Keenan Lewis shuts down Kelvin Benjamin

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Many factors contributed to the Saints’ 28-10 win over the Panthers in Charlotte.  One that deserves some specific attention comes from the matchup between Carolina rookie receiver Kelvin Benjamin and New Orleans cornerback Keenan Lewis.

Lewis wasn’t supposed to be able to handle Benjamin, because Benjamin stands four inches taller than Lewis — and because Benjamin quickly has become one of the best young receivers in the league.  Lewis got the job done, limiting Benjamin to a career low two catches for 18 yards.  And Lewis doesn’t appreciate the presumption that he can’t cover a guy like Benjamin.

Definitely, I take it personal,” Lewis said after the game, via Katherine Terrell of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “I have pride in what I do. . . .  I definitely feel like I’m one of the best in this league, even though I don’t get the credit.  To say I can’t match up with somebody, that definitely offends me.”

Lewis got credit Thursday night from the guy whose opinion matters most.

“You watch Keenan Lewis, I just finished telling him, he was outstanding,” coach Sean Payton said.

That doesn’t mean it was easy for Lewis.

“He scared me!” Lewis said. “It’s definitely a matchup I have to prepare for, for years.”

Or maybe he was being sarcastic.  Based on how Benjamin did last night against Lewis, that’s definitely possible.

15 responses to “Keenan Lewis shuts down Kelvin Benjamin

  1. When Cam can’t get the ball within 5 yards, it helps also. Not an excuse, Lewis did his job on the ones that were close enough. Watching Cam in a matchup against such an accurate passer like Drew really makes him look bad. Same deal with Aaron Rodgers.

  2. I’m sorry but I’m blaming cam 100% for that, not crediting the defense. That was one of the worst quarterback performances I have seen.

  3. Lewis should be in the pro bowl this year. And give Colston one finally. Guys had 1000 yards seasons all but one time. Never got a pro bowl invitation.

  4. Ya…Lewis should be in the ProBowl this year because he played 2 good games. C’mon…..

    Game 1: Julio Jones has 7 for 116
    Game 2: 6 for 70 yards (plus the late game long catch to set up the FG)
    Game 3: Good game vs Patterson
    Game 4: Good game vs Bryant
    Game 5: Jackson 144
    Game 6: Tate for 154
    Game 7 and 8 : decent games

    There is the run down. He is targeted a lot in games. That’s one reason his name shows up so much. If Newton could hit the side of a barn wall he would have had at least 2 TD’s against last night. And the week before, Rodgers was lighting him up until he got hurt.

    This is no ProBowl corner. Hell, there’s 3 corners on Arizona right now that are better, let alone the entire NFC.

  5. @johnclaytonsponytail:

    So who gets left off to get Colston in the ProBowl?

    Face it…there are a lot of WR’s better than Colston in the NFL. There have been many break out players, like Golden Tate, this first half, and people like Calvin are just about to come back from injury…. plus there’s all sorts of guys that will end up turning it up a notch in the second half, as always, like Marshall, Maclin, etc…. and you already have a bunch that have played better than him to start the year.

  6. Benjamin dropped a sure TD and the majority were over thrown so “Lewis shuts down Benjamin” statement is over blown.

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