Rice has filed grievance against Ravens

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The Ray Rice litigation tree officially has sprouted another branch.

Per multiple sources, Rice has filed a grievance against the Ravens challenging the team’s decision to terminate his contract on September 8.  The Ravens cut Rice within hours after the video emerged of Rice striking his then-fiancée (now wife) in the head in an Atlantic City elevator.

Rice’s position is that the Collective Bargaining Agreement permits one punishment for infraction.  In July, the NFL suspended Rice two games for the assault.  Then, immediately after the video surfaced, the Ravens cut Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

If successful on both grievances, Rice would be eligible to receive $3.52 million from the Ravens.  That’s the amount he would have earned if reinstated as of Week Three of the regular season.

Rice’s grievance against the NFL has been set for November 5 and 6.  It’s unknown when the grievance against the Ravens will be resolved.

Regardless of Rice’s infraction, he has rights.  The Ravens and/or the NFL knew or should have known exactly what he did when he was suspended by the league for two games.  The move to cut him (by the team) and to suspend him indefinitely (by the league) obviously was driven by the intense public reaction to the elevator video.  And while the moves may have won the Ravens and the NFL points in the court of public opinion, the team and the league arguably (or actually) screwed this up by not getting all of the pertinent evidence before suspending Rice in July.

84 responses to “Rice has filed grievance against Ravens

  1. Getting cut is not a punishment. He has a point in his fight against the additional suspension but no case against the Ravens

  2. Also, is this considered two punishments or just an extension of the initial punishment… making it a single punishment?

  3. Ray Rice is a horrible person.

    And deserves to be in prison right now.

    A disgrace of the color purple.

    Luckily, the Minnesota Vikings players make it up for it in pure class, unlike the Ravens.

  4. Against the league he should win, but teams can cut players whenever they want so he should lose against the Ravens.

  5. IF this guy wins his right to play again, I wouldn’t want him on my team if I’m a GM or head coach. The media circus and his attitude would suck.

  6. Too bad Justin Forsett is eating your dinner, Ray. Maybe that pumpkin pie hair cutted freak in Oakland will have you once most of the stink washes off, because old RBs are so in demand. Loser.

  7. The ravens can cut anyone at anytime, they just have to fulfill contract agreements upon termination and deal with NFL salary cap implications. The NFL is the office who is going to be writing a big check to ray rice for their fumble.

  8. No wonder unions are dying! So, the players are going to pay to defend this ——–, right! Love unions, maybe they can do for football, like they did baseball.

  9. The grievance should more against the league. They did punish him twice. Rice will probably be reinstated. No one will sign him.

    The team on the other hand, has the right to cut players whenever they wish to.

  10. Florio… correct me if I’m wrong, but NFL contracts are not guaranteed and therefore can be terminate at any time. What grounds for recourse does he have with the Ravens?

    I understand the “double jeopardy” clause in the CBA and find it hard to believe the league will wiggle out of that one, but I’m confused on what basis you can argue that a team can’t terminate a non guaranteed contract?

  11. How embarrassing for the Ravens. You know they cringe at the mention of his name, and just want to bury this forever.

    This will always be a black mark on Ozzie and Harbaugh.

  12. So now teams can’t cut a player if they want to? Look we hate the Rats, but that’s ridiculous. This game used to have respect. Football players played football. Coaches coached football. Now the game is nothing more than suits, pens, and bottom lines. We hate what this league has become.

  13. Due process wasn’t given to him, and no matter how despicable the act was, he still gets the right to plead his case, have a mediation and have a resolution.
    Suspending him for two games in agreement with all parties and claiming not to have actually seen the in car video, didn’t do Goon-dell any favors with the paying public or his advertisers.

    Trust me; this is gonna get a whole lot uglier than anyone could have possibly imagined.
    Wait until the subpoenas come in and they have to testify who actually saw the tape and who wants to go to jail for perjury!

