Eagles looking for a safety in trade

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The 5-1 Eagles aren’t fully content with the roster that got them there.  With the trade deadline two days away, the Eagles are looking to add a starting-caliber safety, according to a league source.

The Eagles are happy with free safety Malcolm Jenkins, but they’d like to upgrade at the strong safety position, where Nate Allen (pictured) is currently the starter.

Potential targets aren’t currently known.  The first place to look would be the rosters of teams that are, as a practical matter, out of the postseason hunt.

The annual trade deadline expires Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

18 responses to “Eagles looking for a safety in trade

  1. I have read often that Nate Allen has a great attitude but when he makes mistakes they are MAJOR blunders. I don’t like to talk down high character players on my team but I’ve been wanting the Eagles to move on from him for a very long time now.

    That said, within the scope of our secondary, I’d far rather get a trade for a cornerback. Fletcher and Williams may not make the major blunders that Allen does, but they get abused on a regular basis.

  2. Trading goldson isn’t a rosy scenario for the bucs from the standpoint of the dead cap money from his signing bonus it would create next season.

  3. Tyvon Branch, what do my fellow Eagles fans think about picking him up? I don’t have PFF so I don’t know how scouting sites have him graded but he’s a historically solid safety, with exceptional athletic ability stuck in Oakland.

  4. Mark Barron maybe? He has been a disappointment in TB and could probably be if it from a fresh start. I doubt they would go for goldson. They could have gotten him for nothing not to long ago and had no interest. At least for the money he made. Plus he’s been garbage. Allen has been better.

    Its probably a long shot bc he’s so young and I dont see the Eagles giving up more then a 3rd for him. But I guess it all depends on how Lovie thinks he fits in his system.

  5. I think the Eagles have really given every chance to Nate Allen to show the fans that Philly got the better end of the McNabb trade, but he plain stinks. They have been throwing him out there to get toaster for 3-4 years now, it is time to move on to a better safety. I thought Earl Wolfe was supposed to be the guy, but I guess they’re looking outside the organization.

  6. Earl Wolfe is a 5th rounder. You knew we were in trouble last year when they were counting on the guy. A 5th round rookie? If that caliber player is your only salvation you are in trouble. We addressed it in free agency but we really needed 2 guys. Everyone talked smack about Jenkins. Turned out to be one of our 2 defensive MVP’s of the first half with Conner Barwin. I’d love an upgrade. Sorely needed. I hope Chancellor doesn’t resign that would be diesel.

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