Romo could end up missing time with back injury


Despite a Willis Reed moment (without, you know, the victory) on Monday night against Washington, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doesn’t have a green light to play on Sunday against the Cardinals.

And Romo may not get one.

One league source with knowledge of the situation currently believes Romo will miss time with the latest back injury.  Dubbed a contusion in a spot different from the site of his late 2013 surgery, Romo nevertheless remains in doubt as the team awaits more information from doctors regarding his condition.

As noted by Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, coach Jason Garrett has been all over the place regarding Romo, from saying he anticipates Romo will play to calling that speculation.

The Cowboys will be inclined to keep the Cardinals in the dark for as long as possible regarding whether the 6-1 team will face Romo or Brandon Weeden.  Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will address the impact of that uncertainty on his preparations during Wednesday’s PFT Live.

67 responses to “Romo could end up missing time with back injury

  1. an·tic·i·pa·tion
    the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.

    yeah, “he’s all over the place”

  2. All anyone has to do is ask Dr. Jerry Jones, he cleared Romo to return to the game last week. I’m sure he’ll clear Romo to play again this week.

    If Jerry doesn’t get involved last week the Cowboys most likely win that game.

  3. I’m not saying this because I’m an Eagles fan and I don’t want Romo to play but Romo has to consider hanging it up. At some point every player needs to think about life after football and his quality of life. Two back surgeries in two years? It’s not like teams are going to stop hitting Romo and it’s not like some players aren’t going to stop aiming for your back.

  4. Putting Romo back in that game was the most irresponsible thing Jerry Jones has done…and that’s saying something….

  5. “could” A contusion is classified as a bruise, and in short they hurt. My foot contusion from soccer prevent me from being able to walk without a crutch for two weeks, with a limp & pain for a month, jog for two months, and sprint for three. Of course trying to force my self through the injury, run when I can barely walk, most likely is what prolonged it.

    That was just a foot, here you’re talking about somebody’s back. Granted Romo didn’t get kicked but your back is a crucial support. All the twists and turning and everything that comes along with being a QB is a lot on the back. I’d be surprised if he didn’t miss time and would severely question that decision as it would only make it linger.

  6. This just in: ESPN has scrapped their entire morning schedule for a 3-hour-long special on Romo’s availability this week.

    They’ve also taken the initiative to send a gigantic flower arrangement that spells out “HERO” to the Cowboys practice facility.

  7. NYG fan here….but my guess is Romo will play. He is about as tough as they come and always seems to play through all sorts of minor and major injuries. Someday….probably starting a few years after he retires he will totally regret these decisions as he turns into a semi cripple in his early 40’s…but the man is a warrior and really never wants to be off the field if he can stand the pain now.

  8. Dr Jerry said he’s good to go. Who are you going to believe? A bunch of guys with expensive medical degrees or a borderline senile billionaire meddling owner?

  9. Apparently the Dallas team QB took several big hits from the Redskins D and they will keep the Arizona team in the dark until game time.

  10. I thought Dr. Jerry Jones cleared him for play?

    Stick to the business side Jerry, your team was actually winning when you stayed inside the owners box.

  11. This is all speculation. No one knows anything, especially ANYONE from the DMN.

    Whether he plays remains to be seen. However, I’ll put my money on a guy who played with a punctured lung and broken ribs. He’s played with injuries like this before.

    Should he? Probably not, but like most rational thinking people know and have seen, he’s a tough SOB. He may not win, but it won’t be due to lack of effort and desire.

  12. LaVar Arrington did it to Troy Aikman, now Keenan Robinson did it to Tony Romo…..

    Garrett had no choice but to put him back in the other night, if they lose with Weeden, Garrett gets blamed as soon as Romo says, “I was ready, he wouldn’t let me in”……Similar to Shanahan with RG3 in the playoff game-Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. If your star says he’s good, you’re stuck with him right or wrong.

  13. I’m waiting for what Jerry has to say. We all know it’s his final decision anyways

  14. As long as he’s back in time to throw the game and division losing interception in Week 17…

  15. None of this matters… All that matters is Jerruh got to make a grand entrance on the MNF stage, and tell his puppet to put him back in the game..

