Jeff Fisher on fake punt: We were having a hard time stopping Russell Wilson


Rams coach Jeff Fisher has never shied away from fake punts and other such trickery, but punter Johnny Hekker was still surprised to hear that the coach wanted him to throw the ball from his own 18-yard line with just under three minutes to play in Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Hekker said his response was to ask if the coach was serious before heading onto the field to throw a pass to Benny Cunningham, who said he thought the team would have cut him if he didn’t reel in the pass. We’ll never have to find out because Cunningham did catch the ball and the Rams did hold on for the 28-26 victory. After the game, Fisher explained that he didn’t think his defense would have been able to stop Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who accounted for more than 400 yards of offense, before Seattle moved back into the lead.

“You guys saw the flow of the game, we were having a hard time stopping Russell,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There was too much time left on the clock right there, and I didn’t want to give the ball back to them. I thought it was our best chance to get a first down.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the team was prepared for Fisher to pull some stuff out of his hat, but that they didn’t think the fake would come in that situation. He called it a “very gutsy” call, which sounds about right for a decision that would have left Fisher to be hoisted up by his own mustache for handing the Seahawks a win if things had backfired.

As he said, though, Fisher thought his team would lose if they gave the Seahawks the ball with a conventional punt so he chose to go out fighting.

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  1. That really was a high-risk/high reward situation…. That’s a decision very few coaches have the guts to make, that’s for sure.

  2. With under four minutes left it puts the Rams in a real tough spot. Even with a good punt, the Seahawks probably get the ball somewhat close to fieldgoal range, and they have more than enough time to keep the running game in play. They could easily kick the game winner with a few seconds left. Conversely, even if the fake punt fails, at least the Rams are likely to get one more possession, possibly with the two minute warning in play.

  3. Wow! If there was ever a day for any given Sunday, this was it.
    Two recent SB losing yet contending teams meet while Peyton breaks a record beating them.
    The SB champ SeaHawks lose to one of the worst teams right now with a losing record and in last place.
    And yet both losing teams are rivals.
    Any team can win or lose at any time to anyone.

  4. Packmanfan,
    Rams always play the Seahawks tough at home.
    Rams won on special teams play quite clearly.
    As stated above, even their coach didn’t think they could stop Wilson. I don’t feel bad about the Seahawks chances right now, they have been playing with a lot of injuries. The games they lost have come down to a few plays changing the game, either by the o-line penalties or special teams mistakes.
    Seahawks could just as easily run the rest of the schedule or miss the playoffs.

  5. Why is fisher getting all the credit? Special teams won that game in multiple plays. Yet no mention yet of the coach. Awesome special teams plays.

  6. I’m not a Rams fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this was obviously my favorite call in the NFL this season. Such a badass move!

  7. 9 times out of 10 after that call everyone’s calling for his head–enjoy the 1 time out of 10…

  8. I think it was the right call to make (even if it ended up not working). Giving the ball back to Russell Wilson with that much time left and him only needing to get into field goal position would basically be throwing the game away anyway. At least with the fake punt they had a chance.

  9. I’m confused, I keep reading posts from the Seahawk fans about this so called dynasty. Correct me if I’m wrong but true dynasty teams don’t lose to last place teams, do they?

    So much for their trash talk, they better just try to figure out how to win their next game.

  10. Fisher owns Carroll. He sucks @$$ vs everyone else. Scratching out trick play victories on his way to 5-11 records each season? How does he even have a job still?

  11. As a Seahawk fan I tip my hat to Fisher for having the guts to make that call. Seattle had the momentum at that time and that call basically won the game.

  12. The Greg Williams hire has been a great disappointment. There was no doubt Seattle wins the game if they get the ball back. It is sad that Fisher cant rely on his defense which was the strength of the team last year.

  13. “So much for their trash talk, they better just try to figure out how to win their next game.”

    Says the guy hiding behind a keyboard.

  14. It was a “don’t look at the box score type of game” because you’d have thought Seattle would’ve won by 20.

    Wilson is the 1st QB in NFL history to throw for 300 yds and rush for 100 yds in the same game. 3 tds is added fluff.

    The only team his week that accumulated more yds of offense was Indy vs Cincy. Seattle had 463 vs 272 for the Rams.

    Kudos to Fisher for his Special teams. They accomplished a fake catch on one side while Bailey ran it 80 yds for a TD on the other. Rams had a 75 yd kickoff return that turned into a TD and as the article states, a fake at their 18 yd line.

    The Rams had a chance to beat the Eagles in Philly (lost to a 5-1 team driving for the win 34-28) and the loss to the 9ers hinged on a 80 yd TD by Colin to Lloyd with 15 seconds left in the 1st half. 14-3 lead was 14-10 and big mo had switched.

    Seattle actually dominated with Wilson but were outcoached in trickeration by Fisher who knew Seattle couldn’t be stopped and why he went for the fake.

    Well played, Fisher.

  15. I don’t understand why Rams fans are ripping on Fisher so much. Your problems began when you lost your starting quarterback to injury before the season began. There are plenty of teams that would gladly scoop up Fisher should he become available. Even if that play fails yesterday, I would still give Fisher credit because it shows he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He could’ve just folded up his tents and mailed it in.

  16. As I was watching the game, I said out loud “if we punt this series we’re gonna lose”. Really glad someone in charge saw it the same way.

  17. Seahawks fan here(since their first season, thru good and bad). Special teams and trickery won that game for the Rams. They deserve the win. Congrats! We got beat. How doesn’t much matter.
    By the way, most of the “dynasty” talk (BS) is coming from the the Seahawk haters from what I’ve read. I’d like to see it, but 3 and 3 isn’t convincing and I’ll still be a Hawks fan even if they miss the playoffs!

  18. Seattle will get its ship righted and beat Carolina next week. Then SF and Seattle are tied going in the final 9 games.

    Still think NFCW goes to one of these two teams, sorry Arizona, I still view you as a paper tiger.

  19. I’m so happy that the Seahawks lost, especially with the fumble controversy. What about during the ref lockout where the Seahawks beat the Packers? Or, should I say “won” against the Packers? Nothing like a test of your own medicine.

  20. The reason we have instant replay now is because of the jets Seahawks playoff game where the jets player was clearly down short of the end zone and crawled the ball across the line. You aren’t one to talk about bad officiating nyjetsfan. And between that, the Seahawks first super bowl and this season, the fail Mary pales in comparison.

  21. Not a Rams fan….don’t dislike them, just don’t much care. Fisher might be the only coach in the league with the stones to make that call. Pete knew that…..and it STILL caught them off-guard because no coach in his right mind would make that call in that situation.
    I’m not a Rams fan, but I’m now a Fisher fan.

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