Harvin says he won’t be changing


Jets receiver Percy Harvin has had rocky times at the University of Florida, at Minnesota, and ultimately at Seattle.  So will his experiences change his behavior/approach in New York?

No, not at all,” Harvin told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post on Friday.

This meshes with Harvin’s prior explanation that the Jets have told him to be himself.  Although that’s what sort of created the mess that allowed him to be available to be traded.

Coach Rex Ryan made it clear that Harvin’s history won’t be held against him in New York.”What’s in the past is in the past,” Ryan said.

He’s right, but those who forget the past are damned to repeat it.  So Harvin won’t change and the Jets don’t care and, eventually, we’ll be hearing about all the things that happened with Harvin, and no one will be surprised.

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  1. I’d say this guy is going to have a T.O. style meltdown once he’s out of the league, but T.O. wasn’t an angry/violent guy, and I think Harvin will be out of the league a lot earlier than T.O.

    He’s clearly been coddled his entire life. When he finally has to face reality, it’s not going to be pretty.

  2. It is well known that Minnesota’s medical staff thought he was milking injuries and just overall a big whimp at the end of the day. Whenever these players are praised for their toughness to the public it’s usually the opposite behind closed doors. I’m sure he milked injuries in Seattle too. Have fun New York.

  3. I’d love to punch this guy in the face. I don’t even care if he’d kick my butt in retaliation. I’d be worth it to get a good shot in on him.

  4. Find a man who admits when he is wrong.

    He has self esteem, Ego in check and brains……but i could be wrong.

  5. Well Rex, then expect the past to be the present and future. Then regret will set in. People that refuse to see the evidence in front of their face should only blame themselves when it all blows up in their face.

  6. He seems to have a me-first, what I want and when I want it attitude. I thought coaches took character into consideration when choosing a player, unless…

    …Harvin was chosen for his potential to create melodrama and drive media coverage. It’s not like the Jets are new to that strategy.

  7. “He won’t be changing.” Good luck on your upcoming FOURTH team, where you will be on a one-year, no-risk minimum contract rife with clauses pertaining to conduct…smooooth Percy, smooooth.

  8. as a Hawks fan still such a disappointment how this all went down. the guy is so fast, and runs as hard w/the ball as any WR I’ve seen. all that, and still not worth the hassle to the guys who run the team. I guess I’m glad he’s someone else’s headline/headache now.

  9. I hope he falls flat on his face.
    If I were the Seahawks and the Vikings, I’d find one of those “team-first” hard worker, lunch pail kind of player and promote him as the “anti-Harvin”.

  10. This is better than expected. Not only is the NY media going to tear Percy apart, but he’s drawing extra coverage to Seattle and clearly getting them off their game.

    Nice work: Carroll, Schneider, Bevell – $19 mil, a 1st and 7th in 2013, 3rd in 2014 in exchange for the biggest headache you could imagine (or fake if your last name was Harvin), a couple of spectacular plays in a handful of games and a conditional 4th-7th round pick in 2015.

    comically pathetic.

    Not to mention the absence of dollars that could have been used to keep core players in key positions that walked in FA.

  11. This is just too easy. And I don’t want to repeat all the unoriginal crap that most people on this site write, but, good luck Jets fans. Even you deserve more responsibility from this talented but moronic cat.

  12. In the NY/NJ area, you can write the words “Cast-Off Problematic Wide Receiver” on your trash bags before taking the garbage to the curb, and the Jets will come pick it up.

  13. He can say he won’t change and then be the model citizen/player and show up Sea/Minn and restart his legacy. He won’t; but he could……

  14. You may be excited to have such a talent NY Fans/Rex, but take it from a Viking fan. When that dude is sitting on the bench late in a Championship game with a TUMMY ACHE, while the rest of the squad is out there getting bruised up, you’ll be sorry you ever rooted for the guy.

    Good luck!

