Colt McCoy leads Washington to 20-17 overtime win over Cowboys

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Tony Romo’s fourth down pass to Dez Bryant was knocked down by Bashaun Breeland to give the Washington Redskins a 20-17 overtime victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

Colt McCoy passed for 299 yards with a rushing touchdown and an interception to help lead Washington to victory in his first start since Dec. 8, 2011 with the Cleveland Browns. McCoy completed 25 of 30 passes and made some key throws late, particularly on throws to tight end Jordan Reed.

Romo left the game and was taken to the locker room after being sacked by Washington Redskins linebacker Keenan Robinson in the third quarter.

Romo turned his back to absorb a blow from the blitzing Robinson and appeared to have taken a knee to his surgically repaired back on the play. Romo spent a few minutes down on the turf at AT&T Stadium before walking off the field incredibly gingerly while flanked by members of the team’s training staff.

In Romo’s absence, Brandon Weeden helped lead the Cowboys on two scoring drives to keep level with Washington.

Dan Bailey’s 21-yard field goal tied the game at 10-10 with four minutes left in the third quarter.

Colt McCoy then scored on a 7-yard touchdown run to cap a nine-play, 80-yard drive to put Washington back on top.

But the Cowboys would answer again. Weeden led Dallas on an 80-yard drive of their own with a 25-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten with 9:27 left to play leveling the score at 17-17.

Romo returned to the game for the Cowboys final possession of regulation and nearly fumbled away the game. Brandon Meriweather came free on a blitz and stripped Romo of the ball. Ryan Kerrigan fell on the loose ball but it somehow squirted free and Dallas recovered to keep possession inside their own 10-yard line.

Romo was nearly intercepted by Bashaud Breeland as well but the ball slipped through his hands to Terrance Williams for 18 yards instead. Either turnover would have likely led to a game-winning field goal try or Washington at the end of regulation.

After winning the coin toss, McCoy led Washington inside the Dallas 30-yard line. The drive stalled when J.J. Wilcox stopped Jordan Reed for no gain on third down to force a 40-yard field goal from Kai Forbath to give Washington a 20-17 lead.

Bryant scored on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Romo in the second quarter to give Dallas a 7-3 lead. Alfred Morris scored on a 5-yard touchdown run to put Washington back on top 10-7 in the third quarter.

Washington’s defense had five sacks on the night and forced four fumbles, two of which they recovered for turnovers.

DeMarco Murray went over the 100-yard mark for the eighth straight game this year, finishing with 141 yards on the night.

136 responses to “Colt McCoy leads Washington to 20-17 overtime win over Cowboys

  1. One of the best games this season that i have seen if not the best, fun, less flags, refs let them play. With that being said Redskins played very well.

  2. Dez Bryant crying the whole game – guess what, you just got shut down on national TV by a 4th round rookie. Keep on crying.

  3. Yeah we did good tonight. We played great! We should do that every week. We are way more talented than the world lets on. Well all you sportscenter guys who picked the cowboys got your lesson tonight. Never count anyone out. Not any Sunday or any Monday. Yeah! HTTR! Feels good.

  4. Congratulations Washington Redskins on a great win! It was awesome to see all the ESPN analysts, Jon Gruden and the ESPN network who took time out of the game to force us to listen to Jerry Jones’s complimenting himself eat crow. Also, thanks Redskins for giving the rest of the NFL teams the recipe for beating the Cowboys… Blitz or no blitz? LOL!

  5. If You Cowboys thought playing Wahington was tough well just wait til Cards come to town. Your run of luck and easy games are over. BIRDGANG!!

  6. We didn’t have our QB, CB, LB and so on, but I Told you. I told you from Day one that you never, EVER, underestimate the Washington REDSKINS. You laughed but I told you. I told you we had the best depth in the league. I told you we had the best coaches in the sport. I told you we had the best Front office and Owner in Sports. But you didn’t believe me. Now I’m telling you Robert Griffin better play next game and beyond. Listen to me please. Colt McCoy is a nice guy and he had his moment in the sun tonight with this season changing win. Great. But he’s not a winner. He’s not a gamechanger. Sit down and let GREATNESS shine in RGIII. Please listen to me, listen to the Logical Voice Coach Gruden. You know this. You know RGIII will be the one to take this golden bar of a win and cultivate it into a Superbowl. Robert Griffin can do it. The Washington REDSKINS can do it. Hail. #HTTR

  7. Weeden and McCoy took physical and verbal beatings in Cleveland and never uttered a word about it. Thanks to “guru” Mike Holmgren, their careers came close to derailment. I’m happy for those two (even though it was like some kind of bizarre dream to see them vs each other Monday night) and wish them luck. They come from a long line of Browns created backups and should enjoy the moment.

