George McCaskey: Fans have every right to be upset with Bears


The Bears have a bye this week, so they won’t have to face the possibility of incurring more wrath from their fans for losing a fifth game in their last six tries.

The last time the Bears played at home, they heard plenty of boos from their fans while losing a game to the Dolphins and guard Kyle Long reacted angrily toward the people paying to watch him play football. Bears chairman George McCaskey was asked about that during an appearance on CSN Chicago and thinks that the team’s play this season has justified the response.

“They have every right to be [upset],” McCaskey said. “We’re 3-5. That’s a losing record. We’re winless at home and that doesn’t fit the formula for making it to the postseason. You’ve got to dominate at home. You’ve got to control your division and you’ve got to do pretty well for yourself on the road. We’re outside that formula right now and we need to correct that.”

McCaskey said he’s “very disappointed” in the 3-5 start for a team that “everybody in the building was expecting this team to contend for a Super Bowl,” adding that he is interested now in seeing how the team reacts to adversity. McCaskey said he has “every confidence” that General Manager Phil Emery, coach Marc Trestman and the players will have a successful response. Left unsaid are the possible repercussions if they again fail to meet the bar that ownership’s set for the team, but such reading can be done between the lines.

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  1. Trestman sucks. Cutler sucks. Should have kept McCown. You could have gotten him for less than Cutler and spent the extra on offensive lineman.

    Too bad. I like Chicago. Gonna be a while before they’re good again, though.

  2. The Bears have played some of the worst football in the entire league these last two weeks, and Lamarr Houston’s injury at the end of the Pats game just put an exclamation point on the clown show this season has been for them.

    What is very apparent is that the coaches have no clue and need replaced from Trestman on down. It is also clear that the roster, except for about 5 or 6 young players on each side of the ball, is overpaid, overaged, unmotivated and underproducing. Hard as it is to say, the best thing that could happen for Bears fans would be a bottom-out year this year (e.g., 5-11 which is possible), which would hopefully trigger a blowup of the coaching staff and give the Bears a high enough draft pick to land the game changing defensive player they desperately need. The worst thing that could happen is a late push that finishes them at 7-9 or 8-8 season and keeps the current cast of characters around to repeat the same fiasco next year.

  3. As a Steelers fan I thought losing Santonio Holmes was huge. Look what he did while at the Jets (he and a few others were always complaining) now he’s with the Bears and look at the quiet toxic nature he brings with him.

  4. As a Bears fan, it really is frustrating to see leadership (whether it’s Emery, Trestman or, arguably, Cutler) continually refuse to put any accountability and/or blame on ANYONE. This was a team that was expected to contend for a playoff spot. Granted, it was likely a wild card spot with the Packers dominating for the next several years, but the expectation was to contend never the less. There are some players that would not even be on another NFL team, let alone start for one (looking at you McClellin and Conte). Jared Allen has been a colossal bust. Jeffrey has regressed. Mel Tucker has actually gotten more repetitive with his bland, and vanilla defensive calls.

    I want to see some fire, not “we did some good things today. We’ll look at the tape and find out where we can improve” after that destruction against New England.

  5. Nice selection of trestman over Arians. Good thing he didn’t do very well on his “mock” postgame interview. LOL

    The bears are a pathetic organization and deserve their crappy team.

  6. It’s only going to get uglier. This will be a 5-11 team getting swept by the Packers and swept by the Lions for the second consecutive year.

  7. Totally disagree.

    They are who we thought they were.

    Why be upset?

    But once Trestman figures out that the NFL has 4 downs instead of 3 I think he’ll be OK.

    In the mean time he should get everyone to hold hands and go all Smalley on each other.


  8. Trestman was an offensive genius last year. Now this year he is an idiot? I don’t think so. Let’s not let the GM get away blameless. There is less talent and less professionalism among the players this year than last. The offensive line continues to disappoint. It is worse this year than last. hard to put all that on Trestman. The GM builds the roster and the coach does what he can with them. I am not sure this is a winning roster.

  9. As the packers have found out, it doesn’t matter how good your offense if you don’t have any defense.

  10. Bears: Save yourselves the time and trouble and just go ahead and forfeit instead of making the trip up to GB after the bye.

  11. The problem with the Chicago Bears stems from several different things. First, hiring Tressman as a coach in the first place he just came from the CFL and hadn’t coached in the NFL for what a decade? Second, extending Jay Cutler to Aaron Rodgers type of money I mean seriously he has been in the league for almost a decade and still stares down his receivers and just acts like he doesn’t care about anything except himself. Finally, the Bears defense is just god awful I mean I know Tom Brady is good but damn he had all the time in the world in the pocket on Sunday. Bears are a talented team that needs to make changes.

