfect and there was no evidence to change the call.

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