Bill Polian, Ron Wolf selected as contributor candidates to Hall of Fame


The Pro Football Hall of Fame added a new contributor category to help deserving non-players make their way to Canton, and the first two candidates have been chosen.

Via Jim Trotter of ESPN, a member of the nine-person committee, former Raiders and Packers executive Ron Wolf and Bills, Panthers and Colts General Manager Bill Polian are the first two contributor candidates.

Much like seniors committee candidates to the Hall, they will need 80 percent of a yes/no vote to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

The addition of those candidates won’t take away from the five spots reserved for modern-era candidates.

Wolf turned the Packers into contenders in the 1990s with the additions of coach Mike Holmgren and quarterback Brett Favre, and by wooing free agent Reggie White to Green Bay. The Packers were 92-52 during his stint as G.M.

Polian helped build the Bills into a four-time Super Bowl team, then authored a quick-build in Carolina which saw the Panthers make the NFC Championship Game in their second year of existence. He then failed to screw up the Peyton Manning-Ryan Leaf decision, setting the stage for the Colts to be perennial contenders.

12 responses to “Bill Polian, Ron Wolf selected as contributor candidates to Hall of Fame

  1. Wolf will get in for sure. Al’s right hand man for many years as much as Joesph Alioto was his left hand man.

  2. Another honor bestowed upon a Packer legend. Ron Wolf has one of the most influential lineages in NFL history.

    And congratulations to Bill Polian also.

  3. Wolf’s contributions to the Raiders (before going to Green Bay) were immeasurable. He was Al Davis’ right hand during the Raiders dominant years. It’s no coincidence that after he left the Raiders, the team became average and then (over the last dozen years) very bad.

    Wolf was successful without Al, but for the most part the reverse was not the case.

  4. It is a shame Gil Brandt is not in the HOF yet. Please put him in before its too late.

  5. Next year they should put one of the all-time great referees in the HoF. These guys are perfect for Contributor nominations. Remember, only the best of the best even make it to the NFL (just like players), and only the best of those make it to the playoffs and Super Bowl. And unlike each player, these guys are on the field for every down, making many critical decisions on each play.

  6. I like Polian – But, Bruce, Kelly, Reed, and Talley were all there BEFORE Polian.

    And in Indy, lots of us could have figured out that Manning was better than Ryan Leaf, and Manning was THE reason the Colts won.

  7. Dear God, putting Polian in would be an UTTER sham! Wolf is legit. The idea of that clown Polian in the Hall is a terrible, terrible joke, though.

  8. As a loooong time 9er fan and loooong time Cowboy hater, I have to say that it’s a crime that Gil Brandt hasn’t been selected to the HOF and now he’s looked over still in the Contributor category! What a shame! Shame on all those on the selection committee!
    The guy is still contributing today, he has an unbelievable football mind and as a talent evaluator he’s one of the best ever! Come on HOF selection committee, get it together!!!

  9. How is Bobby Bethard not in the Hall? Personel for the AFL Champion Chiefs in 1966, Director of Player Personnel for the 72,73 champion Dolphins, General Manager for the Redskins with 3 Super Bowl apperances, and 2 wins, took the Chargers to the Super Bowl in the 80’s. 1 AFL Championship Ring, An NFC Championship, An AFC Championship, and 4 Super Bowl rings.

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