Report: Romo has two fractures in his back


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reportedly suffered two fractures in his back when he was hit during Monday night’s loss to Washington.

Todd Archer of reports that Romo suffered two fractured transverse processes. That sounds bad, but the report says Romo still has a chance to play tomorrow against the Cardinals. The Cowboys are describing Romo as a game-time decision.

The injury is similar to one suffered by Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty this season. Petty missed one game.

The transverse process is a small bone that sticks out from either side of the vertebrae. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the biggest question facing Romo is whether he can tolerate the pain.

If Romo can’t go, the Cowboys will turn to Brandon Weeden on Sunday.

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  1. Honestly I really think this is all knowledge to Jerrah the entire time but he’s trying to screw with Arizona. And if so? Than awesome all the power to him

  2. I’m no cowboys fan but I have all the respect in the world for this guy! You can’t deny the fact that this guy is one tough cookie!! Here’s to a speedy recovery and get well soon, mayn!

  3. It might be time to use Brandon Weeden as the Cowboys starter. It’s not worth the risk of getting Romo even more injured. I know Romo is tough and all but two fractures? Unfortunately Jerry Jones won’t get the message though as he thinks it’s about “pain tolerance.”

  4. Two words that shouldn’t go together for an NFL QB: fracture and back. Even if Romo gets a shot and plays, he shouldn’t. Even if Romo gets a shot and plays well, he shouldn’t. But what do I know? Makes sense to use up both your stud RB and starting QB to make the playoff push, at which point they might be too beat up or injured to help the Cowboys advance.

  5. Start Weeden against the Cardinals and the Jags, he will be fine…

    Have the bye week after, and that will be three weeks of rest for Romo to start a late season push.

    With D-Law and Josh Brent returning to the Defense, that will help on the other side of the ball.

    They will be fine.

  6. Honestly I really think this is all knowledge to Jerrah the entire time but he’s trying to screw with Arizona. And if so? Than awesome all the power to him
    You mean because it costs the Cards valuable time they could spend preparing to combat Brandon Weeden? And if so? Jerrah’s a nitwit.

  7. Oh, it’s just a broken back. Romo’s good to go for next week, especially since there was a quarterback for Baylor who only missed one game with the same sounding thingy.

  8. I would not risk it. Look at Rg3 against the Seahawks in the playoffs. You got Jacksonville next if you’re Dallas. It’s all about getting Romo healthy for the final stretch. There’s a good chance it could be worse with the most blitz-happy defense in the league. Warning you, Dr. Jones LOL!

  9. Obviously JJ has a fracture of the cranium to expect his employee to work with a broken back.

    I wish I could watch JJ take one, just one snap from center and see what type of pain tolerance he has.

    Romo…one tough SOB.


  11. Pittsburgh Steelers says:
    Nov 1, 2014 5:43 PM
    Big Ben would play.
    Of course he would. He would also limp gingerly before every single play and then run just fine during the play and repeat. If he loses he has a built in excuse and if he wins he looks like a hero “fighting through the pain”. Ben has done that alot.

  12. What does another direct hit do to this kind of injury? Will resting even help? Ideally you’d like him to sit two weeks, have the Boys split those games and get him back for a playoff run. With the run/defense first approach they have been using, Weeden should be able to get at least one W.

  13. Start Weeden & hand it off every play.. let’s be honest, you’re not winning the Super Bowl anyway, so might as well see if Murray can break some records

  14. How did the doctors get coerced to letting Romo back on the field? I know they are on Jerry’s payroll but they need to lift their game.
    There are hundreds of other Dallas doctors that would pay Jerry for the privilege of joining the Cowboys.
    The injury to Romo seems like the turning point of the Cowboy season.

  15. 13championshipspft says:
    Nov 1, 2014 5:33 PM

    At least now he won’t choke in the playoffs.

    13 championships and counting.

    Leave it to a GB troll to constantly bring up the past in a thread not even about them. They do this cause they have NO HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!!

    That said, back issues are no laughing matter. I have had two back surgeries to repair herniated discs and am now considered disabled. Time to take the money and run Romo. Wouldn’t you rather at least walk upright and not hunched over a cane like I am now? Makes more sense to me anyway…..

