Greg Hardy’s trial is continued until after season

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As the Panthers continue to play without defensive end Greg Hardy, they may be playing without him even longer than they had thought.

Per a league source, Hardy’s jury trial on domestic violence charges has been postponed.  It had been set for November 17.

A judge previously found Hardy guilty via a preliminary trial so informal that the court doesn’t even create a transcript of the proceedings.  Hardy has agreed to, as a practical matter, a suspension with pay pending the resolution of his case.  He’s continuing to receive weekly installments of his $13.1 million franchise-tag salary.

According to the source, Hardy resisted the postponement.  He wants to get the case behind him, so that he can return to football.  Due to be a free agent after the season, Hardy will have a hard time making the case for a big contract on the open market if he hasn’t played since September.

The delay necessarily puts pressure on Hardy to strike a plea deal.  But without a clear idea of the punishment the NFL would impose under the personal conduct policy, a plea bargain carries with it a high degree of uncertainty in the Court of Goodell.

16 responses to “Greg Hardy’s trial is continued until after season

  1. What a joke. Panthers should give the man due process and let him play. The only people being punished by this are the rest of his team and the fans.

  2. What is this? A judge decided a man was guilty but there’s no record of it? Hahahaha. Is this the 4th century Europe where the settlement elder shakes some rat bones in a sheep’s stomach and decides if you’re guilty and will be eaten or free to continue your existence? I’m all for justice, but correct justice. If he did what she said he did, fine, be done with him, but the laws of the land make war on men easy. Let him get paid, he’s not a public servant and no, gate receipts don’t pay these guys contracts, the owner’s coffers do. If he’s convicted, he loses his job and goes to jail or gets eaten, whatever they do in the Carolinas.

  3. Good, I’m glad Jerry Richardson is getting the short end of the stick both as a player and owner. Those words will haunt you forever you SOB

  4. This is total BS. The man is most likely innocent but even if he was guilty it would carry a 6 game suspension and he’s gonna miss a whole yr not even being found guilty. Why is the NFL being the judge, Trial and Jury ?
    While the NFL is trying to do things right in order to have a good reputation it’s being brutally wrong to it’s players and fans. Makes me sick and is turning me against the NFL.

  5. Those of you that don’t live in NC can’t comprehend what our citizens have to put up with in the name of justice.

  6. There is no right to a speedy trial in NC. It was done away with over 20 years ago. NC does not acknowledge the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It is typical for a person to sit in jail for 2 years awaiting trial if he can’t afford bond for larceny. The DA forces the poor to accept a plea and have a record. I know Hardy isn’t poor. Just giving you and example of the cruelty in the NC justice system.

  7. Thank you Greg for your untamable temper and lack of brains.

    Sincerely, Saints fans everywhere

  8. so apparently this vicious woman beater called the 911 and begged them to come, because he was being assaulted and his home was being trashed by a drunk ex-girlfriend. Also has a witness, but don’t let the facts get in the way of the new rage of the day. “Big football player beats up poor little lady”. There’s always two sides to every story, Keep your head up Greg and may justice prevail!!

  9. Look up Greg Hardy 911 Call transcript, I don’t know why this has taken this long, the girl had no bruises or scars, greg did, she claims she was slammed on a bed full of assault rifles and bullets, but no reports of machine guns etc in the police report, he has the text messages of the girl apologizing after they took him to jail, but Greg’s the big bad football player, who likes to beat women. Never has Greg been in any type of trouble. The Guy likes Art, and Graphic Design, to those that really know him, knows he is basically a big nerd who lives life carefree.

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