Report: Cowboys worry Joseph Randle is a locker room problem


October was not a good month for Cowboys running back Joseph Randle. Now there are questions being raised about whether he can coexist with the Cowboys at all in November.

Randle was arrested for shoplifting last month and got into a spat with teammates Dez Bryant and Josh Brent at practice this week. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Randle has been so much trouble that coach Jason Garrett is concerned about whether Randle’s presence in the locker room is an impediment to team harmony.

According to the report, Garrett met individually with Randle, Bryant and Brent about the matter and then discussed the subject with the entire team today. The report describes Garrett’s meetings as “tense.”

Werder quotes one Cowboys source as saying, “Randle is staying for now.” The “for now” suggests that Randle might not be staying for the remainder of the season.

Bryant and Brent are apparently angry at Randle because he brought up their legal issues when he was arrested, and the tape of Randle discussing Bryant and Brent with police has been made public. Bryant was arrested in 2012 and accused of striking his mother, while Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter in the death of teammate Jerry Brown.

Randle is the top backup to Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray. As long as Murray is healthy the Cowboys could get by without Randle, but if Murray can’t withstand the workload the Cowboys are currently giving him, Randle would become a very important player to Dallas. That’s why the Cowboys aren’t getting rid of him. At least not yet.