Pats to honor three-time Super Bowl champions during Broncos game

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The New England Patriots won a trio of Super Bowls from 2001 through 2004.  On Sunday, the organization will commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the most recent title-winning team — while facing the quarterback they vanquished on the way to winning two of them.

Yes, as the Pats welcome Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to town, New England also will reunite 18 of the 22 players who won three Super Bowl championships.

In addition to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the only member of the title teams still playing for the Pats, 17 other three-time champions will attend the game: Joe Andruzzi; Tom Ashworth; Troy Brown; Tedy Bruschi; Matt Chatham; Je’Rod Cherry; Kevin Faulk; Ted Johnson; Ty Law; Matt Light; Willie McGinest; Stephen Neal; Patrick Pass; David Patten; Lonie Paxton; Roman Phifer; Richard Seymour.

Absent will be Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, Giants assistant coach Larry Izzo, Texans assistant coach Mike Vrabel, and UCLA assistant coach Adrian Klemm.

Present will be Peyton. And it’s hard to regard the selection of Manning’s visit as coincidental.

Even if it is, Manning won’t view it that way. Which could be enough to balance out the extra boost the Pats will get from being on the wrong side of the betting line.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin wasn’t invited to the festivities. Like Peyton, Putin has only one Super Bowl ring.

64 responses to “Pats to honor three-time Super Bowl champions during Broncos game

  1. 3 Super Bowls robbed from the NFL by cheating, yeah let’s have a celebration.

    Make sure to make Goodell the guest of honor, you know the guy who burned the tapes and swept the scandal under the rug.

  2. Can somebody explain how it’s supposed to be shameful to win “only” one title, particularly with a career still in progress?

  3. And between Putin and Peyton, one of those rings was earned while the other was stolen from a confused Rex Grossman.

  4. I know there will be talks of cheating and everything, but what did they do that wasnt allowed? I know everyone likes to say video taping is cheating, but video taping was legal until 2007. Last time I checked, 2002, 2003, and 2004 happened before 2007

  5. Regarding Peyton’s reaction, never try to please someone who whines about the scoreboard operator in his own stadium.

  6. Yeah. Because Peyton will say to himself, “How can we possibly beat the Patriots today? After all, they beat a team I used to be on ten and a half years ago?”

  7. Plenty of teams win Super Bowls, but it’s the cheating to win which makes them special. Did you enjoy how the Patriots kept up the suspense winning 2 of the 3 on the game’s last play? This, despite having filmed all their opponents practices, having all their opponents playbooks, and even having a few of their opponents jailed during Super Bowl week…

  8. 3 beautiful rings… my Pats team….
    also really enjoy how it brings out the TROLLS to whine & complain…..

    the tears of the jealous fans make me sooooooooo happy!!!

  9. “But Putin has more Super Bowl rings than the Eagles…”

    Ding ding ding … we have a winner !!!

  10. Must be a slow web clicks week already… this is a slam dunk for haters. minus the fact they still cant explain the benefit of taping something that cant be used in game vs writing it down and giving that information to other coaches during the game.

  11. The Patriots are such a great football team that trolls can’t help but sprint to their keyboards to spout inaccurate nonsense at the internet.

    If you think that Patriots cheated then you are shortsighted and probably a lot foolish too. I love saying it and I’ll say it all again: Stealing signals is not illegal. Video taping said signals is not illegal. A rule change after 2006 season has no impact on the previous seasons of 2001, 2003, 2004; ex post facto. Spygate is about video taping from the wrong location and not showing respect for the league office and not having the foresight to see Goodell is terrible at public relations.

  12. 3 tainted rings …
    also really enjoy how the FANBOYS come out to justify their teams cheating.

    seeing them sell out their personal integrity makes me soooooooo happy.

  13. Does everyone know The Broncos are the only team in league history to have been caught and fined for taping another teams practice? they also haven’t won since they had to cheat the salary cap and play with illegal rosters twice.

