Rodgers reflects on “R-E-L-A-X” remarks


After the Packers slipped to 1-2 following a miserable loss to the Lions in Detroit, Aaron Rodgers had some advice for antsy Cheeseheads.

“Five letters.  R-E-L-A-X.  Relax.  We’re going to be fine,” Rodgers said.

Fine they’ve been.  With wins over the Bears, Vikings, Dolphins, and Panthers, all that’s standing between a 6-2 record at the bye week are the Saints at the Superdome.  In a conference call with New Orleans reporters, Rodgers was asked about the reaction to his R-E-L-A-X routine.

“First people were impressed I remembered how to spell it,” Rodgers said, via quotes distributed by the Saints.  “I think when you say something like that you take on greater responsibility as a leader and you take some of the focus off the team and I think there is a time and a place for that.  Maybe we needed a little something like that before our Week Four game in Chicago.  We responded with a good performance, four in a row, our defense is playing really well, offensively we are starting to get things going a little bit, so every now and then you say stuff like that that sticks.  If we had lost Week Four it probably wouldn’t have gone over as well as it has because we’ve won four in a row.”

It won’t be easy to extend the run to five.

“They are better than that,” Rodgers said of the Saints’ 2-4 record.  “They are 2-0 at home I believe.  They are better at home.  They have lost some close games.  Very talented offense, a very talented defense and very well coached.  I have competed against Coach [Rob] Ryan before and I have a lot of respect [for] the whole family, Rex, Rob, and their father, a guy who obviously changed how defense is played in the league.  I have a lot of respect for them and their defense.  Talented group, they play really well at home, they put up a lot of points.  You have to be expecting Drew [Brees] and those guys to be scoring points so we need to score touchdowns in the red zone and score some points ourselves.”

We’ll find out how it plays out on Sunday night.  And hopefully it’s play out with a closer game that what we’ve seen on Monday Sunday nights this season.

51 responses to “Rodgers reflects on “R-E-L-A-X” remarks

  1. When will people finally realize the Green Bay Packers only win games because of Aaron Rodgers?

    Without Rodgers, this team has less talent that the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    No Defense Whatsoever.
    A Horrible offense line.
    Trent Richardson 2.0 at Running Back.
    A group of injury prone Wide Receivers.

    All topped off with a head coach who can’t call plays for his life.

    The Packers won’t make the playoffs this year.

    Zero Wins against teams with winning records – the 2014 Green Bay Packers.

  2. The Whole Packer Community shouldn’t listen to Aaron Rodgers advice.

    They already relax enough, as you can tell by their fan base.

    There’s a reason it only takes about five Packer fans to fill up a bench at Lambeau.

  3. He did spell it right. But you can see he spelled it slowly and carefully with a dash between each letter to give himself time to remember the next letter. Still, it worked, so we can’t be too critical. Luckily no one spotted him a “C”. That would have been interesting.

  4. “And hopefully it’s play out with a closer game that what we’ve seen on Monday Sunday nights this season.”

    Every Sunday Night game from Sept 21st onward have been blowouts…five games in a row.

    Hopefully this game won’t be the sixth…

  5. “Zero Wins against teams with winning records – the 2014 Green Bay Packers.”

    But they beat the Vikings, by like 87 points?????
    I’m confused…

  6. You can always tell when a player is truly great and Aaron Rodgers is GREAT! The way you can tell is when all the idiot fans of opposing teams start to bad mouth him. The jealousy level is through the roof. These are the fans that have QB’s like Gabbert, Bridgewater/Ponder and other scrubs. If they had Rodgers they would be in heaven but because they don’t they bad mouth him. If a player sucks you don’t have to say so because everyone knows it.

  7. No doubt Rodgers is good but he can be somewhat of a D-bag. He campaigns big time with the refs an whines every time an incomplete pass isn’t accompanied by a pass interference flag. Trust me, if you weren’t a Packer fan you would be annoyed by that routine as well. Obviously Packer fans are gonna love the guy.

