Jordan Cameron’s concussions a concern in Cleveland


The health of Browns tight end Jordan Cameron is increasingly becoming a concern after he suffered his third concussion in the last two years on Sunday.

Cameron suffered a concussion in December of 2012 and another in December of 2013 and missed a total of three games late in the last two seasons as a result. Now Cameron may need to miss even more time. It would seem unlikely that he’ll play on Sunday, and probably not in the Browns’ game next Thursday, either.

Browns coach Mike Pettine said the team will follow the NFL’s concussion protocol, and whether Cameron will play will be determined by the medical staff.

“The league, as they should be, is very deliberate with the protocol,” Pettine said, via “You just take each day and see where he is symptom-wise. I haven’t gotten the full medical report yet today. I’ll probably know a little bit more later this afternoon.”

Cameron suffered his concussion on Sunday when he took a hit to the head from Raiders safety Brandian Ross, who was flagged and will likely be fined.

29 responses to “Jordan Cameron’s concussions a concern in Cleveland

  1. This might be an excuse or loophole for the Browns not too pay him socks he’s a free agent come this come February March
    Browns please do the right thing if u pay him and he gets another concussion then its money wasted!!! If u let him go and he still a start player without anymore injuries we look stupid either way.

    Do the right thing farmer good tight ends are hard too find or draft

  2. If concussions are such a concern, why isn’t the NFL and NFLPA just admitting the helmet is causing them and not protecting against them?

  3. I hope he is ok now and for the long term. The only upside i see about this is hopefully we dont have to pay him elite tight end money considering his injury history. Go browns!!

  4. Not sure why everyone isn’t forced to wear the ugly helmets just to limit some of these… (not that the new helmet isn’t full proof…)

    If the NFL wants to protect itself, do what the NHL did with the half shields… enforce it for players coming into the league.

    College / High School should follow suit.

    That is… if they are TRULY focused on player safety as they say…

  5. Cameron should have taken the offer they Browns gave him in the offseason. The guy has only had one productive season where he stayed healthy. He’s always been an injury prone player, even when he wasn’t on the field all that much. He should not command Jimmy Graham type money. I expect wherever he signs a long-term deal, be it Cleveland or elsewhere, the contract will be loaded incentives based on him actually being available to play.

  6. Easy solution. DBs can’t wear pads or helmets and WRs can carry swords. Then we will finally have the limitless scoring Goodell has always wanted.

  7. huuuuuuuuuuuuge Disappointment in fantasy…HUGE! I expected him to really breakout but this is what we get from USC guys….Univ of spoiled children SMH

    He and AJ Green (toe? GTFOH!!!!!!) are 2 big wimps and would never have lasted in the 1970s

  8. That big payday he was holding out for at the end of the season is looking a blurry as that trainers finger waving in front of him

  9. Hoyer needs to apologize to Cameron for that bad throw that caused him the concussion!

    An average QB could have made the proper throw to prevent him from laying out for the catch!

  10. continuing to play NFL football after multiple concussions is sort of like that surfer girl who got her arm ripped off by a shark & still surfs.. it’s either really courageous or really stupid

  11. Back in 1967 a KC Chiefs trainer designed a helmet for a rookie LB who had suffered a potential career ending concussion. The Chiefs trainer added a wide strip of padding, front to back on the “outside” of the LBers helmet. That trainer realized something that today’s highly paid “NFL brass” can’t seem to understand…you can only put “so much” padding on the inside of a “rock hard” plastic shell…so why not try putting padding on the “outside” of a player’s helmet…why not try something that worked, way back in 1967?

    The rookie who almost had his career ended due to a life threatening concussion in his first season…was/is the Chiefs’ Hall of Fame LBer, “Mr Contact”, Willie Lanier. Lanier went on to play 10 more seasons using that same helmet, with padding on the outside…IT WORKED.

    Back in the 1980s, some NFL players were faced with career threatening, frequent concussions decided to try a product that formed an additional layer of padding to the outside, called the Pro Cap (invented by Bert Straus).

    The Pro Cap was used for many years by the Bills’ safety, Mark Kelso and 49ers’ OT, Steve Wallace. Both players extended their NFL careers and were not forced to retire due to concussions. Today, the NFL won’t even allow the players to try a Pro Cap, even if their careers are threatened due to frequent concussions …even though the Pro Cap worked for NFL players in the past.

    Adding padding to the outside of a helmet worked…so why isn’t the NFL allowing the players to try a helmet that might just save their careers?

    Would be nice if the media started asking some questions about this situation….

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