  16. The mayor of Dallas should demand written reports of all the reports the Cowboys plan on submitting to the media. Just as she does for local pastor’s sermons. Especially since Sam was released.

  17. Jerry will give us the scoop. He probably has already prescribed medication and the cure for Romo.

  18. peymax1693 says:
    Oct 29, 2014 8:43 AM
    I’ll wait to here from Dr. Jerry Jones before I believe anything about Tony Romo’s medical condition.

    I agree. Dr. Jones has already told us that the x-rays showed no structural damage.

  19. cowboys weren’t as good as their record anyway. not surprised romo got hurt again. demarco murray could get hurt too with his physical running style. and most of all their defense isn’t that good. but their offensive line is good. and their receivers are good too…that is, if they have a qb who can get them the ball.

    while dall made it interesting for awhile, they will slowly tank and eagles will win nfc east. dall will miss playoffs altogether.

  20. I keep hearing no one knows anything. Listen I know something. MRI results don’t take this darn long to read. The radiologist and team doctors already know the results and since they haven’t released a statement yet on what they are I can extrapolate that its not good or they would have released the info already. So what’s happening now is the team docs are getting second opinions as to what they see on the MRI and if he’s going to need surgery to repair it or if he can play through it. Which all leads to a point I made right after the game when I saw he came back in. Why in the name of all that is holy would they risk their franchise QB and put him back in the game if they weren’t 100% sure he was ok. He had enough pain to inject a needle into his body to numb the pain. In my extensive experience that isn’t a good sign. Just doesn’t make any sense and more proof that JJ needs to stay off the sidelines and stop meddling with the team’s medical staff.

  21. Romo just can’t catch a break. He’s usually got a bad team, or making a silly mistake on his own. Now that neither of those things has happened yet this year, he gets hurt.

    He just keeps finding new ways to make things not work out. Not saying it’s his fault, just saying that it keeps happening.

  22. Man there are some ignorant people out there:
    “the road to 8-8” etc.
    Do you people even think for yourself, or do you just recite the garbage you hear?

    Weedon is probably the single most prepared backup in the entire league. Yeah, you’re laughing, but guess what hater? For the past 8 weeks, Weedon has had a full day of first team reps every single week. Romo doesn’t practice on wednesdays, in order to rest his back. You think they just give ALL of Dallas Wednesday off? No, Weedon is running the sqaud with the number 1s. Thats exactly why he scored on both drives while he was under center.

    Will Dallas be better off with Weedon? Probably not. Is Dallas doomed with a guy that scored a FG and a TD on two possessions? Also prob not. There’s a lot of football left, and Dallas is playing pretty consistent, except for the first and last games. Dallas-Skins games are notorious for anything happening. Skins last super season, they went 7-1 at home, and 14-2 overall. Who’d they lose to? The Dallas Cowboys, who were 1-15 that season. Dallas’ last three SB seasons, they went 13-3, 12-4, and 12-4. In each of those seasons they lost at least one game to the Skins who went 9-7, 4-12, and 6-10 (Skins won both games). All you prognosticators who are indicating the wheels are about to fall off the bandwagon, you’re idiots who just recite what other idiots spew from their uninformed mouths

  23. I maybe in the minority here but I think the Cowboys could win with Weeden against the Cards. The running game with Murray could make the difference along with a conservative passing game. If Weeden had stayed in the game the Cowboys would have won Monday night.

  24. Of course, if he were on the Patriots, we would be listening to and reading about dealing with the devil and demons up (down?) in Foxboro when trying to find out Romo’s status.

  25. As the telephone booth slowly sinks into the sunset, reports will go from one way or the other on the status of Romo and Jerrah will head for the Maalox bottle. Having Weeden for a backup will do this to anyone. Looks more like 8-8 and out of the playoffs with castoffs at quarterback. Johnny Football anyone???

  26. After watching the end of the game, what a complete NFL scripted joke that tried to allow a Romo comeback. After the sack fumble of Romo, the next pass play, Washington DE Trent Murphy was held and flung around right in front of Romo. Holding, safety, game over. What a joke.

