Rams left tackle Jake Long has torn his ACL again


The Rams weren’t necessarily expecting any good news, but that doesn’t mean they’re not disappointed.

A league source tells PFT that Long has indeed torn his ACL, which will cost him the rest of the season.

That leaves two of the Rams’ highest-paid players in rehab for now, and limbo for the future.

They drafted Greg Robinson to be their left tackle of the future anyway, but there’s no such succession plan for quarterback Sam Bradford, whose ACL tear this year created the Rams’ biggest problem.

6 responses to “Rams left tackle Jake Long has torn his ACL again

  1. Certainly happy that Long and Fisher chose the Rams over the Dolphins. He who laughs last……

  2. What a stupid comment. As a life long Dolphins Fan, it was the right move to let injury riddled Jake go, but gloating over his current serious injury is not what Fins Fans represent. Good Luck in recovery Jake Long.

  3. Jeff Ireland didn’t get much right, but you have to give him credit for letting Long walk when he did. Guy went from the best tackle in football to an injury-prone mess in a span of a few years.

  4. the rams keep getting younger as long will now be replaced by robinson i presume, and a 30 yr old goes out as a 22 yr old comes in boy we need to grow but our ceiling is awesome if we can just grow up a bit!! and figure out our direction at qb!!

  5. Other than Bradford and Long have any other players with ACLs torn in 2013 retorn the same ACL?

  6. Wow! That is awful news. I’m not going to pretend I know anything about ACL tears. But to tear it AGAIN, that’s got to be a nail in the coffin for a professional career, no?

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