  15. The NYJ Motto.
    Don’t go changing, to try and please me
    You never let me down before
    Don’t imagine you’re too familiar
    And I don’t see you anymore
    I would not leave you in times of trouble
    We never could have come this far
    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
    I’ll take you just the way you are

  16. The worst part about Percy Harvin is the un-earned sense of entitlement. The guy walks around as if he were T.O. or Randy Moss, but he doesn’t have (and will never have) the athletic achievements that those divas had. I was hoping he could have a breakout year with the Seahawks, but the talent level really isn’t there for Harvin. Yes, he is fast. And he can make people miss in the open field. But, he doesn’t do well after contact. And he isn’t a blocking specialist. He is all about padding his own stats, which is funny because he’s never really had an elite year in the NFL. Harvin has had 20 touchdowns in his carreer so far. T.O. had more touchdowns than that through 3 years (compared to Harvins 6 years). And yes, the QB differences are obvious, but it still doesn’t excuse Harvin for pretending he’s the most talented guy on the field. I had hoped for the best, but it turns out that Harvin really is only a headache.

  17. billswillnevermove says:
    Oct 24, 2014 3:05 PM

    The only person that will miss Percy Harvin more than Seattle………is Geno Smith!!!
    Seriously. LOL

  18. Harvin is grossly overrated. If he plays 15 years (he won’t) he is on pace for 8,600 career yards receiving, placing him 71 all time and bumping Laveraneus Coles. Except Coles got his 8600 yards in 10 years.

    If the oft injured Harvin only plays 10 years, he is on oace for a whopping 5700 yards…placing him in the 180s on the all time list and behind receiving superstar Mike Ditka.

    Yeah, I can’t imagine a more overrated player than Harvin.

  19. Amazing how fast seachicken fans run to this site to dump on Harvin. Without Harvin the seachicks don’t win the SB. The secondary has been exposed, and proven to be completely over rated. Harvin was the only receiver on that sorry team that knew how to run routes on specific coverages. Too bad for seadderal because they have a darn good QB. The fans are horrible, but I guess if I went as long as they did without ever winning ANYTHING then I would puff my chest out for a year as well. Have fun never reaching the pinnacle again.

  20. If he’s not changing, he won’t be with the Jets in 2015, and likely not with any other NFL team.

    It’s a shame that with so many other players working their tails off trying to stay in the league and wait for an opportunity to prove themselves, you have a guy like Harvin with tremendous talent who seems intent on allowing his bad attitude to waste that talent.

  21. skinsfolife says: Oct 24, 2014 4:20 PM

    Amazing how fast seachicken fans run to this site to dump on Harvin. Without Harvin the seachicks don’t win the SB.


    Ignoramus. Didn’t need him to get to the SB, didn’t need him in the SB.

    That was a defensive domination. Didn’t even need that KO return.

  22. Larry Johnson said the same thing when he went to the Bengals after the Chiefs kicked him to the curb. LJ didn’t change and then he was out of the league.

    Sounds like it might be smart to make a change at this point.

  23. David Nelson gave his all for them and got uncerimoniously cut for this dreg. Then they give Kerley crazy $ for a guy with his numbers. SMH! The Jets!?!?

  24. seachicks harvin won you a superbowl why dont you mash on carrol hes the one that traded him but as long as im here why waste the chance to say harvin will always be a trouble makin CRYBABY! HAVE FUN JETS!

  25. wow: Chris Johnson, Geno Smith, and the greatness of Percy Harvin…very impressive front office moves…no doubt a team that will contend for the playoffs…

  26. Never change, keep burning bridges, and publicly bashing previous owners and GMs. You’ll appreciate that later in your career.

    Tiki Barber, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, JaMarcus Russell

  27. You would think that if the Virginia High School League — the group that oversees prep athletics in the state of Virginia — who voted to ban Percy Harvin from attending or participating in ALL interscholastic competition the rest of his high-school career, you would think that would give Harvin the chance to contemplate that perhaps, the problem lies with him.


