Seahawks didn’t contact Patriots about Harvin trade


Nearly four days removed from the trade that sent receiver Percy Harvin from Seattle to the Jets, several confusing issues remain.

For example, if the Seahawks had become sufficiently fed up with Harvin that they would have cut him if they couldn’t have traded him, why didn’t they try to maximize their otherwise minimal return on the investment?  The easy answer is that they wanted to steer Harvin to a non-contender, a team that the Seahawks would be unlikely to face down the road, especially in the postseason.  And with the Jets at 1-6, there’s little risk that the Seahawks would encounter Harvin on February 1 in Arizona.  (Especially since Seattle will now have a hard time getting there.)

But the Seahawks reportedly called the Broncos about a deal that would have sent Harvin to Denver for tight end Julius Thomas.  So contending teams weren’t out of the question.

As AFC contenders go, the Patriots would have been the most intriguing choice.  Given Bill Belichick’s friendship with former Florida coach Urban Meyer, Belichick’s history of taking chances on receivers like Chad Ochocinco and Randy Moss, and the team’s clear need for playmakers on offense, the Patriots could have been drawn into a bidding war with the Jets for the kind of versatile weapon Belichick would love to have.  Which could have gotten the Jets more than a sixth-round pick that only becomes a fourth-round pick if Harvin remains on the Jets’ roster in 2015.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Seahawks didn’t talk to the Patriots about a possible Harvin trade.  It’s not known what the Patriots would have said, or whether they at a minimum would have feigned interest to get the Jets to give up more.  Regardless, it looks like the Seahawks were so intent to get rid of Harvin before the possibility of trading him leaked that they ended up doing a deal that wasn’t as good as it maybe could have been.

That’s not a knock on the Seahawks.  It merely demonstrates that, once they knew they were moving on, they moved quickly and decisively, possibly to avoid the distractions that would come from a week of two of rumors and reports regarding the possibility that Harvin would be traded.  It also shows that, for whatever reason, they decided not to do business with the Patriots.

Maybe the best explanation is that coach Pete Carroll, the last coach fired by owner Bob Kraft before Bill Belichick was hired, didn’t want to do anything to help the Patriots get better.

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  1. “Bill, it’s Pete.”
    “Hi Pete.”
    “Interested in Harvin?”
    “No, but you should tell Rex Ryan that I am.”
    “Haha, great idea, catch you later.”

  2. “Hey guys, that other really talented kid from UF who had some character issues worked out great for you, any interest in Harvin??”

  3. Perhaps they, as mentioned, were trying to trade Harvin for a quality TE… hence why they contacted the Broncos. With those options exhausted, they went to “Plan B,” which was dumping him to a team that hopefully they would not face in the near future. New England fulfilled neither of those criteria, unless you happen to think that they would have unloaded Gronk (doubtful), or that Seattle would want a player with his injury history.

    Not to mention, if all you will get out of the deal is a draft pick, why not aim for a team that would have a higher pick?

  4. Pats would have no interest in Percy. They have 80% of Harvin in Edleman at 10% of the cost. Plus Edelman can run a pass route.

  5. The last paragraph answered the question. Also, with big salary for Wilson and others, frankly the Seahawks don’t really need or want a #1 draft choice and the structured cost that comes with it.

  6. The Patriots do not pay people like Harvin to that kind of money. Plus they have 2 receivers who already move the chains by going across the middle and other options.

  7. I can see the Seahawks asking the Broncos for Julius Thomas in exchange for Harvin. The Seahawks could use an upgrade at TE and it never hurts to ask, even if there was no chance in hell the Broncos would agree to it.

    But it begs the following question: what player on the Jets interested Seattle?

  8. When you are an inconsistent, selfish, and a locker room wrecker, not many teams would want him.

    I can understand how his head got big though, a glorified KR drafted in the 1st round makes him think he’s worth a lot more than he is.

