Phil Emery on Jay Cutler: We’re a 3-5 team, he’s a 3-5 quarterback

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Last week, Bears General Manager Phil Emery defended Jay Cutler as a “winning quarterback” during an online Q&A with fans who wanted to know if Emery was having any regrets about signing Cutler to an extension in the offseason.

Cutler and the Bears lost again to the Patriots last Sunday, which means that the winning quarterback is in charge of a 3-5 team halfway through the season. Cutler turned the ball over twice against New England and has turned the ball over multiple times in each of Chicago’s losses this season, which isn’t enough for Emery to back off support for the quarterback but might have been enough for him to tweak his earlier view on Cutler’s status as a winner.

“Obviously, we’re a 3-5 team, and he’s a 3-5 quarterback right now,” Emery said, via “There’s a lot of things he’s got to get better at. There are a lot of things we’ve got to get better at. In terms of protecting the ball, in the fumbles, he had one against San Francisco [in Week 2], had one this past week and had one the previous week against Miami. Some of them are just situations, a guy coming from the blind side. But obviously, you have to keep the ball up and away. We’ve got to get better at that. Obviously he knows that. He holds himself accountable for it, and he’ll continue to strive to get better in that area.”

Coach Marc Trestman said he thinks Cutler is “handling himself exceptionally well on a play-by-play basis” and that the team needs to do a better job of playing “complementary football” while also allowing that there are some negatives they’d like to see Cutler erase.

It’s more likely that Cutler will remain the same quarterback with the same positives and negatives that he’s displayed this season and throughout his career. That was enough for the Bears to sign him to an extension that ties them to him for the next few seasons, so they’ll have plenty of chances to weigh in on how that decision is working out as long as all three are still in Chicago.

72 responses to “Phil Emery on Jay Cutler: We’re a 3-5 team, he’s a 3-5 quarterback

  1. Jay Cutler once scored NEGATIVE 7 in my fantasy league. The only thing that “helped” him was when he got hurt. From then on, he will forever be known as “-7” to me. There’s a difference between “elite” and “paid like an elite” in the quarterback world (see also Flacco, Elisha, etc.).

  2. For the record, the Bears problems stretch far beyond the quarterback right now. That secondary is young and vulnerable to begin with, but this team has had crazy injuries to deal with on top of it. The Bears (and Cutler) are more talented than 3-5, but they’re struggling right now. Brady and Gronk embarrassed them.

  3. C’mon Marshall, we need a TO like moment where you break down crying while repeating “he’s my quarterback”.

    Trestman and Emery better get used to defending Cutler. They signed him to a long term guaranteed money deal.

  4. The 3-5 QB is on pace to throw for over 4,000 yards this season, with 34 TDs and 16 INTs, and a 67.-something completion percentage.

    It’s the damn 3-5 defense that’s killing us, not Cutler.
    But bashing Jay is much more appealing to many members of the media, so the real issues get buried.

    Same thing two weeks ago when Marshall dared to speak honestly in his postgame tirade…The press was all over that, looking for discord, even fabricating the lie that Brandon targeted Cutler specifically.

    And in the meantime, nobody’s asking Mel Tucker if he ever feels guilty casking those McCaskey paychecks.

  5. Emery needs to start evaluating himself too. Too many of the players he brought in aren’t producing, and the coaches he hired are way out of their depth and failing in all three phases regularly. I realize that he is still cleaning up his predecessor’s mess but a lot of the moves he’s made the last couple of years should be paying off by now and they’re just not.

  6. Yeah, the guy with a 96 rating and on pace for franchise records in yards and touchdowns is the main problem on the team.

  7. Quarterbacks, all of them, get too much credit for wins and too much blame for losses. Jay’s getting the spotlight because the expectations are/were so high this year. Still a half season to go. Bear Down!

  8. We’re stuck with him for 3 years, but the Wilson’s and the Foles aren’t the norm. The Gino Smith’s, Gabbarts and Ponders are more likely.

  9. The Bears are basically 3-6 as they will face GB at Lambeau. They’re are too bad to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to admit they need to blow it up and rebuild.

  10. Wasn’t Trestman supposed to be some kind of Quarterback Whisperer or Offensive Guru that was going to elevate Cutler to that MVP level? The Bears have no excuses, just imagine what Brady, P. Manning, Drew Brees, Luck, Rivers, Rodgers… hell, even Josh McCown could do with those weapons. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t feel like Cutler has ever evolved as a QB he has kind of flat lined for his career no matter what weapons he did or didn’t have

  11. At this point, Cutler is what he is; he’s not going to have some magic revelation that he has to take care of the ball. The Bears had to know what they were getting into when they signed him to a long-term deal.

