Jay Gruden: “We expected to win”


Surprised that Washington beat Dallas last night? Jay Gruden isn’t.

Gruden said after the game that while everyone outside Washington’s locker room may have expected Dallas to win, everyone inside Washington’s locker room fully expected to win.

“The whole country, except the 53 guys in here, and the coaches,” Gruden said. “We expected to win and we came out and played like it, played with confidence, and we got the win.”

The win improves Washington’s record to 3-5 and at least gives them some hope that they could still turn their season around. With the next two games coming against Minnesota and Tampa Bay, Washington has a real shot at being 5-5 by mid-November. Maybe no one else sees Washington turning this season around, but Gruden expects it.

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  1. That was a great game right down to the last play, and ESPN analysts get to eat their own words. HTTR, baby!!

  2. I expected to win too. We should be undefeated right now but we’re missing alot of key players headlined by RGIII. But now the league knows. Get out of our way. #HTTR

  3. You Deadskins barely escaped this round but we’ll see you again and this time will be a blowout in favor of the ‘Boyz in our house @ FedEx Field

  4. Minnesota has a real D. They face Teddy B, whom will carve them up like a pumpkin! Who will stop Barr, Patterson & Everson G!!! Ps. It’s Teddy time!!! Skol

  5. Exposed. With all those coaches and the owner on the sidelines, not one of the has the leadership acumen or skills to tell their QB “You’re not going back in.”

    Garrett has taken his position to a new low. He doesn’t call plays. Can’t throw the red flag without looking scared to death. And can’t tell his starting QB to take a seat.

    Why is he there? And Jerry…STAY…UP…STAIRS!

    All in all regardless of how you feel about what if’s and they should’ves, it was a good game to watch.

  6. First that was a well played game last night. Second, don’t do the same thing y’all did with Kirk Cousins the whole “we are unstoppable”. You should be defeated this is still not a great team. You got lucky last night. Don’t think people are hating they just see reality!

  7. Going into this game, I said to myself that I hated the redskins more than the cowboys. I found myself rooting for the Skins. Colt McCoy makes this team 10X more likable.

  8. Easy to win when you have nothing to lose and blitz everybody but the kitchen sink. All Dallas had to do was go for the quick reads. We’ll get them next time.

  9. exposed? really? No not at all. These two teams play the hell out of each other every year and every once in a while one will have a blowout game but not very often, but to say Dallas was exposed in an overtime loss by a fieldgoal, I think not

  10. The Dallas Cowboys are who we thought they were. Went on a nice winning streak, but when the pressure is on in a close game they can’t get the win. Have fun going one and done in January with Romo at the helm…

  11. I’m a die hard Skins fan and have been for years and I’m very glad to get the win but daBoyz gave us the game and I’m very thankful. Garrett is either dumb or just mentally incapable of recognizing a good thing when he has it. If he had only continue to give the ball to Murray we would be singing a different tune this morning. Thanks Garrett, I appreciate the gift. Keep up the good work.

  12. I love how quickly Redskin fans can be fired up.

    Look, Colt McCoy had a nice second half, but your season is still over. Glad you got some excitement.

    As to the Cowboys, division game or not, you don’t let a third string QB come into your house and beat you on national tv. Your offense can score, but Romo will still self destructs after Halloween every year, and your defense is average at best.

  13. Good game from both team. McCoy stepped up when placed on the helm. But hold on there skin fans, while this may very well turn things around for this season, it is NOT, by no stretch of the imagination, a playoff win. WOW!!!

    You can’t even call it a QB controversy as griffin is still in the picture while Cousins is the designated starter and McCoy just gave them their first win after four straight loses.

    Glad to see the all-too-familiar circus scene in DC.

  14. I’m a diehard Redskins fan and I say we won the game and deserved to win the game. We had a 4th round rookie CB shut down Bryant and constantly were up in Romo and Weedens grill with a intense pass rush. We had a 3rd string QB that nobody wanted have a great game and physically outmatched the Cowboys. If Jerry and Red Jesus want to make dumb decisions that’s on them but I am not taking anything away from the Redskins effort.

  15. Really liked what Breeland did in man coverage. He still sturggles in zone, (most rookies do) but he seems really confident when maned up.

    The fact that for the better part of 3 years Jim Hasslet has been fearless (for better or worse) when facing Romo and the Cowboys.

    Problem for Washington is they are traveling on a short week, and coming of the emotions of that game. I could see them coming out flat.

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