  14. “And while the moves may have won the Ravens and the NFL points in the court of public opinion, the team and the league arguably (or actually) screwed this up by not getting all of the pertinent evidence before suspending Rice in July.”

    What makes you so certain the Ravens didn’t have all the pertinent evidence initially? Think about the motives in every form and fashion at every stage of this debacle.

  15. Even if the Ravens lose the grievance, it was worth it to them in PR.

    As fickle as the media can be they stoked the fires on this one for many news cycles. Low hanging fruit and they didn’t have to do much work. The story wrote itself.

  16. I could only imagine Rice was going to have an amazing year behind the Raven o’line…..look what Forsett is doing. Kinda hope he does end up on a team but not one that the Ravens have to face.

  17. You made things worse for yourself, either way, you’ll never play again. If you want people to forget what you did, see yourself out the spotlight for a couple decades then show up at a Ravens game when they show the alumni, no one will remember you and no one will judge you. You did this to yourself, next time control your anger and don’t punch a woman scumbag.

  18. Like the article points out… no one condones what Rice did but he should not be punished twice, or in this case a third time, for the same offense. The league messed up the first time around and then tried to cover there butts after the fan/sponsor backlash.

  19. I’m the last guy rooting for Rice here, but the wrap up is absolutely right. Goodell botched the Rice case by not taking what he did seriously enough from the start. And he is the one who needs to receive some type of punishment for his failure in the case. And then we will be left hoping that all 32 teams decide to pass if Rice does get reinstated.

  20. Hopefully there is a clause in the contract that states, if Rice acts like a giant peice of garbage we can fire him and rip up his contract.

    The only thing he is entitled to, is having his balls removed.

  21. I guess Ray is trying to alienate the few Ravens fans he has left. PFT can blame the NFL and the Ravens for every part of this matter but the fact is that it’s all on Ray…. No one else.

  22. Not that I’ve ever read the nfl bargaining agreement, but why do the Ravens even need a reason to terminute his contract? Can’t you just cut a player for any reason?

  23. He’s 100% correct. NFL teams want players to live up to contracts…so do they. I figured the double jeopardy he was put through would come back to help him eventually. My bet is they end up settling around $2 million. Anyone putting thumbs down simply doesn’t understand contracts and more than likely works at Taco Bell.

  24. So has Roger gotten around to watching the video yet or is he still thinking about starting a new team in London instead?

  25. Man, the NFL really screwed this one up big time.
    As long as that video didn’t get seen by the public, they were going to be just fine with the two game suspension even though they probably watched the video or at least knew what he did to a woman.
    The whole thing was just handled wrong from the start. How many more bullets does Roger have for shooting himself in the foot?

  26. Hate it or hate it, the man has a point.
    Did anybody ask if Goodell met with Mr & Mrs Rice together?
    If he did then this would be a positive for Rice.
    I’m just askin’.
    He could not have been that stupid unless SHE asked to keep moving on.
    If she did ask the commish to “not punish us twice”. . then I get it.
    SHE should step up if that really happened.
    Just askin’.
    Family issues for the
    NFL needs to change off field behavior, but it’s about time because the winds are changing.

  27. So the 9.5 Million he’s due at the end of the season isn’t good enough?! Greedy lil punk! The Ravens should have cut him when all this first happened.

    He does have a right to play again, but this is pathetic.

  28. If I’m not mistaken both the NFL and a Team can impose their own sanctions and punishments as pointed out by PFT on multiple occasions. Now he has a case against the NFL, but one could argue that it’s not punishing him twice but extending the original punishment. His case against the Ravens is different story, the Ravens never punished him in the first place so cutting him was the first and only punishment they gave.

  29. @rdillage (and others): The issue at hand is that Rice was punished multiple times for the same incident. If the Ravens had terminated the contract for any credible reason NOT related to the video, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this today.

  30. It is obvious that he was punished twice for the same act and the only new information was that the press/public got the video and reacted strongly………He knocked out his fiance and should have been released for that initially. I think he wins, even if he can’t ever get his life/public support back……..Wish this wasn’t the case, but sure looks like he has a valid argument and claim.

