A.J. Green vows to play this week, but Mohamed Sanu has him covered

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The Bengals were able to withstand a game without their leading receiver yesterday, but that should be changing soon.

Wideout A.J. Green replied “yes” when pressed on his availability for next week’s game against the Jaguars, after missing yesterday’s win over the Ravens.

I’ll practice this week and see how it goes, but I think I’ll be fine,” Green said, via Richard Skinner of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I was at 40 percent last week and I feel about 80 percent today. I haven’t had any soreness after I’ve worked out.”

Of course, they can almost afford to give him time to recover from his toe injury, considering the way Mohamed Sanu is playing.

Sanu had five catches for a career-high 125 yards and added 27 yards rushing on two carries. It was his second 100-yard receiving game in three weeks, and is on pace for more than 1,000 yards.

“It’s been what we expected really from Mo when we took Mo [in the draft],” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said. “He and Marvin [Jones] have always jockeyed for position. He’s got it back and he’s taking advantage of the whole thing. It’s great.”

Sanu set up Andy Dalton’s game-winning touchdown run with a 53-yard reception, had a 48-yarder to set up their first touchdown of the game, and added a 26-yard reverse. Coupled with his ability to throw the ball, he’s become a multipurpose threat for the Bengals which should serve them well whenever Green returns.

17 responses to “A.J. Green vows to play this week, but Mohamed Sanu has him covered

  1. Ravens fans whining about the OPI call in….3….2….1

    Let’s face it. It was a legit call. There was no flop. He was shoved. Had he stayed on his feet, he’s defending that ball and there would have been no catch. Love hearing the whiners.

  2. Jimmy Smith going down and playing Brooks helped Dalton and Sanu a lot. I hate watching the Ravens play off of receivers and still get beat.

  3. Green and Sanu with Gio and Eiffert back this year….. dangerous. With Dalton playing smart now and getting the ball out, this team is going to be tough. Especially as we are finally getting a little healthier

  4. “Jimmy Smith going down and playing Brooks helped Dalton and Sanu a lot. I hate watching the Ravens play off of receivers and still get beat.”

    The Ravens were much healthier going to into this game. Good teams overcome, like the Bengals

  5. Hell of a win fellas, hell of a win. The Ravens are a good team, and we beat them twice. AFCN crown is anybody’s to claim. Bengals 4-2-1, Ravens 5-3, Steelers 5-3, Browns 5-3. Best division in football. I’m tired of hating on the other teams in our division. Do I want to beat them? Absolutely, but I’m not going to crow about how bad they are, because they aren’t. There are going to be some great division games down the stretch! Can’t wait.

  6. With AJ coming back and Eifert back it will be interesting to see how it impacts the offense. Sanu is good but he’s no AJ Green. Sanu reminds me a lot of Randle El in the fact that he can be used in gadget plays and he’s a dependable target. Not a #1 receiver, but a very good #2 receiver. I hope he can play the role of Housh to AJ the way Housh was to Chad. Difference is AJ doesn’t have a big head like Chad. The team defensively is still not very good but if the offense can get healthy and put up some points, that will help overcome the issues on defense. The defense did look the best it has since they played the Titans, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Dalton is what he is, he’s an above average qb that can do good under the right circumstances. Bengals fans should be thankful for him with all the crap that we put up with Akili Smith and Gus Ferrotte. Dalton is the guy and will be the guy for the future. He’ll have his moments and he’ll have his downs but he is the guy. Lots of teams would take Dalton over their qb’s. He’s not top 10 but he ranks in the top half at least.

  7. I don’t expect Marvin Jones to ever make a huge impact on this team. He has had injury issues since the get-go. He’s a great receiver but he’s always hurt. I say the Bengals definitely need to look at a WR in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Once we get AJ and Eifert back, this offense is even more dangerous. But the defense has to tighten up. yesterday they played well but they can’t stop the run. That was proven when Ravens had 4th and 1. They had no hesitation on going for it and they got almost 5yrds out of it


  9. I love how it’s never the Ravens’ fault when they lose? Joe Elite’s two INTs led to 10 points for the Bengals… but the refs gave the game away. SMH

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