Cary Williams: Chip Kelly listened to practice concerns

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Cary Williams: Lover of sconces, champion of the working man.

The Eagles cornerback, who criticized coach Chip Kelly’s practice regimen earlier this season, said those practices have changed.

And he says the defense is better for it.

Changes were made,” Williams said, via Eliot Shorr-Parks of “Last couple weeks, we have been implementing some changes and things like that, and we have been reaping the benefits of those changes. . . .

“I don’t know if I provoked those changes. My job isn’t to talk about those things, or how long practices may be, or what the tempo is.”

Williams said he talked to Kelly about his concerns, and that since then certain segments were cut from Wednesday and Thursday practices.

Since the game that prompted the blow-up (the day they made Kirk Cousins look like an NFL quarterback), the Eagles have played better, and posted a shutout last week.

“Physically I definitely feel the changes, and I think a lot of guys feel the same way,” Williams said. “Chip is understanding that, and he understood that, and he came out and said that was probably the reason why we did what we did [against the Giants]. But we also had a great week of practice. Whether it was a shortened practice [or not], we still put attention on the little things — the fundamentals.”

Whether Kelly shortened his work to accommodate complaints from players — or just threw them a bone to make it appear he did — the fact he listened separates him from many coaches.

15 responses to “Cary Williams: Chip Kelly listened to practice concerns

  1. In Chip We Trust

    The mantra is in full bloom.

    Kelly listens with an open mind and a willingness to change. You will not hear about it but I bet Chip started collecting mountains of data that drives the change. Kelly isn’t doing anything because 26 shot his mouth off….again


  2. “My job isn’t to talk about those things…” was said as he was talking about those things.

    I don’t think we listen to ourselves when we speak.

  3. Andy Reid refused to change. That’s why the Eagles never won a Super Bowl with him. In any organization it is important to embrace change if you want to be successful. The NFL is no different. Good job Chip.

  4. Willing to change?? You guys have coaches who do that on teams you root for??? Marvin Lewis won’t even change what he says in every single press conference.

  5. Not necessarily true that Employee 26 won’t be on the team next year. Fletcher will be a free agent, and the Eagles don’t have a ton of other CBs. 50-50 he stays.

  6. I think any NFL coach coming from college that isn’t willing to bend to the NFL will be destined to fail. Some of these players are aging veterans that can’t be run like 19 year olds. You have to respect the players but at the same time not caving to every whim. I think Chip strikes that right balance and cutting Jackson showed that he will go the other way too. BEAT ARIZONA!!

  7. This Arizona secondary smells worse than a baby diaper! Too many injuries on that defense to slow down the Eagles. Only way I see this being a close game is if the Eagles turn the ball over.

  8. It’s a shame “Cary Williams,” a mediocre C/B at best, has yet to learn “To keep his mouth shut,” and keep team business in the club house. Voice your concerns to the coach, yes, but not through the “News Media.” Chip is a players coach, the team in reality, “His true family,” and will handle their concerns with this type of mentality. I doubt that Williams will last another season…

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