Joe Philbin “excited” about Dion Jordan’s return


Defensive end Dion Jordan was back at practice for the Dolphins on Tuesday, the first time he’s been able to take part in work with his teammates since the start of the regular season.

Jordan spent the first six games of the season serving a pair of suspensions for violations of the league’s drug policy, which added off-field questions to any on-field ones raised by a quiet rookie season for the third overall pick of the 2013 draft. Jordan said he “bettered” himself during his time away from the team and that people should feel confident that he’ll remain drug-free, two things he likely shared with coach Joe Philbin in recent conversations.

“We’ve talked numerous times,” Philbin said, via the Miami Herald. “It’s about looking forward and moving forward in all aspects, professionally, personally. I’m excited about having him back.”

Philbin said that no decision will be made on activating him for Week Eight until later in the week. If Jordan can be a factor defensively upon his return, it should allow Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon to play fewer snaps and remain fresher come the second half of games.

11 responses to “Joe Philbin “excited” about Dion Jordan’s return

  1. Jordan needs to come back as an outside linebacker instead of a pass rushing end. With Wake, Vernon, Selby and McCain we are plenty deep.

    Jordan has good coverage skills and would be a step up in replacing Wheeler.

  2. jets and dolphins should realize they should just trade coples and jordan, both would be great fits for the other teams, and not on their current ones. jets need an olb, dolphins need a versatile 4-3 dl.

  3. Too bad they don’t tell us what that “drug” was (recreational or Steroids). Actually, it’s a sure thing it wasn’t a steroid. If it was…..he had no clue how to use them. Just another string bean “Taylor cutout.”

  4. So far with Jordan the only drugs needed to be taken are anti depression drugs. Those prescribed to all that hoped he could live up to his potential. Still has a lot to prove on and off the field. Dolphins can’t trade him with 2 violations so they are stuck with him. Hopefully he wakes up because he could be special.

  5. The cat hasn’t even played that much how can dip stick Philbin be excited, but I guess we’ll see what we get!!! Philbin should be gone after this year anyway because Philbin can’t win against our division… but at least we did beat the patsies 1 time!!! I still keep my hopes that he will win the division games left & beat the Broncos & Chargers!!! GO FINS!!!

  6. With the trade deadline coming, why not see what Cleveland would take for one of their “Baby Backs”
    I would imagine West could be had reasonably and Crowell would be a higher draft pick

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