Rob Gronkowski: I like scoring touchdowns

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If there was one play that told you everything you needed to know about Sunday’s 51-23 Patriots blowout of the Bears, it was New England tight end Rob Gronkowski’s third touchdown of the day.

Gronkowski caught a pass, flung Bears safety Ryan Mundy aside as if he were a gnat and then outran the rest of the Bears defense for a 46-yard touchdown. The play captured just how mismatched the two teams were all day long and illustrated that Gronkowski is back at a very high level after a long stretch of being compromised because of injuries. After the game, Gronkowski said that he was feeling good about how things are shaping up for him.

“I like scoring touchdowns for sure,” Gronkowski said, via “That’s why when I get in the red zone my eyes light up.”

We saw last season how good the Patriots offense was with Gronkowski compared to when he wasn’t able to be in the lineup. The last few weeks have provided further evidence of that and the tight end’s health is a big reason why the worries about the Patriots offense after their loss to Kansas City feel like distant memories.

Gronkowski did leave the game because he was dehydrated, but said that he could have returned if the game were competitive and vowed to drink more water in the coming weeks to avoid a recurrence of the problem. That’s a far easier solution than has been available for his other injury issues and the Patriots offense should continue to play at a high level if it remains his only health concern moving forward.

41 responses to “Rob Gronkowski: I like scoring touchdowns

  1. We love for you to have touchdowns because we love to see you spike the ball. It’s a crazy treat!

  2. Was that the one where he dropped the ball on the ground and fell on top it for a score.

    Why bother with replay when they are not going to overturn bad calls?

  3. revren10 says: Oct 27, 2014 12:22 PM

    He needs to do it against Denver.

    He will.

  4. Gronkowski is just about 100% healthy and is approaching the level of someone who is almost unstoppable. Good luck NFL…

  5. Not calling out his ability, he’s a beast at TE but….banner day against a scrub safety and a 3rd string Special Teams DB forced into the lineup by injuries….don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back…

  6. Yeah, I’d say he’s back. He made the Bears back 7 look like a bunch of little boys yesterday.

  7. Gronk is fun to watch. If you are a true football fan you got to love watching him play football.

    Hard to believe the Patriots could find a tight-end to top Russ Francis and Ben Coates but Gronk is the best.

    Sad that virtually every team tries to take him out at the knees. It’s Oakland Raiders football at its worst. Small punks who think they are tough and play dirty. It’s like modern day Greek mythology.

  8. “Was that the one where he dropped the ball on the ground and fell on top it for a score.

    Why bother with replay when they are not going to overturn bad calls?”

    What you mean the one where other angles clearly showed the ball under control in the other hand ?

    When you looked at the play in full speed there was no issue, he did not “drop the ball on the ground” and it was clearly in control.

  9. proudchowdahead, you definitely meant to say that NEW ENGLAND can only double cover so many receivers, someone (Thomas, Sanders, Thomas, Welker) will be open

  10. Gronk is hands down the best tight end in the NFL when healthy and there is no close second.

    I hope Gronk get a chances to flatten Ward in the open field as revenge to Ward’s season ending cheap shot on Gronk’s knee last year.

  11. Oh you like scoring touchdowns? Imagine that. A football player who likes scoring touchdowns. Haha

    I really loathe the patriots, but I can’t help but love this big idiot. Like scoring touchdowns is his favorite thing in life. Gotta respect that. Wish he was on a different team, like my team perhaps?

  12. proudchowdahead13 says: Oct 27, 2014 12:49 PM

    Denver can only double cover so many receivers, someone will be open.

    I’m guessing some Bronco receivers will be open as well.

    And Gronk, I like eating.

  13. Gronk like run with ball. Gronk like score touchdowns.

    Was this guy an Alpha Beta at Adams College?

  14. hey proudchowder, you say Denver can only cover so many recievers and that someone is going to be open? Have you paid much attention to the Broncos offense much? Is the Pats going to have enough to cover all of denvers recievers, or haven’t you noticed? wish some of you pats fans would realize but I can understand why, you played the Bears yesterday. 2nd and 3rd string defense. Oh and Jay Cutler too. so go ahead and start bashing me, I could care less but the truth is the truth. Wait till the Pats start playing real teams coming up, and not just the Broncos. Take alook at their upcoming schedule. No more Jets, Bears, Raiders.

  15. Do you think he was making a reference to John Goodman in ‘Babe’ when he said ‘I like to hit home runs.’

  16. proudchowdahead13 says:
    Oct 27, 2014 12:49 PM
    Denver can only double cover so many receivers, someone will be open.

    The other receivers on the patsies barely require single coverage.

  17. Gronk catch.
    Gronk goes through obstacles, not around!
    Gronk dives into endzone!!
    Gronk gets Touchdown!!!!!!!!!
    Gronkspike!!!!! (still needs work. And yes, that is one word)
    Gronk happy. (and a little dehydrated)

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