Kessler and Ginsberg plan to interrogate Goodell

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Roger Goodell’s bad Wednesday has extended into Thursday.

Last night, the appeal officer jointly selected by the NFL and the NFL Players Association to handle the Ray Rice appeal hearing determined that the Commissioner will be required to testify. PFT later learned that there are no pre-set limits on the questioning, and that the interrogator will be longtime NFL nemesis Jeffrey Kessler.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, more recent NFL nemesis Peter Ginsberg also intends to question Goodell.

Ginsberg, who was retained directly by Rice, has handled several cases in recent years against the NFL, including the StarCaps litigation that delayed for many months the suspensions of former Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams. Ginsberg also represented former Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma in the bounty case, which ultimately resulted in former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue overturning all player suspensions — including Vilma’s one-year banishment from the sport.

Ginsberg’s intent to interrogate Goodell doesn’t mean it will be open season on the Commissioner, with Kessler and Ginsberg flailing away at the witness like a WWE tag-team wrestling combo. The NFL’s lawyers will be protecting Goodell with the right to object to any and all questions, and former U.S. Judge Barbara S. Jones surely won’t allow the witness to be asked the same questions repeatedly or to be badgered by either or both lawyers.

Regardless, the challenge gets a little more challenging if Goodell has to answer questions from both Kessler and Ginsberg.

15 responses to “Kessler and Ginsberg plan to interrogate Goodell

  1. That’s why he cashes those Big CHECKs….put your big boy pants on and strap it down.

  2. Just get this ridiculous case over with. Everyone handled it poorly and it needs to be done with – as a fan I am sick of seeing headlines for this still.

  3. What goes around comes around. Roger Goodell’s days as NFL commisioner are numbered. I love it. Ever since he slammed the Saints for the psuedo bounty scandal i have yearned for this day. Ha Ha! People looking for trouble ain’t near as tough as the ones waiting for it. Geaux Saints!

  4. Do the questioning in a dark room with a bright spotlight pointing into his eyes and a hang mans noose directly in front of him!

  5. Dear Roger, people are stupid. This is what happens when you listen to the twitter mob. They don’t care about Ray Rice anymore. They’ve gone back to keeping up with the Kardashian’s and you’re stuck holding the bag. Rice will find a new team, their fans will cheer for him and all the previous outrage will be forgotten.

  6. Just get this ridiculous case over with. Everyone handled it poorly and it needs to be done with – as a fan I am sick of seeing headlines for this still.

    As a fan I am glad this is still important. The pathetic Raven franchise needs to be shown for what it is …a bunch of lying mercenaries. Had they done the correct thing at first sight this would be long over, but their penchant for being above it all bit them in their butt.(same location). There can’t be enough embarrassment for the criminal loving Ravens. Keep it coming.

  7. I hope it’s just Kressler and Ginsberg and not Smith that question Goodell. Smith is not heavily involved in this case and therefore would surely ask the wrong questions. Kressler and Ginsberg are surely prepared to crush Goodell and get the truth out, and there’s is no way he can escape this one with his famous double talk

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