  8. Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — We want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!

  9. Yeah, super bowl here we come alright. Typical Cowboys. Go on a hot streak when the games don’t matter and then get exposed mid season and finish 8-8. Looks like they are on track to do the same again.

  10. the cowboys cant deal with a Casino Blitz. (engage 8 for you madden players)

    I expect other teams to take advantage of this.

  11. That was a very entertaining football game.

    Dallas is still a good football team. But they lost to Washington’s 3rd stringer at home no less. I don’t think a lot of people expected that.

  12. Holy cow is anyone else sick of seeing Jerry Jones every 2 minutes. They must have a contract that they have to show him x amount of times a game. Same thing goes for Colt McCoys Dad, holy cow. What gives on that since when do they show a 3rd string QB’s Dad a dozen times a game. They don’t even show Manning’s Dad that much when Eli plays Payton

  13. And so the annual COLLAPSE begin!

    As an Eagles fan, I loved the Skins tonight. Great freaking win!!! More importantly, great loss for the boys. Now we can have some peace with those so called nfl analysts.

    Thank you Redskins!

  14. McCoy looks a more natural leader than RG3.
    With limited talent he has gutted out 2 wins in a row. When was the last time we could say that about Robert?

  15. How many “talking heads” are going to break their ankles jumping off that bandwagon? As Stephan A. Smith would say, “a disaster waiting to happen”.

  16. The same Dallas team that went to Seasterick and exposed them a few weeks ago? The pedhawks are not who we thought they were.

  17. Dez Bryant – when I’m not busy getting shut down by dhall, I do enjoy getting shut down by a no name 4th rd rookie and on Monday night no less.

  18. congrats to Colt McCoy…a much better backup than what Cousins showed. McCoy’s a vet who knows to take what the defense gives you….the defense played AMAZING…Breeland needs to keep playing like that and if he keeps playing like that, he will be the best corner for the Redskins, but great game and congrats to Colt.

  19. Best game of the season so far, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Skins fan. Amazing game.

    Anything that puts a scowl on Jerry Jones’ face brings a smile to mine!

  20. Dear Jerry,

    I think the whole world was extremely impressed that you were able to get down to the field from your sweet luxury box and personally tank the game. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You should fire the coaching staff and just run the whole thing yourself, it seems to be working.


    Every NFL fan outside the DFW metroplex

  21. Cannot fumble twice and abandon the run at the end of the game. No worries. All fixable stuff. 6-2. Move on to the cards. Goofy game. It happens. Dallas is still very good and much better than washington.

  22. Did anyone else notice how both McCoy and Weeden looked like competent QB’s. Funny how they never looked that good wearing that ugly Browns uniform.

  23. The two things I took away from this game are 1. Garrett returned to his old self and anandoned the run in OT and 2. Colt McCoy is the epitome of class and I hope he gets a shot with Washington or a semi conpetent team. No QB would have succeeded with those horrible Browns teams…

  24. If the skins string together a few of these wins, I’d say they got something going that can last a while. Right now, I’ll enjoy the win.

    Tomorrow, it would seem, we need to look hard at blocking problems on the oline and how to stop giving up big plays on defense…especially on the ground (Dallas won the LOS all night, when is Cofield gonna anchor that line).

  25. Go AZ Cardinals. Alone in first. 13-3 since their bye week 2013. Still no love from ESPN and the talking heads on the East Coast. There are Jets to talk about.

  26. And Jay Gruden picked a terrible team to have his first stint as a head coach. All coaching the redskins does is ruin potentially good careers (Norv Turner, Steve Spurrier) or ruin already legendary coaching careers (Mike Shanahan, Marty Schottenheimer, Joe Gibbs 2nd stint). Washington should no longer even have a team and its a shame other teams have to share their revenue with such a waste.