  16. how do you figure he’s tough??? EVERY SINGLE TIME he breaks a bone they later admit they shot him up.

    How is that tough when he doesn’t feel a thing???

  17. alternative reality….Johnny football, after sitting on the sideline for 1/2 the season and finally knowing the playbook, rallies the Cowboys to win 6 out of their last 8 games and make it to the playoffs…

    HaHa, welcome to reality.

  18. I know Romo wants to play but there’s a time to be tough guy and there’s a time to not be. Sit the hell out. It’s not worth it. Yes he’s getting a lot of money however he doesn’t have to prove anything. It’s his back, sit out.

  19. One bad hit and there goes his spine and the bundle of nerves that runs in between. It’s not worth it. This is medical and business malpractice if they late him play and he further injures himself. Romo needs to sit until his back is fully healed.

  20. Let him rest this week and the next, then the bye. At worst you are 7-3 after that imho. If they want to get any playoff push out of him ever they need to keep him healthy now.

    This might be his last season, no kidding. His back will only get worse and more fragile. He needs to think about the 40+ years he has ahead of him.

  21. If Cowboy fans are honest with themselves, they’ll own up to the fact that, even before this latest injury, Romo was laboring in his deep drops. Take a look at any of Romo’s 5-7 step drops this season and you’ll see it. Its been there all year. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn in every game he has required a toradol shot just to suit up.

    I am DIEHARD Redskins fan, and do take the up-most pleasure in taking a crappy, 2-5 team on the road on MNF and upsetting the division-leading, 6-1, Cowboys. But I don’t take any pleasure in seeing a man injured. Note to Cowboys’ fans: the Redskins ended your season on Monday night. Let’s hope Dr. Jerry has a good malpractice attorney. If you run Romo and that back out there again this year, you’ll never see him suit up again. Only the delusional fan doesn’t see the severity in this injury – he has fractures in already stitched-together back – and believes this season is salvageable. If any single fan base has experienced QB controversy/injury it’s the Redskins fan base; and coming from a last place cellar-dweller, I’ll won’t have to keep the floor warm for you as you’ll have plenty of company. You know the type: never been to Dallas but is everything Cowboys…

  22. First of all, it sure is easy to spot the nimrods who never played football. Secondly, when Jerry says it’s pain management he is wrong. There is no doubting Romo’s toughness, he has played with injuries before, but he needs to be able to torque his back. I don’t want him out there looking like he did week 1.

  23. The season is exactly half over for the Cowboys. With a lame Romo and some person named Weedon and a defense that is NOT STRONG the boys just can’t make the playoffs.

  24. t, his is the same type of problem I have with my back. It is an odd problem because it allows the vertebrae to have hyper mobility in other words it slides around on top of the can be extremely painful, it can be debilitating at times, but I still play basketball play football till I got too old, and served five and a half years in the Army with it. It will suck, but, unless they just try to protect him, he can and will play.

  25. Romo’s a bum. He fails every opportunity he gets to prove otherwise. The other night against Washington, he choked yet again when he insisted to be allowed to re-enter the game taking Weeden out (who had scored on 2 consecutive drives) & then proceeded to perform like a high school teen on prom night who got a hold of the Mad Dog bottle way too early!!

  26. Romo’s a bum. He fails every opportunity he gets to prove otherwise. The other night against Washington, he choked yet again when he insisted to be allowed to re-enter the game taking Weeden out (who had scored on 2 consecutive drives) & then proceeded to perform like a high school teen on prom night who got a hold of the Mad Dog bottle way too early!! Weeden was the only reason the Cowgirls even had a chance at all & Romo wanted to steel the glory from him by being there on a win which he did nothing to consummate. In the end, it was him, again, who came up short for everyone in White & Blue. Bum!!

  27. NFL players and their union preaching SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY the owners preaching the same why in this world would they let Romo play?
    Romo may be tough but if he plays he is STUPID.

  28. Tony, you have a beautiful wife and two adorable children. Think of their future first and who does really need you more, as this is only a game. Jerry Jones will be fine, your children not so much with a crippled dad.

