Orakpo done for the year with torn pec

Brian Orakpo’s second annual contract year has not ended well.  The Washington linebacker, who had been struggling while playing under the $11.45 million franchise tag, suffered a torn pectoral muscle on Sunday against the Titans, per a league source.

Orakpo will be placed on injured reserve, ending his 2014 season.

A torn pec ended Orakpo’s 2012 season after only two games.  Healthy for 15 games last year, 10 sacks from the 2009 first-round pick prompted Washington to use the franchise tag.  A second application of the tag would cost $13.74 million.

Thus, Orakpo will undoubtedly hit the open market — and he’ll likely stay with Washington only if they offer him more than he could get elsewhere.

If it’s over for Orakpo in Washington, it ends with 71 games, 40 sacks, and a playoff appearance that was earned with Orakpo missing every game beyond Week Two.

52 responses to “Orakpo done for the year with torn pec

  1. Awful overrated player. Thank GOD his done for the year because he never got started with his monumental 1/2 sack stat for ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. He’s done with this franchise. He does not play to the Redskin standard of ELITE play like Ryan Kerrigan does. Bye Bye LaVar Arrington Jr. #YouaretooweaktoweartheBurgundyandGold

  2. You will always have that 4 sack game against the Raiders. Other than that not much else I can say about him.


  3. What other team is going to offer him a big deal? Seriously, he is almost non-existent most of the time.

    And then, he is injured quite a bit.

  4. Nothing to prove?? Orak You have nothing to prove? You prove to be injury prone day in and day. You were in the gym 24/7 talking about how you were the strongest man in the NFL. Doesnt look like it. Dude every time you step on that field you have to prove your worth. You had some highs but to the point now its all worthless….

  5. Where’s he gonna sign for ’15? Who would pay for this injury prone, overrated, deep voice havin, former Redskin?! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  6. that actually will be a positive as now they can get somebody in that position that can produce. They have no shot against the cowboys…..

    Boys 35 4skins 3.

  7. $11M for a guy that obviously didn’t want to play. guy is a china doll, who would give this guy real money? oh probably the redskins. if they gave a 35 year old DT that doesn’t fit in there scheme $30M, Im guessing they give him JJ Watt type money

  8. This is a big blow to his career, but not so much to the Redskins. He was not creating big plays, nor I think drawing that much attention. I could be wrong, and if we see Kerrigan struggle then perhaps that says something.

    The reality of it is next year he will sign somewhere, possibly even Washington, for less money than he hoped on a “prove you can stay healthy and produce” type of deal. His career is not over, but unless he puts together a strong healthy season next year the book will close on him soon.

  9. Didn’t do much in pressure (he has one move, bull rush) but he is/was our best coverage LB. The defense will feel it there. Probably use Keenan more in coverage and rush from the inside since that’s Trent Murphy’s strength.

  10. It’s hard for an OLB to put up “production stats” when the defense is forced to play zone 90% of the time because the corners can’t play man. Can’t play man, can’t blitz the outside linebackers. Glad to see the classy Skin’s fans applauding his departure via injury though. Better pull those local Geico ads.

    Comeback player of the year next year if he lands on a team with an average to above average defense.

  11. He doesn’t learn new techniques. “Hike… bam… brickwall.” Next play “Hike… bam… brick wall.” next play: “Hike.. bam… brick wall.” Bye Bye NoSackpo; you had a chance to be great, but you kept doing the same damn thing over and over.

  12. when he kept crashing down against Seattle and Wilson just kept running around his end for big gains I knew he was never going to learn. When he claimed he wanted big money but only had .5 sacks in a contract year I knew he was done.

    Good luck, Rak. I wish you the best but you don’t live up to your potential.

  13. Wow Logical Voice actually taking a shot at a Redskin -but for the reference to elite levels of play and Redskins in the same breath I’d think you were back on your meds

  14. The Redskins are the fools for wasting $11.45 million franchise tag money on him. Nice pile of cash to go into a full time career of making commercials. He’s better suited for playing Scrabble than playing football.

  15. It’s a sad end to what started as a promising stay in Washington. The NFL is a contact sport and guys need to stay healthy though and at least the Skins were thinking ahead for once when they drafted Trent Murphy this past year. The good thing about this is you find out what you have with the next man up.

    I like Orakpo and feel bad for him but this is a business and while I know that Brian wasn’t happy with the franchise tag this year, you can’t fault the Skins now for using it.

  16. Brian Orakpo gets Sackpo’d again by injuries. This is the Washington Redskins: A meddling owner who plays fantasy football and continues to hire “legends from the glorious past” thus they will never be relevant in the NFC East. Until they get a real football leader in place they will continue to struggle for years but real football people don’t want this job.

  17. Is it a coincidence that he’s a gym rat who wanted to be the strongest man in the nfl? Muscle and tendon tears are the hallmark of a steroid user.

  18. his guy could flourish if he can get away from the R******s
    firstly it’s REDSKINS!!! it’s not a bad word and i will say it….now to a REAL topic. Brian Orakpo can’t produce if he isn’t healthy. Orakpo is more injury prone than RG3 is and it has shown as it almost seems like he never finishes a year and is replaced and if he isn’t replaced, he’s not that good. he was/is playing on a franchise deal and i think next year, he’s out and i would be shocked if he’s not a Panther next year….as for the Redskins, they drafted Trent Murphy for that reason, Orakpo and his injury/inconsistent issues, so now they will see if Murphy can go

  19. This is his 3rd pectoral tear (different side)…..are his pecs made of paper mache?

    On another note….Orakpo is a true DE and would thrive in a 4-3 Defense. I cannot wait until next year when Haslett is gone. I would love to get back to the 4-3 that the ‘Skins used so well in the 80’s and early 90’s.

  20. Like Cousins, another question the Redskins had is now answered going forward…..not the answer you wanted, but now there’s clarity of thought & decisions are made for good in both cases. Plus, rookies like Trent Murphy & Baushad Breeland are getting lots of playing time, which will benefit the team going forward. Sad days, but not all bad days.

  21. @4who4what:
    God gave everyone a voice so I guess you can use yours, but he also gave us brains. please use yours. Brian Orakpo wants to be paid a kings ransom for sub par play. yes he has three pro bowls, two as alternates I believe. he has a ten sack season which is good but not elite. he under performs in divisional games almost disappearing, and most Redskins fans believe that 11 mil. could have gone to bolster the right side of our O-line. sure we have played more zone coverage because of our secondary but not exclusively and not as much as you think, but you know what could’ve helped to fix our secondary? 11 million dollars. in the future don’t mistake REDSKINS fans loyalty for stupidity we are indeed some of the smartest men and women ever

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