Brian Cushing will miss at least a week with knee issue

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When discussing highlights of Pittsburgh’s Monday night win over the Texans on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Ross Tucker noticed that Houston linebacker Brian Cushing was having trouble moving.

He was, because of his knee.

Per a league source, Cushing will miss at least one game to rest his knee, which has been bothering him for the last two weeks.  The source says Cushing hasn’t been close to 100 percent, and that the knee has been drained a few times recently.

It’s the same knee in which Cusing tore the ACL last year.

The goal is to give Cushing some rest in the hopes that the knee will improve.  With two games left before the bye (against the Titans and Eagles), don’t be surprised if he’s out until Week Eleven at Cleveland.

15 responses to “Brian Cushing will miss at least a week with knee issue

  1. He looked awfully slow against Pittsburgh. The injury might explain it but he was an obvious liability.
    Big muscles, very good looking, but very over-rated.

  2. Maybe its just me, but there seems to be A LOT more injuries already this season than in seasons past. Lamaar Woodley injured too. I’d like to see some statistics on injuries for the last five seasons or so, cuz like I said, there’s been a ton of injuries already this year. I was gonna blame it on the 24/7 news cycle and that maybe in past seasons we just didn’t hear about as many injuries, but we’ve had the 24/7 news for the last decade, so that can’t be it. Weird. Any theories?

  3. I love Cushing and his intensity, but when Rick Smith gave him the contract extension early last year (after he came of a knee injury) I was scratching my head. Front office moves like that are the reason we have had cap issues and couldn’t retain key players.

  4. Same thing with clowney.. This team is not going to win a sb. Coaches jobs are not on the line. Let Cushing recover fully and stop draining hus past injured knee. I don’t get how these coaches dint see this. If I were Bob McNair I’d slam down the gavel hard in a meeting and let then know the future is better planned for when you don’t risk my best players now for no rreason.

    Except romeo. I don’t think he’s a good dc.

  5. It’s unfortunate that Brian Cushing will probably have a lingering issue from such a cheap shot for the remainder of his career. Best of luck Cush!

  6. Although he may not admit it, Cushing doesn’t like playing 2nd fiddle to JJ Watt on defense. He knows he isnt in the spotlight anymore because of Watt. Cushing wants to be the big star again. He never should have won rookie of the year in the first place.

  7. HGH should get him back so he just misses the 1st Q of play.

    Cushing keeping that D-ROY award after testing positive was just another travesty of the Goodell era.

  8. Anyone with the stupid steroid or injury prone comments are retarded. He had cheap players take cheap shots at the same leg in consecutive years. This guy was a monster middle linebacker and could have had a career where he ended up being one of the best of all time. This is just sad.

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