Zach Mettenberger laughs off J.J. Watt’s selfie sack dance


Texans defensive end J.J. Watt took offense, and Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt made it clear that he expected quarterback Zach Mettenberger to show more social media restraint.

But Mettenberger smiled Tuesday, saying he didn’t mind when he saw Watt going off on his selfie game.

I just kind of laughed it off,” Mettenberger said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “What can I say? The guy is the best defensive player in the NFL, there is nothing I can say to him. So I just need to keep progressing, keep working and we’ll play them again.”

But he didn’t like the suggestion he wasn’t working on his craft.

“He’s entitled to his opinion, he is a great player and all that,” Mettenberger said of Watt. “But I know how hard I work, and I know what I am doing here each and every day. And that’s something that I can’t be concerned about. If social media ever becomes a distraction for me, I just need to give it up. It never has been a distraction.

“If guys in this locker room feel it’s a distraction on my part, I’ll tone it back. But I don’t think that’s a problem.”

Mettenberger was clearly having fun with his own goofball image last week, but has since gotten a haircut and reined it in a bit, since he’s in a position of greater responsibility now. That’s smart, and so is not adding motivation to a player who doesn’t need any extra.

35 responses to “Zach Mettenberger laughs off J.J. Watt’s selfie sack dance

  1. JJ WATT, Selfie police and twitter troll, get back to concentrating on your game and less on your dance moves and your team might get over .500

  2. This kid could be good. He’s got a lot of receiving talent.

    They thought Locker would be the guy, but his stumbling and injuries may allow this guy to end up being the franchise.

  3. Watt is being more immature no doubt. He needs to be more concerned with Mr Clowney Glass on the other side of the line.

    Mettenberger could end up developing into a good quarterback. Coming from LSU that is saying a lot considering the coach there believes that a quarterback’s main job is to hand the ball off.

  4. So the guy who does a bunch of stupid dances on the field and wore a letterman jacket is lecturing who about taking the game seriously?

  5. Zach asked the reporter to be certain to write that he wasn’t upset with J.J.’s remarks. “Heck of a guy, great sense of humor, pillar of the community, I keep his poster on my wall… love ya’, J.J. … you’ll always be special to me….”.

  6. Isn’t Watt in a commercial at a grade school dance dressed up in his uniform….for some reason macking on mom’s. Creepppppyyyyy.

  7. The kid said all the right things, he didn’t add fuel to the fire, he didn’t make any stupid comments, he showed respect to a guy who has the ability to make his life hell in the same division.
    He’ll go far in the league.

    Watt made his point, time to move on.

  8. This kid falls 1 yard short of 300 in a game that just happens to be his the first start of his rookie year. He also had just under a week of 1st team practice time.

    If he didn’t prepare seriously because he was taking selfies JJ Watt should be worried about how many yards he’s going to rack up if he prepares seriously when the Titans play Houston again in a month.

    Watt also acted like it was Mettenberger’s fault he got sacked, that his preparation led to that. Both plays he was sacked were quick pressure more fault lies on Oher/Warmack. Watt preyed on those two lineman which is smart but… maybe he should try registering a sack against Lewan before he goes all Mr. High and Almighty about things.

  9. Players today are a different mindset…it’s all about self promoting and winning…I think Tennessee has bigger issues than what their QB is doing

  10. jj watt is good, but hasn’t won anything meaningful. so dancing prob makes him feel better.

  11. JJ Watt is overrated. Its not like he singlehandedly wins games. Houston Texans could be just as average without him.

  12. So what’s the big deal JJ? I’m sure if Mett had not been taking his job seriously the Titans’ coaches wouldn’t have trusted him to be the starting QB. The Titans staff have been saying nothing but complimentary things about him. I’m sure he was focused on starting his first game . For a rookie making his first start, he actually did well.

    You mentioned the selfie before the game. Posed taking a selfie during the game, and talked about it again after the game. Seems like a lot of “focus” time wasted on your part. Just play the game JJ. Get your sack, do your ridiculous poses and don’t worry about an opposing player doing something harmless. He didn’t beat his wife or small child. He took a picture. Of himself.

  13. kd75 says:
    Oct 28, 2014 4:08 PM

    JJ Watt is overrated. Its not like he singlehandedly wins games. Houston Texans could be just as average without him.
    Last I checked, being .500 is pretty close to average, hence he must not be that good

  14. Watt disappears in big games, so I don’t care how good he is against lousy teams in the regular season. He has repeatedly been a non-factor against the Pats for example.

    And don’t blame Mettenberger at all for wanting to enjoy having made it to the NFL. The whole freaking world takes selfies these days.

  15. You basement dwellers need to stop sniffing glue if you think JJ Watt is overrated or average…not just the best defensive player in the NFL…he is arguably THE best player in the NFL

  16. I used to really like uncle JJ Watt. The guy is a beast on the field and he hasn’t be a camera he didn’t like. This is why I’m so surprised he is against photos. Mettenberger didn’t play the game with a camera in his pants as a prop and take the selfie after a TD pass as some players have used props in the past. He did something fun and silly long before kickoff that affected absolutely nobody. Anyone that has an issue with social media or selfies need to get back on their dirigible and send a telex to their families that they are going back in time to a simpler era.

  17. Much ado about nothing. Watt needs to let it go.

    Mettenberger did not look that bad really considering the circumstances. Would be a good thing for the NFL if Mettenberger turns out to be a decent QB for Tennessee for a decade and this could be a mini-rivalry between the two as they are gonna play twice a year. Miss the days when certain players just did not like each other and it was evident on the field.

  18. Every time Watt does his finger wave — which he stole from Dikembe Mutombo by the way because he is too dumb to come up with anything original — in an opponents face he should get a taunting penalty. I don’t know how he gets away with it.

  19. disappears in big games? he returned a tipped pass interception for a touchdown in the playoffs to give his team the win. how many defensive linemen have ever done that?

  20. As a Titans fan I can admit watt is a beast and possibly the best defender in the NFL. However the real story is that Watt has gone out of his way to bash a 6th round , 3rd string rookie QB who played his first start last week and did a pretty good job playing as we’ll. watt even knows this kid is going to be good otherwise I don’t think he would have said a word.

  21. Giants ran right at Watt with success and don’t have a dominating Oline. Watts a great player but not the best.

  22. So, Watt, taking a pic of yourself is a distraction, but doing a commercial for Verizon, the “Middle School Dance”, isn’t? If I see that commercial one more time I’m smashing my television.

  23. Watt is playing as good as any defensive player in the league…but his team is still 4-4 and beat the Raiders, Skins, Titans and Bills. I don’t think there’s much more he can do, but Mettenberger hasn’t committed a crime…he’s having some fun, and played really well for a 3rd string rookie in his first game.

    Watt doesn’t have much to say here…he may live and breathe the game, but he does celebrate on the field after every sack or big play, even when his team is losing, so Mett having some innocent fun off the field isn’t so bad.

  24. I wish Mettenberger would have taken offense to it to get a real rivalry thing started up. I think Mett will take the Titans QB reigns next season if he keeps playing like he did against the Texans. And with an actual QB the rivalry could become real again, now we just need the players to hate each other….

  25. I love J.J. Watt being a Wisconsin guy…

    But J.J. has spent more time filming silly NFL Mobile commercials than this rookie quarterback has spent snapping a selfie or two. Come on J.J., you’re better than that!

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