Robert Griffin III gets more practice work as return gets closer


Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III is getting closer to returning to the field. But maybe not close enough to play on Monday night.

Griffin got a heavier workload in practice today while wearing a brace on his injured ankle, according to Tarik El-Bashir of Griffin did individual drills, took snaps both in the shotgun and under center, dropped back and passed.

What Griffin didn’t do (at least in the portion of practice open to the media) was run at full speed. And until Griffin can do that, he’s not going to be cleared to return.

So Colt McCoy is likely to start on Monday night against the Cowboys, Kirk Cousins is likely to be the backup, and Griffin is likely to be inactive. But Griffin is at least making enough progress that he’s getting closer. Griffin should be back in November. Just in time to play some meaningless games for a team that’s out of the playoff race.

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  1. Don’t start him until he is 100%, not 99.9%, but 100%. And, better yet, maybe a week after that.

  2. As much as it pains me, I must route for these skins this weekend. I’m glad at least McCoy is getting a shot with a real offense around him for once in his career.

  3. Griffin should be back in November. Just in time (I mean) Another LONG LOSING YEAR of playing some meaningless games for a team that’s out of the playoff race.

  4. According to an extremely credible source, Robert Griffin III will be the greatest QB, and human being for that matter, to ever walk the face of this great earth. Everyone should prepare to see a spectacular show of talent as the Skins win multiple Superbowls on the way to RG3’s HOF career.

    Top 5 human beings in history of mankind:

    1. RG3
    2. Santana Moss
    3. Dan Snyder
    4. Jesus
    5. Marion Barry


  5. Pushing himself back onto the field too soon is becoming a pattern. If you’re not 100%, your injury causes you to move and react differently than you’re used to, and that increases the chances of hurting something else. Take the time and get healthy — the coaching staff need to be the adults and sit him down even if he claims he’s ready.

  6. Has RG learned to slide during yet another injury layoff? How about the nuances of being a pocket passer? Might I also suggest a change in attitude and putting the team ahead of self? What exactly is his ‘logo’ about again??? Talk about self-absorbed.

  7. Cousins and RG3 have a lot in common. Cousins has command of the offense, but RG3 has the athleticism. The difference is when he gets in trouble Cousins throws a dumb pick. When in trouble, RG3 takes off and runs for a season ending injury. Gruden played QB. Honestly, if he were player-coach I think the ‘skins MIGHT be better off.

  8. The Colts org and fans LOL every time they see this poor excuse for a QB mentioned, thanking their lucky stars every day that they have Luck instead of this guy.

  9. as terrible a QB as Robert is, Cousins should have personal shame for not taking advantage of the opportunity he had. From the moment he said the job was still Roberts I would have kicked his tail off the team.

  10. Is this supposed to stir optimism? He only started to look decent against the Jaguars….and everybody looks decent against the Jaguars.

  11. For RG3s sake, I hope they rest him til after the bye week. Otherwise, they’ll re wreck the recently repaired racecar, the first race back. Didnt they learn anything from last years debacle of rushing him back?

    As far as Dallas goes, I know these teams always play hard, and you can never really know what will happen, but does anyone HONESTLY think the Skins D is going to contain Murray, or Dez? In that sense, it doesn’t really matter what QB washington starts, they aren’t likely to win.

  12. This injury was the best thing for RG3. He got to learn the playbook, and more importantly, everybody got to see that Cousins is just a backup so when RG3 struggles again, nobody will call for Cousins.

  13. Shhh. Colt is our secret weapon. Dallas, you better watch…. LOL, I can’t even type it. We have no chance. Well, maybe as much chance as Jim Carey landing Lauren Holly in Dumb and Dumber.

  14. Football is such a brutal sport. Many miss a lot of time, not just RGIII.

    But, this season is already gone for the Skins, regardless of the reasons.

    This is RGIII’s third season in the league and even if he comes back strong, it’s still a lost yr for the Skins as a team.

    His 2nd season in the NFL was a lost year too for the team.

    His 1st season was good, playoffs etc…

    Even if he plays well next season, his 4th and they do well, make the playoffs I mean, it will only be his 2nd good season out of 4.

    he needs to stay healthy next yr and then the year after etc… If he does then after 5 yrs in the league he’ll have 3 good seasons and 2 wasted seasons for a 60% mark of good seasons.

