End of Lions-Falcons game was handled properly

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On a field accustomed to games that lack a clear and obvious ending point, the conclusion to Sunday’s Lions-Falcons game at Wembley Stadium was anything but clear and obvious.

The Lions attempted a game-winning field goal from 43 yards out with four seconds left.  Whistles blew after the errant try from Matt Prater soared, creating the impression that Falcons coach Mike Smith had iced a kicker who already was cold.

But there was no time out from Atlanta; the Lions had failed to get the play started before the play clock got to zero.  Per a league source, and despite a claim from FOX’s Mike Pereira that the delay should not have been called because the flag was thrown simultaneously with the clock striking zero, it was a proper call and post-foul administration.  Also, because the clock wasn’t running and hadn’t started, no 10-second runoff applied.

And so the penalty wiped out the missed field goal and the nature of the circumstances gave the Lions another shot, from five yards farther back.

Prater made the kick, the Lions win, the Falcons lost for the fifth straight time since trouncing Tampa Bay 56-14, and the Lions enter the bye week at 6-2.

20 responses to “End of Lions-Falcons game was handled properly

  1. The Lions are a good football team that is really flying under the radar right now. It’s nice to finally see them playing good football. It would be even nicer to see them win that division. If they stay healthy I can definitely see them in the playoffs.

  2. It looked like both teams had a few calls that could have gone the other way and it evened out for the most part. This team is definitely making the playoffs. The defense was strong again and Stafford and Golden Tate combined again for some late game heroics down a whole bunch of points. That is not the team we were used to in the past, but is the team we have now. They were 6-2 last year and finished 1-7, but this year they are going to win enough in the second half to take the division, unless they don’t, but that’s the forecast I see over the horizon.

  3. So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people want to change the rule to make it a 10 second runoff. Sometimes, teams with the lead take an intentional delay of game to give them more room to punt. If it’s under two minutes and the punting team has no timeouts, then they would get an advantage by running an extra ten seconds off, right? I don’t see it changing.

  4. What was Pereira smoking? Or, was it the early wake-up call?

    Ever since I’ve been watching football, a delay of game penalty ends the play. The end. Even if the flag was thrown incorrectly, it WAS thrown. End of discussion.

  5. Don’t mention the blown holding call on the 2 pt conversion!!! Either way the football gods set everything straight…

  6. I am surprised more teams don’t do that intentionally to see how the wind will affect the ball etc….purposefully snap it just after the clock stops…

  7. Now if Arthur Blank will just make the right call and fire Mike Smith and the rest of the front office…it is a bye week, plenty of tome for an iterim to step in.

  8. Atlanta fans cry about their injuries, yet cannot beat a Lions team that is without Calvin Johnson,Reggie Bush, Brandon Pettigrew and Ebron.

    Sweey INT ” Ice”

  9. Idea: The team accepting a penalty on the other team should have the option of assessing it in either yards or seconds. Four on the clock, flag for delay of game, run off five seconds, game over. Don’t know if it is practical, but an interesting idea, at least.

  10. Teams shouldn’t get rewarded, albeit inadvertently, for penalties. I think the Rules Committee should take a look at this in the offseason.

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