Bill Belichick sees no weaknesses in Peyton Manning’s game

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted this week that he savors games against Broncos counterpart Peyton Manning more as he ages.

But Brady’s coach finds it more difficult than ever, saying today that Manning has no weaknesses.

He’s good because he does everything,” Belichick said, via Lee Schechter of “But, really, I don’t think there are any bad points in his game.”

Belichick then rattled off a laundry list of things that Manning was good at:

“He’s very smart. He has a great understanding of concepts, timing, game management, clock management, situation football, third down, red area, great utilization of the field from sideline to sideline, attacking the deep part of the field, accurate, great decision-maker, quick release, has very few negative plays.”

Of course, it’s easy to praise, since he has a good one of his own, who is 10-5 against Manning (including playoffs). But Belichick said the changing casts over the years hasn’t changed Manning’s work.

“It doesn’t really matter who is out there with him,” Belichick said. “Whoever it is, he finds a way to utilize him. He has had different players at different positions in different combinations, and guys have been out and other guys have been in. But no matter who it is out there, he does a good job of finding ways to utilize those skills of the group that is out there relative to the defensive matchup.

“It seems like he causes every defense a problem for the last 15 years or however long it has been.”

A problem for some more than others.

44 responses to “Bill Belichick sees no weaknesses in Peyton Manning’s game

  1. Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season QB of all time.

    Joe Montana is the greatest playoff QB of all time.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be the greatest QB of all time when it’s all said and done.

    Tom Brady is a product of the system.

  2. Still don’t understand why this game isn’t in prime time. Rivals. Both teams hate each other. Oh, and counting down the last times we see brady and manning on the same field, same time, going against one another.

    Brady is a product of the system? We have a system that works. You guys have a system that doesn’t allow a Qb to make it through the season successfully.

  3. Please Bill,don’t swell his head any more than it already is. He is not perfect. Brady is no slouch,either. I would love for the Pats to beat them Sunday just to make Manning’s OCD go off the charts.

  4. “He’s also so adept at throwing teammates under the bus that they end up apologizing to him for the treadmarks.”

  5. His main weakness is that he is 38 and only has a couple years left, if that.

    Other than that, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. If you want to compare him to Tom Brady, Brady has the edge on playoff success and rings, but Manning stands on his own as he’s never had a great coach…or very good defenses…to help him get the W’s.

  6. Well, Manning is on fire. Look at the weapons. Have to hit him and disrupt the weapons. Problem is, there are many, but it has been done (Although Seattle could generate pressure easily).

    Not sure about the pass rush, Ninkovich is good, we’ll see about him. Other than that, I’m not sure with Jones out. Cornick on the right should be a flashpoint.

    Broncos Pass Rush vs. NE Oline
    NE D

    On paper, it looks like a doozy. Could come down to a key mistake (2013 Punt fumble/ 2012 McGahee fumbles/dropped 4th down pass).

    We’ll see. May the best win.

    (Broncos Fan)

  7. Please Bill,don’t swell his head any more than it already is.

    “Tim Tebow is a valuable guy and he can do a lot of things…”
    — Bill Belichick

  8. They may respect each others greatness, but I am sure that Manning wants nothing more than to run up the score on Belichick, and that Belichick wants nothing more than to have the Pats D pitch a shut-out against Manning’s O.

  9. @saundman2000,

    You think Tony Dungy was not a great coach? You think the Colts defenses with Mathias and Freeney were not very good defenses? Or the Bronco’s D now?

  10. Elway v Marino v Montana = Manning v Brady v Brees. Man am I gonna miss these guys when they’re gone.

  11. The one weakness of ol’ Fivehead is that he can’t run, I’m surprised Belicheck wouldn’t address that

  12. Yeah, but does anyone expect BB to say anything else? What’s he going to say, if the weather’s cold/windy, Manning usually has it tough? It’s part of why the press doesn’t like him that much, he tows the team line with regards to talking about other teams…Always find ways to glowingly praise the opponent, stash anything negative as far into the back of your mind as possible…or else.

  13. Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the weapons Peyton has. Peyton is the greatest regular season of all time. But we all know he’ll be at home watching the Super Bowl just like he is every year.
    Go Pats.

  14. It’s nice to hear a little good sportsmanship every once in a while. Every word Belichick spoke about Manning is true.

  15. Some day this (Brady V Manning) is gonna be over and NFL football will suck for it… Appointment viewing on Sunday…

    Why is this game not in Prime Time?
    Can’t wait…

  16. “..he’s really great at everything, but he does throw a lot of lame ducks & his head is unusually large.. gigantic is probably the best word to describe it ..yeah, he’s a really funny looking guy ..Tom is obviously much more handsome & talented, as we all know”

  17. I’m almost surprised he didn’t make a light hearted joke about Manning’s scrambling ability. If they weren’t playing each other this week, I think he might have.

  18. I would agree. When Manning came back from his surgery, I thought he was finished. His arm looked tired. But watching him this season, he looks like he has probably more zip on his fastball than ever…

  19. Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the weapons Peyton has. Peyton is the greatest regular season of all time. But we all know he’ll be at home watching the Super Bowl just like he is every year.
    Go Pats.
    You have every right to knock Manning for his playoff failures. Manning supporters like myself cannot dispute that it tarnishes his overall legacy.

    However, while mocking him we do ask that you at least try and get the underlying facts straight.
    Manning has been to 3 SBs, including the most recent one.

  20. What was not reported by the head coach of the New England cheaters is that he said all of these things while using a power nailer into his Peyton Manning doll.

  21. The Broncos are loaded on offense..combine that with a quarterback that knows where the ball should go before the snap..and can get it there on time. That’s hard to beat.

  22. All these clever comments here from the trolls, who seemingly forget that the Broncos steamrolled the Patriots in the playoffs in January just earlier this year. The Pats were never even in the game — Manning methodically moved the Broncos down the field and the Brady Misfits could only muster 9 points for the first 57 minutes until adding a TD in garbage time.

  23. @stealthjunk ……….since you want to talk about recent history with wins and losses…all that matters is that megahead got annihilated and steamrolled in a SB where he was supposed give tutorials, and put on a “clinic” for Wilson and the Seahawks…but he did as he usually does…took any glory and personal awards for himself, and put the loss and the embarrassment on the team. Still can’t win the big one, even cheating the cap isn’t going to help his legacy of being a choke artist. That’s what people remember…he chokes it up every time.

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