    Its been said many times, those guys can be found quite often in the 3rd round. That’s right where he belonged.

  9. HarVin wanted to go to a Super Bowl contender. He heard that the Jets say they were going. Plus he could be called the best receiver in the league by Rex.

  10. If I were Pete Carroll, I never would have called the Patriots either. There’s a possibility that Seattle and New England could meet down the road, and I doubt they want Harvin to be the story..

  11. Pete “didn’t want to do anything to help the Patriots get better”

    So, why didn’t he give the Patriots Percy? Adding a malignant cancer to the locker room isn’t going to help any team.

  12. What does Harvin care? He’s got his ring and he’s got a big contract, he doesn’t care where he plays anymore, the less he plays the more he gets paid to not play.

  13. I’m a little confused as to why the Seahawks would think trading Harvin to a contender would make that team better. Didn’t they think they were making their team better by trading him? Seems to me they should have been trying to get him to teams they might meet in the playoffs.

  14. The bandwagon Seattle fans seem to have calmed down a bit.

    With our Season shot (for a Viking fan) it’s nice to see the Seagulls get the short end of yet another trade with the Vikings.

    Yeah it’s schadenfreude (look it up Packer fans) but as a Viking fan one needs to take pleasure where one can.

    PS Xavier Rhodes is worth more than Harvin, thanx Seaslugs!

  15. There really is some justice in this life. Jets and Harvin deserve each other. Murphy’s Law has still not expired.

  16. The schedule makers will have the Seahawks playing the Jets to open up the season. It’s all about TV ratings and drama.

  17. Bet John Elway is still laughing about the Seahawks asking the Broncos for Julius Thomas in exchange for Percy Harvin.

  18. As another Vikings fan, not as dumb as the one above, I see that people forget how good Percy was for us in 2012 before he was hurt. He was being talked about as MVP before AP started to dominate. Percy can run routes, deep crosses, downfield and Seattle just didn’t use him that way. This is not a guy who can’t run route or catch balls, he was just misused and obviously has an attitude problem.

  19. DrSteveBrule says:
    Oct 21, 2014 4:19 PM
    The schedule makers will have the Seahawks playing the Jets to open up the season. It’s all about TV ratings and drama.


    The Jets play the NFC East next year, So that can’t happen until 2016.

  20. We’ll never know but I hope that Elway and the entire Broncos organization laughed at the Seahawks when they asked for Julius Thomas straight up for Percy Harvin. That’s a Madden style trade that you’d still have to force the cpu to accept. Julius Thomas has about as many TDs with the Broncos, 21, as Harvin had receptions with the Seahawks, 23! Ridiculous.

  21. Carroll was fired by the Pats with good reason. He took a team that made it to the SB though lost it under Parcells, and ran it out of the playoffs. Carroll’s record with the Pats got worse each year he was there.

    He also had no control of the players. There were probably more off field incidents and arrests of Pats players in 3 years of Carroll than 15 years under Belichick.

  22. Why is there a story on something that never happened? There going to be stories now on the other 20 some teams that the Seahawks also didn’t contact with some conspiracy theory?

  23. Why does it matter if they offered the Patriots anything, how would this site know if they did or didn’t and how could any speculation regarding why they didn’t contact the Patriot possibly be correct.

  24. Pats have no money and are already 10 mil over the cap next year. They’re also content to win the AFC least and lose in the playoffs. Its what they do.

  25. Why does Seattle want an upgrade at tight end? Seams like You got one burner and your other injured one is an all around decent tight end. From the outside looking in it seems you need o line help bad and probably should have paid Tate as he could do return duties and is a better receiver then Harvin. Your front office gets a lot of credit but they certainly have had there share of draft misses the last couple years, not worse then the 49ers but id say every bit as bad recently.

    On the bright side this Arizona thing will fade out over the next couple week and this division will be back in the hands of the teams that should own it.