  14. “Stealing someone’s signals was a part of the game and everybody attempted to do that. We had people that always tried to steal signals. What happened when we lost that [2004 AFC Championship] game is they outplayed us. It had nothing to do with stealing signals or cheating or anything else.” — Bill Cowher

  15. Stephen Neal was a beast. NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion. Famously beat Brock Lesnar in 1999 (Brock won a year later). Could have done MMA and been dominant there. If he were playing today, in terms of tough guys, he could give JJ Watt and Suh a run for their money.

  16. Nice to see many great champions show up to commemorate those championship teams. Suprised, but glad to see Big Sey show up. I’ll be standing up. Wonder if it will remind Peyton what coulda been, if only he had gotten the job done with the money on the table. Funny how haters always trash Belichick, Kraft and Brady, except all the ex players want to be Patriots for life. Even RHarrison, who I’m sure has to work, left his heart in NE. Even after all those yrs w/theCargers. Wish JSeau was still here.

  17. With or without the “rubbing it in ceremony” on Sunday, Pats are going down. Broncos are just a better overall team. Furthermore, they’ll beat ’em again in the championship game if they meet, no matter where they meet ’em.

    Can’t wait!

  18. Patriots fans are some of the worst. As a west coast guy now living in Boston. It makes me root that much harder against them. The fans make it an easy decision.

  19. As great as the Pats have been in the regular season, can you believe they have to go back almost ten years to honor a championship team? Seven NFL franchises have a more recent title than the Pats.

  20. “Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin wasn’t invited to the festivities. Like Peyton, Putin has only one Super Bowl ring.”

    Zing. That was amazing. One day we will get that ring back.

  21. Living in the past…that’s the criteria for being a Patriots fan or part of the organization. 15 years from now if they haven’t won another title they’ll still be going on about what happened between the 2001 and 2004 seasons acting like they win it every single season.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA…. that’s a great head game strategy.

    Seriously, congrats to the Pats for the creativity!!! I respect that.


  23. …the pats didn’t kick the ball out of bounds at the very end in the panther superbowl. they have brady a short, field/easy FG. game over.


  24. Sorry haters they did not cheat to win the Super Bowls.

    Sideline taping was legal before 2007. Stealing signals is not illegal and you may notice every OC and HC out there still covers their mouth when they’re sending in play calls because of this.

    And whether the other teams were taping or merely had a lowly paid offensive assistant sitting there with a piece of paper charting the signals sent in, every team kept and still keeps track of other team’s signals. If your coaches are too lazy to change them up you pay the price.

    And the only thing the taping did was make it marginally easier to collate the material on defensive calls as opposed to charting them on paper. Same data either way. It was not some magical telepathic system like the bspn tin foil cap crowd likes to claim.

  25. You have to be a very small-minded person to take away from a group of champions that are celebrating a homecoming.

    Why would any decent human being want to take away from another individual being recognized for their career achievement by former co-workers (ex-players) and fans?

  26. Megahead is such a loser, scripting his own celebration for breaking a record and having his teammates practice it beforehand for a national audience..he’s a self-serving punk. The league is moving heaven and earth to further another attempt at a SB ring, and outside of denver, everyone knows it.

    43 -8 lol

  27. Nobody said Wilfork is not a Super Bowl champ. But he wasn’t on all three Patriot Super Bowl championship teams. Brady is the only player that was on all three teams that is still on the Patriots roster.

  28. Since those SB’s Brady’s playoff record is 8-7 (0-2 in SB). Manning’s is 8-6 (1-2 in SB).

    Head to Head in the playoffs during those Patriot SB years, Brady 2-0. Head to head since then, Manning 2-0.

    So if we go with the belief that Brady is better because he has a better playoff record than Manning (although it is only better from 2001 – 04), is it also true that Brady was a better QB from 2001 – 2004 than from 2005 – now?

    Or maybe, defense and coaching is a big part of the game, and it’s not all about the quarterback.

  29. The Pats will honor Matt Walsh and Steve Scarnecchia – the videographers who were the real reason for the 3*** trophies. And Goodell for burning the tapes.