  27. Haters will still hate but the records are back on now after the game because the fact still is the redskins are still in the basement and the cowboys still lead the division, so enjoy the win u will come back to reality next week

  28. hate this always the visiting teams in the nfl always wins the exciting games why cant I see the home teams win the exciting this is redicilous I will never watch a game again if this is the way its going to be the NFL needs to be tested with this seriously 52 percent of the rest of the home teams this year has won besides seattle, new England, and green bay. this is redicilous I am disgusted from a professional sport to see the home teams every Monday night game especially the exciting ones HATE IT!!!!!

  29. I love all the trash talk on Colt McCoy but short of Peyton, Brady, Brees, or Rodgers, I don’t think any QB would succeed with the Browns.

  30. AWESOME WIN for the Redskins and Colt.

    I was rooting for McCoy… love the underdog and he played like a Big Dog.

    One game is only 1… but great effort.

  31. REDSKINS REDSKINS REDSKINS…something so right about saying this name even though I am a Vikes fan. Great game skins! And so nice to make Jerrah choke on this at home! Cowboys are total frauds and will flounder to 8-8 at best..mark it.

    Garrett is a loser coach and why he has no extension. Watch once they finish at 500 he is gone..terrible unemotional softie coach …a “White Lovie” you could say…and Bossman Overbite knows it.

    Weeden though looked great..if he stayed in.. they might have pulled it out…

  32. It’s been about balance all season and not just putting the game on one guy, meaning Romo. One guys goes down,next man up. Letting Romo re-enter the game went against that philosophy. I’m not saying the Cowboys would have won the game but I think they have had a better chance to win (in regulation) if Weeden is in the game.

    The whole world saw what the Cowboys refuse to acknowledge; that Romo is one hit away from being hurt.

  33. Better hope DeMarco’s wheels don’t fall off anytime soon.
    He’s been covering up for Tony thus far.

  34. Really glad I didn’t miss this one. Didn’t get to watch any football yesterday because I was traveling. I normally wouldn’t have watched these two play. That washington D looked fierce tonight.

  35. Bad loss for the Boys. A chance to take a lead in the division with the Eagles losing (not to mention ending any realistic chance for the Skins), against the Colt McCoy lead skins at home. Philly did something you can’t let happen (let a guy get behind you under 2 minutes), and Dallas gave it right back losing at home to a 3rd stringer (plus in the division)

    At first glance, I’d say they were in trouble if this Romo back thing lingered. But they actually looked pretty good with Weeden. I’m going to guess that had more to do with the Skins not planning against him, than him all of a sudden being a good QB. As much as I like to take shots at Romo, they don’t want to go into the stretch with Weeden

    Either way, 6-7 weeks from now, this one could really come back to haunt them

  36. Happy for McCoy! Weedon better than I ever thought he’d be. GUESS it was the previous coaching!!!!

  37. Beat the Vikes and head into the bye week… RG3 comes back… win out and go 11-5. Shock the world. Illogical is with me… HTTR!

  38. Where’s all the Dallas fans singing their own stupid version of Hail to the Redskins? And by the way HTTR means HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  39. I was at this game. Neutral on each team. Thought it was very well officiated and was a pleasure to see teams just get to play. Easily the best game I have seen this season.

  40. LOL, Dallas Dallas, my Cowboys. Can’t stand prosperity.Philly loses so of course insteadof taking advantage of it, they decide to make McCoy look like Montana.

    No excuses, just whooped Even Wheeden came in and played well. Did Garrett take back the play calling on that final drive and take the ball out of Murrays hands?? But thats what the greatest rivalry in the NFL is about .

  41. Watch out Cowboys as the Red Birds are on their way to Dallas! No push over team this week.
    Go Cardinals Go!!!

  42. hey Dallas get ready for the big free fall. this was the 1st of many games where your D and QB start playing like we are all used to. so glad they lost! I have a Cowgirl fan that works for me and he was counting that game as a win. that’s why (conjuring up my best Herm Edwards) You Play The Game

  43. Really happy for Colt McCoy, I feel like he got a raw deal playing in Cleveland. Happy to see him go to Texas and get a huge upset win. I’m not a Redskins fan, but happy for Colt McCoy.

