Boger cites lack of indisputable evidence on two key calls in 49ers game


A couple of critical calls had plenty to do with San Francisco’s 13-10 loss to the Rams on Sunday.  One came at the end of the half, one came at the end of the game.  Both rulings weren’t overturned due to a lack of indisputable visual evidence.

Via Matt Maiocco of, referee Jerome Boger explained both calls to a pool reporter.

The first came at the end of the half, when the 49ers attempted a 55-yard field goal.  The kick was short, Rams receiver Tavon Austin caught it in the end zone, took it out of the end zone, went back in, and was tackled.  It looked like a safety.

“The ruling on the field was that the ball carrier brought the ball out onto the field of play, and there was contact by the defender that forced him back into the end zone,” Boger said.  The ruling stood due to the absence of evidence showing that the ruling on the field was wrong.

“Not really because there was no shot down the actual goal line,” Boger said. “It was off the goal line. So maybe if we had a shot right down the goal line we could have looked at that aspect, but there was no shot available.”

The second came at the end of the game, with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick attempting to score with a keeper from the shadow of the end zone.  The ruling on the field was a fumble recovered by the Rams.  The scrum of bodies made it impossible to overturn the decision.

“On the last play it went into a pile, and there was nothing we could see that could change the ruling on the field, on the last play at the goal line, if you are talking about the fumble,” Boger said.

49ers fans may disagree, especially on the first call.  But if the standard of indisputable visual evidence is going to be fully respected (and it wasn’t 11 nights ago when a key fumble was overturned in Chargers-Broncos), it’s far better to err on the side of sticking with the ruling on the field.

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  1. I may be bias being a Niner fan but I still believe Kap crossed the goal line before he fumbled the ball the 2nd time, I may be wrong. But I also understand the rule that the call on the field stands unless there’s clear evidence on the replay to overturn. So I have to accept that they ruled the call a fumble, although I personally disagree.

  2. The evidence for the first call is there even without a camera looking down the line. A computer should be able to extrapolate the position of the ball based upon the visual evidence that does exist. There might not be a computer system in place to provide that analysis, but there were clear images available that could be processed given enough time and technical effort provided. There was sufficient evidence, just not a system to analyze that evidence.

  3. Niner fan here – How about you play to your potential coming off a BYE WEEK so that these calls dont matter? I know the Rams D played well but come on. The team looks like they are missing The ‘Stick.

  4. Bigger is worst official I’ve ever seen. Week after week incompetence. How this guy and Goodell still have jobs is mind boggling.

  5. This football game as many had a lot of missed calls but it is better than constant penalties. I did not realize a linebacker could wrestle and throwdown a QB like happened to Austin Davis. Bottom line the Rams won.

  6. Is this crying time? This happens in 50% of the games that teams get bad calls that could of changed the outcome.

    And when did refs start explaining their calls to pool reporters? First I’ve ever heard of that.

  7. 49ers look old and figured out. Harbaugh is gone and Kaepernick might be facing a qb competition next season when they spend their first pick on the FSU crableg thief.

  8. It should have never come to this, if Harbs leaves please take Greg Roman with you. The offense is terrible and the o-line is overrated and that is putting mildly. Terrible, undisciplined performance.

  9. The one at the end of the game was very close. He definitely lost it before he hit the ground, and I saw no angle that clearly showed him across the line (or even an angle that gave a good enough view of Kap to try to figure out exactly where the ball was when he did lose it), so I have no problem with sticking with the call on the field.

    The one at the end of the half was ridiculous. If that is “forward progress stopped”, than any player who isn’t stripped from behind in history has had their forward progress stopped

    All in all, even if 9ers fans think Cap got in (I saw no evidence of it, but you are entitled to your own opinion), you should realize that if they didn’t blow the call at the end of the 1st, they don’t have a chance to win anyway

  10. It’s not figured out or getting exposed. It’s called getting your ass kicked. Shame about Lattimore. If you laugh at that news you must be a special kind of stupid.

  11. When I saw this headline I was sure the article was going to address the Gore fumble that was so incredibly obvious that anyone who actually possesses eyes that are connected their brains could see.

    The fact there were calls that were even worse than that one proves that is time for Jerome Boger to spend more time with his family, if you know what I mean.

  12. The niners suck this year. Mostly the O-line sucks but the refs make the games almost unwatchable. It’s like watching WWE. Is this even considered a sport anymore??

  13. Rams had terrible calls against them that could’ve easily cost them the game and I didn’t hear their fans asking for explanations. But of course all the fat suburban dwellers in the bay are demanding to know why the refs caused their dumb QB to fumble.

  14. So I guess no one has anything to say about the two idiotic passing plays from inside the 5 on that last drive. Would have never been in that situation if, oh never-mind.


  15. Kaepernick might be facing a qb competition next season when they spend their first pick on the FSU crableg thief.

    You mean Winston is going to leave his safety net at FSU and go out in the real world?

  16. Here’s a plan: Don’t fumble TWICE on the 1 yd line with the game on the line and expect the official to determine that in between fumbles, and at the bottom a a pile, you broke the plane.

    And maybe when you catch a pass on the 1 yd line FIGHT for the goal line.

  17. And on the whistle stopped punt return TD, which was clearly an inapproriate whistle, does anyone else think that the two flags were post mortem cover your ass moves? Especially when ref seemed confused on the initial announcement as to what the fouls were (I think he said Illegal Block In The Back on kicking team.)

    “Oh crap! Screwed that up! Fix it with off-setting penalties!”

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