Peyton about a year away from Favre’s yardage record

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After breaking Brett Favre’s record for career passing touchdowns last week, Peyton Manning is about a year away from breaking Favre’s record for career passing yards.

Through Thursday night’s win over the Chargers, Manning has 67,098 career passing yards. That puts him 4,740 behind Favre’s all-time NFL record of 71,838.

Manning has averaged 315 yards a game as a Bronco, so if he keeps up that pace, he’ll break Favre’s record in 16 more games. Expect more celebrations of Manning’s greatness at this time next year.

Manning is also 594 completions away from Favre’s career record, meaning Manning will likely break that record in 2016. At least one of Favre’s records is safe, however: Favre has the all-time record for career interceptions, with 336. Manning, who has 222 interceptions in his career, is the active leader. If Manning keeps throwing interceptions at his Denver pace of about 10 for every 16 games, he’d need to play about 12 more years to top Favre’s interception record. That one seems safe.

34 responses to “Peyton about a year away from Favre’s yardage record

  1. Peyton vs Favre is akin to a war between North Korea and Iran. The problem is there can only be one loser.

  2. I don’t think Peyton will break Favre’s “totally being a jerk at the end of his career” record either.

  3. Both of them also switched teams and have the same Super Bowl record.
    However one of them made all those records while never missing a game and the other is on pace to break those records after missing a season.
    See? Not throwing INTs or fumbling (Which BrINT Fail also leads the NFL in) really pays off.

  4. I truly hope people are not only focusing on the man breaking the records but the man who previously held the records.

    I know Brett Favre is thought of in a negative light because of the “retirement” speeches but he was one of the best ever and he should be applauded not demeaned because he had one helluva career.

  5. Eli, if he keeps up his pace of durability and screwups for 7 more years or so, has a legitimate shot at Farve’s INT and consecutive games records, but will unlikely break any of Peytons records.

  6. Favre was much more exciting to watch. And why not mention his consecutive games played streak?

  7. 2016 for the completion record? More like next season. At his current pace he’ll get a bit over 220 more this year (projected to have 398) and it is likely he’ll get that or above 400 next year.

  8. Poor Brady only gets a * next to his career.

    However, * means 3 time SB champion.

    Hard to swallow for you isn’t it?

    Remember, Brady’s 3 SB wins take nothing away from what a great QB Manning is

  9. The fact that Favre put up so many numbers playing when the game wasn’t so flaggy is ridiculous when you realy think about it. TDs, Passing yards, freaking Ints, even starts.

  10. Manning is like a machine, efficient and effective yet boring to watch in his perfection. Favre without a doubt was a true gunslinger and one of the most exciting players to ever wear a jersey. If i had to choose between who i want to watch it’s Favre all day every day.

  11. LOVE the hate. Write a positive post and watch the thumbs down appear. Denver won, again, because they dominated across the board. Peyton “padded” his stats again because he has all day to throw. The thumbs down crew wishes their o-line provided that luxury. Peyton padded his stats again because the Chargers couldn’t get the runs if they were locked up in a prune factory when facing that d-line. A of course, Rivers started throwing picks as usual. HA!

  12. Keep in mind, the only way you set the all time INT record is to have a long career, and throw a lot of passes.

    Bad QB’s don’t last long enough to achieve these records.

    That being said – Peyton is a machine – and dominates in the regular season. He is a hard worker – and deserves all the kudos.

  13. Eli would have to play midway through his 42nd birthday to break the consecutive games record…no way

  14. Peyton will stick around long enough to hold all the important records. He’s not getting hit a lot and plays behind the best O line in the game so why quit?

    No he wants it all.

  15. I’ll never forget Peyton Manning’s face as the first hike of Superbowl 48 went sailing by his head.

    Frankly, I hope the Broncos win the Superbowl this year so that Manning will retire. He is the Greatest of all Time, but I’m tired of hearing about it every time he farts. Every new touchdown ball has to be sent off to Canton. The guy has been in the league playing at a high level forever. We get it.

  16. @bears5683 – now that Eli is in a “regular season friendly” offense instead of a “SB winning friendly offense that brought high risk/high reward”, the tds will go up and the ints will go down. Look at his stats this year. He’s on pace for a 30/10 split. Just like the rest of the regular season superstars (Cutler, Stafford, Ryan, etc.)

  17. He’s already the best regular season QB of all time (arguably, I suppose). All these records are great, but the game has changed and it’s been mentioned ad-nauseam. So he gets the record for yards and completions. What does that mean?

    Favre has those records now and he threw for 508 TDs and no one thinks he is the best QB of all time or near the top. Bart Starr is still the best Green Bay QB and many would say Aaron Rodgers is a better more complete QB than Favre ever was.

  18. I don’t blame the fans at all for loving watching Farve play.
    If I was cheering on an opposing team and he helped us win, yeah, I’d miss him and the excitement to.
    Giants and Taints fans owe him a lot!

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