  29. Good thing Jerry rushed down to twll his coach Tony was ready to go – what a maroon!
    You could diagnose that he should have been kept out of the rest of that game from my couch.
    I’m perfectly happy to not have to watch the Cowboys make a playoff run but if I’m a Cowboys fan I’m giving up on them ever winning last game of the year until Jerry moves on to the next realm

  30. Well it looks like we could see the end of two careers this week end and both in the NFC East. Me being a life long Eagle fan you would think that would make me feel better about my teams chances to win their division and see how far they can go in the playoffs. To be truthful both of these men should sit out till they are at least 99% ready to play. I want to win not disable anybody.

  31. if romo gets crippled in two weeks old jerrah will be sayin “Tony who?” from the sounds of it the fractures could end up in his spinal cord just like knife.

  32. It’s always amusing to read the comments of some guy whose last moment of glory was as a third string 130 pound linebacker on a JV team somewhere. That’s the guy who’s qualified to call Romo a bum.

  33. So, Romo toughs out the pain and starts Sunday because Owner/President/Gen’l Manager/Dr./Know It All Because I Played The Game in College Jones said he’s good to go and dammit, boy, I’m paying you a boatload of money to play. Way to go, Socks ‘n Jocks Jethro Jones. That’s the team spirit.

  34. Well I’m not a doctor but I play one in med school. I implore Romo to go Donnie Brasco on the NFL on this issue and I’ll tell you why.
    A fracture of the vertebral body is not a pain tolerance issue. The article didn’t disclose thoracic spine or lumbar spine so we can’t say which organs may also have been affected which is common with this type of injury.
    We wouldn’t know the extent of the injury until after the swelling has been reduced and it is malpractice to have cleared him to play in that game if the x-rays showed two fractures.
    For the lay readers there is no difference between a fracture and a break in regards to this treatment with the exception of lose bodies.
    The treatment usually involve immobilization of the back using a brace. Surgery is usually not necessary but keeping the back still and straight to allow it to heal is crucial. Then once the swelling is gone and the healing has completed (maybe 4-6 weeks) a gradual introduction of spinal movement. If he is on the field before 6 weeks he should sue everyone in sight that has a medical license or represents the NFL.

    Romo, you owe it to every NFL player that comes after you that will ever play the game. Go into every doctor meeting wearing a wire. Record ever time Dr. Jones tells you or pressures you to play. Burn it all down.

  35. Karma is the right choice here, how much did it cost him to beat the Seahawks?


    Jerry just got pummeled by the Karma train, flattened him like an old copper Lincoln..

    Hilraious, how are those over priced tickets feeling right about now?

  36. At every turn Dr. Jones has thrown Romo under the bus. You owe him nothing, you have already proved you’re tough as nails QB that plays injured and gives fancy purses to his OL. This isn’t playing hurt, this is injury. They are different and this involves things like loss of bladder function and paralysis. This isn’t just an owee that you need to take the special medicine available in NFL locker rooms. This is diapers and wheelchair serious.

  37. and to think they put him back in….lol…all because tony wont take a hit head on…he s still scared from the broken collar bone issue…

  38. WHOSE calling ROMO a bum? Moron! Ring or no run, more than 1 playoff win or not, bad back or not, ROMO is about 1 or 2 more statistically good years to be guanateed an HALL OF FAME induction. He will not be the first player in the NFL to be cursed by the destiny of the team he played for and still be honored by induction.

  39. Pittsburgh Steelers says:

    Big Ben would play.

    Romo already did play. he went back into the game after the injury in case you aren’t aware. He has now played games with broken ribs, punctured lungs and broken backs. Tough SOB.

  40. To be frank, I hate the stupid Cowboys. The most overrated team in the planet! However, this story leaps outside of just dumb sports and dumb sport rivalries. This is the health and ability to walk and move of a human being. I know he gets paid a ton and I always joke around about how insanely overrated he is. However this is dangerous and serious territory. Jerruh needs to take this man’s life in to account and sit him down for a few weeks. It might even be time for Tony to look in to walking away from the game. He’s made his money, now please go and try and have a normal life before these injuries turn you in to a cripple. I say this as a hater of your sad little team, your pathetic owner, and your loser fans. This isn’t worth it, your team wont win an SB any way and you are going to end up seriously hurt man

  41. You have two fractures in your back and you’re a game time decision?

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but every NFL player should follow Jay Cutler’s lead — if you feel you’re unduly jeopardizing your health, don’t play.