  8. I have a ton of respect for this guy, as a Vikings fan I will be humble enough to not only acknowledge his greatness, but to say I have had the PRIVILEGE of him being our arch-nemisis and torching us year in and year out. He is a phenomenal QB, easily without question one of the top 3 greatest to EVER play the game… BUT… When he had to spell out the word “Relax”, it speaks volumes to not only his complete lack of personality other than that of a dull northern californian, but the fact that people in the putridly smelling state of Wisconsin needed him to phonetically sound out the word “Relax” after he spelled it to them on the radio, than retroactively go back and pretend like the “stock” they buy is real stock(even though it cannot be bought, sold, or traded on the open market, thus becoming a donation with a fake piece of paper which they assume makes them “part owner” of an NFL franchise, which is adorable).

    Again, as his nemesis, I don’t think…no…I know for a FACT that Packer fans have no idea how good this guy actually is. I know they name their firstborns after him but that is because Brett Favre defected to us, and the only other notable person to ever emerge from Wisconsin is Jeffery Dahmer so, enjoy the ride while it lasts, and rest assured, in about 5-6 years you will go through enough 25 year period of mind numbing mediocrity, BOOK IT. And we will be here to let you hear about it. Until than? Soak it up.

  9. Poor pftpoet. Things have really gone downhill for PFT’s answer to Baghdad Bob. The nightmare that is the Vikings’ season has finally sent him over the edge.

    Don’t worry, poet. In another two and half months the stark dystopia of reality will be over and you can go back to fantasizing about championships that your team will never win.

  10. We Packer fans really get nervous when inbred mud duck viking fans warn us that we wont make the playoffs. We hear it from you every year, and every year you are wrong.

  11. The Packers and Vikings have the perfect relationship — it’s the masochist and the sadist.

    The Packers administer the whoopings and the Vikings say “more please.”

  12. Rodgers is a great qb. As a Bear’s fan I enjoy watching him play, except against the Bears.

  13. There sure are a lot of purple tears flowing in this thread. If only trolling could fill your trophy case… am I right?!?

  14. Relax is apparently what the Viking brass was doing in 2005 when they had not only a chance but 2 chances to draft Rodgers.

    How’s Troy “Stone hands” Williamson doing for you?

  15. He’s certainly the best QB and maybe the best player in the NFL. The Packers have had 2 great QB’s the last 20 yrs like the 49ers had with Montana and Young.

  16. Carolina was 3-2-1 when Green Bay DESTROYED them…that is beating a team with a winning record.

    However, point taken. Green Bay rarely beats anyone with a winning record.

  17. The Green Bay Packers beat the 2-1 Chicago Bears on September 28 38-17.

    The Green bay Packers beat the 3-2-1 Carolina Panthers on October 19th 38-17.

    Not only have we beat teams with winning records, we were able to pull our Hall of fame QB from both routs.

    We also beat the Minnesota Vikings 42-10, their only touchdown coming after Rodgers was pulled. But keep talking about your dynasty pftpoet. That defense sure did well against the “juggernaut” Buffalo Bills. What’s next, you’ll be thrilled the Raiders “only” put up 27 on you?

  18. Im calling for an upset in the Dome. Saints squeak out a win against a formidable opponent. Saints get help by the refs after last weeks debacle in Detroit.

  19. You can sense Rodgers’ appreciation and knowledge of the game and the history of the NFL defenses by his remarks on the Ryans. He’s a phenomenal talent — that’s given. Makes me appreciate him more.

  20. If u could start a team taking any QB in his prime i would take 12 over anyone including brady and manning. Why? those guys are statues and only good behind solid offensive lines. 12 is a beast playing being crap offensive lines every year. Making greatness out of mediocrity around him, save for Jordy. Not only that but highest QB rating all time. Pretty simple really

  21. Love #12, dislike #4 to the max. It’s cool that you haters got to lose with #4, I love that while we keep winning with #12. Did it hurt, I thought so.