  27. Jason Garrett was just waiting for Jerry to make up his mind for him, hence the “all over the map” stuff.

  28. I dont think anyone knows if he is going to play. My guess is that he will play, even though he shouldn’t. I just find it hard to believe that Romo is going to sit out unless there is something seriously wrong and he isnt medically cleared. He played with a punctured lung, fractured ribs, and finished out a game last year with a herniated disk. I dont think it is smart for him to play and I think he will regret it in the future when he is approaching 40 and can barely walk. I just think that if it is up to him, he is going to play. If it is up to the medically trained doctors (no, not you Jerry Jones), then he isnt going to play. If Weeden plays and he continues to hand the ball off to Murray, we might be alright. The Jacksonville game should be an easy victory even with Weeden and then we have a bye. Lets try not to get Romo killed just yet.

  29. I said this yesterday and I’ll say it again:
    This entire situation needs to be investigated by the player’s union!
    Prompting this guy to go out there and aggravate his last surgical situation or worse yet, he gets hurt to the point where he can’t walk after a hard hit, is blatantly irresponsible for the entire franchise at this point!

    NOBODY wants to tell Jones to sit down and allow his staff to do the job he pays them to do.
    But his arrogance won’t allow him to do that and the league needs to step in and tell this guy to back it down a notch or two.

  30. No matter who the QB is Honey Badger and the Cardinals don’t care. The plan remains contain Murray with their #1 run D, force the throw, blitz and disguise blitz.

  31. i’m an eagles fan, so romo not playing is fine with me, but i would slow down on all the weedon bashing. i know most people have been programmed to believe he is awful and if he starts the cowboys have no shot at winning. however, i don’t see it that way. the kid didn’t really have a chance in cleveland with no running game or weapons besides gordon, who was suspended and not as well known untill the weedon experiment had almost come to an end. the bottom line is the guy has great size, a cannon of an arm, and is obviously a pretty good athlete since he’s playing in his second major american professional sports league. maybe i’m crazy, but he moved the ball pretty easily against washington on his two drives and would’ve scored tds on both if it wasn’t for a rookie cb making two great plays against dez inside the 5 yard line on the first drive. correct me if i’m wrong, but romo wasn’t moving the ball like that prior to weedon coming in, was he? i think we all need to relax and wait to see what he does in a full game against a legit defense before we start bashing the guy. sometimes all it takes is a change of scenary…especially from an organization like the browns

  32. wawa33 says:
    Oct 29, 2014 8:45 AM
    Calling Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly, Dr. Jones….

    If you are going to quote the wise old sages known as The Three Stooges, you have to do it right:

    “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr., Howard…”

  33. wawa33 says:
    Oct 29, 2014 8:45 AM
    Calling Dr. Moe, Dr. Larry, Dr. Curly, Dr. Jones….

    43 5

    …It’s actually Dr Howard, Dr Fine , Dr Howard……….
    then Dr Jones

  34. Anyone who has ever had a back injury/ pain knows how crippling it is. It doesn’t get better by “being tough”. You physically cannot twist or move the same. In football, throwing is very dependent on technique and form.

  35. You have to admit, like Dallas or hate them, their coaches are just as stupid as all the other coaches out there.

    Most are ex-jocks so it makes sense.

    OT – You’ve got a banged up Romo. A TD wins the game. Murray gains 8 yards on the first carry after averaging 7.42 for the game.

    Second down – pass.

    Third down – pass.

    Fourth down – pass.

    Seriously, whoever is calling the plays should be fired immediately.

  36. Well, the defensive guy ran into Romo after Romo had turned his back to face the defender.

    As to the OT play-calling, local folks say it reminded them of last season’s calling. Direct your comments to Callahan, B. He calls plays these days for Big D.

    Finally, why do I think that Orton, K. is chuckling today, with all the worry about Weeden (who, btw, played decently on Monday night. In fact you even make an argument that bringing Romo back in hurt the Cowboys because it broke momentum that Weeden had. It was clear that Romo overruled the medical staff, or maybe Jones did, and perhaps that deserves some investigation).

  37. If you slow down the replay it was a borderline cheap shot by the Redskins player ramming his knee into Romo’s back.Go ahead and see for yourself.

  38. Wait for it, here it comes, Jerry Joke will now be pontificating to the media that he was right and the Boys should have drafted Johnny football.

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