Panthers defense suddenly can’t stop anyone


It wasn’t that long ago that the Panthers were a team defined by their defense.

But that side of the ball is dragging them down now.

Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review points out the sordid facts about a terrible defense, which has allowed at least 37 points in four of their last five games.

They’ve given up 195 points through seven games, after giving up just 241 all of last season.

“We can’t keep sitting around and waiting on things to happen,” linebacker Thomas Davis said. “As a defense, we’ve got to go out and make things happen. Until we do that, this outcome is going to continue to be like this.”

Quarterbacks in particular are having a field day against their soft secondary,

The last five quarterbacks they’ve played (Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler, Andy Dalton and Aaron Rodgers) have completed 76.5 percent of their passes (124-of-162 for 1,390 yards with 12 touchdowns and four interceptions), for a passer rating of 116.0.

That’s ridiculous, but somewhat predictable.

The Panthers had an odd cast of defensive backs last year, but they also had Greg Hardy getting 15.0 sacks to make the job of coverage easier. Without that pressure, players are being exposed (notably but not limited to safety Roman Harper and safety-turned-nickel corner Charles Godfrey).

Now, with Hardy awaiting trial on domestic violence charges and on the commissioner’s exempt list — and the money he’s soaking up unavailable to buy reinforcements — the Panthers aren’t stopping anybody.

23 responses to “Panthers defense suddenly can’t stop anyone

  1. Both the Bengals and Panthers played 5 full quarters last weekend. Not sure if that had something to do with their play or not. Both teams looked spent by the second quarter

  2. If they can’t play D, maybe they should hold doors open for little old ladies at church!

  3. The Panther’s VASTLY overachieved last year on defense. Remember before the year when everyone asked ‘who has a worse secondary than Carolina?’ That question still remains. Only now without the pass rush getting there, its exposed even more.

  4. Gettleman is the author of this “train wreck” called a football team. The offensive line is just as bad as the secondary and its going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Again, blame the two resident geniuses, Gettleman and Rivera.

  5. Gettleman + Shula (the worst OC EVER) + Rivera (most conservative coach EVER) = disaster. I wouldn’t blame Luke or Cam if they left when their contracts are up. Maybe another organziation can supply Cam with weapons that don’t consist of 2 old average overpaid RB’s, Avant and Cotchery as his #2 WR’s, and a O-line that would have trouble with a college D-line.

  6. And their “QB” can’t pass the ball.
    Cam’s not really the issue and really neither is the current GM. Gettleman is in a mess thanks to Marty Hurney (see the stupid re-signing of Stewart and Williams). i think Luke and Cam get locked up to big deals and after the year that contracts that is hurting them (Hardy and Williams) will end and unless Hardy’s acquitted, he will be let go. anyways, the issues with the offense is more at running back (Cam is their running game, that’s sad). as for the defense, they need another stud pass rusher, Hardy helped mask the secondary issues and that’s clear now. the secondary needs work (duh), but a great pass rush can help hide that issue. as for the WRs, they haven’t been a big issue honestly, though another young guy to go with Benjamin would be huge.

  7. Keep in mind that their 3 top RBs have been out injured, and I don’t think Stewart is completely right yet, but came back early because we had no RBs. Several O-linemen are also hurt, which leads to an abundance of 3-&-outs. The defense gets tired when they’re on the field for 40 minutes a game. And you can’t compare this year’s secondary to last year’s. We let most of last year’s secondary go, and replaced them with worse but cheaper players. Gettleman is doing the best he can considering we are in cap jail. We will remain in cap jail until it is economically feasible to get out from under the stupid contracts of Stewart, Williams and Johnson. Hardy will be acquitted (there is ZERO evidence he committed these crimes other than “she said he beat her up” and he’ll be acquitted in 15 minutes of deliberation), and then he will be made the anchor of the d-line.

    We will be fine. We might end up 8-7-1 this year, but that will be enough to win the division.

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