Belichick, Welker say they’ve moved on

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick was furious with his former receiver, Wes Welker, after last year’s AFC Championship Game. Welker knocked then-Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib out of the game with a block that Belichick called “one of the worst plays I’ve seen.” But as they prepare to face each other on Sunday, Belichick and Welker both say they’ve moved on.

Belichick said Wednesday that he thinks highly of Welker and has no personal issues with him.

“Way past that,” Belichick said, via the Associated Press. “I have a lot of respect for Wes and what he did for us and what he’s done for the Broncos and what he’s done throughout his career.”

Welker responded that he moved past it immediately, because he was turning his attention to getting ready to play in the Super Bowl.

“I moved on to getting ready for the Super Bowl,” Welker said. “So, it’s the same for me. It’s in the past and I’m just really kind of looking forward to this game.”

Talib never seemed particularly bothered by the incident, saying when he signed with the Broncos this offseason that he considers Welker a friend and doesn’t think Welker was trying to hurt him. So that incident is apparently not serving as motivation this week for anyone involved.

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  1. the only mistake the Patriots made in this situation was signing Amedola to replace Welker, when Julian Edelman is cheaper, healthier & better than them both

  2. Wes Welker was an average Dolphin receiver until Bill Belichick saw his potential to become a great receiver playing with Tom Brady.
    Bill Belichick created Wes Welker and nobody knows the Patriot Way better than Wes. The comments last year were personal and they will not easily be forgotten.
    BB hurt WW by not paying up and the payback was that WW hurt BB by defected to the enemy. Wes’ career is almost over but a win with Peyton over Bill in Foxboro would be nice. Make no mistake – it is personal.

  3. Denver has more stability on the offensive line, and with Mayo and Chandler Jones out for the Patriots, an advantage on the D-line.

    The Patriots may need a special teams play to win this one.

  4. It was not dirty. It’s a pick play, every team runs them including the Patriots. Sucks Talib got hurt but if he doesn’t hold a grudge why should anyone else?

  5. Welker has been a great player in the league, but Peyton phased him out now. He declined, just like Belichick thought. Amendola wasn’t a good pickup, but getting rid of Welker when he did was a good move. 19 catches for 181 yards this year. Nothing.

  6. Welker was trapped in Miami with horrible QBs and Belichick was the only one who put in an offer on his RFA sheet. He pulled Welker out of NFL obscurity and along with Brady made him a star and the chance to make the 30 mil or so he did from the Pats. Welker should be kissing the ground Bill walks on that he wasn’t left to rot in Miami.

  7. Welker is disliked by Belichick because he dropped the ball to win a super bowl, an easy catch, a win in hand- an awful drop.

  8. Here’s how many Superbowls the Patriots have won since Spygate :

    Let me fix that for you…

    Here’s how many Super bowls the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Browns, Bengals, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, Titans, Texans, Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Vikings, Bears, Saints, Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers, 49 ERS, Rams, and Cardinals have won since Spygate:

  9. Broncos haven’t won a SB since they were caught cheating the cap…TWICE. Truth hurts.

  10. Belichick held a grudge against Welker because they franchise tagged him a for the year before he left thinking that he would be overpaid for the one season and then take a more team-friendly deal because of it. He didn’t and chose to leave, but I don’t think Belichick was as angry as everyone made him out to be.

    They took a shot with Amendola thinking he’d be a more dynamic receiver than Welker, and it’s possible he still can do things to really help the offense and help Edelman with the slot receiver burden. I don’t think they lost all that much offensively when Welker left

  11. Welker and BB are both putting their best foot forward…

    this is a revenge game for Welker and Fivehead knows it, Welker goes off for 100 yds and 2 TDs
    Book it!!

  12. I imagine all of the people that think Welker’s play was no big deal wont mind if the Pats run a similar play and have Hooman or Devlin take out Talib at the hip early in the game…

  13. Most ex-players that played for Belichick refer to him as the best coach they played under. My favorite Belichick story is one from the week leading up to the 2003 AFC Championship Game. Damon Huard, a back-up quarterback for the Patriots, took on the the scout-team role of Peyton Manning, complete with frantic hand-waving and audibles. After the game, which the Patriots won 24-14, Belichick honored his backup quarterback with a game ball. That’s a great coach.

    As for why Brady is a great QB, listen to Damon talk about how smart Brady was as a rookie. Damon was telling his brother how good Brady was before anyone in the NFL had a clue.

  14. BB hurt WW by not paying up

    Another myth. He’d be making the same he is now or more if he would have accepted the Patriots offer.

    He rolled the dice that he could get big time outside receiver money and he couldn’t. I don’t fault him for trying.

  15. What I don’t understand is how they say the weather at Gillette will help the pats (40 degrees and 30 MPH winds). First, DEN run defense is top notch as well as the short pass game. Add that to a workable run game and you have advantage to Denver and not New England. It will be a good game but I disagree with those who say the weather is an advantage to NE.

  16. Per Bob Kraft:

    The Patriots actually offered Welker more than what the Broncos are paying him. Welker declined (or his agent did) thinking they would be offered more in free agency.

    Once free agency started that year the Patriots singed Amendola thinking Welker was gone. When Welker called back saying what the Broncos offer was the Patriots told him they already had already reached an agreement with Amendola. So he settled for less in Denver.

    End of story!

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