Brandon Flowers officially out for Thursday night

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Once cornerback Brandon Flowers was diagnosed with a concussion last Sunday, it became doubtful that he’d be able to play against the Broncos on Thursday night.

The Chargers confirmed that the short turnaround wasn’t enough time for Flowers to get cleared on Wednesday by ruling him out of the contest. With the extended break before Week Nine, Flowers should have a decent chance of making his return when the team travels to Miami.

Flowers may not be the only cornerback out on Thursday. Jason Verrett missed last week’s game after limited practices all week because of a shoulder injury and he’s questionable after another week of limited practice. Steve Williams is also listed as questionable because of a groin injury. If neither can go, the Chargers will be down to Shareece Wright, Richard Marshall and Chris Davis at the position.

Linebacker Jerry Attaochu is doubtful with a hamstring injury despite getting in some practice time the last two days while running backs Ryan Mathews and Donald Brown and linebacker Manti Te’o have been ruled out once again.

21 responses to “Brandon Flowers officially out for Thursday night

  1. You gotta wonder about a CB who thinks he can take JC head-on. He must have had some previous dain-bramage.
    Get well soon BF, the Chargers need you bad.

  2. No complaints from Bolts fans. They’ll bring their best game to Denver tomorrow night. If they win, it will be sweet. If they don’t, it will be no sweat. They play Miami 10 days later than have their bye. When they return to play in mid-November they will have guys like Ingram, Mathews & Te’o back and Flowers, Attouchu, Verrett and Law will be healthy. This team could go 7-0 to finish the season. The fact that their first game after the bye is at home versus the worst team in the league is a bonus.

  3. A prime time game that may actually be competitive. Haven’t looked forward to too many of these Thursday night games

  4. “This team could go 7-0 to finish the season.” C’mon man…even you don’t believe that.

    To date they have beaten one team with a winning record. One.

    I will give you the Raiders and Rams after the bye. But then they finish the season @Ravens,Patriots, Broncos,@49ers, @Chiefs.

    They are not finishing the season 7-0.

  5. NFL Owners – ‘We really care about player safety. Hey, I’ve got a great idea, let’s have Thursday Night Football!’

    Welcome to Cognitive Dissonance.

  6. We beat them without Verret and Flowers at Denver before, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did it again. Manning’s whole game is based on preparation, not his athleticism. The score will be closer than people think…unless marshall plays like he did against the chiefs

  7. Bronco fan here. This is why the Thursday night games are a joke. Obviously i’ll still be tuning in, but players don’t have enough time to recover from Sunday. It’s the equivalent of getting into a car crash on Sunday, having three days to recover then go get into another car crash on Thursday. I’m glad money is put before the health of humans. Pray to the all-mighty dollar, NFL. Hit your knees and pray.

  8. sd619, yes you did beat them without Verett and Flowers before but that hasn’t been this year. This is now, not last year. Last yr we had starters out also. now I am not saying they cant but this Denver defense is no where near last years defense.

  9. sd619, I accidently hit the “Report comment” on the comment you made about beating the broncos. My bad ok, was not my intention at all. sorry man

  10. Oh of course and the broncos defense is practically more stacked than the offense this year and I believe their left tackle was out last year as well. Hopefully this game will buck the trend of these lame prime time games

  11. To the Broncos fan that said the Chargers played one team with a winning record—let’s check the who each team played and their record at the time.

    The Broncos:

    Week one, won against a team with 0 wins.
    Week two, won against the 0-1 Chiefs
    Week three, lost to the Seahawks
    Week four, beat the 3-0 Cards
    Week five, beat the 1-4 Jets
    Week six, beat the 4-2 49ers.

    The Chargers:

    Week one, lost against a team with 0 wins
    Week two, won against the 1-0 Seahawks
    Week three, won against the 2-0 Bills.
    Week four, won against the 0-3 Jaguars
    Week five, won against the 1-3 Jets
    Week six, lost against the 2-3 Chiefs.

    Here’s what the numbers tell us: Both teams beat a team the other couldn’t, Chiefs, and Seattle; the Chargers won against the Super Bowl Champs, the Broncos lost to a team that didn’t get past the Wild Card round. The most important fact is Both teams played and won twice against teams with winning records.

    I will break it down further, to give the Broncos the favorable grade (deservedly so) over the Chargers.

    Denver won against teams with 7 wins, 7 losses the Chargers won against teams with 4 wins, 6 losses. The Broncos have a slight edge at this time based on who played who, but only slightly.

    So before we go around talking about the quality of wins, please understand what is really going on.

  12. humb0lt says: Oct 22, 2014 4:33 PM

    No complaints from Bolts fans. They’ll bring their best game to Denver tomorrow night. If they win, it will be sweet. If they don’t, it will be no sweat.
    Welcome to San Diego! If we win we care, and if we lose, we don’t.

  13. I’m of two minds on this game. On one hand, like all other NFL fans, I’m hoping for a compelling game. On the other hand, another Thursday night blowout might actually get the NFL to schedule the Thursday night games following a bye week.

    I know I sound like a broken record on this subject, (at least for those of us who are old enough to remember actual vinyl records) but I just feel like it’s a very important issue.

  14. Three division games in 11 days is a joke, and somewhat suspect frankly.

    I don’t know that the Chargers are healthy enough to even keep it competitive. But we’ll see.

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