  12. The fumble yes, but the other of his”turned the ball over twice” was a hail mary with time running out at the end of the half.
    So instead of checking the ball down to the running back for a 5 yard gain down by 31 he throws it 50 yards in hopes of a catch or PI penalty (like the refs would ever call a penalty on revis). Yes it got intercepted in the end zone as the clock hit zero because they had the receiver double covered. It a turn over he should have chanced.

    I know truth gets in the way of your hatred of cutler though.

    But you know either way you guys were going to win this. Because if he checks the ball down at the end of the half every reporter would be railing on him for throwing a 5 yard pass as time expired at the end of the half. Just to protect his stats.

  13. Great ability in terms of talent, something is definitely missing in the leadership department though.

    He is not playing up to his contract for sure.

  14. Cutler was never a winner in college and his poor attitude as a pro has given him the deservedly bad reputation he has. This is one of the worst signings in league history and Cutler is crashing and burning before our very eyes. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and teammate.

  15. Cutler will always be what he is – a mediocre to middling good QB with a good but not great arm and a limited skill set. Much better then Geno Smith, nowhere as good as Tom Brady.

  16. “It’s more likely that Cutler will remain the same quarterback with the same positives and negatives that he’s displayed this season and throughout his career.”
    So the Bears will finish 6-10,lol

  17. Jay Cutler is a 60/54 win loss QB. He’ll have a spectacular game one week and follow it up the next week with a horrible outing. Then when the games on the line he’ll take himself out with a minor injury. He can be rattled early and often…….Why the Bears aren’t investing in someone for the future is kind of a shock.

  18. Cutler might not even be in the top 5 of the team’s problems right now. It’s the defense, or complete lack thereof. Mel Tucker is where the spotlight should be focused, not two completely meaningless turnovers from the Pats game.

  19. To be fair cfosoo, the D is a problem, but the Offense should be putting up 30 points a game, and they’re not.

    I think the problem is forcing Cutler to throw it too much. He’s a good (not great) play-action QB but we’re not running nearly enough to take advantage of that. I love that Forte gets so many catches, but they should be SECONDARY to his running. Shame we’re wasting such good talent on a system that seems to NOT be working.

  20. In fairness to Cutler, he’s been surrounded by incompetence for his entire Bear tenure. Even when he had a good head coach in Lovie he was stuck with Ron Turner, Mike Martz and Mike Tice as co-ordinators. Now he has a good offensive mind to work with in Trestman but the team is a disaster because Trestman doesn’t instill the discipline needed for a winning NFL team.

    But that said, yeah Cutler kind of sucks too.

  21. And for the record, it is a really bad omen for any head coach to not be able to find any competent coordinators to work for you. And Mel Tucker and Ed Decamilis are two of the worst coordinators you are going to find. It’s incredible those two twits continue to find employment.

    Personally, I’m hoping the Bears make a run at Harbaugh in the off season. I just hope he is interested.

  22. REALLY ENJOYED Terry Bradshaws comments about Cutler on Sunday.

    Basically: ‘You’re playing in the NFL… act like you want to be here… that you care about being here.’

    Cutler has serious emotional ups and downs, as seen by his momentary brilliant play, followed by several debacles. Don’t know if he’s on meds, but should be… and I’m not kidding.

  23. kelmcc says: Oct 28, 2014 9:42 AM

    Lining up perfectly for Harbaugh to Bears….
    Harbaugh when he went to the 49ers had a stacked team, even he would struggle with the lack of talent on this Bears team.

  24. Fact: Jay Cutler has a ton of natural talent; rocket arm, quick feet but he’s unable to inspire anyone around him because he himself is un-inspirable. The guy is a rock, no emotion and for a physical game, emotion means a lot.

    Fact: The defense is in disarray, injuries, lack of quality talent, whatever, this isn’t the defensive coordinators job, this comes from the top, coordinators coach the team they have.

    Fact: Phil Emery and Trestmen put this team together including the signing of one said Jay Cutler, time to hold them accountable, time for them to put up or shut up. You two have got to go, both of you and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  25. Let’s see he doesn’t have a speed receiver to keep the defensive backs honest, his offensive line leaves a lot to be desired And lets not even talk about the Defense and how woefully lousy it is. Bad Ownership, Bad Management, and Bad Coaching but yea its all his fault.