  26. Is the Percy Harvin for Julius Thomas line a joke? No way would Denver do that trade, Thomas is a top 3 TE, if not the top TE this year and Harvin wouldn’t even sniff the top 20 of WR’s this year.

  27. Elk you need to check your numbers. Pats are currently 15 mil under the cap and if it were to stay the same only 3 mil over next year before roster changes are made. And that’s if it goes up zero which seems unlikely.

  28. There’s a very good chance that Percy would blow up the locker room or choke out a coach. Therefore, you’d WANT to trade him to a contender.

  29. Guys, Carroll and Kraft talk about each other like father and son. It is a mutual admiration society. Do some homework.

  30. Contacting the Broncos about a trade for Harvin makes perfect sense. Why not dump you turd on the very likely 2014 AFC Champion, and steal one of their weapons at the same time.

  31. Pump em up Pete told bill he wouldn’t be sending the PED’s along with harvin in the trade. Bill realized that Seahawk players are no good without the needle in the rear.

  32. Did the talking heads in Seattle really think Denver would part with the best TE in the game today for an overrated diva WR? Seriously? I want to be in the room when they were shot down. Elway just laughing uncontrollably as he hangs the phone up. HA! Your franchise takes lessons on personnel transactions from Kevin Costner movies. How is reality setting in? Do you like being a MEDIOCRE team again? Sucks when you can’t mug WR’s, hu? Oh well, don’t worry, Seattle, just go back to watching the NBA. Oh wait……

  33. I think the Seahawks didn’t want to trade him to a contender unless they got something good out of it (like Julius Thomas). The list of other teams that they contacted looked like teams in the bottom 10 in the NFL.

    I can’t imagine the Seahawks have a lot of interest in players that NE has. NE isn’t going to give up Gronk and the next best TE isn’t better than a 6th round pick (minimum value of the trade) value wise.

    Really, the best thing NE could have done was offer a non-conditional pick probably in the same area (4th round maybe). At least with the Jets, that could be a high 4th rounder.

  34. Brady can’t throw the deep ball with accuracy anymore. Percy Harvin wouldn’t have been a factor.

  35. Xavier Rhodes is worth more than Harvin, thanx Seaslugs!


    I disagree with that.

    You have the same amount of INTs in your NFL career as he does.

  36. The difference is that Thomas is in a contract year and Gronk is not. It’s clear the Seahawks were after a TE, but everyone turned down their offer. No way would the Patriots let go of Gronk, who is not in a contract year.

  37. so they traded him to the worst team and getting the worst possible compensation in return. Way to screw your team up Seattle. Give up a lot to get Harvin then trade him to the worst team. Even if hurts your team pick wise and locker wise. I can see Lynch walking away and just retiring at the end of the season, Real upset about the trade And he was already thinking about Quitting the game last year. Not all player care about just the money and Lynch is one of those. Seahawks SB Champs with a dynasty in the making. To a crumbling empire cause from within the Organization on not how to deal with the issue of Harvin, to being stupid and trade him to the worst team they could find. Even at the expense of there own team. Someone head has to roll on this total ineptness within their staff to get the most out of harvin trade, instead of pouting and trading him to the worst team, so they can punish Harvin. This eates in the top 5 worst trades in the NFL. Trade a 1st 2nd 7th pay harvin 25 million guaranteed 12 million signing bonus and you get in return 7 games played and a 4thy round pick if you are lucky. Lets weight this out and see who got the worst of this trade…………..A: Minnesota 1st 3rd 7th B: Jets Harvin with Seattle paying part of his salary or C: Seattle losing 1st 2nd 7th and harvin Tate no money to resign him Browner no money to resign him and 25.6 million and part of this salary for harvin contract and the Sea Dummies get a 4th if lucky or a 6th

  38. This whole thing is so funny to me becuase I told my wife(49ers fans here,yeah yeah ,yeah)that harvin would be lucky to make it the 1st 4 games without injury-but traded after the 5 game lmao-the best just the best!!!

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