Brandon Marshall has no regrets about his Sunday outburst

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There’s a recent trend for frustrated NFL players.  Blow up on Sunday, express no regrets about it during the week.

Last week, it was Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin.  This week, it’s Bears receiver Brandon Marshall.

Appearing on Inside The NFL, Marshall addresses his locker-room tirade, and he said that he’d do it again.

“Absolutely my voice was heard,” Marshall said, via quotes distributed by Showtime.  “The only thing I regret is that the door wasn’t closed.  I wouldn’t change any of my reactions, because they came from my heart and that’s how I felt and that’s how I still feel.  I think we have all the coaches we need.  I think we have all the players that we need to get the job done. And 3-4 is unacceptable, but we have everything that we need to turn this ship right now.

“The problem right now is that we are not performing to our ability.  We just need to gel, we need to continue to come together, but the time is now.  We are halfway through the season and if any locker room has the guys to get it done, we do. . . .  We can get this thing turned around.”

The snippets circulated from Showtime don’t address whether Marshall was calling out quarterback Jay Cutler specifically or everyone.  It’s been reported that it was Cutler; we’ve heard it was broader than that.

52 responses to “Brandon Marshall has no regrets about his Sunday outburst

  1. “The snippets circulated from Showtime don’t address whether Marshall was calling out quarterback Jay Cutler specifically or everyone. It’s been reported that it was Cutler; we’ve heard it was broader than that.”

    You mean you hope it was Cutler…*click click click*

  2. I want this guy on my team and I’m a Seahawks fan. That sounds inspirational to me. That’s the kind of tirade you want in a locker room. Get fired up! Get those wins!

    Sounds like a locker room leader to me.

  3. There’s a long term trend among frustrated people: have a juvenile, self serving meltdown , then insist afterward that you’d do it the same way all over again if given the chance , even though everyone knows you wouldn’t.

  4. so you heard it was Cutler and are just going with that because you don’t like him. every other site I have read said he went after everybody but especially the offense but not just Cutler by himself. if it was just Cutler then why would there be more than Marshall’s voice heard?

  5. Leaders lead. Brandon Marshall realizes that since Cutler is never going to have a tirade like that, it is up to him to tell is like it is.

    Hopefully it was enough to turn this ship around. The offensive tackles need to perform to the very best of their ability. We need to get DJ Williams off the field, and someone needs to tell Tim Jennings he’s below average these days.

  6. same old marshall – same old loudmouth –
    a disruptive force on all teams that he’s been with. He should be traded to raiders or jets for late round draft pick

  7. Marshall and a large segment of the Bears locker room may be fed up with Cutler, but what can they do?? He’s got Fort Knox and isn’t going anywhere (good Elvis impersonator too)!

  8. This just makes me that much more glad to be a Packers fan.
    They don’t have meltdowns. We get R-E-L-A-X from our QB.
    Every fan of losing teams should prefer that instead of tirades.

  9. Marshall is too slow to be traded to the Raiders , who prefer really fast guys who provide little to no production. The New York Jets would be the ideal team for Marshall — he’s a spotlight hogging diva and locker room cancer , making him the perfect fit for them.

  10. metalhead65 says:
    Oct 21, 2014 5:59 PM
    so you heard it was Cutler and are just going with that because you don’t like him. every other site I have read said he went after everybody but especially the offense but not just Cutler by himself. if it was just Cutler then why would there be more than Marshall’s voice heard? ———————————————————————————————————————————————— actually he never said he needed to play better, he just went off on every one else. just saying marshall isn’t exactly blowing up the league. i think somehow the lions gave their end of the season slide, fall apart issues to the bears. just saying. if your gonna get upset with your teamate you had better start with your self. i mean if he had 6 or 700 yards and 6 or 7 td’s right now maybe he doesn’t have to lead with himself. but so far marshal has been average at best this season.

  11. and cutler never accepts responsibility for his mistakes… bears are on a downward spiral… if you disagree call your sports talk radio host and ask them. i heard a couple this morning on 670 the score say that aaron rodgers and 10 clowns could beat the bears. i believe he’s right. but hey it could be worse bears fans, you could be the vikings already preparing for a win in the off season with the first pick of the draft????

  12. …I don’t see Cutler as being the “first one to practice, last one to leave” type of QB…rather he’s more like the “Ouch…this hangnail really hurts, where’s my check?” type.

  13. As usual, it’s easy to blame the QB. However, the Bears were dreadful in every phase of the game.

    Why doesn’t someone from the media ask Marshall what specific actions he took during the game that were different from his teammates. I saw none..