  26. It still absolutely baffles me that the Bears would pay this butt clown $20M per year, over double what Tom Brady makes. The organization is adrift, rudderless, with no leadership. It will be a long 5 years or so for the Bears. Get used to it!!

  27. hoorgoo 39

    Cutler gave up a fumble that led to 7 by himself. Defensively this team is inept,. I don’t know what they were thinking in signing a washed up Jared Allen, a very overrated Lamaar Houston and a couple of terrible safeties. Their cap system is dire…with Alshon needing an extension next year (watch out for his holdout next TC), and their inability to find quality defensive players. This team has no hope unless they bring in a GM that has a vision on defense. In the NFL you either adapt or you suck terribly. If they had let Cutler walk and maybe invest on that secondary and possibly get a LB or two that would be worth paying for then maybe they would be 5-3 instead of 3-5. And this is how Cutler is separated from Brady’s and other QB’s of the world. Brady wants to win and wants to create a team friendly contact that let his coach and owner go out and acquire players (Revis). Cutler just wanted to get paid. Only two guys Emery has hit on in three years on defense is Fuller and Willie Young. Every other player he signed or drafted has turned out to be a bust. These three drafts he has produced will likely put the Bears back atleast 4-5 years in terms of being a playoff contender.

  28. This is Cutler’s 9th season. He is what he is. This is by far his best season, his first ever over 90 passer rating, in an era when it is easy to pass. Bears fans say he has a 95.8 passer rating and he is not the problem. Yes, they have bigger problems, but they’ll never win big with him. He’s not bad, but he isn’t good either. In the easy-to-pass era (right now) there are 13 starting QBs with a better passer rating. Probably more than 13 are better leaders, and probably more than 13 fumble less than him. He is a mediocre QB, always has been. Some people say he has the best arm and is athletic. Sorry, don’t see it. I watched him when he was here in Denver and he was what he is now, average.

  29. Marshall/Jeffrey/Holmes/Bennett/Forte & PFF’s #5 overall offensive line.

    Halfway through the season Jay Cutler leads the NFL in turnovers and is averaging an interception or fumble every 17.2 pass attempts. That’s really, really bad. That’s Geno Smith bad. Even worse than the on field play is that he’s also gone into hiding (again….) in reaction in to scrutiny. Not a good look…it’s one thing to be a surly jerk (after all, nobody ever accused Jim McMahon or Jim Harbaugh of having a sparkling personality), but a COWARD is definitely not what you want in a so-called “franchise” qb.

    It’s only year 1 of that 7-year/126 million extension with $54 million in guaranteed new money. Worst contract in the NFL? Sure it is. Worst in NFL history? Not iut it’s looking like it might have that potential….

    All that guaranteed money is going to make it impossible to get out from under the deal anytime in the next 4 years. The Bears are stuck with him and there’s no Josh McCown to bail them out this year.

    Not a Bears fan, but a FOOTBALL fan who can appreciate greatness even if it isn’t by a team I’m a fan of. This offense could have been one of the all-time great offenses.’07 Pats, ’99 Rams, ’98 Vikings, ’84 Dolphins, ’83 Redskins. Instead their qb took a giant dump on Soldier Field, lit it up, and went into hiding pulling the same childish pouting routine we’ve seen from him for years.

    What a complete waste of talent.

  30. You can thank all the talking heads that called out Belichick and Brady as washed up after one bad road game. If you think there isn’t a prep room in Gillette with walls covered with those quotes, you’re fooling yourselves. Smarter to slather yourself in bbq sauce and run through a tiger pen.

  31. I know I’m a Vikings fan so there’s not much to stand behind but I’ve said it for years. JAY “CHIN IN CHEST” CUTLER is not and will not ever be a leader. Good luck with him as the most important part of your team for years to come.

  32. It’s about time that Bears fans stop hearing “we should be doing better” and actually see it…

    The offense is not running on all 8 cylinders. We’re making yardage but shoot ourselves in the foot with stupid penalties and turnovers. Jay has had is fair share of contributions here but factor in other players that have coughed up the ball and dropped passes to get a more complete picture. This is a leadership issue (and maybe some basic drills on ball protection). Our offense should be far more productive than they are… Jay needs to get out of his funk and if that means benching him for a couple of games then so be it.