  42. Funny that all these years, Tony has been beaten by the fans on here, and it takes ol’ JJ himself to make Romo a sympathetic figure.

    Not a Cowboys fan, but the guy seems to get the most out of his talent. How many teams would love to have a QB that’s put up his numbers each year.

    JJ is a nightmare.

  43. This is odd…

    Did the Cowboys actually X-ray romo’s back on Monday night? Jerruh claimed romo’s x-rays were negative.

    This has an NFLPA lawsuit written all over it.

  44. cobrala2 says: Nov 1, 2014 6:18 PM

    how do you figure he’s tough??? EVERY SINGLE TIME he breaks a bone they later admit they shot him up.

    How is that tough when he doesn’t feel a thing???
    It is amazing how much tolerance people have for other people’s pain. this is like the rugby people saying NFL people are soft because they wear equipment. Can’t cure stupid.

  45. At least now he won’t choke in the playoffs.

    13 championships and counting.

    I’m not a Cowboys fan, but is this a joke? 13 championships and counting for the Packers? 4 superbowls and 2 in the last 40 years. Listen, there was a time when GB won championships and football was played with leather hats and a gurdle. Saying 13 championships and counting is like saying “don’t mess with the Portuguese army” because they were strong in 1500. Come on man!

  46. Folks,
    I am not cowboys fan nor a Jerry defender. But I have to say there seem to be a LOT of arm chair medical experts posting here. You are acting like it was reported he had fractured vertebrae with shards pointing towards his spinal cord and it could be severed by a sneeze. The medical staff know the risks of this type of injury and no Dr would advise a man at risk of paralysis to play. For all you know it could be HAIRLINE “fractures” in those transverse processes presenting near 0 risk to his health. Geez, get a friggin grip!

  47. Mark my words, if he plays, we will hear about this a few years later in a disability hearing and some type of class-action case involving the doctor’s negligence. The NFL is in an actionable position if they let him play with foreknowledge of this injury. This will be about his clearance to play, not about his decision to play. I wouldn’t be shocked if Goodell pulls George Steinbrenner err Dr Jones into the office and tells him to back off.

  48. That’s nice but what does Dr. Jerrah have to say about the injury? Still can’t get over that beat down by the Redskins with a 3rd string QB.

  49. “On the plus side, the other 29 vertebrae don’t seem to be broken”
    That’s funny…

    “In the Garden of Weeden…”
    Nice reference!!


  50. No game is worth playing with two back fractures. He still has to be able to function outside of football. They would have to be insane to play Romo on Sunday,but then again,this is the Cowboys we’re talking about. It would not surprise me.

  51. Transverse process fractures are not dangerous. Painful but not dangerous. Most are never treated. Have been in on many spinal cases, have never seen a transverse fracture repaired. As long as the vertebral body is intact there is no danger of paralysis.

  52. I am a brain and spine surgeon.The transverse processes are “riblets”. They cannot paralyze when broken. Usually the treatment is pain control and time. Further fracture will hurt more but not damage the spinal cord or spinal nerves. Rarely do practitioners offer bracing for these. They have nothing to do with prior disc surgery in most instances.

  53. frk49rs, I also 2 Transverse Process fractures, happened while in the Marine Corps Boot Camp, did 5 years with it. Misdiagnosed for 13 years by VA and Navy Dr.s. It is a pain, hurts like hell at times and without painkillers could end his career.

  54. There is no chance he is playing tomorrow. I’m not fond of Brandon Weeden, but if Murray can figure out how to keep the ball in his hands, we should be alright. Arizona thrives on turnovers, so we need to keep that to a minimum. Arizona doesnt have a great pass defense either and Weeden has a pretty good arm. We have some playmakers that can do something special and put points on the board if Weeden gives them a shot. If Weeden plays the next two games, we will be 7-3 at the bye if worse comes to worse. If Romo plays in this game or the next, his season/career could be over. They can continue to say that it isn’t related to his previous back injuries, but they also said that this was just a bruised back. After the Washington game last year, Romo said he just “tweaked” his back and would be able to play in the final game. He ended up having surgery a few days later. Lets just hope for 7-3 at the bye with Weeden. The Eagles can only be 8-2 at best after ten games. Lets save Romo for when it truely matters.

