DeMarco Murray on fumbles: I’m going to keep fighting for every inch

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Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is running away with the league lead in rushing yards as he thunders past 100 yards week after week, including his 141-yard performance in Monday night’s loss.

Murray may take the league lead in another category as well. During that loss to Washington, Murray fumbled a ball for the fifth time this season. The fumble came at the end of a long gain on a pass from Tony Romo and Murray lost the ball while trying to grab a few extra yards, something he said he will continue trying to do despite a turnover that cost the Cowboys a chance at points they wound up needing.

“I’m going to continue to play hard and fight for every inch,” Murray said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It happened. I just got to lock two hands on it.”

The fumbles haven’t stopped the Cowboys from feeding Murray the ball and most of them haven’t cost the Cowboys too much in game situations, but that wasn’t the case on Monday night. That serves as a reminder of how a fumbling problem could sour what’s been a pretty sweet season for both player and team.

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  1. So did the Redskins beat the Cowboys or did the Cowboys lose to the Redskins?
    The boys lost this one when they opted to pass the ball 3 times in the red zone when you have an mvp candidate who is going to fight for every inch (while throwing a pick every now and then”fumble” ). DeMarco was well over a hundred yards averaging over 5 yards a carry. Hand the damn ball off. Tony being the leader of this team has to step up and realize that. No plays off against this supercharged cardinals coming into town next week!
    How Bout Em

  2. But for the fumbles, Murray may be having an MVP kind of season. The larger concern, is whether he gets worn down by the number of carries, especially given his history of losing time to injury. If both Murray and Romo were to go down, Dallas might as well mail-in the rest of the year.

  3. For all the flak Tiki Barber gets – and plenty of it deserved, I’m surprised more RBs haven’t embraced (no pun intended) the “high and tight” carry he was taught by Coughlin and the Giants staff. Tiki went from a known fumbler to a known ball-security guy in one season.

    Murray is having an all-world season with the consecutive 100-yarders and he has his O-line and TEs to thank, but if you get that reputation of “loose with the ball”, defenses will start slapping and yanking – and they’ll get a few. Unless you’re fighting for a first down or the goal line, sometimes you have to say the play is over and go back to the huddle.

  4. Murray= tough but not smart.
    He’s going to take tons of hits and teams will stand him up to force fumbles like Monday night. He’s got to be able to consider risk vs. reward.

  5. Ball “punch outs” happen, but being careless with the ball just can’t happen.

    No one is telling you not to fight for every yard. Thank you for doing that! It’s one of the main reasons we have 6 wins! But for goodness sake, we who played football growing up were taught, carry high, and when traffic gets heavy, secure the ball with both hands and know when the play is over. You prevent turnovers and help prevent injury.

  6. They need to run the legs off of Murray. His constant fumbling is hurting his “contract hopes”. He hasn’t done anything his entire career until now, which the RB position in today’s game is just a plug and play. His 5 fumbles could easily be seen as giving the opponents 35 points and costing the Cowboys 35 points. Run him, and let it play out over the season. Keep the O-line strong and keep the RB’s stocked up.

  7. Demarco Murray = Julius Jones 2.0

    Sucks, will suck, always has sucked

    Keep fighting Murray,

    Us REDSKINS fans love it!!!

    IT WAS QUIET as A MOUSE in that STadium!


  8. Typical Jones. Just uses up the players, won’t pay them, and tosses them away when their bodies are broken down claiming that they’re not “tough enough”.

  9. 2000 yards and 16 fumbles… Great… It came back and bit them this time… Get down or out bounds… Geez. You can’t continue to turn it over and expect to win. Having said that… If the Cowboys would’ve kept running the ball… They probably win.. 7 yards a carry and you stop running… ?! If Romo is out.. Murray will get 40 carries… Better hold on to the ball

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