  30. The Patriots have crushed a lot of dreams through the years, seeing a lot of very frustrated, jealous non-fans here, still crying their eyes out. Tell your teams to get better…then maybe you, too, can have three, beautiful superbowl rings. Remember, that it’s team wins over personal records that count.

  31. If the Pats didn’t cheat, why was BB and the team fined ? Why was their first round pick taken away?

  32. billswillnevermove says:
    Oct 28, 2014 2:53 PM
    Not to say the ‪‎Patriots‬ are getting old but rumor has it their video spy team has been using ‪‎VHS‬ tape.

    Yeah they must have been using it when Brady shredded that Bills D in the second half.

  33. If the Pats didn’t cheat, why was BB and the team fined ? Why was their first round pick taken away?
    the penalty was a second round pick, first if they made the playoffs. They were fined because they ignored a Godell rule that all teams were supposed to stop this practice. The Jets, you will remember, were caught taping the Pats in Foxboro during the 2006 playoffs. The only potential benefit is an illegal substitution penalty, and that’s very unlikely. If Godell didn’t destroy the tapes after leaking them to his wife at Fox, youd see there were plenty of other teams doing the same thing.

  34. Glad to see Seymour is coming back for this ceremony. Maybe he and the team can put hard feelings aside and build up a good relationship again. It would be nice to see him around the team more

  35. I love how the patriot haters are so jealous and love to throw around spygate and cheating…..funny thing is that they don’t even know what spygate was. Had nothing to do with taping practices, only dealt with where the cameras were placed and using film during games, which was legal until August of 07. And the jealous fans don’t know what their talking about even more and say “they pay the refs” or “Kraft and Goodell are friends”.

    94-26, 6 playoff appearances, 2 afc championships since 2007….guess the taping was the only reason they were doing so well.

  36. I doubt most people think that Spygate is the reason the Pats were good back then.

    In reality, it’s one of the reasons people HATE the Pats. People don’t like cheaters, regardless of whether that’s the reason for their success.

    It’s pretty sad, though, for Pats fans to wear that legitimate hatred as a badge of honor. Yet another reason not to like them.

  37. People still think spygate is a big deal?

    It’s all they got. Making 8 year old camera jokes.

    The Patriots fired Matt Walsh in January 2003, yet somehow he was the video mastermind behind the 3 Super Bowl victories.

    It’s total loserville, but it keeps us entertained.

  38. I think people would have a lot more respect for Pats fans if they said, “What we did was wrong. I still support them today, but I don’t condone those past actions.”

    Instead, it’s all “everybody does it” or “we didn’t do anything wrong” or “you just hate us because we’re good” or other obnoxious nonsense.

  39. Quick lesson.

    1. Video taping is STILL legal. What do you think teams study all week?

    2. WHAT the Pats filmed is NOT and never was illegal. Teams can film whatever they want. There’s no rule saying they can’t. The only rules in place are camera placement rules.

    3. Haters gonna hate.

    As a Pats fan, I will say that they broke a rule. They did not “cheat” in the way that the haters think. But, Belichick was wrong to defy the new Commissioner’s edict. And, personally, who gives a crap what any team films? That’s their business. Whatever they think will help them. But keep it within the rules. As Bill Cowher has said, Belichick was not punished for videotaping. He was punished for arrogance.

  40. I’m so baffled by all the Peyton and Brady haters. U guys are all clueless. Peyton and Brady have the utmost respect for each other. Brady even calls him 1 of the best ever and vice versa. Belicheck just stated this week that Peyton doesn’t have a weakness in his game. look it up. I’m a die-hard Colts fan, but I have nothing but respect for both of these guys. It’s really sad to see all the classless losers on here hating about 2 of the best QB’s to ever play the game

    Cheating or not, Pats won those 3 SBs. “clutch” or not, Peyton still won the big game. Dan Marino never even won 1, and he’s still regarded as 1 of the best ever…Any of you’re guys’ worthless opinions does not take anything away from either of these guys. Get a clue

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