  12. Remember when they said the locker room shouting match wasn’t a problem? That they have the talent to win? Then they came out and laid an egg the next game.

    The problem is that they don’t even know what their problems are.

  13. Personalities don’t mesh? Shouldn’t really be a problem when your star player has more than one personality. I’m taking the Bears to not lose this week. Next week I got them losing.

  14. Thanks for your permission.
    Fans were a little nervous about having an opinion for a moment there.

  15. McCown exposed Cutler’s inability to run a consistent offense. The fans understood this but Emery must be blind. 54 million guaranteed for Cutler will haunt the Bears for another three years.

  16. That picture on this article of Jay reaching out and fumbling nearly makes me puke.

    It’s his Bears career in a nutshell…. Trying to do too much and not thinking straight. Now, it’s even worse, he’s telegraphing passes….. He’s just not a good QB right now. If he doesn’t fix himself quick, he’s going to be gone next year.

  17. At close to $200 bucks a ticket for good seats and $10
    refreshments, the Fans HAVE a reason to be pissed!
    The Salary for these players should be totally production related, a percentage for individual performance and % for win/loss per game.
    These smug players aren’t half the Pros, OR
    Humans Beings the Heros of yesterday were!
    Time for a Pay cut, The prices keep going up and
    soon we will be seeing teams moving every 5 years..
    Just as soon as they drain the Population of cash in
    the area!!!
    I used to go to live games but it just isn’t worth the ticket prices. I stopped after they hit $100 bucks, The whole League has gone to hell, and I don’t feel any more Loyalty to the Teams than the Players do these days… Its all about money.. and THEY AIN’T WORTH IT ANYMORE!

  18. While the record is disappointing, it is great to see all the bandwagon rats jumping off the ship in the middle of the season. Don’t call yourself a fan when all you do is offer “fire everybody” criticisms after every loss and crickets after a win.

  19. Is Cutler a jerk? He appears to be but what can I tell from TV. He seems disinterested and never has anyone around him.

    Deion Sanders always had a crowd around him. He made everyone better.

  20. The best thing that could happen to the Bears is, the Blackhawks go to the Finals and the Cubs hire Joe Maddon.
    The Bulls are going to be a contender as well

    This way we can forget about football, maybe less fans in the seats will equal a new head coach. Cutler, 9 years in the league, still same old Cutler. I would rather have Garrapolo for the Pats as our starter, he’s a Chicago native.

    Gonna be a long 2 years with Cutler as QB.

  21. The worst thing about the Bears struggling is seeing all the so-called fans completely turn on them.

    Lots of 20/20 hindsight here.

    People who think McCown would’ve been a better answer than Cutler are absolutely clueless – and people are actually longing for a return to Lovie days?

    Give me a break.

    The problem is the Bears are a team in transition – trying to integrate a rebuild into a decaying structure. Most of the problem is with defense and coaching. We need to just cut bait on some of the now overpaid, overrated vets like Briggs, DJ Williams, etc. and go back to young & hungry. Shea is a total bust. Move on.

    The Mel Tucker hire was a mistake form the get-go.

    And on offense we’re not using the talent we have – every gameplan should begin and end with Matt Forte (and more Marty Bennett attacking the middle).

  22. P.S. We still have 5 of our 6 divisional games left. This season is far from over (yet). A win in GB and all you fleeing rats will be right back on board – mark my words.

  23. Trestman, Emery and now McCaskey all say that things need to get better and the fans have a right to be upset. This has kind of been the theme at Halas Hall for decades now. At what point do those words get backed up by serious action, with solid NFL General management, first and foremost, translating to solid NFL coaching?? Honestly, the fans have heard enough apologies and enough of the stating of the obvious! All we want is a legit, contending NFL team !!!

  24. As a retired Marine, I will not abandon my Bears cause like my beloved Marines, we don’t accept applications but commitment and thus I’m a committed fan! I hope da Bears remove Phillips as CEO and get a football person in that capacity and Phillips back 2doing accounting stuff… Moreover, we (fans) pleaded with Bears Brass not 2Bring Mel Tucker back as our DC and the Brass did the opposite, which was an insult cause Bears fans are vested in this team and very knowledgeable and I bet they wish a do-over was possible! Trestman needs 2Relinquish the play calling to our OC Kroemer and so that he can focus on the other facets of our Bears team. Bring It v. Packers! Go Bears!

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