  22. Here we have another uplifting story of leadership and success coming out of Green Bay. That’s why I love football season. We’ll leave the shameful behavior and arrests to those plus sized degenerates in MN.

  23. Oh, poet. I understand the bitterness masked as snark. The Vikings only managed to have a Superbowl winning QB on their roster by letting a Packers QB do a retirement lap around their stadium for a couple seasons.

    But I admit, the Vikings QBs can be entertaining. I personally amuse myself by naming their interceptions. The two Ponder threw against the Packers were named Flopsy McDropsy and Mr. Wobbles.

    Of course I would never do that to Teddy Bridgewater. He’s a much higher class QB than Ponder, I wouldn’t dream of it.

    I’ll name his first interception against the Packers Sir Kenneth Picksington.

  24. Typical and offensive Viking fans. I mean really, pftpoet is an offensive sick troll, but the rest of you should know better. Oh wait, Minnesota.

  25. Vikings fans have the nerve to talk about us having a terrible O-Line. Our line is actually pretty good this year! Minnesota’s O-Line is really soft, Matt Kalil somehow had the arrogance to claim he was getting his confidence back after a 32 point beat down where they surrendered 6 sacks (and plenty against Detroit too!)

    How’s the man team doing? Since Peterson’s legal troubles began, te Vikes have won ONE game. Talk about a one man team….

    And the Defense is among the league leaders in takeaways and is playing inspired football right.

    Facts 1, Vikings fans -1

  26. thetruthcampaign says:
    Oct 23, 2014 9:21 AM
    How many shares does he own?
    That’s a good question and I have no idea but A-Rod just seems like the type that would buy a few to support the stadium and team and then hand them out to friends and family, doesn’t he?

  27. He’s the best QB and maybe the best player in the league. Wish the Vikings had a QB that good.

  28. Be very careful queens fans, all the hatred towards SUPER BOWL MVP Aaron Rodgers is like deja vu with the comments you used to make about Favre. Then he became your savior and he threw the INT against the Saints! Packer fans couldn’t have written a more fitting script. This makes me smile every day! Now go get a switch and dust off that empty trophy case!

  29. When will people finally realize the Green Bay Packers win games because of the personnel surrounding Aaron Rodgers?

    With Rodgers, this team has as much talent as any team in the league.

    Much-improved Defense.
    Much-improved Offensive Line.
    Killer Combo at Running Back.
    A group of intelligent Wide Receivers.

    All topped off with a head coach who has “been there” once before in his life.

    The Packers should make the playoffs this year and go deep.

    Wins against teams they should beat, and losses against teams they can beat– the 2014 Green Bay Packers.

  30. cmsaint9 says:
    Oct 22, 2014 8:49 PM
    Saints 34 Packers 31. Relax

    I’ve got $100 saying you’re wrong cmsaint9.
    I can already see the “AINTS” bags coming out.

    In reality, this should be a good game but I think the Packers have too much firepower for that Saints defense.

    Let’s say Packers 33 / Saints 24

    Brees will not be shutout but he’s a little off this year from what I’ve seen so far.

  31. indycheezhed says: Oct 23, 2014 11:33 AM

    Do Vikings fans who have to resort to calling people from Wisconsin names like fat and stupid, etc. realize how stupid that makes them look?

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe Vikings fans take their cue from tokyofilthblaster and the various names he calls us, not to mention making fun of a bridge collapse that resulted in multiple deaths?

    Rodgers is a GREAT QB, no doubt about that, but as someone mentioned above, GB would be nothing without him. You don’t even have a decent QB to attempt to develop at this time. Rodgers goes down and he takes the team with him. Proof is last season!

    As for beating teams with a winning record, yes, it did happen during the season, but what counts is those teams records AFTER the season. Any given Sunday as the saying goes. It would be interesting to see the final season records of the teams that GB has beat.

    Yes, you MIGHT make the playoffs, but getting there and doing well are two totally different things. One and out seems to be the GB specialty as of late.

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