    Again, it isn’t just RGIII, but many in this tough sport.

  15. Even though it looks bad, I still think there is potential for this team. Check out these rankings:

    389.4 yards per game on offense (5th best in the league)
    321.9 yards per game on defense (7th best in the league)

    How can this team be 2-5???? (Turnovers……)

  16. A lot of the troubles this team has suffered this season are good for the long term…..The questions about Cousins being actually being the guy? Answered….Do we pay Orakpo a lot on a long term deal? Answered…….Does Ryan Clark have anything left in the tank? Answered……Can Meriweather do much anymore? Answered……
    DeAngelo Hall and Orakpo’s injuries provide a ton of real game experience for guys who otherwise would not have it (Trent Murphy & Baushad Breeland)…..

    So really, the expectations for this year were not great anyhow, and some things look a mess, but may turn out to benefit the team in the coming years…..Can RG3 ever be the guy he’ supposed to be? I think we’ll know the answer to that question by the end of this season as well…..

  17. jacktheraven says:
    Oct 22, 2014 4:01 PM
    30 Comments? I didn’t know that many people cared.


    Ironically, you took the time to comment.

  18. As a loyal Redskins fan that features men who work hard and who improve each year, the moment that deadbeat Ginger Rogers Griffin steps on the field as the starting QB I will hope the Redskins lose, lose big, and that Ginger is removed from the field on a stretcher.

    There is no longer any need to think that Ginger is a pro football quality QB – he has lost 18 of 29 games that he has started and finished and has three wins in his last 14 starts and finishes.

    The problem with the Redskins isn’t that Cousins throws interceptions or that McCoy was a loser in Cleveland. The problem with this team is that we squandered 4 draft pics for a player who has three wins over the last season. Each problem this team, the Redskins, faces is directly tied to the draft picks that were squandered to acquire a gimmick with no leadership and no interest in improving.

    The sooner this clown is removed from the roster, the better. Since minor injuries haven’t shocked management, perhaps a double broken glass leg incident will convince them that he is not a franchise QB and never was.

  19. I thought Mr. Irrelevant was the last player taken in the draft not the second overall selection. Seriously, he isn’t even Randall Cunningham 2.0 and Subway sucks

  20. A quick re-cap on some of the ridiculous posts regarding Griffin.

    -RGMe (cute little 7th grader play on his name) is selfish. Can’t wait for the press conference to announce his return.

    Reality. Griffin has not held a press conference, put himself in front of the team, or made any comment about his return. He has done his rehab as prescribed and practiced as told.

    -He is the cause of the team being terrible.

    Reality. You can’t have it both ways. When Cousins is getting hit in the pocket and throwing picks or fumbling, you can’t say that it was Griffin’s fault. And the talk of the 3 picks, 2 firsts and a second, being the difference is dumb. How about paying Orakpo $11.5 million this offseason, then drafting Trent Murphy. That money could have been spent on a safety and a right tackle. Instead, it is sitting on injured reserve.

    -He has no skills.

    Reality. The kid has plenty of skill, and has displayed it. He needs the opportunity to get back on the field to play. And we need to get players on the field who are interested in displaying professional caliber skill around him.

  21. A “quick recap” that took you 20 mins to write. Your delusions are hilarious. RGMe is a proven egomaniac who absolutely did take very opportunity to draw attention to himself. Now, has it been less so after the last injury? I think maybe. Funny what a bunch of humble pie does for your attitude. The true test will be when he comes back. Is he still going to blame his failures on coaches etc. ? Or finally take accountability for his poor performance and losing.

  22. So you guys refuse to say Redskins in your copy but you’ll tag your posts with redskins? Why not remove it completely if that’s the stance you’re taking?

  23. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 22, 2014 1:04 PM

    One of the funnier trolls on here

  24. Even the team’s radio station tonight was suggesting that ownership and GM would play this story for PR Buzz leading up to Monday night TV coverage, instead of football reasons.

    Little Danny Snyder does love his toys.

    Although this being a rivalry, I’m expecting the Skins to play them close and their fans then to claim this means the team is now back.

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