  55. I’m sure the reason they want Romo to play against Arizona is because they would have to suffer with Brandon Weeden as the starter. He may have looked good for a short time against the Skins, but Cowboys fans …. I’m sorry, but Weeden is a bum. Wait until you see his famous flip pass. He never completed one to a teammate last season, but he completed one to an opponent. And, it there is any pass rush watch his happy feet and his average of 4.2 seconds holding the ball. That is why the Cowboys want Romo to keep playing.

  56. On the plus side, the other 29 vertebrae don’t seem to be broken.

    Made me laugh thegreatgabbert

  57. Don’t let em’ tell you that you can’t play Tony! Go get em’ tiger! Tell ole’ JJ to piss off! And make sure you wear that stupid smirk on your face when you get run over! Hopefull you beat the Cards because they are the toilet of the NFL, right behind Dallas!

  58. Cards have a top run D. If Romo doesn’t play, I think the chances of the cowboys offense producing are slim.

  59. How was the play, Dr. Jones?

    Abe looks fine. It’s a pain tolerance issue. He should be good to go Sunday.

  60. The NFLPA should step in here and make sure Romo is being treated correctly. Jerry signs the team doctors checks. Romo needs a second independent opinion.

  61. I hope Tony will be ok. He is a Wisconsin boy dontchaknow… …and on behalf of the rest of the Green Bay fans.. that 13 times guy is not one of us.. he knows not what he types…

  62. Say back and fracture in the same sentence and you people run around like someone yelled GODZILLA in a Tokyo movie theater. The injury he has is equivalent to playing with a fractured tooth. No need to start fitting him for a wheelchair.

  63. Cowboys are just blowing smoke for the media and the Cardinals; they’d be idiots if they started him less than a week after the fractures against this defensive front.

  64. If I were Romo I would get second opinions and probably set my ego aside and sit out.
    It’s not worth the risk.

  65. I’d like to see Jerry Jones do so much as get out of bed and take a dump with 2 back fractures.

  66. Is it me or does something feel very uncomfortable about playing this guy?

    What is this pre 1980’s juicing guys up just so they can play?

    Jerrah’s got no soul. I can see one wrong hit and Romo’s back disintegrates.

  67. So those transverse thingies seem to act as stabilizers for the spine. I’d say breaking one of those would not only hurt like a sumbiatch but would further leave you feeling wiggly and uncertain in the core. Not good for pass throwers –

  68. For all of you calling for a trade for Johnny Manziel.
    The trade deadline just passed.
    Get with the program.

  69. “The injury is similar to one suffered by Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty this season. Petty missed one game.” Yeah but Tony Romo is in his mid 30’s and has the body of 50 year old while the Baylor kid is barely in his 20’s.

  70. Just one question I have for Tony…. How much of that contract is guaranteed money? That’s the biggest factor determining his pain tolerance!

    Signed Victor Cruz

  71. Weeden actually looked very good in Romo’s absence last week.

    If the Cardinals could win without Carson Palmer and not having a Demarco Murray nor the best offensive line in the league……the Cowboys should be able to as well.

    I don’t want to hear any excuses out of any Cowboys fans………just look to the Cardinals!!

    How ’bout dem Cowboys:)

  72. 13 chumpionships ya we know hes not like arod tony has 2 kids and a wife packer fans like you are chumps

  73. It always irks me that because 1 player misses X amount of games for an injury that suddenly becomes the media standard for how many games others should now miss.

    Last I checked every human body is different, and therefore responds differently.

  74. Transverse process fractures can be a problem; esp if they’re hit again. I wonder if he had any blood in his urine from lacerating a kidney. Muscles and ligaments attach to these. I thought orginally that it would be a corner or compression fracture which are stable. Maybe Dr. Jerrah can prescribe some Adrian Peterson meds to speed up his recovery.

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