  44. I just became a Colt McCoy fan. Kid played really well. And knocked the Cowboys off their “high horse.”Thank you Colt.
    Sorry about the bad joke.

  45. Great win by the Redskins. Hurts not having out our best pass rusher, but CB’s played great and that is very encouraging. Good game plan by Haslett. RT played better than Polumbus and the movement from the pocket by McCoy was the ticket. Credit to him for having experience and being accurate throwing on the move. Turnovers are killer and he only had one.

  46. OMG the mighty Cowboys lost to the falling apart Redskins.. I LOVE IT!!! So perhaps we can get off the Jerry love fest right ESPN? You guys are pathetic.

  47. I am glad to see Weeden do well. The death bell was tolling for him in Cleveland. It looks like that was premature. Having said that, Great Job Redskins!

  48. The Cowboys finally came back down to earth and lost at home to a below .500 team. Although, a division rival, if Dallas was as good as ESPN and other media outlets lead us to believe, they should have won this game. Nothing helps Eagles fans get over a bad loss more than a Cowboys loss. Clearly Dallas is not nearly as good as the media would like you to believe. I think over the past month, we have seen that Seattle is a shell of what they were last year, so beating Seattle a few weeks ago does not seem like that great of an accomplishment. Also, Dalls struggled to beat a Giants team that was totally dominated by the Eagles the week before. Damn, Murray is really good though. Just breaking the Cowboys fans stones, but in all honesty, I hope Romo is OK. He is probably the only Cowboys player I actually like.

  49. The Redskins played well enough to win. Gotta give them credit. Turnovers helped as always. Cowboys could’ve won if they ran Murray just a few more times. They got away from the winning formula of 20+ carries for Murray. They will adjust and win next time.

  50. You would think million dollar coaches & coordinators would know of some way to adjust for a blitz.

  51. Dallas did a great jon getting Dez ( one of the best wr in the league) the ball… Not. He might have dropped a td but he should have been targeted way more times. I hope he leaves that mess in dallas for a team that can make the playoffs.

  52. If the eagle fans commenting on this post would please leave until their team wins a super bowl it would be greatly appreciated.

  53. I know McCoy is a good story but come on ESPN, I don’t need to see the guy’s parents between every single offensive play. What is this, middle school football?

  54. And Romo shows his true colors again, he simply cannot win when the pressure is on. Have fun going one and done in the playoffs cowboy fans…

  55. While Jon Gruden and the MNF team were fawning and slobbering all over the “wonderful” Cowboys, they missed a great game. Washington was playing with a 3rd string cast-off QB, Colt McCoy against the highly touted but perpetually under-achieving Romo and a great RB and noted fumbler, DeMarco Murray, along with an improved defense. The MNF team never missed a chance to deride Colt McCoy and to talk in reverential tones about Tony Romo. Disgusting performance from MNF to call a game even handed.

    Washington beat Dallas with a strong effort and they should be given the credit. Dallas was not the victim of a lucky play, they were flat out-played on their own home field. Sorry the MNF team was disappointed in the outcome.

  56. Packer fan here (whoe cares…) that pass to the sideline toward the end of the game (the only play I really watched, was drinking) was the best pass of the season, hands down. Congrats DC nation, helluva game! Love watching the Cowboys lose

  57. Americas Team? They wish. There is no “Americas” Team. Nobody outside of Texas likes them. Now the cheerleaders- I’ll give ’em that!

  58. Cowboys in prime time! This game kinda reminded me of another Classic prime time game the Cowboys also lost, the year the Giants won their latest Super Bowl.

    I’m Not a Cowboys fan but, man, Jerry’s team is entertaining!

    I hope Romo’s okay.

  59. HTTR! Exposing Dallas for what it is!
    Breeland a rookie, holding Dez to 3 catches, yep!
    Romo getting knocked around all game, check!
    Redskins dominate and allowed cowboys to stay in game, should of been a blowout but what do these ESPN pundits really know anyways…

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