Martellus Bennett: Defensive ends are flopping for holding flags

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Bears tight end Martellus Bennett says NFL defensive ends are acting like NBA players and flopping to draw holding penalties.

After Sunday’s loss to the Patriots, Bennett said a flag he drew for holding wasn’t actually holding at all. It was flopping.

“I pushed him, they called hold. The fat dude fell down. They’re kind of flopping now. A lot of defensive ends are flopping in the NFL, trying to get a penalty when they feel like can’t make a play. They’re Chris Bosh-ing us out there,” Bennett said.

I don’t know why Bennett had to drag Chris Bosh into this, but on the play in question, Bennett did hook Patriots defensive end Dominique Easley with his left arm just as Bears running back Matt Forte ran outside the left end. And Easley appeared to fall because he was diving toward Forte’s feet, not because he was trying to draw a penalty flag.

It was a perfectly acceptable penalty call, and not a flop. No matter what Bennett thinks.

40 responses to “Martellus Bennett: Defensive ends are flopping for holding flags

  1. I don’t want to hear a single offensive player EVER complain about the defense getting a break.

    The NFL is anti-defense and the Bears are terrible.

  2. Bennett is working his mouth because his play couldn’t do the talking. Easley did not flop on that play at all, the replay showed a pretty clear hold and then an attempt to tackle the ball carrier.

  3. Maybe they are flopping because refs absolutely refuse to call holding. It’s gotten to the point that having a bunch of money invested in pass rushers is a waste of resources because they’re not allowed to affect the game anymore.

  4. Last time I checked the offensive players were the ones getting defensive holding when none existed – this year is a joke!

    Abolish all pass interference penalties – offensive and defensive – if you catch a pass while being harassed, you are a great receiver. Now you can’t even breath on second rate, no talent receivers and they catch the ball.

    This is football – do everything you can to impede the offensive player from catching the ball and same for the defense. Make the QB spot the open receiver instead of having wimpy timed routes that take a couple of chimps to execute.

  5. I didn’t see the specific play, but in general he’s absolutely right. Nothing is more irritating than watching a player flop and it does happen often with defensive players who can’t quite make the play, so they flop to draw a hold. It also happens with receivers like TY Hilton when they can’t catch a ball, they flop to try and draw the flag. The league is turning into the NBA. Both in terms of flopping and ref’s fixing games. And that should be cause for concern considering half the teams in the NBA lose money every year.

  6. The NFL is out of sync with the fan base. The pure football lovers. Those that grew up with football, played football at some level or was an avid fan. Using DE flops to get holding penalties is a problem for DE that have no talent. Football is not a flop game and there have been some close calls on on pass interference.
    Play the game. If you have no desire, talent and win at all costs mentality, get off the field. The Australians play this game without pads and helmets.

  7. Even if they are, with all the ticky tack calls the defense gets on them these days, I hope the defense figures out more ways to even the odds

  8. It was a perfectly acceptable penalty call, and not a flop. No matter what Bennett thinks.
    Since when does Martellus Bennett think?

  9. I am a Packer fan and I get annoyed when Matthews flops.

    Once these guys are out of the play and a guy has a hold of their jersey between the numbers, it’s throw limbs in every direction and fall down.

    It’s also annoying that any split second of a jersey tug gets a hold, but flat out tackling a DT around the ankles will rarely get called.

  10. That being said, many times NFL referee’s do throw flags for holding essentially anytime a DE is knocked or pushed down. At least 20% of the holding penalties in those instances are “flops”. Guys are well blocked so they just go down. But also DE’s get held on many plays and it doesn’t get called. So it’s kind of a wash.

  11. Time for the Seahawks to trade Lynch to the Bears for Martellus before the deadline Tuesday. Would be a huge plus for both teams and I’m pretty sure Marty’s brother would be doing a little happy dance if it happened.

  12. Martellus, your team lost 51-23. I don’t think that holding call on you was the difference in the game. Suck it up, lick your wounds and get ready for the next game.

  13. donnymacjack says:
    Oct 27, 2014 10:17 PM
    Time for the Seahawks to trade Lynch to the Bears for Martellus before the deadline Tuesday. Would be a huge plus for both teams and I’m pretty sure Marty’s brother would be doing a little happy dance if it happened.

    Throw in Forte and you’d probably have a deal.

  14. Bennett is a stud. He was the only Bear that even to deserved to be on the field with the Pats. But, this is like Houston doing his sack dance against the Pats rookie backup QB when they were down 25. Maybe Bennett and the Bears should blame themselves, not the Pats.

  15. The receivers in pro football now look around for the ref on EVERY SINGLE EVEN MILDLY CONTESTED INCOMPLETION. Thanks Goodell, the play out on the field resembles the height of Dennis Rodman style flopping and begging for calls in the 90’s NBA.

  16. Sounds similar to what every receiver does when they have more than 1 finger laid on them during any play.

  17. Hey, Martellus. Stop whining. YOU should have been called for OPI on your TD catch, but you got away with it. I didn’t know you could grab the back of the defender’s jersey with both hands and pull him to the ground. Great catch btw, but it should have been OPI not DPI.

  18. Look that game couldn’t be uglier or the Bears … maybe it’s time to reflect on what you could’ve done differently rather than what the other team did to you.

    Stay classy Bennett

  19. Biased against defensive players? That’s rich!!!!

    Take a look at the defensive front and the O-line sometime Bennett… I speak from the perspective of a Lions fan who has a pretty decent front… You could call holding vs the O-line on nearly every play…It’s that bad.

    Not to mention the amount of times I see every single WR or TE crying after every single incompletion about a PI… They need to start giving unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to all the whiners…that’ll shut some people up.

  20. jeffbye says:
    Oct 27, 2014 7:55 PM
    Clay Matthews is pretty good at it.
    Has to be, considering the amount of holding the bears get away with.

    That bear’s right tackle held onto Pepper’s facemask – and the refs called it “Hands to the Face” – ON PEPPERS!

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