    Trestman tried to give Mel Tucker the tools he needed to succeed with some pass rushing talent and additions to the defensive line. But Mel still wants to use a hammer to drive in screws. Defense needs to at least put up a mediocre showing but you need a DC that knows what he’s doing and how to adjust. Opponents are racking up scores because Mel won’t adjust and they already know his single scheme defense. The only place where our defense looks halfway decent is on a restricted field; inside the red zone. Our secondary has been decimated with injuries but they are getting no help from an effective pass rush. This is a DC’s job and I always thought it was a mistake to keep Mel. At the very least, Mel has to go.

    Time is running out on our season and two more losses would probably seal us out of playoff contention. Time to stop doing what we already know doesn’t work; time to stop driving screws with a hammer; time to make some changes.

  33. Cutler is the only 31 year old in the league that’s still developing. Just bring in a new quarterback whisperer and a new OC (that meets Jay’s approval of course) and he’ll finally take that final step into elite status. Bears fans just need to be patient.

  34. JETS can still acquire him at the deadline….come on Izdik go buck wild on your way out and burn it to the ground….got $12 million in cap space to burn….

  35. I enjoy reading the Cutler hate which tells me two things. One you’re going to hate him no matter what he does because your mindless sheep and that’s what the media feeds you. Two Cutler doesn’t care. Ouch!

  36. As a Packer fan who lives in Chicago, I have no problem with this article. Today’s piece by Rick Morrisey in the Sun-Times is legendary. You’d think the great Jay Mariotti was back. Referring to Cutler, here’s a snippet …

    “No one can turn him into a winner. But you’ll never hear that from the Bears, who wouldn’t know a quarterback from a koala”.

    Haven’t laughed that hard since Mariotti, lol.

  37. Does anyone remember when McDaniels was killed for running this guy out of town? Yeah, not looking like such a bad move now.

  38. For the 2nd consecutive year under Trestman, the Bears defense has put this team in the worst possible positions imagineable. Cutler has his issues, absolutely! However, lets give Cutler an evaluation with an NFL defense on the field under Trestman! Again, I totally believe Cutler needs is to share in many of the woes offensively, but let’s look at the entire picture as well.

  39. joebone says:
    Oct 28, 2014 1:08 PM

    Cutler doesn’t play defense.


    Bingo. Trade Lance Briggs to Dallas for a 4th round pick and Rod Marinelli.

  40. The Packers and Bears had on thing in common last year: The worst Safety play in the league. The Packers appear to have fixed theirs by drafting one in the first round and converting a second year nickel back to Safety. The Bears Safety play seems to be pretty much the same as last year.

  41. And for the record, it is a really bad omen for any head coach to not be able to find any competent coordinators to work for you. And Mel Tucker and Ed Decamilis are two of the worst coordinators you are going to find. It’s incredible those two twits continue to find employment.
    Could not agree more, and as a Bears fan it dismays me that these two clowns were not fired after last season and even more so, appear they will keep their jobs at least through the end of this season.

    Despite their horrific performances this year, the Bears’ D and STs do actually have some young talent. Particularly the D with youngsters like Fuller, Sutton, Ferguson, and Christian Jones. But unfortunately, the longer this current coaching staff remains,the higher the chance they will ruin the few good young defenders the Bears have and those kids will wind up being worse players two years from now than they were coming out of college.

  42. I am frustrated with Cutler. Someone posting that he is their least favorite QB in the league blows me away though. Big Ben trapped a coed in a bar bathroom and is known to be a jerk in PITTSBUGH. Then there’s a guy in NYC who found different horrifying ways to murder dogs. He didn’t ‘t just kill them he choked, drowned, and electrocuted them. But, hey Cutler whined his way out of Denver and he doesn’t smile enough. C’mon man!

  43. joebone, he doesn’t play offense either. He is a walking turnover machine. He has a cannon arm and peashooter brain. At 31 years old, he is what he is, he isn’t going to get better. He can only get worse from here as his physical skills deteriorate. The interceptions will get worse as he loses velocity on the ball. He was a bust in Denver and he is a bust in Chicago, and they compounded the mess by adding headcase Marshall to the mix. You can’t win a Super Bowl with discarded high priced castoffs. Chicago tried to take a shortcut thinking they could salvage players so bad that other teams threw them out. It will take that much longer now to dig out.

  44. Cutler can’t play if he has an owie. He’s difficult to coach. And he doesn’t get along well with his team mates. With those negatives, I don’t see how he can ever be a world class quarterback. His skill set is big, but myeh, it’s like raising a child that has “so much potential”. Bears fans, you did your best and stop blaming yourselves. All your kids won’t turn out well. Go bears

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