  31. He’s in a Union, folks. When Union employees are treated unfairly, we file grievancees and get paid!! He WILL get his backpay. According to many people, Ozzy Newsome included, Rice told the truth from the first time they spoke, so you can’t say they fired him because he lied. If what he said is what happened, and you took him at his word and then allowed the NFL to punish him twice, you were wrong. He’s not coming back to the Ravens, but he WILL get paid

  32. I guess Ray is trying to alienate the few Ravens fans he has left. PFT can blame the NFL and the Ravens for every part of this matter but the fact is that it’s all on Ray…. No one else.

    I am a Ravens fan. But for $4mil, would you walk away?

  33. Im seeing a trend the NFL only follows the CBA when it benefits them. Cant be punished 2x for same incident. You lose NFL and the Ravens.

    Just like they didnt follow the CBA in the Jimmy Graham case.

    The League Office and Goodell are scum

  34. Regardless of the reasons the Ravens released him his contract was written that a portion of his original agreement would still be paid. A lot of players have clauses like that in their contract. Pay the $3.52 million and be done with it. We don’t want him back, Forsett, Pierce and Taliferro are tearing up the field, why would we want Rice back? He was done last year.

  35. “No wonder unions are dying! So, the players are going to pay to defend this ——–, right! Love unions, maybe they can do for football, like they did baseball.”
    when over three million dollars of your salary is going away who wouldnt file a grievance to get the money,even you would. dont blame the union as its their job to protect their members in battles with employers.you compare the unions of working people in this country trying to get a dollar an hour raise for their members with the unions of pro sports athletes,no comparison,they have one thing in common only and thats the name.

  36. I’m amazed after all we have seen that some people still don’t get it or just can’t wrap their head around it. In certain cultures, here and around the World, things and actions that most of us find abhorrent are the norm.

  37. Ray hide ya wife Rice…man the media and some of you clowns really tore him a new one…Wasn’t as bad as the Vick witch hunt but still pretty brutal

  38. I don’t blame the Ravens for cutting him. They stuck with Ray Lewis and dealt with all the backlash that came with that. They don’t want to do that again.
    Legally, the Ravens can cut a player at any time.

  39. 1) Since when can not a employer fire an employee for any reason they see fit?
    2) Why isn’t Ray Rice in jail for what he did cause if I had done what he did, I would be in jail right now?

  40. The only issue I could think of from Ray Rice’s camp is that the Baltimore Ravens had seen or knew what was on the tape and were OK with it but then flip-flopped once the tape was made public and tried to save face.

    Everyone involved was guilty at varying degrees here but not nearly as offensive as Rice’s actions.

  41. What he did was deplorable, but he’ll probably win the grievance. Even if you believe the League’s story about never seeing the video, they and the Ravens actively avoided looking for it. Willful blindness will not save them, particularly since the contents of the video largely comport with what Rice told them happened.

  42. I still cant see why:

    1) The Ravens can’t cut him at any time
    2) The Ravens dont have the right to change their mind and cut him even though they originally decided not too.

    That is football, not punishment.

    Punishment was the league suspending him once, then again indefinitely. That is double punishment and is the case that can go somewhere.

  43. Luckily, the Minnesota Vikings players make it up for it in pure class, unlike the Ravens.


    Because Adrian Peterson found out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Texas state courthouse.

  44. All the Ravens have to say for that to go away is “We were holding onto Ray until we saw how productive the other running backs we had on roster performed. Once we saw the production, we found we no longer needed his services.”
    But truthfully, if it is the usual contract, he is an ‘at will’ employee and can be terminated at any point without cause. Since he was suspended and not officially on the roster, he is not eligible for this year’s pay, IIRC.

  45. Really Ray? What’s next….. Playing the race card? You are showing your true colors now !!!!

  46. Had Roger gone with his gut and suspended him longer in the beginning instead of having compassion because Janay wanted him to, this could have been avoided.

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