  28. Remember before he was drafted, Brad Childress went down to Florida to do a personal interview and came back and reported he would be a solid citizen.

    Now Childress liked to think of himself as this really smart guy but in reality, smart guys don’t send 12 men into the huddle with a trip to the Superbowl on the line.

    The Viking’s wasted a high draft pick, the Seahawks didn’t spend that much to get him and the Jets even less.

  29. destined to be a disaster, but acquiring him was worth a shot because these Jets are plummeting to the ground like they just got hit by a Russian separatist’s missile..

  30. He is lucky he hasn’t been on the same team as Steve Smith……

    Harvin may be a hothead, but Steve Smith would have put this kid and his “anger management issues” to shame.

    Smitty is the end-all be-all when it comes to playing angry.

  31. The reason the Jets have to take these kind of players year in and out is because when you have a crap QB, a crap offense and the reputation for being inept, you can’t get GOOD citizens and free agents. You have to settle for people like Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Percy Harvin. The moment good people like Dustin Keller and Danny Woodhead get the opportunity to leave the Jets, they do.

    Hell, being stuck on the Jets is part of the reason Antonio Cromartie straightened up and matured… because he realized that he HAD to if he wanted to stay in the league. And he left the first chance he got.

  32. contrary to popular belief, this guy will be in the league for a long time even if he is a jerk. the only problem he has is that fewer teams will want to pay him that salary. so if he gets kicked out of new york, he may have to take a pay cut. but a team like Oakland or Jacksonville would be the perfect fit for Harvin. They have nothing on offense, and Harvin can literally run an offense himself. he is that good…when he plays.

    i still think harvin could make the jets a playoff contender. the only problem with NY is that the backfield is already 2 men strong. he won’t have much to do there. he isn’t getting a hall of famer throwing him the ball so I don’t see him excelling at reciever in NY. but his presence on the field scares defenses. NY isn’t as bad as everybody says they are.

  33. I followed PH in HS, phenomenal athlete. Probably the best I have seen. Clearly it takes more than physical attributes to excel at a team sport.

  34. skinsfolife says:
    Oct 24, 2014 4:20 PM
    Amazing how fast seachicken fans run to this site to dump on Harvin.
    What’s more amazing is how many fans of other teams beat them to the punch to dump on Harvin.

  35. Love people blaming Rex for bringing in Harvin. Again that would be the brilliant idea of G.M. Idzik. This guy needs to go and Rex needs to stay.

  36. The Seahawks didn’t spend that much to get him? A 1st, 3rd and 7th round pick isn’t “much”? Someone must live in a world where everyone magically gets all the NFL first and third rounders they want.

  37. Man this guy finally got everything he wanted out of the Seahawks. Playing for a winner, over payed and I remember arguing with some of the fans on here about him. They wouldn’t say a bad word about him through the missed time and defended him to the end. He will never have it that good again. Wonder if he can comprehend that.

  38. He’d better change unless he wants to become the next “locker room Terrel Owens”.

  39. The fights with players are not as much a concern—they are in a business with a LOT of volatile personalities, but not going in a game when you are supposed to would not be tolerated long by any coaching staff. As I remember the Dallas game, Seattle still had a chance to drive the field, and had to play with a sub in Percy’s place. If that continues, I can’t see Rex shrugging it off either.

  40. I can’t believe there are still people who think Harvin is good.

    His numbers weren’t good in Minnesota, and they were HORRIBLE with seattle.

    Harvin is the most overrated player of the last 10 years and I told all my fellow seahawks fans this when we traded for him.

    Never has a player made so much money and built such a name for himself without actually doing much on the field.

    There are 100+ WRs in the nfl right now who have better hands and can run actual routes. Are they as fast as Harvin? No. But they know how to do their job and they fit into offenses.

    Harvin is not a good football player, never really was. His time in the nfl is coming to an end because you better be putting up big numbers if you’re going to be causing so many problems

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