  14. It’s Chicago. The Bears. 1-1 in the Super Bowl. It’s a tradition of mediocrity, bro. You should know this? Did you think bringing in a college coach and a worn-out DE would change that? Clearly, of your many personalities, none of them possess intelligence. ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!!!! Right Chicago fans???

  15. Funny story:

    Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler both have Tuesday radio shows.

    Aaron Rodgers has never cancelled. After his broken clavicle, nope. After the team started 1-2 he came on and said R-E-L-A-X.

    So when the “leader” of the Bears throws a pick and his team goes under .500, their team has a meltdown, and you want to be able to hear something to calm you down, what does the famous Jay Cutler do?

    Cancels his show.

  16. Locker room turmoil is a myth.

    I’ve witnessed the Oilers of the 1990s with Kevin Gilbride and Buddy Ryan and we’re crying about the Bears???

    It was already dumb to cry about the Cowboys of 2008.

    Let’s worry about locker room turmoil when a team is getting to 0-16 and more players start to act like Charles Haley.

  17. Marshall has been with the Bears for 3-4 years now and they are a .500 team since they got him. He dosent make his qb’s better just blames them when things go wrong. If the Bears were smart they would do like the Seahawks did with Harvin.

  18. Locker room harmony is a fake requirement for success.

    It’s pushed on by media idiots because they’re around locker room and coaching staff anti-intellectuals and fall for stories that make them weep, thus showing what low-life sapps they truly are.

  19. Whatever happened to point differential???

    Media response: i hate math!!! I’m bad at it!!!

    So when a company is successful, do solely attribute it to workers holding hands???

    No!!! Costs vs. Profits!!!

    Same in football!!!

    Points scored vs. Points allowed.

    Also, why are we NEVER blaming Mel Tucker. He’s never had an annually dominant defense?? The Saints fired Spagnuolo. Why did we keep that man of ineptitude???

  20. yeah his teammates should get on his case when he dropped some balls. stop throwing your teammates under the bus and grow up dude!

  21. Marshall deserves better.
    The Bears got duped into resigning that autisti,err, moody quarterback who seems to lead from the back.
    Urlacher was right about Cutler….you can google his quote.

  22. Marshall shouldn’t be sorry. He’s right. He was clearly injured and was playing through it and scoring. I wish the rest of the cared like he did. But Cutler isn’t the biggest problem, despite what a lot of people want to say because they don’t like his personality. Look at the defense. It doesn’t stop teams, or really even slow them down. Only 2 teams in the past 1 1/2 seasons haven’t put up at least 20 points, and they forced one punt combined in packers and dolphins games. How the defenders look the offensive players in the eyes on this team is beyond me. They don’t play with any pride, are incredibly soft, can’t tackle or cover, and are consistently out of position. It’s a historically bad defense (allowed 50 more points last season than the runners up in our team’s history), and until they play better, it doesn’t matter what the offense does.

  23. Funnier story:

    Last night Eddie Vedder asked Aaron Rodgers if he would be up for a straight up trade for Jay Cutler.

    He said he had never seen a grown man laugh that much.

  24. people with Borderline Personality Disorder who engage in self centered rants blaming everyone around them for being unable to sustain themselves as the center of the universe isn’t surprising at all….

    whats surprising is that the Bears continue to put up with that and believe his ridiculous story that he’s “healed”

    he’s a locker room poison and has always been

  25. I agree …He without question has a Personality Disorder. With his guidance the Bears are 3 wins and 4 losses and must beat the Patriots in New England just to get back to a .500 team.

  26. Watching Cutler throw a TD pass tells me all I need to know about him. He is the only one I remember who throws a TD pass and then just sulks off the field, no running down the field to celebrate with the WR, no camaraderie at all.

  27. I’m glad Marshall isn’t backing down. The Bears need more guys with his passion for the game, especially after that lifeless performance against Miami.

  28. If Duh Bears try hard enough they might be able to squeak out the Vikings for the NFC North cellar

  29. The odds of the Bears winning the Super Bowl: 1 in 100, NFC championship: 1 in 50, NFC North championship: 1 in 15. At the start of the season Vegas gave the Bears a 2 in 7 chance to win the NFC North. The odds of Jay Cutler getting injured 3 to 2.

  30. Does he have any regrets about his subpar play this year? He’s more interested talking football on HBO and setting up for his after football days than playing now. Have always been happy he’s not on my team. Go lions!

  31. All this talk about Cutler and Marshall when it starts at the top with Trestman. Team just is not ready on many Sundays but then occasionally they phone in a good performance. Tough for the Vegas crowd and tougher on loyal Bear fans.

  32. He shouldn’t regret it. After that disaster on Sunday, things needed to be said. At least two of their losses could and should have been wins, and to be 0-3 at home is inexcusable.

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